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A list of publicly accessible Supergroup Bases on the Everlasting shard.

Base List


Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
The Bulwark (The Assembly) Commercial - Office The Moon : Posidonius Crater THEBULWARK-1305[Copy] @shadowmantle Lunar Base of The Assembly of Superheroes. Habitats, Command and Control Center, Transportation Hub. Civilian Staff present.
Collins Cybernetics Commercial - Office Collins-4493[Copy] @Dburgdorf (as Techni-Kallie) A "purple" tech R&D corp providing "powers to the people." Discord available (https://discord.gg/gtjAdrr). A Supranos is located right across the street. Be sure to visit the secret cavern lair!
Hero Corps - Founders' Falls Branch Commercial - Office Founders' Falls HeroCorps-127[Copy] @Shadowlynx Base for . Discord: discord.gg/j9M7N6V
Karma Commercial - Office Atlantic Ocean KARMA-508[Copy] @Dropout Retired supervillain paradise and "Island with a lot of gothic architecture", open temporarily for its 450th anniversary
NiteOwl Investigations Agency Commercial - Office Seven Gates Brickstown NITEOWL-6723[Copy] @jungle queen Small office for NiteOwl Investigations detective agency.
PAWS Detective Agency Commercial - Office King's Row LAWDOGK9-4296[Copy] @Miss Malaise Small noir-inspired detective agency run by a grizzled werewolf and a scrappy catgirl.


Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
The Curio Shop (Headquarters of The Ominous OMEN) Commercial - Retail Atlas Park CURIOSSHOP-4920[Copy] @Votiga A magical curio shop full of wonders is the front for the mutant group The Ominous OMEN
Karma Tattoes Commercial - Retail Port Oakes Commercial District KARMAINK-17026[Copy] Small Alleyway Tattoo shop and other small shops
Mall of Paragon Commercial - Retail Founders' Falls MALL-5912[Copy] @White Nightingale A strip mall for your consumerist RP needs. WIP.
Omega Industries primary compound Commercial - Retail Outside of the Paragon War Walls OMEGA-1234[Copy] @RhiawhynZerinth An advanced megacorp hidden away in sections in a forgotten part of the city. Intentionally blanketing the area in a cloud of fog to protect the locals with a combination of magic and tech.
Paragon Galleria Commercial - Retail Skyway City Pshopping-13668[Copy] @twentysix Large Shopping Mall. Still expanding but every store for your shopping needs and a food court!
Red Tiger Plaza Commerical-Retail Skyway City (near King's Row exit) BKI-17071[Copy] @Trick Dacy Strip mall for RP including the Bad Kitty Ink tattoo parlor, Sleep Shower & Surplus, Dollar Savr and ample parking. Across the street from the Paragon Playhouse stage play theater.


Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
The Little Leaf Dining West of Steel Canyon THELITTLELEAF-12093[Copy] @Sayterra Slightly off the beaten path west of Steel Canyon and Past the War Walls, you find yourself in front of a renovated A-Frame Cabin. Huge windows let light in, but the structure's most interesting feature is large skylights open to the outdoors, allowing for views from within the establishment. Mellow lighting, soft lo-fi jazz streams through, and a veritable wall of tea insures there's something for everyone.
Lyrick's Dining Peregrine Island LYRICKS-10861[Copy] @One Hit Wonder Lyrick's is a fusion restaurant located near the ferry in Peregrine Island. Owned and operated by Lyrick Ashton. Karaoke night every fourth Saturday of the month at 8pm eastern.
Pawhelion Rescue & Cafe Dining Skyway City RESCUE-9424[Copy] @FireflyEmbers Pawhelion Rescue is a dog rescue and a conjoined doggy cafe. The cafe serves coffee, adult beverages, and has grab-and-go food as well as a dozen dogs positioned around for IC petting/interaction. The kennels are open to the public; feel free to "adopt" a dog ICly if you'd like!
Suprano's Pizza Dining East Mercy Island PIZZA-5477[Copy] @Frankie Falcone (beth point not on map)
Talos Key Lounge Dining skyway Lounge-1871[Copy] @TheBizi Classy/romantic restaurant, plus a casual fastfood place. Other features include: beach with bonfire, a ferris wheel
The Drunk Duck Dining Multiple locations across PI and RI DRUNKDUCK-22149[Copy] @Uninventive A sea-themed chain of restaurants similar to H. Salt, or old school Long John Silver's back in the day but before the cheesy 1990s ads. The place is two joints in one: the family half is dry and dining is full table service with a host and servers. Open Mic night events once a month.

