Special Agent Jenni Adair

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Special Agent
Jenni Adair
Special Agent Jenni Adair.jpg
Superpowered Activities Monitoring Special Agent
Zone Talos Island
Coordinates (-3111, 112, 9002)[Copy]
Level Range 20-29
Introduced By Field Agent Keith Nance
Introduces Missing info
Enemy Groups
Badges Badge I11HeroStoryArc2Complete.png Singular Vision
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Special Agent Jenni Adair is a hero contact in the Argo Highway neighborhood of Talos Island at coordinates (-3111, 112, 9002)[Copy] . She is in the southeast corner of the zone near Eliza Thorpe.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces



Superpowered Activites Monitoring Special Agent

Special Agent Jenni Adair works for S.A.M., a supposed branch of the FBSA responsible for monitoring superpowered activities throughout the nation. It's a very rare thing to see one of these agents in the field; usually it means they're performing some type of high level investigation.

Prior to Introduction

I'm terribly sorry, but I don't believe you and I have any common business to discuss.

Initial Contact

Hello Character. Agent Nance may or may not have introduced you to me. But let's make it official, shall we?

I am Agent Jenni Adair. I believe I have you to thank for my timely rescue by your double.

Let's get down to business. The events that transpired between you and your evil double had made me curious about a theory I have.

The presence of 5th Column technology only proved to further support my theory. I believe I know who is behind all of this.

  • What is your theory?
I believe we're dealing with a man named Anton Jaeger, aka Protean. He is a shapeshifter who once fought against the Freedom Phalanx. He also did some work with the 5th Column in the past.
Protean was believed to be killed by Manticore. I never believed that, of course, as I have a mind of my own.
Someone like Protean doesn't simply get shot with an arrow and die. I believe that he has been biding his time...and is now on the move. He is notorious for trying to ruin the reputations of heroes in Paragon City. It looks like you were to be his next target, Character.
However...something still doesn't add up.
  • What's the issue?
Who exactly you were fighting all this time. Protean shouldn't be able to copy your powers...which means that he has help now. This is what concerns me.
Our assignment is to find out everything we can about what Protean is doing here and put a stop to him, once and for all. We'll begin our investigation once you're ready, Character.
Just so you know, you'll be working together with someone you may be familiar with. Your other self.
  • Understood, Agent Adair.

Editor's Note:

Characters with the Explosive Finale badge get a second dialogue option when first speaking to Jenni.

  • It's Protean.
Yes, it's Protean.
How did you know that, Character?
  • Let's just say he and I know each other. What's your plan?
I have some ideas on where we can start. Luckily, we also have assistance from your other double. He is just as interested in taking down Protean as you are.
When you're ready to begin, let me know.
  • Will do.


Ah, Character, you're back. Have you anything to report?

Too Busy

You're working on too many things as it is, Character. Come back when you've got a moment.

No More Missions

We still haven't been able to track down any new information from the report you brought us, Character. Until that time, please continue defending the good people of our nation. If anything turns up, we'll be in touch.


This contact does not sell inspirations or enhancements.

Story Arc

Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.

Looking Through the Glass (20-29)


Agent Adair's Contact Information

Agent Jenni Adair gave you her contact information, should you ever be in need of the services of S.A.M. Looking it over, it reminds you of an experience you call...

Looking Through the Glass

You contacted Agent Adair after the events that transpired with Agent Keith Nance. Agent Adair revealed that the mastermind behind your evil clone was a shapeshifter named Protean, who was working with the 5th Column. Together with your good double, you stormed a 5th Column base to get more information about the situation. There you discovered that Protean was working together with Archon Burkholder, who was defecting to the 5th Column. Protean had lured him to the 5th Column with the promise of new Clockwork technology.

You and your double discovered where Archon Burkholder would be and ambushed him and his men. After being defeated, Burkholder gave up all the information you needed. The Clockwork technology was from Praetoria, and Protean was working for someone within that dimension. Burkholder also told you that Protean had taken over a Portal Corp lab within Talos and was getting ready to release an army from Praetoria!

Wasting no time, you and your double attacked the lab. You were able to defeat Protean, but your double could not deactivate the portal manually. Your double made the ultimate sacrifice to destroy the portal, stopping the Praetorian army's invasion. Your double's last words to you still echo in your mind...

'It's up to you. You have two worlds to defend now.'

Part One: My Own Ally


Here's the situation, Character. We're aware that Protean has ties to the 5th Column. He used these ties to support this evil double of yours.

We're concerned about how deep his connections to the 5th Column run. Has Protean become a major player within the group, or is he just using them?

Your double has been doing some investigating on the side and discovered the location of a 5th Column base here in Talos Island. That base should have records pertaining to dealings that the 5th Column have had with Protean. We need you and your double to get in there and get any information you can.

  • We're on it

Excellent. We've provided your double with a link to the earpiece that Agent Nance gave you. This will allow the two of you to communicate back and forth. While you're inside the base looking for the data, your double will be in another part, helping to secure the area to buy you enough time to find what you need.

Objectives within the mission that are marked as (Mirror's Objective) will be goals that your double is working on.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, I can not stress enough the importance of you finding proof of Protean's plans. The longer you wait, the more likely any evidence will be destroyed. Go to that 5th Column base and find proof in regards to what Protean is up to.

Mission Objective(s)

This looks like the secret base that Special Agent Jenni Adair told you about. Find evidence about what Protean is up to!

  • Find Information on Protean
    • Defeat the head of the 5th Column Cell
    • Destroy Base Defenses (Mirror's Objective)
    • Access the 5th Column's network
    • Defeat incoming 5th Column (Mirror's Objective)
    • Disarm 4 Computers (Mirror's Objective)

You've gotten the information you need regarding Protean!

