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Inspirations Window

The Inspirations Window may be opened either by clicking "Inspirations" at the top of the Tray Window or selecting "Inspirations" from the Menu Window.

In this window, you can view and manage any inspirations you have collected. Each square or "slot" in the grid represents room to carry one inspiration. You begin with three slots in your Inspiration Window and gradually gain extra slots as your level increases.

1 3
2 4
3 - 9 8
10 - 24 10
25 - 39 15
40+ 20

Clicking on the arrow at the top of the window will toggle between displaying all of the inspirations in the window and showing only the bottom row of inspirations.

You are able to organize the inspirations in your Inspiration Window however you wish by clicking and dragging them around. Dragging one inspiration on top of another will trade their positions in the window. At any time, if there is an empty slot under another inspiration, that inspiration (and any above it) will slide down one slot in the window.

An inspiration may be used by clicking on it once. Inspirations may be given to other characters near you by dragging them from your Inspiration Window either onto the character you wish to give the inspiration to or by dragging the inspiration to the other character's name in your Team Window. You may also right click on an inspiration and select the name of a teammate to whom you wish to give the inspiration. Masterminds also have the ability to give inspirations to their henchmen by dragging the inspirations either onto the henchmen directly or onto their names in the Pets Window just as they would any player character.

Each column of inspiration slots is labled F1, F2, etc. By default, each of the first five function keys on your keyboard allow you to use whatever inspiration is at the bottom of the corresponding column. For example, if you have an Enrage inspiration at the bottom of your F2 column and press F2, you will consume that Enrage.

When your Inspiration Window is completely filled, the word "Inspiration" will appear in red in the Tray Window. You may make room for more inspirations either by giving some away, using some, or by right clicking on an inspiration and selecting "Delete Inspiration." Three standard inspirations of the same size and type may also be combined to make one inspiration of the same size but a different type.

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