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Creating new articles for characters can be moderately difficult. The following template may be copied-and-pasted as a start for the preferred format. Note that it is better to have the information complete and accurate than in the precise preferred format, since it can always be edited after the fact to match the preferred format.

See the Useful Templates page for templates that can be used to help create contact pages.

== Overview ==

'''Character''' is a City of Heroes/Villains contact located in [[Zone]].  His/Her coordinates are (coords)
== Introductions ==

=== Contact Introduced By ===

* [[Character]]

=== New Contact(s) ===

* [[Character]]


=== Information ===


Character Description

=== Initial Contact ===

What the character says when you first talk to him or her.

== Store ==

Store items

== Story Arc ==

'''Souvenir:''' Souvenir title

Intro text of souvenir

'''Story arc title'''

Text of story arc description

== Missions ==

=== Mission Description ===


Text of mission description before you accept mission

What the contact says after you accept the mission.

'''Mission Objective(s)'''

''Text in popup when you enter mission''
* Objective 1
* Objective 2
''Text in chat box when mission is done''

[[Image:Icon clue generic.png|left]]'''Clue:''' Clue title

Clue description

'''Notable NPCs'''
list of named npcs and their type

'''Temporary Power:'''

(Info on how/when you get temp power plus link)




What the contact says after the mission is completed.

[[Category:CoH Contacts]][[Category:CoV Contacts]]