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A list of publicly accessible Supergroup Bases on the Everlasting shard. Please do not remove or recategorize other people's base postings.

Base Directory

All information taken directly from 'The Base Directory', maintained by the Homecoming base-building Community Representatives.

To update the directory source please contact CRs @Dacy or @Easter Bunny or submit a โ€˜Base Directory Update Requestโ€™. We would appreciate it if base owners who have not yet updated the information for their bases would do so.

Note this table will be overwritten periodically by the CRs with a fresh copy from the directory.

WIP: work in progress

Locked: a base that is there, but the code is currently unknown. Please help complete the entry if you know a code that has been lost.

The Trophy Emoji indicates the base was a winner in a Homecoming Base Contest.

Base Code[Copy] Base Name (SG / VG) Availability Venue Setting Location Description Tag1 Description Tag2 Owner(s) Builder(s)
14THSTREET-22701[Copy] 14th Street Complex Open Apartment / Penthouse Urban Port Oakes Abandoned Run-Down @ScarredSilencer @ScarredSilencer
CITYLANE-3311[Copy] 3-7 Brokers Lane Astral District Open @ADanton Unspecified
555BUST-22044[Copy] 555-BUST Open Mixed RP Venue Urban Founders' Falls Urban Large @Dr. Rogue @Dr. Rogue
UNDERGOUND-2833[Copy] 666 Underground Avenue Locked @Skitters Unspecified
8BALL-5061[Copy] 8-Ball, The Open @Panther Unspecified
VIRGIL-6196[Copy] 9 Circles, The Open Night Club @Nitro-Girl Unspecified
AARU-751[Copy] Aaru Periodic Night Club At Sea In or Near Rogue Isles Interactive Mesopotamian @Dusk @Easter Bunny / @Riptide6
ACAD-76[Copy] Academy, The Open Unspecified
MARINE-27100[Copy] Aegis Marine Labs Open @Hell Hound Unspecified
VICE-9166[Copy] Afterhours Open Bar / Pub Urban In or Near Rogue Isles Morally Ambiguous Urban @Catbird @Pink Boot (and others)
VICE-7008[Copy] Afterhours Vice City Open City / Town Urban St. Martial Gritty Morally Ambiguous @Catbird @Pink Boot (and others)
AGV-18068[Copy] Agents of the Grand Vizier Open Headquarters / Lair Tranquil @Mulli @Cranium
VALHALLA-4422[Copy] All-Day Party Open @OmegaX123 Unspecified
ALPHAD-1335[Copy] Alpha Division, The Open @Ltzerge Unspecified
DIMENSION-15249[Copy] Alpha Psi 66-13 Open @Narcotic Unspecified
AMAZONS-35[Copy] Amazons of Paragon Open @X'terra @X'Terra
MARSBASE-3909[Copy] Antech Mars Base Open Habitat Extraterrestrial Outer Space Sci Fi / Futuristic Tech @Knight of Iron Star @Knight of Iron Star
POP-10630[Copy] Apartment 2301 A Locked @Starborne Unspecified
CRAB-1591[Copy] Arachnos Death Squad Open @Techno Destructo Unspecified
ATLANTIS-96[Copy] Atlantis Open Unspecified
IRREGULAR-5854[Copy] Atlas Irregulars, The Open @locksmith Unspecified
RADS-4204[Copy] Atomgrad Open @Calamity Cain Unspecified
SAFEHOUSE-3033[Copy] Backalley Safehouse Open @Yonael Unspecified
FRANKNBURGER-29406[Copy] Baker's Dozen, The Open Eatery Undisclosed In or Near Rogue Isles Horror / Hellish Hidden / Secret @Lunar Witch @Lunar Witch
FALKREATH-25226[Copy] Bard's Hideaway, The Open @lady skald Unspecified
THEDIFFERENCE-12272[Copy] Barrio Libertad Open @Flashtoo Unspecified
BEAST-2007[Copy] Battle Beasts WIP Apartment / Penthouse Urban In or Near Paragon City Small Urban @RocketCat @RocketCat
EHATTESAHT-15652[Copy] BC Altoholics Anonymous Open Travel Hub Undisclosed Modern Tech @Twospirited @Twospirited
BEANS-11224[Copy] Beans n' Worms Open Mixed RP Venue Urban Founders' Falls Tranquil Urban @Sixpence @Sixpence
TAXE-24775[Copy] Beep Beep Central Open Travel Hub Other / Misc Undisclosed Large Realistic @Tax E @Envious
ZEALANTIS-22652[Copy] Beneath the Waves Open @Nandez Unspecified
LETSCOOK-21064[Copy] Best Lab Ever, The Open @T3h Bionic Ish Unspecified
BBBC616-14297[Copy] Biblious Burned Book Club, The Open @Blackshoes Unspecified
RIPOFF-27314[Copy] Big Ripoff, The Open Business / Office Interior St. Martial Morally Ambiguous Utility / Storage @Beeftank @Dacy
BLACKCAT-18688[Copy] Black Cat Open Night Club @Fermmoylle Unspecified
BLACKFRIDAY-308[Copy] Black Friday Periodic Night Club Underwater St. Martial Morally Ambiguous Large @Dusk @Easter Bunny
LOCKDOWN-12115[Copy] Blackspire Correctional Facility Open @ArticulateT Unspecified
MIDNIGHT-5936[Copy] Blackwell Manor Open Unspecified
