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There are five publicly accessible servers that run the City of Heroes game. Four of these servers are all physically located in Canada, with Reunion in Germany. Server Transfers are free and plentiful, so it is not necessary to carefully select a server before starting a character.

Additionally, there are the Beta Testing Shards, of which there are presently four.

Server Order

On the server selection screen, the first server listed is the most recent one you have accessed. The remaining servers are listed in increasing order of current load. While the load does not directly correspond to population, high populations are the largest and most common causes of server load. An account that has never logged in before will not have a "last accessed" server at the top of the list, but instead will show all servers in current-load order.

Please note that if a server starts having technical issues, it will shoot to the top or the bottom of the list, depending on its current load, regardless of how many or how few players are connected to it.

Server List

Server Average Population Notes Community


Low The first server to be brought up by Homecoming
Excelsior High Currently the highest population server Unofficial PvP server
Indomitable Low Used to be the unofficial PVP server
Everlasting Medium Unofficial RP server
Reunion Low The European server.

The PVP and RP servers are "unofficial" in the sense that there is no obligation to engage in PVP or RP on these servers, or to (for example) pick an RP-appropriate name. Reunion is physically in Europe and has a higher proportion of European players, but there's no requirement to play there or not based on where you live.

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