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An understanding of some basic formatting is needed to write and edit Wiki articles. The editor's box has some highlight-and-click editing tools, while the rest of the formatting will be the responsibility of the editor and every other editor who is able to pitch in and help. This article and its subarticles will explain the main editing codes used at Paragon Wiki.



The <nowiki></nowiki> tags turn off Wiki Markup Language, Template transclusions, and HTML tags so that they are not parsed by the editor, but instead show up on the page as written. This is mainly used to show examples of how to write code.

Example: <nowiki>Text can be underlined by using this Template: {{UL|SampleText}}.</nowiki>
Result: Text can be underlined by using this Template: {{UL|SampleText}}.
See also: The <pre> tags

Hidden Comments

Comments may be placed in the text that only show up in the editor's window and not the rendered page with the tags.

Example: <!-- This field intentionally left blank, I'll fill it in later. -John Doe -->