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Blue's Burrow Invite Only House / Cabin Forest Middle of Nowhere Cozy Nature / Natural @Raider Magnus @Raider Magnus
BOOM-15920[Copy] Boomcave, The Open @Calamity Cain Unspecified
BOXFORT-22555[Copy] Boxfort Open Whimsical @cloudlessnight @cloudlessnight
BRICKRD-19347[Copy] Brickstown Rd. Open @Fermmoylle Unspecified
THEBULWARK-1305[Copy] Bulwark, The Open @shadowmantle Unspecified
BUNNPUB-26287[Copy] Bunn on a Punn Pub Periodic Bar / Pub Suburban North America Cozy Realistic @Raider Magnus @Raider Magnus
BUZZ-23834[Copy] Buzz, The Open @hollow effigy Unspecified
CABIN-8752[Copy] Cabin, The Open Park / Garden Urban Brickstown Urban Large @Wravis/@Jibily @Wravis/@Jibily
CANYON-4951[Copy] Canyonero Open @GrapeKat Unspecified
SHIPPING-17038[Copy] Cargo Ship Open @Hobo Master Unspecified
CHI-1376[Copy] Carlton Heavy Industries Open Unspecified
CENTER-22963[Copy] Centerpoint Open @Hertz Unspecified
DISTRIBUTION-24347[Copy] Central Distribution Network Open @SnoBahr Unspecified
CHAOS-4222[Copy] Chaos Castle Open Castle / Mansion @CU Krow Unspecified
CHAPEL-24315[Copy] Chapel in the Woods Open Church / Cathedral / Chapel Forest North America Architecture Inspirational @Dacy @Dacy
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Chateua de Grey Invite Only Castle / Mansion Island(s) In or Near Rogue Isles Luxury @Dusk @Easter Bunny
MANOR-7356[Copy] Chatterton-Price Estate Open Castle / Mansion Luxury Large Unspecified
MERCY-7529[Copy] Church of Eternal Mercy, The Open Church / Cathedral / Chapel @Elltenia DelGanis Unspecified
BRENTWOOD-16726[Copy] City of Brentwood, Saskatchewan Open City / Town Suburban North America Realistic Urban @lady skald @lady skald
HOURGLASS-2636[Copy] Club Hourglass Open Night Club @Megawatt Unspecified
KYABAKURA-15131[Copy] Club Kyabakura Open Night Club @Sierra Unspecified
COLLINS-4493[Copy] Collins Cybernetics Open @Dburgdorf (as Techni-Kallie) Unspecified
STREET-4426[Copy] Concrete and Glass Open @Khornez Unspecified
BASE-11519[Copy] Construction Agency "Steel Wrench" Open @Gopnik Unspecified
CENTER-18852[Copy] Convention Center Open @LostInTranslation Unspecified
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Cottage of Enchantment (Shire of Harken) Invite Only House / Cabin Mountain(s) In or Near Paragon City Fantasy / Magical Hidden / Secret @Enchantment @Enchantment
COUPCAPERFAM-17996[Copy] Coup Of Caper Family, The Open Other / Misc Urban Independence Port Evil / Villainous Large @Dr. Rogue @Dr. Rogue
SWAMP-9126[Copy] Court of Acanthi Open @Aeolius Unspecified
WYLDFAE-2548[Copy] Court of the Wyld Fae Open @Stormwrath1 Unspecified
LAW-18824[Copy] Courthouse Open Courthouse Urban Atlas Park Architecture Urban @Wravis/@Jibily @Wravis/@Jibily
CRAGLOWS-3450[Copy] Craglows, The WIP @Airborne Unspecified
CRASH-15210[Copy] Crash Open Ship Other / Misc Eden Destroyed / Wrecked Sci Fi / Futuristic @Wravis/@Jibily @Wravis/@Jibily
CRASHCASTLE-26019[Copy] Crash Castle Open @poptartsninja Unspecified
LIBRARY-17957[Copy] Croatoa Library and Observatory Open Library Rural Croatoa Inspirational Modern @Aalya @Aalya
CROSSROADS-18062[Copy] Crossroads Garage WIP Apartment / Penthouse Small Town / Village North America Realistic Modest @Frostbound @Dacy
CURIOSSHOP-4920[Copy] Curio Shop, The Open Shopping / Store Urban Atlas Park Hidden / Secret Fantasy / Magical @Votiga Unspecified
DANGER-15780[Copy] Danger Team Open Castle / Mansion Whimsical @Sabrina Pandora @Sabrina Pandora
DARKCOVEN-5519[Copy] Dark Coven, The ๐Ÿ† Open Night Club Urban In or Near Rogue Isles Gothic Modern @ScarredSilencer @ScarredSilencer
WOODS-13802[Copy] Dark Wood Open Forest Middle of Nowhere Nature / Natural Fantasy / Magical @decomposey @decomposey
DARKWAY-10056[Copy] Darkway, The Open @Calamity Cain Unspecified
DH-21953[Copy] DawL House, The Open City / Town Small Town / Village Continental Europe Charming Roman @DawL @Envious
CLOCKTOWN-25122[Copy] Dawn of the Final Day WIP City / Town Various Settings Undisclosed Inspirational (Pre)Modern @Interrabang @Interrabang
DEAD-23702[Copy] Dead Man's Hand Open @VoidTek Unspecified
SPACE-22793[Copy] Deep Space Open @King of Lions Unspecified
DEEP-16353[Copy] Deep Star ๐Ÿ† Open Headquarters / Lair Various Settings In or Near Rogue Isles Tropical Luxury @Riptide6 Unspecified
ZULO-3153[Copy] Desert Foxhole Open @Khornez Unspecified
UNIT-11010[Copy] Diggy Diggy Hole Locked Unspecified
DIONYSUS-3739[Copy] Dionysus Club, The Open @Aware Unspecified
