Mission:Tip - Cloud of Odorous Smoke

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Cloud of Odorous Smoke
Alignment Mission
Salvage TipIcon.png
Type Alignment Tip
Place Paragon City
Available to Heroes and Vigilantes
Level range 30–39
Choice Hero or Vigilante
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Cloud of Odorous Smoke

A cloud of smoke poofs in front of you. When it clears, there is a letter on the ground. You lean down to read it over...

Dear Character,

Bentley Berkeley here, immortal adventurer and member of the Midnighter's Club. I wish we had time to chat in this letter, but, well, given that I sent you a letter it means we have no time for laughs or brew ha-ha's. Have you heard of something called a Shadow Seed? The Nictus use these things to travel across the universe to invade our dimension. The Council have been stopped time and time again from planting them...but something went wrong.

A group of them are about to plant the seed beneath Paragon City! I'm not sure who is leading this charge from the Council, all I know is someone has to stop this!

I've hired the woman known as Silent Blade to investigate, but I don't think she'll have the power to see it through. I've left the coordinates for the location in this letter. Please, you have to stop the Council from releasing the Nictus into the streets of our city!

You've heard whispers of these 'shadow seeds' from time to time. The result of one being planted upon Earth can be extremely dangerous. You know exactly where to go to stop the Council from planting these seeds, though it will mean having to trust the assassin known as Silent Blade.

On the other hand, the heroes of Paragon can surely handle whatever these shadow seeds can spread. You could always let the Council do this in order to lure out whoever is behind this. It might mean some casualties, but you'll stop whatever the source of this is.

Hero Acceptance


The Nictus have been one of the larger looming threats over Paragon City and the world for quite some time, with the Council being one of the groups that seem to have an uneasy working relationship with them.

One thing is for certain - the Nictus cannot gain a foothold in this world, or else all is lost. If these seeds are planted, it could spell the beginning of the end for all of Paragon City! And you're the only person who can stop this from happening. There is the assassin Silent Blade, though just exactly how much she'll be able to do against this plot is unknown - or if she'll even uphold her end of Berkeley's deal.

Stop the Council from spreading the Nictus!

You've set your mind to the task - stopping the Council's made schemes and helping Silent Blade. You make your way to the cavern, where you'll do battle to help stop yet another threat to the entire world.

Mission Objective(s)

You travel deep underground, following traces left by the Council soldiers. Time to end this mad plot of theirs.

  • Save Paragon from the Council!
    • Rendezvous with Silent Blade!
    • Stop the Shadow Seed from being planted!
    • Investigate the disturbance at the front of the cavern!

That was an...interesting conversation with an old man.

Dead Man's Tale

You found this journal off of a dead Council soldier. From his wounds, it would appear that he was attacked by his fellow comrades. You read over the journal, the last entry catching your eye...

I don't understand why we're being ordered to do this. The Center surely is not aware of what is happening - he cannot approve of this! I am certain that this has to do with the mad schemes of Requiem and Arakhn - they are surely using the Council to their own ends. If it comes down to it, I shall make my stand against these traitors. If I should die, at least the Center shall know that I stood for him and his rule!

- Archon Miller

Loud Noise

You've defeated the Council agent who was trying to plant the shadow seed and managed to reclaim the small object for yourself. As you do so, you hear the sound of something turning on towards the front of the cavern...


Notable NPCs


The Council have been stopped, though there still is the threat of Requiem and the Center, looming over Paragon. For now, however, the city can rest easy - thanks to you.

Vigilante Acceptance


Letting the Council get away with this summoning is the only way to lure out whoever is truly behind this - what would be the point of stopping it now to only have it happen again? Sure, some people will be hurt if the Nictus are allowed to roam free, but it's the price that Paragon will have to pay to stay safe.

You'll bide your time and wait for the Council to make their move - that's when you'll spring into action.

Bide your time to lure out the Council leader!

You wait for some time until you hear news of the Nictus pouring out of a warehouse - this must have been where the Council were setting up, though knowing them, the true lair was in a cavern beneath it.

Rumor has it that a member of the Council was seen going into the warehouse - the exact man you're looking for! Time to go in there and strike at the heart of the Council's schemes!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat the Council Agent!


Notable NPCs


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