Entertainment and Night Life

Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
666 Underground Avenue Entertainment and Night Life St. Martial Underground-2833[Copy] @Skitters Neighborhood to the most notorious magic users in the Rogue Isles. https://discord.gg/tBE9CwW
The 8-Ball Entertainment and Night Life Kings Row 8BALL-5061[Copy] @Panther A small pool hall in the seedier part of King's Row.
Afterhours Entertainment and Night Life Vice City - outside St. Martial VICE-7008[Copy] @Irreverent After hours dance club / restaurant. Dark and mysterious atmosphere, hot tubs and live shows on the roof. Part of Vice City, located right on the water front.
Antech Entertainment and Night Life Mars: Elysium Island MARSBASE-3909[Copy] @Knight of Iron Star One of Antechs crowning achievements is now open for its first ever public visitation cycle.Take a tour of the Elysium Island Facility nearby Mount Albor. The 5 Star Restaraunt known as The Albor Lounge is boasts some of the finsest cuisine this side of Aeolian Coast.
Backalley Safehouse Entertainment and Night Life Between City Districts SAFEHOUSE-3033[Copy] @Yonael A small safehouse for non-violent criminals, fugitives, vigilantes, and rogues to hide in, sleep, and socialize. Contains housing, entertainment, and training facilities.
The Bibulous Burned Book Club Entertainment and Night Life Pocket dimension, literally in the pocket of the chairman of the library BBBC616-14297[Copy] @Blackshoes "The Bibulous Burned Book Club is an alignment agnostic multi floor Library & team focused Arcane research space with an open bar and garden covering the top floor. We are always looking to expand both our clientele and our collections. Just a cantrip away, though each visit will consume a fingernail width of aura to help the library keep the lights on. /macroimage Badge_OGTV1 The_Bibulous_Burned_Book_Club enter_base_from_passcode BBBC616-14297[Copy]"
Black Cat Entertainment and Night Life Salamanca, Croatoa BLACKCAT-18688[Copy] @Fermmoylle Your #1 Goth Nightclub in Paragon. OPen on Tuesdays, form 8pm to midnight (EST). During other days, the club may be freely used for RP. For more info join our discord at https://discord.gg/52E8YWqGz9 and our webpage https://blackcatclub.carrd.co/
Black Friday Entertainment and Night Life St. Martial [SEE NOTE] @Dusk An upscale, fancy Social Club in St. Martial, with a dress code. Open most Thursday nights 8p-12a ET, come to Mercy Base Portal and talk to us! ((Check Pocket D for caller, we occasionally change where the greeters are, Base passcode changes weekly))
CHEERS Entertainment and Night Life Boston CHEERS-9599[Copy] @Pharaoh Wizard Welcome to our bar Cheers, where everybody knows your name! Stop by and have a drink!
Club Inferno Entertainment and Night Life Inferno-11459[Copy]
Club Valhalla Entertainment and Night Life Somewhere in space Valhalla-4422[Copy] @OmegaX123 Discord (with musicbot - in trial phase) link https://discord.gg/A5rKHSD; under permanent(?) remodeling/renovation
"The Dark Coven" - Goth Nightclub for RP Entertainment and Night Life (undefined) DARKCOVEN-5519[Copy] @ScarredSilencer A goth-themed nightclub, complete with bar, dance floor, pool area, pool tables, and some backstage offices.
The Dionysus Club Entertainment and Night Life Founders' Falls Dionysus-3739[Copy] @Aware ((A fairly well imagined night club and surrounding neighborhood, with a secret base and TARDIS apartment. Appears to still be under construction in places.))
Firemullet Groupies Entertainment and Night Life Kings Row MIDNIGHT-8903[Copy] @Heraclea Firemullet ROCKS! And other tastes in rock and roll are represented. Founder: Trolls Girlfriend
The Funplex Entertainment and Night Life Skyway City Funplex-11364[Copy] @wravis/@jibily Tech Themed indoor Mini Golf (Galaxy Golf) and Arcade, Ice Cream Shop (Super Scoops), Pizza and Tabletop Game Store (Slice and Dice), etc. located in southern Skyway City, near the War Wall to Faultline.((If you borrow designs from this base please consider calling your ice cream shop Super Scoops!, or your arcade Galaxy Arcade) OPTIONAL MINI GOLF RULES: https://bit.ly/3oAoMX8
The Garden Amphitheatre Entertainment and Night Life Khallisti Wharf THEGARDEN-9387[Copy] @LostinParadise An outdoor Concert Amphitheatre made for rp ic concert events of various varieties. Contact @LostinParadise to schedule something base code changes on non Concert nights for base editing! OPENING 8/4/2020 for a concert for the public!
Golden Giza VIP Level Entertainment and Night Life Golden Giza Giza-3190[Copy] @BBBadger (?) A hotel room in the Golden Giza.
The Green Lotus Lounge Entertainment and Night Life Skyway City KUSH-9540[Copy] @arwenface/@glitterbomb Skyway City's premiere cannabis dispensary and lounge! Located in an upscale shopping district, we stock a full supply of flower, edibles, wax, tinctures, and more! Also check out the THC/CBD bar on the 2nd level, and the dance floor on the 3rd! (somewhat a WIP)
Greenman Tavern Entertainment and Night Life Kallisti Wharf (Eastern, Old Slough neighborhood) Greenman-3636[Copy] @CarthianRaver Central building with Irish Pub & Gym (Apts/Residential area is private), and neighborhood with various shops. Rules for the tavern/main building: http://tiny.cc/GreenmanRules
Inari's Smile Entertainment and Night Life Somewhere outside Paragon walls INARI-4640[Copy] @DevilTiger A fancy club run by a fox lady and staffed with vixens. Now open for business! (Also a cyberpunk themed rogue group based around the club and a cybernetics company)
Joker's Wild Entertainment and Night Life St. Martial JOKERS-5378[Copy] @Will Herrald/Chainz An Exotic Dance Club/Casino/Bar located in St Martial, Rogue Isles. Huge events every Friday from 7pm eastern, promoted by the staff of Joker's Wild.
L.O.C.U.S.T. Isle Entertainment and Night Life Volcanic Island (Pacific Rim) LOCUST-2931[Copy] @shadowmantle Volcanic Island Base that is a nexus for scum and villainy, now with lion pit and shark tank. Home of the League of Overlords, Criminals, Usurpers, Saboteurs, and Terrorists.
Oasis Entertainment and Night Life Off-coast from Peregrin Island Oasis-3471[Copy] (unknown) Mix of recreation and business
Penny Palace Entertainment and Night Life Independence Port GLITTER-15236[Copy] Independence Port's LGBTQ+ Nightlife Destination
Pocket D backrooms Entertainment and Night Life Pocket D BACKROOMS-13756[Copy] @hobo master An unused bar tucked out of the way in Pocket D. Nobody uses it, and I think DJ Zer0 forgot they started storing supplies in there.
Pshard's Entertainment and Night Life Pocket Dimension, maybe Shadow Shard pshards-10520[Copy] @Twentysix A nightclub in another dimension with a bar, hot tubs, pool, and restaurant.
Raven's Rest Entertainment and Night Life Port Oakes RA7EN-5273[Copy] @Dominic Armitage/Unas Peligros An upscale Club and Casino looking to bring a bit of class to the Port
((Snide's Club for the Criminally Cool)) Entertainment and Night Life ELBar-1404[Copy] @FargothUr A mysterious bar
Texas Bar Entertainment and Night Life Tex-8623[Copy] Texas themed bar
The Umbra Entertainment and Night Life Outside of Skyway UMBRA-12484[Copy] @LokiRaven A small magic themed Nightclub with some other buisnesses and apartments around back (Lack of music is intentional to not detract from the other buisnesses and apartments outside the club)
The Wooden Stag Entertainment and Night Life King's Row TheStag-13865[Copy] Flashtoo A traditional Irish pub. Bar, some tables, and a dancefloor.