STEAM-21178[Copy] Dirigible Steamship Open @Scarlett Scarab Unspecified
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Dive Bar Invite Only Bar / Pub Urban In or Near Paragon City Gritty Realistic @Wravis/@Jibily @Wravis/@Jibily
DOJO-1886[Copy] Dojo of the Immortal White Tigers Open Dojo / Gym @Zilem Kain Unspecified
DOJO-8426[Copy] Dojo, The Open Dojo / Gym Nordic Unspecified Unspecified
ROLL-32082[Copy] Dread Grotto WIP Prison / Jail / Dungeon Other / Misc Unknown Hidden / Secret Horror / Hellish @BetterWithPirates @BetterWithPirates
DRIFTER-23789[Copy] Drifter Fleets, The WIP @Do Not Use This Unspecified
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Dryad's Tree Invite Only House / Cabin In a Tree / In Trees Undisclosed Hidden / Secret Fantasy / Magical @Aalya @Aalya
DUMPSTER-29411[Copy] Dumpster Dive Diner, The Open Eatery Seedy Whimsical @Mithril Unspecified
BOOKS-22720[Copy] Ed's Books Open Shopping / Store Unspecified
EDENSEND-17386[Copy] Eden's End Open Unspecified
SJW-12865[Copy] Emancipators, The Open Mixed RP Venue Undisclosed Extradimensional Hodge-Podge Hidden / Secret @SpookyBuddies @SpooktheHerd
LEGION-565[Copy] Entropy Legion Open @davpa Unspecified
EBINC-12975[Copy] Erstwhile Bounties Inc. Open @MirroredMan Unspecified
KARMA-508[Copy] Estrada Carma Open @Dropout Unspecified
BALLROOM-13001[Copy] Ethereal's Space Disco Open Unspecified
EVERLASTING-8756[Copy] Everlasting Community Base Open @Shard Warrior Unspecified
ELTP-7670[Copy] Everlasting Teleport Open @AboveTheChemist Unspecified
EVERMAZE-8637[Copy] Evermaze Open @kyothinks Unspecified
EXPOUND-18882[Copy] Expound WIP Castle / Mansion Mountain(s) In or Near Paragon City Hidden / Secret Large @Dr. Rogue @Dr. Rogue
EYRIE-3874[Copy] Eyrie, The Open @The Grey Osprey Unspecified
FAECAVE-31825[Copy] Fae Caverns ๐Ÿ† Open Nature / Wilderness Cave(s) Unknown Fantasy / Magical Nature / Natural @Aalya @Aalya
FATALES-13836[Copy] Femmes Fatales Open Night Club @Nightfall Raven Unspecified
GRAYMALKIN-11577[Copy] Fire Brigade, The Open @On-Fire Dude Unspecified
FORTUNE-13524[Copy] Firebrand Island Locked @Kataklysm Unspecified
FIRE-29123[Copy] Firehouse - Ladder Company 13 Open Cityscape @BBBadger @BBBadger
FM-5401[Copy] Firemullet Groupies Open @Heraclea Unspecified
VACATION-22157[Copy] Flight of Fancy Open Mixed RP Venue Various Settings Various Locations For Rent @BBBadger @BBBadger
HOME-31820[Copy] Forever Home WIP Hideout Undisclosed Extradimensional Modern Tranquil @Unbearable Pain
FORTYONDER-21998[Copy] Fort Yonder WIP City / Town Mountain(s) North America Large Hidden / Secret @Dr. Rogue @Dr. Rogue
CYBERPUNK-14407[Copy] Fortune City WIP City / Town Urban Extradimensional Sci Fi / Futuristic Urban @ScarredSilencer @ScarredSilencer
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Frankie's Bar & Grill Invite Only Bar / Pub Urban Port Oakes Gritty Cityscape @Star Fly @BBBadger
FREAKTOWN-10241[Copy] Freak Town Open Night Club @Owl Unspecified
DRAGONFLY-5360[Copy] Free Trader Dragonfly WIP Hideout Extraterrestrial Outer Space Sci Fi / Futuristic Run-Down @Fleur @Matsiyan
FOO-602[Copy] Friends of Ouph Open @termyt Unspecified
FUNPLEX-11364[Copy] Funplex, The Open Entertainment / Recreation Urban Skyway City Large Urban @Wravis/@Jibily @Wravis/@Jibily
GARDEN-9387[Copy] Gardens Amphitheatre, The Open @LostinParadise Unspecified
BABYLON-21853[Copy] Gate of God Open @VoidTek Unspecified
GAULOS-10594[Copy] Gaulos Retreat Open @Kai Unspecified
GETAWAY-12177[Copy] Getaways Open @Peacemaker Unspecified
GHOULISH-29274[Copy] Ghoulish Open @Stygian Emperor Unspecified
RAINYDAY-14113[Copy] Giardino Di Cemento Open Cityscape @BBBadger @BBBadger
GIZA-3190[Copy] Golden Giza VIP Level Periodic Night Club @Dusk @BBBadger
NOM-29397[Copy] Goodish Eats Open Eatery Urban In or Near Rogue Isles Hodge-Podge Small @LG21 @LG21
GOTH-21596[Copy] Goth Chicks in Fishnets Open @Palefrog Unspecified
GRANNUS-10947[Copy] Grannus Medical Care & Research Center Open @Chase White Unspecified
TEATIME-17990[Copy] Granny Victoria's Tea Room Open Eatery Urban Founders' Falls (Pre)Modern Cozy @Aalya @Aalya
Beyond-32772[Copy] Great Beyond Station Open Station In the Sky In or Near Rogue Isles Sci Fi / Futuristic Tech @creagcridhe Creagcridhe
BUZZ-29901[Copy] Great Hive, The WIP Park / Garden In a Tree / In Trees Otherworldly / Ephemeral Nature / Natural Large @kieraoona @kieraoona
