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City of Heroes Freedom is the name for the "relaunch" of City of Heroes, coinciding with Issue 21: Convergence, referencing the "tiered free-to-play" nature the game will be changing to. Subscribers will become VIP Players, with a large number of free perks coming with the subscription fee; Free Players will have a limited experience, though if they have ever spent money on the game - either past subscriptions or buying things from the Paragon Market - they are automatically upgraded to Premium Players, who are not as restricted in content and accessibility as Free Players.

The Veteran Rewards Program has been overhauled for greater flexibility and more rapid rewards, as the Paragon Rewards Program. Players will gain a reward every month after Freedom launches, and will be able to pick the order in which they receive rewards from their current tier. Consumable rewards (limited uses either per account or per character) will also be added so that players always have something to use their reward points on even if they've earned all the "fixed" rewards.

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