ERP Focused

Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
Crom's Joint ERP Focused Rogue Isles Crom-3252[Copy] @Crom1 Night Club. Emphasis on "club." Don't look in the meat locker . . .


Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
Battle Beasts Government (undefined) VAULT-2007[Copy] @Rocket-Cat A small superhero apartment on a city block, using the starter size base plot, with above and below ceiling points, under construction!
Mastermind Inc Government Rogue Isles Crab-1591[Copy] @Techno Destructo Mastermind Inc technology base.
Terran Stellar Navy Government Somewhere in space TSN-159[Copy] @Matsiyan https://discord.gg/YWSgtby http://www.terranstellarnavy.net Terran Stellar Navy RP (Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator)


Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
Boaty McSharkboat Industrial Talos Island SHIPPING-17038[Copy] @hobo master An "appropriated" former pirate ship from Sharkhead Island, now docked at Talos Island. Nobody's quite sure who owns it, but there are a lot of sharks in the area now. (feel free to use for RP)
Entropy Legion Hideout Industrial Legion-565[Copy] @davpa Hideout of the Entropy Legion, located in a former Arachnos base that was given to the Legion because the staff that was there was killed while studying a mysterious item located in a pocket dimension whose portal is precisely inside the base.
/MINE ((Lots for Rent)) Industrial Room-5759[Copy] (unknown) ((Appears to be a personal base with room for expansion.))
RAMANET Industrial RAMA-5383[Copy] @Chuckledunk The RAMANET headquarters houses the Robot, Android, and Machine Awareness Network.
Unofficial Roleplay Sewer Industrial EVERYWHERE PROFITS-770[Copy] @VoidTek/@boilinghands Subterranean sewer sanctum and hidden nerve center of the secretive umbrella corporation known as TOXXCO. Mutants, monsters, mad scientists, or those who just got a voucher for the free soda all welcome.


Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
The Alpha Division Mixed Steel Canyon Alphad-1335[Copy] @Ltzerge Large multi-story office building, outdoor city space, extra buildings accessed via front doors (portals)(Office, Theatre, Auto Mechanic, Lab, Armory, Magic Store, Nature Sanctuary, Police Station) Alphad-1335[Copy]
Astral District - City Streeto/ Mixed Between Skyway City and Kings Row CITYLANE-3311[Copy] @ADanton A city street between Kings Row and Skyway City undergoing gentrification, hosting a bank, gym, upscale restaurant, large cinema/theatre, magic shop, it's own ICON, and more!
Atlas Irregulars Mixed Superhero Base Irregular-5854[Copy] @locksmith A superhero base, with a forest restaurant, coffee bar/library, dispatch hangar, and fashion runway undercontruction
Beans n' Worms Mixed Founders' Falls Beans-11224[Copy] @Sixpence "BNW Coffeehouse/Bookstore, Le Bistro Violet. Public Park, Ichiraku Ramen, Suiken Karaoke Lounge, Jupiter's Bar, Secret Magic Shop (Black Market Access), and a Townhouse."
The Block Mixed Kings Row MONK-11958[Copy] @Ai Hai Lilitu 2 Square blocks of KR mostly burned down by Skulls rampage and rebuilt by the mysterious Charity "The Island". Contains multiple eateries, bodega, factory, small park, bookstore, a soup kitchen/women's shelter, and a hidden dance club.
Block D7, "Fortune City", Nevada (WIP) Mixed "Fortune City", Nevada - Year 2082, alternate future CYBERPUNK-14407[Copy] @ScarredSilencer "Fortune City", built on the shelled out remains and ashes of Las Vegas post World War 3. In an alternate future, this Cyberpunk city was built ontop of the remains, consisting of a lower city, upper city, and wall defending all from the desert wastes. DESCRIPTION: This Cyberpunk themed map consists of a small street, marketplace, apartment lobby, apartment, and sewer tunnel, set within a small block of a much bigger city.
The Demilich's Lair Mixed Hidden UNHALLOWED-6612[Copy] @Temporal Man Open for anyone who needs a spooky crypt for whatever roleplay ideas they have.
Firebrand Island Mixed Mid-atlantic, southeast of Etoile Fortune-13524[Copy] @Kataklysm Firebrand Island serves as a red side RP hub for folks interested in somewhere for their red side characters to hang out that maybe feels more in character than pocket D or a night club. Discord contains rules and information regarding the market. https://discord.gg/wrsbVuM
The Grove Mixed Magical Dimension GROVE-7987[Copy] @Ma1function A small, mystical forest. What mysteries are hidden behind a wall of obscuring overgrowth?
Gunsmoke Gulch Mixed Somewhere Out West GUNSMOKE-4940[Copy] @Panther A Wild Western Town that will eventually sprawl into Wild West themed micro-world.
Haven Mixed Rogue Isles Sewer-2834[Copy] @Khornez Makeshift rogue women/LGTBQ+ shelter on ruined areas in the Rogue Isles. Slowly upgrading and expanding as time passes and the population increases.
The Honey Hole Mixed HONEYHOLE-7221[Copy] @Valerica https://tinyurl.com/TheHoneyHole
Imperial Resurgence Mixed DROW-650[Copy] @Ananasi01 Royal court of the Drow Queen Tokemi
Isles of Pandora Mixed Space Pandora-16260[Copy] @Battle-Angel Strange Floating Isles of Forrests and Hot Springs among the Sea of Stars, in addition to other Vistas to See. This Place is held together with Technology and Magic, and is also the Home to the Avariel (a race of Winged Elves). Optional, /visscale 4 for the Best Viewing Experience.
Karen One Spaceship Mixed Outer Space Karen-8647[Copy] @Bruin A mysterious spaceship base
KGB Special Section 8 Mixed Kings Row and Moon Base KGBSS8-3602[Copy] @ironjoe Street level workers co-op. Street Level Base in Paragon City. Moon base staffed with Vanguard partnership. You can request a tour on our secure communications: https://discord.gg/spExs3c
King's Way Mixed King's Row KINGSWAY-8672[Copy] @Narcotic A small neighborhood located within King's Row. It contains numerous shops and activities.
Legion of Valor Mixed Kallisti Wharf VALOR-30[Copy] @Kallisti Gold Functional base with Cafe Valor, famous for its water feature, Club Valor, Valorbucks coffee shop and its sunken garden and above the base Mount Valor, the deserted Roman Village and some mysterious artifacts. Easily accessible portals to all zones and secret cookie stash that wasn't secret enough!
Mario Jumpman Mario Presents:The Warp Pipe Mixed The Green Warp Pipe Sewer System DENIMDENMIDENIM-8473[Copy] @Mario Jumpman Mario Within the Famous Warp Pipe System, you can Drink, Eat, Rave, Travel, and RP in Mario Jumpman Mario's active sewer system club. /macro Warp "enterbasefrompasscode DENIMDENIMDENIM-8473"
The Midnight Oil Mixed King's Row MIDNIGHT-8903[Copy] @Kai On the roof of the Blackwell Building in King's Row, this spot is a laidback place for heroes up after dark to take a break between patrols, plan their next move, or wait for a contact to get back to them. Always Open While the City Sleeps, the sign says, and no cost to its patrons
Moe Love Mixed (unknown) MOELOVE-6840[Copy] @GinSakata A small restaurant/club/cabaret hosted by girls where you can take your friends out to eat or party. Has a very suspicious reputation. (especially great for evil rp in certain areas)
The Moisty Maiden Mixed Oceans surrounding Paragon City PIRATE-16369[Copy] @CptCoggs A pirate ship and Tavern on a highly detailed island. Public use is more than welcome!
Nerva District Nine Mixed Nerva Archipeligo NervaDistrict9-12381[Copy] @StrangeAeons Nerva Archipeligo District 9, a walled off island in Nerva connected to the rest of the isles via underground tunnel. Residential and Commercial area, among others.
New Praetorians Initiative - "Little Imperial" Mixed Brickstown BRIX-10044[Copy] @TwoDee A Brickstown neighborhood of refurbished warehouses, now home to the Praetorian diaspora. Includes a free clinic, a charity bakery and thrift store, a park, a sprawling street market, and the base of the New Praetorians Initiative.
Nomans Island Mixed Off the coast of Rhode Island WILDERNESS-7876[Copy] @Skia2 A forested wilderness island. This base is designed for visiting on foot.
Old Park Mixed (Park) Between Steel Canyon and Boomtown OLDPARK-18827[Copy] @Fermmoylle An indoor walled park for relaxation, a stroll, and having a good time. The park has a restaurant facility with a small dance floor for impromptu parties.
Overwatch Tower - HQ of The Watch Mixed Founder's Falls WATCH-25311[Copy] @Lady Victory Growing, sprawling megaplex tower open to the public for visitation. Officially open every first friday of the month for Open House. Discord: (https://discord.gg/s4yXA6AAPk)
The Pagoda Mixed, Fancy Extradimensional Ghost-1471[Copy] @Squidget Japanese themed restaurant, hotel, spa, hot springs, temples, lake in it's own dimension. Please dress appropriately. https://discord.gg/ax8GKFj
Paragon City Free Clinic Mixed Independence Port Tex-8623[Copy] @Zinnar A free medical clinic operated by the Paragon Physicians Association. Serving the medical needs of low-income families in Independence Port, as well as providing applied medical care for heroes and villains alike. If you pay a visit, donations are welcome! The PPA is a 501(c) registered non-profit, so donations are tax-deductible!
Paragon Civic Center Mixed Atlas Park ticketparagon-8710[Copy] @Damen An upscale Civic Center for large event hosting. Partnered with Paragon Police Command - https://discord.gg/g5X7YrM
The Pariah Project Mixed Talos Island Pariah-4390[Copy] @SpecFic Train terminal with Froyo, Pizza, Sushi, Coffee, Retail. Also open spaces with bonfires, apartment building, and private home/SG base for The Pariah Project
Pride Mixed King's Row - Rainbow District PRIDE-6550[Copy] @Thunderbolt / @Dawnlight LGBTIAQ+ Pride nightclub & bar for all ages, along with the surrounding neighborhood, including shops, restaurants, parks, gardens, apartments, and dozens of hidden secret areas.
Rising Sun Dojo Mixed Japan RISINGSUN-6848[Copy] @Valerica A monastery and martial arts dojo on a busy city street in Japan. Features hot springs, apartments, training area, library, and zen garden inside the dojo, and a karaoke bar and noodle stand on the street.
Ritual District (City Rp Space) Mixed Near Kings Row (its just a part of the city now) RD-606[Copy] @Arteus Sprawling Inner City with Many RP Venues. Variety of RP opportunites. Has a reef with a sea side vibe. NEUTRAL ZONE (Villains allowed, provided they behave)
"RP City" - Urban Setting for RP Mixed (undefined) RPCITY-1188[Copy] @ScarredSilencer A city that has 4 Apartments, 1 Secret Apartment, 1 Counterfeit Money Hideout, 1 Coffee/Doughnut Diner, 1 Two-Story House, 1 Hotel, 1 Park, 1 Small Nightclub, 1 Large Nightclub, 2 Bar and Grills, 1 Hospital, Parking Garage, Alleyways, 1 Gym, 1 Magic Shop, 1 Pizza Place, Grocery Store, and they're all interconnected by various streets.
Sanctum of Shadows Mixed St. Martial (sort of) Sanctum-2764[Copy] @Coyotedancer Mystical lake house retreat "beyond the Far Horizons"
Sanctuary of the Fallen (WIP) Mixed A pocket dimension. SANCTUARY-10088[Copy] @Night.Fyre / Arastel Fallenfire (still under construction) A sanctuary open for all to visit. Created by the supposedly fallen guardian angel Arastel, for the rogues and exiles he has taken under his wing. (Interested in helping/joining? Send me an in-game emai!)
Sanctum Park Mixed Somewhere near Skyway City PARK-5832[Copy] @Rhass -Open for everybody, public space- A park build nearby Skyway City. With it's own garden, bistro, stage for the performing arts, romantic getaway, ICON, Rave area, haunted house, lake getawy. A constant WiP, the forest areas will be fleshed out as well as more storefronts will follow. This sentence is also a link for a video about the park. https://youtu.be/cN7aVF5gheI
SHE Speakeasy (The Lighthouse) Mixed Brickstown, Independence Port SHE-13473[Copy] @EmmySky Open to public with many venues for RP, if code doesn't work, its closed for a private party, if interested in hosting a private party there, in-game email @EmmySky
S.O.R.T. Space Station Mixed Superior Orbit ORBITAL-7249[Copy] @Temporal Man The base of operations for Super Orbital Response Team. Current Rubber Ducky Count: 20
The Soup Kitchen Mixed Outside Galaxy City Wals SoupKitchen-8814[Copy] @Hobo Master Rumor has it a safe haven has been built outside the safety of Paragon's walls. A shelter for vagrants, refugees, and people looking to escape it all. If need them, or want to help in turn, you are always welcome in the Soup Kitchen
Sunset Archipelago Mixed Atlantic Ocean SUNSET-16370[Copy] @Narcotic Small Island chain with an underwater area, celebration island, and two small villages with shops.
The Ultimate Cool Hideout Mixed Cave COMINGSOON-5937[Copy] @VoidTek Soon to be the greatest subterranean lair EVER, it just needs a little work first but the Excavators Union insists we're ON SCHEDULE
Wraith's Magus College Mixed A Magus College located in Sheffield, England MAGUSCOLLEGE-6582[Copy] @ScarredSilencer A creepy, boarded up, and abandoned magus college. Featuring a grave crypt, courtyard, library-esque corridors, kitchen, storage, pool, sauna, bathrooms, bedrooms, classrooms, offices, a magus duelling arena, a torture chamber, alternate dimension coven, and various alchemical and arcane work rooms.


Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
Other/Misc Dimension Alpha Psi 66-13 DIMENSION-15249[Copy] @Narcotic A largely unexplored world discovered by Portal Corp, in which some entity has annihilated Earth. A small pocket of survivors exist. This dimension is OFF LIMITS to Heroes and Villains lacking the proper clearance.
Blackspire Correctional Facility Other/Misc 2 miles off the coast of Paragon City LOCKDOWN-12115[Copy] @ArticulateT Blackspire Correctional Facility, or 'The Spire' is a privately owned and operated prison that sits on a small islet of volcanic rock 2 miles off the coast of Paragon. Further details can be found here
The Church of Eternal Mercy Other/Misc Off the eastern U.S. coast MERCY-7529[Copy] @Elltenia DelGanis A small trio of islands that houses a large, non-denominational church, a lighthouse, and an old fort that houses the church residents and a small, Vanguard presence. All are welcome and free to use for RP.
Club Hourglass Other/Misc Kallisti Wharf Hourglass-2636[Copy] @Megawatt (Ignore the arachnos logos please they arent there ICly and the Elevator in the VIP Room can ONLY be ICly accessed by club staff and approved guests.....IE you cant ICly get into the arachnos base)
Erstwhile Bounties Inc. Other/Misc A past and future reality. EBINC-12975[Copy] @MirroredMan The Ellipsis, the fastest bucket of bolts in the galaxy and home to Tex Erstwhile, time traveling, bounty hunting, space cowboy.
Etoile Revelatory Prestige Academy Other/Misc St. Martial Learn-1453[Copy] @VileTerror (lead creator: @Captain Futura) The campus of a specialized academy in St. Martial which caters to the ultra-wealthy, with a system of self-determined education designed for villains-to-be.
Everlasting Community Base Other/Misc Everlasting-8756[Copy] @Shard Warrior
((The Fire Brigade)) Other/Misc Graymalkin-11577[Copy] @On-Fire Dude Thanks to some lucrative endorsement deals and film stunt work, On-Fire Dude was able to purchase a mansion and convert it into a school for gifted youngsters.
The Flesh that Hates Other/Misc Nowhere Special Flesh-3453[Copy] @Khornez A non specific organic map to use for any kind of The Thing/ Zerg or similarly themed events or RP. It has some pods to be trapped in.
Freak Town Other/Misc Boomtown FreakTown-10241[Copy] @Owl Rumor has it, a group of Freakshow goons took over a blocked off industrial section of Boomtown and turned it into a ridiculous hub of drug-fueled partying. Its main attraction, "Freak Town," used to be a chemical warehouse. That is, until the Freakshow associate known as "Gas Kid" helped the Freaks turn it into a veritable chem mecca. The club has everything that a villainous psychonaut could ever want: Superadine, Excelsior, and Rage are on tap for any paying customers to indulge upon to their hearts desire. Chemical concoctions of all types are available at the various chem-bars throughout the club, including many addictive ones that keep the customers coming to dance night after chaotic night. Just stay away from the Freaks' chemical megamachine in the back - the fumes are NOT free, and the bouncer may throw you out if they catch you back there sucking in steam. An indoor and outdoor stage blare out a cacophony of Industrial music at all hours, and host any performers who are fine with entertaining drug-addled criminals. Frights, bright lights, and long nights are in store for any customers looking for a good, and weird, time. Mohawks are not required, but they are promoted.
Friends of Ouph Other/Misc FOO-602[Copy] @termyt
Grannus Medical Care & Research Center Other/Misc Croatoa Grannus-10947[Copy] @Chase White The Grannus Center is a Medical and Research Center, trying to merch magical and scientific approaches on healing and supporting techniques. They are still hiring, feel free to poke @ChaseWhite if you are interested. The "Sanctum" in the middle of the magical department is a place of purity, which can not be corrupted.
Grove of the 6th Kingdom Other/Misc magical dimension RAVEN-3352[Copy] @BladedDingo A magical sanctuary for the Eye of Munin and his followers - a safe location beyond the reach of the evil sorcerer The Muse.
Hall of Candle in the Darkness / Altar of Ar'akhthaten Other/Misc Geosynchronous orbit, inside small hollowed out asteroid CANDLES-6927[Copy] @Seb Constructed from teleported ruins of an ancient temple. Portals, all game amenities. Also: guild operations crew, eldritch&arcane research library, hidden altar to That Which Binds the Unseen, where our experts work to manifest Ar'akhthaten in our reality....
H.I.V.E. Island Other/Misc Middle of Ocean BUZZ-6573[Copy] @Queen Beetrice H.I.V.E main base off the coast of Mercy Island. You hear lots of buzzing... [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Journey to the Center of Cari Other/Misc Inside someone's body! VORE-11360[Copy] @GrapeKat The interior of a person, quite literally.
Lunata Academy Campus Other/Misc Port Oakes AcademyClass-8167[Copy] @StrangeAeons The campus of Lunata Academy, a joint civilian college and Arachnos paramilitary academy with excessive security measures.
Moe Magic High Other/Misc Japan (sort of) MMH-9328[Copy] @GinSakata An anime inspired school, has facilities including PE area, small park, classroom, unused classroom/clubroom, creepy gardener's shack, haunted tree, proposal tree, PE shed, nurse station, teacher's lounge, hallway and more to come
Naraka Confinement Facility Other/Misc Extra-dimensional space KAIDAN-12275[Copy] @Denarii A supermax prison for Incarnates, featuring General, High Security, and Isolation wings. Customizable for individual RP on request
The Nexus Other/Misc The Moon Nexus-7777[Copy] @Highwire A Base on the surface of the moon. The base is built atop a cave of alien life and super-science phenomena. Excellent for scientific research, experimenting with alien foods, and chilling by the underground moon-lake.
O' Flynn's Other/Misc OFLYNNS-3072[Copy] @McCavity
Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrows Other/Misc King's Row OURLADYOFSORROWS-11389[Copy] @McCavity A Catholic church building, "Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrows", in Kings Row.
Overkill Undersea Base Other/Misc Under the Sea Overkill-2729[Copy] @Dacy
Paragon City Priori of Nation Other/Misc Founders' Falls PRIORI-1810[Copy] @Nation OPEN TO MUTANT ORIGINS (and friends) The Paragon City Priori is the US Embassy for Nation, open to all for education and the support of the Evolved.
Peace Park Other/Misc Paragon City PEACEPARK-16417[Copy] @LokiRaven A park in Paragon City, free to use for any RP. (Also home to various hidden duckies.)
P.E.S.T. Other/Misc PEST-2019[Copy] @Nightstar
The Power Girls Estate Other/Misc Powergirls-9367[Copy] @Crimsonstar
Recluse High School & University RP Other/Misc A school/University on Recluse Isle UNIVERSITY-5704[Copy] @Parellax Recluse High located on Recluse Isle in an old and mysterious Victorian Mansion. It is said to be haunted as it has creepy graveyard and Crypts and secret undergrounds on it's land. Many of the students have reported ghosts in the Hedge maze, and even the School's own Dojo master has been given the creeps!
Sanctus Custodia - The Watch Correctional Facility Other/Misc Underneath Overwatch Tower in Founder's Falls ICEBOX-26335[Copy] @Midnight-Blue The Ice Box, known by it's more public name "Sanctus Custodia" is a large scale Super-Prison and Cryofacility set to fit any manner of supercriminal, even if a custom cell is needed.
Simulacrum Other/Misc Space between dimensions SIMULACRUM-6940[Copy] @Veracor Winner of the April 2020 Best Base in Paragon contest. An oversized castle in a dimension of perpetual night, home to a magic order of lorekeepers and a dimensional nexus for other factions. Contains an underground labyrinth!
The Skeld Other/Misc Space SKELD-17112[Copy] @Hobo master Literally just the ship from Among Us. Enjoy.
Small Villain's hideout Other/Misc Nowhere Special Zulo-3153[Copy] @Khornez Small cramped basement apartment to either plan some evil schemes or lie low for a while.
The Spring Court (Floating Rock Race) Other/Misc Faerie Island FAERIE-1451[Copy] @Psyclone Faerie island, has a clearing for visiting, but most importantly, famous for the legendary Flying Rock Race! Entire course can be completed without travel powers, you don't even need Sprint.
Tariq Trading Company/Tariq Supernatural Library Other/Misc Port Oakes (Island south of) TARIQ-3892[Copy] @Tariq (Yaphet Tariq) Store for imported, dangerous, and/or unregulated magic; Membership Library for Supernatural texts
The Twisted Weald Other/Misc Any forest connects to the fae. Sidhe-12413[Copy] @Nashlani Faerie Forest Entrance > Maze > Hedgemaze > springs > unlocked tree house
Vanguard Halo Other/Misc HaloStation-8662[Copy] @Battlescars The Halo's Station in orbit is a hi-tech defense structure built into the side of an impervium asteroid. There is also a specialized teleport to a small beachhead in Praetoria.
Villain Lair Other/Misc Faultline LAIR-13000[Copy] @hobo Master A rebuilt section of Faultline, paved over an restored to its former glory. But beneath the streets, a sunken section of the city rots. Wonder what's down there...
Virtus Gym Other/Misc Atlas Park Virtusgym-9112[Copy] @Khornez Gym dedicated to superpowered people, registered superheroes get a discount and free exercise/ dietary advice!
VOID Other/Misc Extra-dimensional space Void-3785[Copy] @Khornez A pitch black void-like room for whatever purpose you may wanna use this. Floor is a bit buggy because of the pieces used (hard to see when finishing it) so beware of using low angle cameras.
Whitefire Council Other/Misc Founders' Falls Whitefire-2110[Copy] @Remverse Headquarters of the Whitefire Council, and a home away from home for it's heroes.
The Willworld Other/Misc Some kind of island WILLPOWER-3445[Copy] @Feign Still very much a work in progress, probably forever.
Wonderland Other/Misc Wonderland! Wonderland-5598[Copy] @Frixer (Rock has glitched in the doorway) Go in the cave....and soon you will find yourself trapped in Wonderland! The only way back to the real world is to make it to the top of the Tower of Wonder. But to do that, you must pass the challenges of the inhabitants.
Xenon's Base Other/Misc SCRAPPERLOCK-1397[Copy] @Xenon


Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
Backalleys Residential Nowhere Special Street-4426[Copy] @Khornez A set of back alleys and hidden spots for your RP needs.
Citizen Thirteen’s Apartment Residential Apartment with secret base PATRIOT-6145[Copy] @Citizen Thirteen The apartment of Citizen Thirteen and Hu'Szsersvn the volatile space bee, which is attached to a large secret base owned by GUIDE.
The Craglows Residential Deep in the sewer system CRAGLOWS-3450[Copy] @Airborne A Sewer City for Vigilantes and Rogues found deep within the sewer system. (WIP, but current sections finished). To find it is through word of mouth, as it is hidden from both Arachnos and Longbow (The Arachnos Guards are just Craglows Security in stolen armour)
The Eyrie Residential EYRIE-3874[Copy] @The Grey Osprey
Getaways Residential Rogue Isles GETAWAY-12177[Copy] @Peacemaker The headquarters of the Getaways, a villainous syndicate of heist themed criminals. This base houses everything an up and coming villain group needs to keep their crime organized. Equipped with small training rooms to keep the Rogue Isles’ masterminds, hitters, hackers, grifters, and thieves skills on point. Enter the vault to see the teams greatest scores, but don’t take a wrong turn or you my fall victim to a trap from which there is no escape (in which /stuck will be your only salvation).
The Hideaway Residential Undisclosed HIDEAWAY-13103[Copy] @hobo master A secure warehouse hideaway. Does it belong to a hero, or a villain? Vigilante or criminal? This safehouse should have whatever you'll need.
Justice Sentinels of America Residential Kallisti Wharf JSAUNITED-5122[Copy] @MiteyMarvel
King's Court Base Residential CHTHONICSOLUTIONS-10041[Copy] Terminal#9300 Base of the King's Court where they perform rituals and other arcane services for private clients.
Lunata Academy Dorms Residential AcademyDorms-7441[Copy] @StrangeAeons The dorm areas of Lunata Academy (Made seperately from the class areas due to space concerns)
"Luxury Heights" - Apartments for RP Residential (undefined) APARTMENT-5445[Copy] @ScarredSilencer An open car garage with multiple different themed apartments that can be visited via an elevator towards the back. 7 themed apartments, apartment hallway, and elevator maintenance room.
Mercy Island Slums Residential Mercy Island / Rogue Isles Slums-11408[Copy] @Captain Futura WIP: The interior of one of the tiny shacks that dot Mercy Island like weeds, for your destitute or on-the-run rp needs. Additional interiors under construction
Palace Opferstein Residential German-speaking microstate in Alpine Central Europe. ROYAL-10389[Copy] @BBBAdger A palace in a German-speaking country of Central Europe that had been sealed away magically from the rest of the continet for many years. More info: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/13331-welcome-to-the-palace-of-opferstein-everlasting-server/
Rooms For Rent Residential Kallisti Wharf ROOMS4RENT-8284[Copy] @Temyra Friendly to Heroes, villains, and everyone in between: Apartments available for Rent upon request, willing to fill. Orchard for dates, spooky corn maze, as well as pool and tiki area for dancing and relaxing, come and have a blast! Portals available.
The Sanctum *FIXED Residential Magical Dimension MAGIC-4729[Copy] @Frixer Sanctum Sanctorium(cartoon) inspired. Magical world.
Scions of Everlasting Residential SCIONS-3706[Copy] @CrystalDragon
The Starry Cabin (WIP) Residential Fremont County, Idaho STARRYCABIN-16941[Copy] @Battle-Angel RP Area. A cozy wooden cabin in the middle of a forrest valley under a starry night. Outside is a rustic fireplace, a rocky hotspring, and a wood chopping area. The interior is still a work in progress and is not yet complete, but I figured I share my creation with the public. The cabin is mostly designed to be an RP area, with a focus on aesthetics then functionality.
Suzie's Beach House (WIP) Residential East Coast, Florida BEACHHOUSE-16509[Copy] @ScarredSilencer Beachside modern home, home to Susan Moana - Shark woman superhero. Landmass connected to the state of Florida, in the USA.
The Wanderer's Park Residential Nowhere Special Green-3257[Copy] @Khornez A park noone exactly knows where it's suposed to be located, nor know exactly how to reach, just that it's always there when you truly need it.


Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
Acanthi Rural / Wilderness Croatoa SWAMP-9126[Copy] @Aeolius A sentient swamp, in which nearly all organisms -- be they plant, fish, bug, mammal, or microbe -- share a common overmind. Viewed from without, it may resemble an ordinary biome, but nevertheless remains one capable of organizing itself in uncommon ways. This swamp is the child of a Fae queen, and serves as the seat of her court. Lying just north of Croatoa, wards confound most efforts to find or even travel through this mysterious region.
Barrio Libertad Rural / Wilderness Pocket dimension accessible via a small rock off Striga TheDifference-12272[Copy] @Flashtoo A hidden former Fifth Column temporal facility, taken over by an eccentric AI and remodeled into his idea of a communal living/work space. So far, not many takers.
The Bayou Rural / Wilderness (undisclosed) PARK-5832[Copy] @sbloyd A terrarium built as a home away from home, and a reminder of days gone by.
Cabin in the Woods Rural / Wilderness Southwest of Eden Cabin-8752[Copy] @Wravis/@Jibily Vacation/Camping location. Log cabin, pavillion, river, two ponds, a cave, and other naturey stuff.
Crash Site Rural / Wilderness Between Faultline and Eden CRASH-15210[Copy] @wravis/@jibily A crashed spaceship for all your crashed spaceship needs!
The Dark Forest Rural / Wilderness Unknown WOODS-13802[Copy] @decomposey A dark night time forest of massive trees taller than buildings for all your deep wilderness RP needs
"Desert Canyon Rural / Wilderness CANYON-4951[Copy] @GrapeKat "A generic canyon. Great for tokusatsu/old sci-fi series fight scenes."
Dojo of the Immortal White Tigers Rural / Wilderness DOJO-1886[Copy] @Zilem kain A dojo hidden in a secluded and wild area. Finding the proper entrance to the dojo might not be immediate, look around carefully!
The Hidden Chantry Rural / Wilderness The Fae Realm (the Door is facing out towards Croatoa) Frost-5700[Copy] @Syonide A magical sanctum that was constructed by the Last Family that connects to the Fae Realm. It has been opened to others as a school to learn some basic magical skills.
I k Rural / Wilderness Croatoa GAS-12887[Copy] @Hobo Master An old gastation outside croatoa, where the road is always empty and the fog never seems to fade. An isolated spot for discrete meetings or chance encounters.
"Midnight Island" Rural / Wilderness Off the coast of Paragon City Midnight-5936[Copy] Multi-story mansion, roman bath house, and more
Sengoku Kaidan Dojo Rural / Wilderness Japan KAIDAN-12275[Copy] @Matsiyan In a remote mountain pass lies the little fortress (WIP)