MUNSTER-6265[Copy] Great Munster Aiship, The WIP @frixer Unspecified
TEMPLE-20520[Copy] Great Temple, The Open Temple / Sanctuary @Frixer Unspecified
KUSH-9540[Copy] Green Lotus Lounge Open @arwenface Unspecified
GREEN-3257[Copy] Green, The Open @Khornez Unspecified
GREENMAN-3636[Copy] Greenman Tavern Open @CarthianRaver Unspecified
BRIERROSE-8446[Copy] Grimmsel College ๐Ÿ† WIP School / University @Phoebus Imago @Phoebus Imago
DANCE-29850[Copy] Groove Galaxy Open @Incendus Unspecified
GROVE-7987[Copy] Grove Open @Ma1function Unspecified
RAVEN-3352[Copy] Grove of the 6th Kingdom Open @BladedDingo Unspecified
MYZEN-14702[Copy] Guardians of Shadow Open Unspecified
GUNSMOKE-4940[Copy] Gunsmoke Gulch Open @Panther Unspecified
BUNS-18529[Copy] Gym Bunnies Open Dojo / Gym @Dispari Unspecified
HELPMANOR-22482[Copy] H.E.L.P. Manor Open @Texas Jane Unspecified
BUZZ-6573[Copy] H.I.V.E. Island Open @Queen Beetrice Unspecified
HALL-22329[Copy] Hall of Heroes, The Periodic Headquarters / Lair Island(s) In or Near Paragon City Inspirational Large @Starforge @Starforge
SPEAKEASY-11963[Copy] Hannibal's Alehouse Open @nova chronum Unspecified
ARSON-15069[Copy] Hellion Lair WIP @Hobo Master Unspecified
HEROCORPS-127[Copy] Hero Corps Founders' Falls Open @Shadowlynx Unspecified
BAYOU-5259[Copy] Hero Factor Open @sbloyd Unspecified
GYM-25035[Copy] Hero Factory Gym Open Dojo / Gym Urban In or Near Paragon City Large Urban @Wravis/@Jibily @Wravis/@Jibily
POWER-15800[Copy] Hero Force Station Locked @Batt Unspecified
SERENITY-30719[Copy] Hibiscus Hideaway WIP House / Cabin Island(s) Mediterranean Fantasy / Magical @Interrabang @Interrabang
FROST-5700[Copy] Hidden Chantry, The Open @Syonide Unspecified
PIRATE-16369[Copy] Hidden Isle, The Open (Pre)Modern @CptCoggs Unspecified
HIDEAWAY-13103[Copy] Hideaway, The Open @Hobo Master Unspecified
HIGHGATE-22406[Copy] Highgate Detective Agency, The Open @Texas Jane Unspecified
CRUMBS-29402[Copy] Hole in the Wall ๐Ÿ† Open Eatery Interior Undisclosed Realistic Run-Down @Interrabang @Interrabang
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Honey Hole, The Invite Only @Valerica Unspecified
APARTMENT-5445[Copy] Horizons Luxury Apartments Open Apartment / Penthouse Urban In or Near Paragon City Modern Modest @ScarredSilencer @ScarredSilencer
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] House of Heroes Invite Only House / Cabin At Sea Talos Island Modern @Starforge @Starforge
RISINGSUN-6848[Copy] House of the Rising Sun Dojo Open Dojo / Gym Asian @Valerica Unspecified
HHH-16910[Copy] Howell's Hobbies Open Entertainment / Recreation Interior Steel Canyon Modest Realistic @Stormy Skye @Stormy Skye
HS17-16269[Copy] Hunter Seeker 17 Open @Do Not Use This Unspecified
THEDREAM-21173[Copy] Hunter's Dream, The Open @lady skald Unspecified
GROVE-17479[Copy] Hutchinson Inari Shrine Locked @Fermmoylle Unspecified
DROW-650[Copy] Imperial Resurgence Open @Ananasi01 Unspecified
INARI-4640[Copy] Inari's Smile Open @DevilTiger Unspecified
INFERNO-11459[Copy] Inferno Club Open Unspecified
PANDORA-16260[Copy] Isles of Pandora Open @Paragon Defender Unspecified
JAYSHELTER-19563[Copy] Jay's Dumpster Open @MR STOP SIGN Unspecified
JOICE-30886[Copy] Joice Station Open Station Extraterrestrial Shadow Shard Tech Extraterrestrial @Amur2 @Faverty Industries
JOKERS-5378[Copy] Joker's Wild Open Night Club Inactive @Will Herrald/Chainz Unspecified
VORE-11360[Copy] Journey to the Center of Carl Open @GrapeKat Unspecified
JUNK-25671[Copy] Junkyard Dogs Open Industrial / Warehouse Other / Misc Unknown Hidden / Secret Tech @valeyard @Envious
JSAUNITED-5122[Copy] Justice Sentinels of America Open @MiteyMarvel Unspecified
KAREN-8647[Copy] Karen One Spaceship Open @Bruin Unspecified
KARMAINK-17026[Copy] Karma Tattoos Open @Dahlia Haven Unspecified
KELVIN-12633[Copy] Kelvin Club & Casino Open @LokiRaven Unspecified
CASTLE-13081[Copy] King's Castle Apartments Open @Calamity Cain Unspecified
KINGSWAY-8672[Copy] King's Way Open @Narcotic Unspecified
TOWNOFKLOWN-16908[Copy] Klown Town Open @ElusiveAddams Unspecified
COWBOYS-27322[Copy] Kung Fu Cowboys Open @Slaughterhouse Unspecified
LOCUST-2931[Copy] L.O.C.U.S.T. Isle Open @shadowmantle Unspecified
OLMEX-22242[Copy] La Goomba Locked @VoidTek Unspecified
EXPLOREONFOOT-20176[Copy] Lake Open Nature / Wilderness Lake(s) In or Near Paragon City Large Tranquil @Wravis/@Jibily @Wravis/@Jibily
