Corruptor Strategy

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Due to the nature of the Corruptor's primaries and secondaries, there is currently some debate as to which truly identifies the Corruptor. As it stands, the Corruptor has almost exclusive access to reliable buffing/debuffing in City of Villains, which can mean many groups may feel they cannot function without a Corruptor. This can give a Corruptor player an inflated sense of his own importance to a team's function — which can in turn lead to the Corruptor playing ineffectively, focusing on restoring Hit Points rather than on ensuring the damage is never taken.

Corruptors offer some fantastic defenses to a team, but have powers that they simply cannot use on themselves. For this reason, it is best to be sure whether your Corruptor plans on teaming a lot (such as on a server with much activity and an inclination to pick up groups, or a pre-arranged playtime with a circle of friends), or if they intend to solo. Both styles of play are very different, and in some cases, powers that are good for one are terrible for another.