Transit Hub

Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
Code Red Express Transit Hub ECR-16409[Copy] @RichardVictoryGaming "Red Side" Transit hub. "Gumshoe Blues" RP area being developed off to the side.
Everlasting Teleport Transit Hub Nowhere Special ELTP-7670[Copy] @AboveTheChemist No-frills teleport hub with basic amenities
The Evermaze Transit Hub Magical Dimension EVERMAZE-8637[Copy] @kyothinks A combination maze, scavenger hunt, and escape room with sets for RP/screenshots.
The Great Temple Transit Hub Middle of Ocean TEMPLE-20520[Copy] @Frixer The Great Temple was home to many who studied the magical arts. Though now few are left guarding a forgotten secret...
The Hub Transit Hub HUB-7871[Copy] (unknown) Just another transit hub
Klown Town Transit Hub Crey's Folly TOWNOFKLOWN-16908[Copy] @ElusiveAddams A converted warehouse and meeting place, equal parts entertainment space, transit hub and madness.
The Lighthouse Station Transit Hub Space station orbiting above Paragon HOPE-14269[Copy] @Battle-Angel Refuge for any traveller: A Transit Hub Space Station, and a Place to RP and Relax.
The Munster Ship! Transit Hub Somewhere in space MUNSTER-6265[Copy] @frixer The home of mice people! But recently visiting Earth....many areas of the ship (still WIP)
Paragon City Taxi Transit Hub Nowhere Special TAXI-3542[Copy] @ThornRune Free Public Transport and Amenities - No artfulness - Artists welcome to inquire
((Paragon Pride)) Transit Hub Somewhere in space pride-8397[Copy] @Psy-Kid Space station
Paragon Taxi Service Transit Hub Kings Row Taxi-7985[Copy] @Amperella Taxi Station to all available zones.
Paragon Transit Authority Transit Hub Underground Paragon City PTA-8113[Copy] @Tirunedeth Transit Station with Quick Portals to all available zones, as well as a vendor, trainer, and icon employee.
Portal Corp Rapid Response Network Transit Hub Portal Corp Black Site PORTALME-7659[Copy] @silveraged/@Jungle Queen A small lab that has quick access portals to all zones. /macro PM "enterbasefrompasscode portalme-7659"
Port Cheddar Transit Hub Middle of Ocean CHEDDAR-6023[Copy] @Frixer No one knows where the port came from...all they know is it is under the control of Mouster Mind....a little mouse with some big technology.
Supernatural Solutions LLC Transit Hub Kings Row MSTMP-3753[Copy] @Teslatomic / @LadyLavender A small lab that has quick access portals to all zones. /macro PM "enterbasefrompasscode portalme-7659"
Taxi Corp Transit Hub (undefined) TAXI-9320[Copy] @Rocket-Cat Inspired by the Paragon Taxi Service, a speedy access to all teleport beacons attached to taxi cabs. The Hazard zone taxi has wings! Just stick out your thumb and a Taxibot model will pick you up! TAXI-9320[Copy] is your credit chip! The first 9320 rides are FREE!
T.R,A.N.S.I.T. Authority Transit Hub Satellite TRANSIT-7841[Copy] @Blackjak Transport to all zones, vendors, Icon/Facemaker, etc. Open to all alignments for transportation/RP. RP as a satellite waystation for transport to all areas of Paragon and beyond using new portal tech.
Vel's Folly Transit Hub Storm Palace VF-11508[Copy] @Vel Mori ((Portals arranged by level range, Blueside, Redside, and Green for all other. A starkly beautiful transit hub with amenities built on top of the base plot, styled after the ShadowShard's Storm Palace.))
Zone 8888 Transit Hub Space ZONE-8888[Copy] @Thing From Beyond "Dimensional Transit Hub"


Name Category Neighborhood Address Owner Notes/Links
((Apartment 2301 A)) Unknown POP-10630[Copy] @Starborne ((Passcode no longer works))
((Construction Agency "Steel Wrench")) Unknown Base-11519[Copy] @Gopnik ((An industrial syle SG base with amenities, and some decorative areas.))
((Diggy Diggy Hole)) Unknown Unit-11010[Copy] ((Passcode no longer works, likely changed by owner))
((dUmb)) Unknown PEACEPARK-16417[Copy] ((Bare bones base with portals, tailors, crafting tables, and other amenities))
((Strongtower Luxury Apartments)) Unknown strongtower-10730[Copy] @Sinders' ((Apparently still under construction, or unfinished))
((Young Gods)) Unknown YOUNGGODS-5822[Copy] @Psy-Kid Pyramid

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