JUDGMENT-21515[Copy] Last Judgment, The Open @BBBadger @BBBadger
LAVA-24772[Copy] lava. ๐Ÿ† Open Habitat Volcano Undisclosed Volcanic Utility / Storage @Interrabang @Interrabang
1234-53[Copy] Legion of Freedom Open Unspecified
VALOR-30[Copy] Legion of Valor Open @Kallisti Gold Unspecified
HOPE-14269[Copy] Lighthouse Station, The Open @Paragon Defender Unspecified
LEO-6594[Copy] Lion's Den, The Open @Calamity Cain Unspecified
LITTLEANNECY-29518[Copy] Little Annecy Open @LokiRaven Unspecified
THELITTLELEAF-12093[Copy] Little Leaf, The Open @Sayterra Unspecified
TEX-8623[Copy] Lone Star, The Open Unspecified
ROOM-5759[Copy] Lots for Rent Open (unknown) Unspecified
LYRICKS-10861[Copy] Lyrick's Open @One Hit Wonder Unspecified
BLOCK-11958[Copy] MA Block Open @Ai Hai Lilitu Unspecified
MENAGERIE-16514[Copy] Magpie's Menagerie, The Open @shadowdreamer Unspecified
MAGUSCOLLEGE-6582[Copy] Magus College Open Castle / Mansion Undisclosed Continental Europe Run-Down Supernatural @ScarredSilencer @ScarredSilencer
MALL-5912[Copy] Mall of Tomorrow WIP Shopping / Store @White Nightingale Unspecified
FLESH-3453[Copy] Many, The Open @Khornez Unspecified
MEMORYJOGGERS-18069[Copy] Memory Joggers Sewer Lair Open Park / Garden Urban Perez Park Urban Hidden / Secret @Dr. Rogue @Dr. Rogue
MERCY-18363[Copy] Mercy Hills Open @THX1138 Unspecified
SLUMS-11408[Copy] Mercy Island Slums WIP @Captain Futura Unspecified
GO-28888[Copy] Metro Plaza Open @Garbage Wizard Unspecified
MIDNIGHT-8903[Copy] Midnight Oil, The Open @Kai Unspecified
MILLHAVENSPRINGS-13711[Copy] Mill Haven Springs Open @lady skald Unspecified
MOELOVE-6840[Copy] Moe Love Brigade Open @GinSakata Unspecified
MMH-9328[Copy] Moe Magic High Open @GinSakata Unspecified
FITZ-23052[Copy] Moment of Choice, The Open @VoidTek Unspecified
PHASMOPHOBIA-21646[Copy] Mordecai Paranormal Investigations Open @Creed_Willow Unspecified
POKROVA-22598[Copy] Mother Mary Open @VoidTek Unspecified
MUTANT-20974[Copy] Mutant Order Open @Bitters Unspecified
MYSTHAVEN-16373[Copy] Myst Haven Open @lady skald Unspecified
SUMMERCAMP-21525[Copy] Mystic Pines Open @TexasJane Unspecified
NARAKA-13039[Copy] Naraka Confinement Facility Open @Denarii Unspecified
NERVADISTRICT9-12381[Copy] Nerva District Nine Open @StrangeAeons Unspecified
PEREZ-23883[Copy] New Perez Park Open Park / Garden Forest Perez Park Nature / Natural Charming @Hertz @Hertz
BRIX-10044[Copy] New Praetorians Initiative Open @TwoDee Unspecified
NEXUS-7777[Copy] Nexus Station Open @highwire Unspecified
SKY-29730[Copy] Night Sky Open Museum / Art Venue Other / Misc Unknown Inspirational Small @Aalya @Aalya
NIGHTWARD-20509[Copy] Night Ward Open @Hobo Master / @Shadowdreamer Unspecified
NITEOWL-6723[Copy] NiteOwl Investigations Agency Open @jungleprincess Unspecified
WILDERNESS-7876[Copy] Nomans Island Open @Skia2 Unspecified
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Nox School for Witchcraft Invite Only School / University Interior Undisclosed Fantasy / Magical Hidden / Secret @Weatherworker @Weatherworker
EVENING-19733[Copy] Null Point Open Travel Hub Undisclosed Tech Sci Fi / Futuristic @Auntie Septic @Auntie Septic
OFLYNNS-3072[Copy] O' Flynn's Open @McCavity Unspecified
OASIS-3471[Copy] Oasis, The Open Night Club Vibrant Tropical @cloudlessnight @cloudlessnight
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Oceanside WIP House / Cabin On a Cliff In or Near Rogue Isles Modern Luxury @Star Fly @Easter Bunny
OLDPARK-18827[Copy] Old Park Open Park / Garden @Fermmoylle Unspecified
OLYMPUS-93[Copy] Olympus Open Unspecified
OMEGA-1234[Copy] Omega Industries Primary Compound Open @RhiawhynZerinth Unspecified
ORBITAL-7249[Copy] Orbital Open @Temporal Man Unspecified
OURLADYOFSORROWS-11389[Copy] Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrows Open Church / Cathedral / Chapel Interior King's Row Realistic Inspirational @Nyghtshade @Nyghtshade, @Flashtoo
GAS-12887[Copy] Out of Gas Open @Hobo Master Unspecified
OVERKILL-2729[Copy] Overkill Undersea Base Open Station Underwater Unknown Small Tech @Dacy @Dacy
WATCH-25311[Copy] Overwatch Tower Open Mixed RP Venue @Lady Victory Unspecified
PEST-2019[Copy] P.E.S.T. WIP Other / Misc Rural North America Nature / Natural Hidden / Secret @Nightstar @Dacy
GHOST-1471[Copy] Pagoda, The ๐Ÿ† Open Resort Floating Island(s) Extradimensional Asian Nature / Natural @Squidget @Squidget
CASTLE-10389[Copy] Palace of Opferstein Open Castle / Mansion @BBBAdger @BBBadger
