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Welcome to the Unofficial Homecoming Wiki, a central repository of all things related to Homecoming: City of Heroes, a superhero-themed MMORPG.

City of Heroes is home to an entire multiverse of superpowered beings in a stunning, 3D graphical world. Players take on the roles of heroes, villains, vigilantes, and rogues, while both saving and destroying worlds. City of Heroes was known for its groundbreaking level of customization, its highly community-focused features, and its abundant developer-player interaction and feedback. Homecoming: City of Heroes has been in operation since April 2019 with a wide variety of quality-of-life features such as custom XP rates, alignment switching at will, all costume parts available on character creation, all vestiges of the Paragon Store removed, and a new player archetype, Sentinels. Homecoming has five player shards, four testing shards, and the largest community of players today.

This wiki is a fork of the Paragon Wiki, a community effort created and maintained by more than two thousand volunteers since 2005.