BOOSTER-21738[Copy] Paragon Booster Club Open @Cranium Unspecified
TICKETPARAGON-8710[Copy] Paragon City Civic Center Open @Damen Unspecified
MEDICAL-5918[Copy] Paragon City Free Clinic Open @Zinnar Unspecified
PRIORI-1810[Copy] Paragon City Priori of Nation Open @Nation Unspecified
TAXI-3542[Copy] Paragon City Taxi Open @ThornRune Unspecified
CAMPUS-25500[Copy] Paragon City University Campus Open School / University Urban In or Near Paragon City Large Urban @Wravis/@Jibily @Wravis/@Jibily
PSHOPPING-13668[Copy] Paragon Galleria ๐Ÿ† Open @twentysix Unspecified
DINORAMA-29705[Copy] Paragon Kinda Fine Arts Academy Open @Lunar Witch Unspecified
K-868[Copy] Paragon Mill Open Other / Misc Undisclosed In or Near Paragon City Industrial Architecture @greblaja @envious
TAXI-7985[Copy] Paragon Taxi Service Open @Amperella Unspecified
PTA-8113[Copy] Paragon Transit Authority Open @Tirunedeth Unspecified
PARAGONVICE-18354[Copy] Paragon Vice HQ Open Station Island(s) In or Near Paragon City Large Hidden / Secret @Dr. Rogue @Dr. Rogue
WARZONE-27886[Copy] Paragon Warzone Open @Chili Bear Unspecified
PARIAH-4390[Copy] Pariah Project, The Open @SpecFic Unspecified
PARTY-21804[Copy] Party Favors, The Open Unspecified
RESCUE-9424[Copy] Pawhelion Rescue & Cafe Open @FireflyEmbers Unspecified
LAWDOGK9-4296[Copy] PAWS Detective Agency Open @Miss Malaise Unspecified
PEACEPARK-16417[Copy] Peace Garden Open Park / Garden @LokiRaven Unspecified
NEXUSSTATION-24135[Copy] Pellean Sanctum Open Kingdom Subterranean St. Martial (Pre)Modern Ancient @Crystal Dragon @Crystal Dragon
GLITTER-15236[Copy] Penny Palace, The Open Night Club Urban Independence Port Vibrant Industrial @spellion/@theri @theri
PILLOW-23733[Copy] Pillow Fort Open Entertainment / Recreation Other / Misc Pocket D Whimsical Hidden / Secret @Heartsong and @Wravis/@Jibily @Heartsong and @Wravis/@Jibily
BACKROOMS-13756[Copy] Pocket D Backrooms Open @Hobo Master Unspecified
PF-21618[Copy] Pocket Pillow Fort Open @shadowdreamer/@hobomaster Unspecified
CHEDDAR-6023[Copy] Port Cheddar Open @Frixer Unspecified
OAKES-13535[Copy] Port Oakes Apartments Open @Hobo Master Unspecified
PORT2ANYWHERE-2769[Copy] Port2Anywhere Open Unspecified
PORTALME-7659[Copy] Portal Corp Rapid Response Network Open @silveraged/@jungleprincess Unspecified
PTT-26610[Copy] Potentials, The Open @Robenix Unspecified
POWERGIRLS-9367[Copy] Power Girls Estate, The Open House / Cabin Urban Founders' Falls Luxury Realistic @TrueComicsFan @Dacy
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Prevail Headquarters Invite Only Mixed RP Venue Urban In or Near Paragon City Urban Modern @Enchantment @Enchantment
PRIDE-6550[Copy] Pride Open @Thunderbolt / @Dawnlight Unspecified
SKYHIGH-15065[Copy] Prism at Park Avenue, The Open Luxury Cityscape @BBBadger @BBBadger
PROTECTOR-25007[Copy] Protectors Academy Open @Lemming Unspecified
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Proudstar's Pad Invite Only House / Cabin At Sea In or Near Paragon City Modern @Starforge @Starforge
PSHARDS-10520[Copy] Pshard Open @twentysix Unspecified
DOOMSHIP-17923[Copy] Psychvixen's Doomship Open @El Miercoles Unspecified
PUGET-27061[Copy] Puget Suites Open @Baudin Unspecified
RAINYCABIN-19103[Copy] Rainy Cabin Open @Paragon Defender Unspecified
RAMA-5383[Copy] RAMANET Open @Chuckledunk Unspecified
RAMPAGE-27317[Copy] Rampage City Open Microscale Cityscape @Hobo Master Unspecified
RATCITY-2259[Copy] Rat City ๐Ÿ† Open City / Town Sewer Port Oakes Hodge-Podge Whimsical @Crazy Cat @Crazy Cat
RA7EN-5273[Copy] Raven's Rest Open @Kai Unspecified
MERMAID-22039[Copy] Realm of the Mermaids Open @Azurette Unspecified
UNIVERSITY-5704[Copy] Recluse High School & University Open @Parellax Unspecified
REDLIGHTDISTRICT-16218[Copy] Red Light District Open @Khornez Unspecified
REDPUB-30051[Copy] Red Pub Open Bar / Pub Urban Morally Ambiguous Modern @Hatty2 @Hatty
BKI-17071[Copy] Red Tiger Plaza Open Shopping / Store Urban Skyway City Urban Commercial @Trick Dacy @Trick Dacy
REILEX-11060[Copy] Reilex Island Locked @pharzuph Unspecified
HOUSEBOAT-29884[Copy] Rental Houseboat Open @Incendus Unspecified
BEACH-18047[Copy] Resort Villas Open @Bruin Unspecified
CEMETERY-24115[Copy] Resting Hills Cemetery Open @Narcotic Unspecified
RD-606[Copy] Ritual District Open @Arteus Unspecified
ROGUESQUAD-17577[Copy] Rogue Squadron HQ Open Other / Misc Other / Misc Independence Port Large Hidden / Secret @Dr. Rogue @Dr. Rogue
ROOMS4RENT-8284[Copy] Rooms For Rent Open @Temyra Unspecified
RPCITY-1188[Copy] RP City Open City / Town Urban In or Near Paragon City Urban Modern @ScarredSilencer @ScarredSilencer
SEWER-2834[Copy] Rust Maze Open @Khornez Unspecified
RUST-16818[Copy] Rust Wastes, The Open @Kaleiope Unspecified
SALS-24690[Copy] Sal's Fine Wears Open @VariousNPCs Unspecified
SALAMANCA-18770[Copy] Salamanca Open @Hobo Master Unspecified
SANCTUARY-10088[Copy] Sanctuary of the Fallen Open @Night.Fyre / Arastel Fallenfire Unspecified
SANCTUM-2764[Copy] Sanctum of Shadows Open @Coyotedancer Unspecified
PARK-5832[Copy] Sanctum Park Open @Rhass Unspecified
MAGIC-4729[Copy] Sanctum, The Open @Frixer Unspecified
ICEBOX-26335[Copy] Sanctus Custodia - The Watch Correctional Facility Open Other / Misc @Midnight-Blue Unspecified
THESHOP-24628[Copy] Saracen Armories LTD Open @Spec Ops FiST Unspecified
REDSNAKE-22139[Copy] Scarlet Snake, The WIP @Winternick Unspecified
SCIONS-3706[Copy] Scions of Everlasting WIP Habitat Floating Island(s) Outside of Time and Space Fantasy / Magical Hodge-Podge @Crystal Dragon @Crystal Dragon
SCRAPPERLOCK-1397[Copy] Scrapperlock Open @Xenon Unspecified
SCUBA-29707[Copy] Sea Sanctuary ๐Ÿ† Open Museum / Art Venue Underwater Small Whimsical @Interrabang @Interrabang
SEED-21649[Copy] Seed ov Cain, The Open @ThePirateKing Unspecified
KAIDAN-12275[Copy] Sengoku Kaidan Dojo WIP Dojo / Gym @Matsiyan Unspecified
PARK-30083[Copy] Sentinel Square Park Open Other / Misc @Thunderbolt Unspecified
SEPTIMUS-21306[Copy] Septimus Academy Open @Gem
SHOP-18553[Copy] Shop, The Open @Calamity Cain Unspecified
SILVER-20250[Copy] Silver Bullet, The Open Night Club @Fermi Unspecified
SIMULACRUM-6940[Copy] Simulacrum ๐Ÿ† Open @Veracor Unspecified
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Sinister Syndicate Invite Only Hideout Undisclosed Crey's Folly Evil / Villainous Industrial @sabrina 2.0 @sabrina 2.0
SKELD-17112[Copy] Skeld, The Open @Hobo Master Unspecified
CYBERHEIGHTS-16039[Copy] Skyway City Megastructure Open @Hobo Master Unspecified
BOARDWALK-23004[Copy] Slappy's Boardwalk Open Entertainment / Recreation Other / Misc Talos Island @Wravis/@Jibily @Wravis/@Jibily
ELBAR-1404[Copy] Snide's Club for the Criminally Cool Open @FargothUr Unspecified
SNOWYCABIN-19203[Copy] Snowy Cabin Open @Paragon Defender Unspecified
SOUPKITCHEN-8814[Copy] Soup Kitchen Open @Hobo Master Unspecified
BEACHHOUSE-16509[Copy] South Hampton Beach Open Mixed RP Venue Beach North America Modern Luxury @ScarredSilencer @ScarredSilencer
KGBSS8-3602[Copy] Special Section 8 Open Mixed RP Venue @ironjoe Unspecified
FAERIE-1451[Copy] Spring Court, The Open @Psyclone Unspecified
STAGES-13625[Copy] Stages Open Unspecified
STARDANCERS-22629[Copy] Star Dancers Open @Dimi1 / @El Mercoles @Dimi1 / @El Mercoles / @Crystal Dragon
STARRYCABIN-16941[Copy] Starry Night Cabin Open @Paragon Defender Unspecified
KLAATU-14298[Copy] Starship Wonderment Open Ship Extraterrestrial Sci Fi / Futuristic Tech @El Miercoles Unspecified
STATION-19116[Copy] Station, The Open Night Club @COHKittyKat Unspecified
BETH-27537[Copy] Steel Canyon Bluffs Locked @Malexa1 Unspecified
STORMCAGE-3512[Copy] Stormcage, The Open @Zoe Clement Unspecified
STORMSHADOW-21155[Copy] Stormshadow Enclave Open @Crystal Dragon Unspecified
MELLON-23364[Copy] Strong Followers Open @Servanous Unspecified
STRONGTOWER-10730[Copy] Strongtower Luxury Apartments WIP @Sinders' Unspecified
SUMMER-19339[Copy] Summerside Pond, The Open @Paragon Defender Unspecified
SUNSET-16370[Copy] Sunset Archipelago Open @Narcotic Unspecified
MSTMP-3753[Copy] Supernatural Solutions Inc. Open @Teslatomic / @LadyLavender Unspecified
PIZZA-5477[Copy] Suprano's Pizza Open Eatery @Frankie Falcone Unspecified
CLANNER-2143[Copy] Sweet Home Zolotovo Locked @T3h Bionic Ish Unspecified
TRANSIT-7841[Copy] T.R,A.N.S.I.T. Authority Open @Blackjak Unspecified
THETABLEROUND-22020[Copy] Table Round Castle WIP Castle / Mansion Other / Misc Outside of Time & Space Fantasy / Magical Large @Dr. Rogue @Dr. Rogue
GARDENS-18790[Copy] Takiyama Gardens Open @Squidget @Squidget
LOUNGE-1871[Copy] Talos Keys Lounge Open @TheBizi Unspecified
TARIQ-3892[Copy] Tariq Trading Company Open @Tariq (Yaphet Tariq) Unspecified
TAXI-9320[Copy] Taxi Corps Open @Rocket-Cat Unspecified
WEB-26787[Copy] Team Web Open Mind-Bending Cityscape @Envious
TELEARK1-22072[Copy] Tele Ark 1 WIP Ship Volcano North America Sci Fi / Futuristic Large @Dr. Rogue @Dr. Rogue
MYSTRA-5709[Copy] Temple of Mystra WIP Temple / Sanctuary @Do Not Use This Unspecified
TERRA-27501[Copy] Terra Family Open @Oterra / @X'terra @X'terra
TSN-159[Copy] Terran Stellar Navy WIP Government / Military Extraterrestrial Outer Space Sci Fi / Futuristic Tech @Fleur @Matsiyan
TWW-22871[Copy] That Witch Was Open @Therra Arcson Unspecified
GUIDE-6145[Copy] Throw Aways, The Open @Citizen Thirteen Unspecified
COFFEE-25603[Copy] Tomorrow's Brew Coffee Shop Open Eatery Interior Faultline Large Modern @annedroid @annedroid
CHICKEN-25922[Copy] Top Roost Open Eatery Urban In or Near Paragon City Large Modern @Wravis/@Jibily @Wravis/@Jibily
CHOOCHOO-28184[Copy] Train Open Travel Hub Urban In or Near Paragon City Urban @Wravis/@Jibily @Wravis/@Jibily
TRAVEL-17146[Copy] Transdimensional Research Open Travel Hub Unspecified
TRASH-651[Copy] Trash Alley Open Other / Misc Urban In or Near Rogue Isles Run-Down Seedy @Grinner @Grinner
TOT-30018[Copy] Trick Or Treat ๐Ÿ† Open Holiday Themed Other / Misc In or Near Rogue Isles Horror / Hellish Fantasy / Magical @Lunar Witch @Lunar Witch
CCC-27302[Copy] Triple C Open @Fermi Unspecified
CANADA-27298[Copy] True North Legion Open Mixed RP Venue Undisclosed North America Urban Sci Fi / Futuristic @lady skald @Baroness Winter @lady skald
SIDHE-12413[Copy] Twisted Weald, The Locked @Nashlani Unspecified
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Tyrnan and Tanwen's Trinkets and Treasures Invite Only Business / Office Undisclosed Croatoa Fantasy / Magical Whimsical @Aalya @Aalya, @VoidKnight
DENIMDENMIDENIM-8473[Copy] Ultra Fight Pals Locked @Mario Jumpman Mario Unspecified
DM Owner for a Tour[Copy] Umbra Invite Only @LokiRaven Unspecified
COMINGSOON-5937[Copy] Under Construction Open @VoidTek Unspecified
UNDERGROUND-20407[Copy] Underground Open @lady skald Unspecified
UNHALLOWED-6612[Copy] Unhallowed Ground Open @Temporal Man Unspecified
PROFITS-770[Copy] Unofficial Roleplay Sewer Open @VoidTek/@boilinghands Unspecified
UPSIDE-14574[Copy] Upside Park Open Park / Garden Urban Brickstown Urban Large @Wravis/@Jibily @Wravis/@Jibily
CHEERS-9599[Copy] V-Force Open @Pharaoh Wizard Unspecified
VACATION-28259[Copy] Vacation Spot Open House / Cabin Island(s) Middle of Nowhere Tranquil Tropical @Aalya @Aalya
VALIANCEAPT-5979[Copy] Valiance Housing Project Locked @Ah_Ftagn Unspecified
HALO-8662[Copy] Vanguard Halo Open @Battlescars Unspecified
VAULTLUXE-17647[Copy] Vault Luxe ๐Ÿ† Periodic Night Club Interior St. Martial Luxury Hidden / Secret @Dusk @Easter Bunny / @BBBadger
VF-11508[Copy] Vel's Folly Open @Vel Mori Unspecified
VHEV-30406[Copy] Vel's Hell Open @Vel Mori Unspecified
LAIR-13000[Copy] Villain Lair Open @Hobo Master Unspecified
VIRTUSGYM-9112[Copy] Virtus Gym Open @Khornez Unspecified
VOID-3785[Copy] Void Open @Khornez Unspecified
WAYPOINT-21771[Copy] Waypoint Open Mixed RP Venue Various Settings Undisclosed Hodge-Podge Small @Aalya @Aalya
VEGASBABY-16742[Copy] What Happens in Vegas Open @LostinTranslation Unspecified
LOTUS-25534[Copy] White Lotus Dojo Open Dojo / Gym @Hallucinogen Unspecified
WHITEFIRE-2110[Copy] Whitefire Council, The Open @Remverse Unspecified
WILLPOWER-3445[Copy] Willworld Open @Feign Unspecified
WILLYS-29396[Copy] Willy's BBQ Fish Open Eatery @Faverty Industries Unspecified
WISHINGWELLPAWN-28144[Copy] Wishing Well Pawn Shop Open @Marble Unspecified
BOO-17189[Copy] Witch's House Seasonal Entertainment / Recreation Various Settings Extradimensional Interactive Supernatural @Dacy @Dacy
WIZARDSWELL-30078[Copy] Wizard's Well, The Open @VoidTek Unspecified
WONDERLAND-5598[Copy] Wonderlanders Open @Frixer Unspecified
THESTAG-13865[Copy] Wooden Stag, The Open Bar / Pub @Flashtoo Unspecified
YOUNGGIFTED-18086[Copy] Young Gifted Mansion and School Open School / University Suburban Undisclosed Luxury Large @Dr. Rogue @Dr. Rogue
YOUNGGODS-5822[Copy] Young Gods Open @Psy-Kid Unspecified
SUCCESS-29174[Copy] Arizona Circle K Open Urban Unknown Destroyed / Wrecked Gritty @linkueiscum @linkueiscum
ZONE-8888[Copy] Zone-8888 Open Travel Hub @Thing From Beyond Unspecified
Hometown-18907[Copy] Hometown Heroes Detective Agency Open Business / Office Interior Steel Canyon Modest Realistic @The Other Allatum (Also @Allatum) Allatum

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