Protean's Information

You hacked a 5th Column computer and were able to retrieve a dossier about Protean...

Anton Jaeger


Can shapeshift into any humanoid that he has physical contact with.
Can no longer shapeshift into his original form of Anton Jaeger.

Recent Activities:
Heading operations to retake clone laboratory in the Rogue Isles.
Provided clone of Character to use in operations, as well as money to hire out bands of Freakshow.

Current Status:
Luring Archon Burkholder away from the Council and back to 5th Column, under promise of utilizing new 'Clockwork' technology.

Notable NPCs


5th Column


Good to see you made it back, Character. Your double reported in a few minutes ago.

The files you found on Protean reveal some troubling news. He's beginning to work his way up the chain of command in both the 5th Column and the Council.

Archon Burkholder was once a member of the 5th Column, until the Council took over. Protean's actions can only mean that he's trying to break up the power of the Council...but why? Protean isn't someone who would throw his allegiance behind anyone besides himself.

And he's trying to lure Burkholder away with...Clockwork plans? This can't be right at all. Give me a moment, Character, I'm going to make some calls.

Speaking of which, I've hooked up my communicator to the earpiece you have. You can contact me whenever you wish.

Part Two: A New Issue


Alright, Character, we've got a lead on Burkholder. Looks like the little turncoat arranged a meeting with the 5th Column in a warehouse nearby.

Our information shows that this might be the moment where Burkholder switches teams, but we're not going to allow that to happen.

He has the information we need to track down Protean and put a stop to this, once and for all.

If we allow Burkholder into the 5th Column, it could be the last time we see him for years. You and your double need to get to that warehouse and take down Burkholder!

  • We'll take care of it, don't worry.

Good to know. I've spoken to your double already. He/She will go after Burkholder. What you'll need to do is hack the 5th Column database to get the information they might have on this 'new' Clockwork technology. It's laughable, but if Burkholder is interested in it then there must be something we're missing.

Be prepared, however, as Burkholder is fairly powerful. If you encounter him yourself, you'll be in for a difficult fight.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, we need you to get to Archon Burkholder!

Mission Objective(s)

Burkholder is in here somewhere. You and your double will have to root him out!

  • Capture Archon Burkholder!
    • Access the computer terminal
    • Capture Archon Burkholder (Mirror's Objective)
    • Defeat Archon Burkholder!

Burkholder revealed all the information you needed to know - now to get it to Jenni!

Clockwork Schematics

You found the schematics for the 'new' Clockwork that Burkholder was interested in. At the very top there is an indication that these Clockwork come from Praetoria, not from Primal Earth. It's clear now that the deal wasn't for Clockwork on Primal Earth - it was for Clockwork on Praetorian Earth! This must be what Burkholder was so interested in - building an army of new and improved Clockwork!

Notable NPCs


5th Column


I'm not surprised that Burkholder talked so easily. Why the Council keeps him around is anyone's guess - I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

Puns aside, we've got more work ahead of us. I'll get those schematics you found to the proper authorities to have a look at them. If they're from Praetoria, it can only mean that Protean has some sort of contact there...

Things just went from bad to worse, Character. Protean isn't working with the 5th Column; he's only using them. What it does mean is that he's working with someone from Praetoria - who intends to send an army our way!

Part Three: New Responsibility

Stop Protean's Invasion

Looking Through the Glass


We've got the exact location of that Portal Corp lab now, Character. If Protean is in there, it means he's taken over the lab with his men from the 5th Column. We won't have long before Protean's army marches through that portal!

I've talked with your double, and we've devised a plan. If Protean knows that you're coming, he'll get his men to activate the portal while you're fighting through swarms of 5th Column.

Your double is going to sneak in to deactivate the portal, while you go in the front entrance to deal with Protean.

If everything goes according to plan, we'll have Protean in our custody and that portal will be disabled. Any questions?

  • No, I'm good to go. Let's finish this.

Good luck, Character. I wish we could send your double to help you with Protean, but he'll/she'll be occupied with stopping the portal from being activated.

You may want to bring any other heroes you know with you. Protean is a powerful villain with many tricks up his sleeve.

Whatever you decide to do, you had better do it fast, for all our sakes.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, it's up to you now to protect earth from an inter-dimensional invasion!

Mission Objective(s)

This is it, the final confrontation with Protean. He's the one who started this whole mess with your evil double running around. You're the one who's going to finish it.

  • Stop Protean's Invasion
    • 3 Portal Corp computers to deactivate (Mirror's Objective)
    • Defeat Protean
    • Hold off the incoming clones (Mirror's Objective)
    • Activate portal's self-destruct sequence (Mirror's Objective)
    • Make the ultimate sacrifice (Mirror's Objective)
    • Save your Mirror Self
    • Five seconds until detonation

The army has been stopped...but at the cost of your double's life.

The Ultimate Sacrifice


I knew...you would show up...
I would've done...the same...
But this...has to be done...only one of us...has to die...today..
This is...the only way...to save this world...from what's beyond...that portal...
It's up to you...
...you have two worlds...to defend now...

Notable NPCs


5th Column
Visit Special Agent Jenni Adair

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'm sorry...Character. We should...speak about this in person.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Visit Special Agent Jenni Adair


Character...I'm sorry.

Your double died bravely. He/She made the ultimate sacrifice to save us all....

  • What about their medi-porter? Didn't it save them?
Your double...wasn't hooked up to the medi-port system. I wish I had better news to give you, Character.
  • Alright...what about Protean?

We're working on bringing him into custody now.

S.A.M. believes that he should not be brought to the Zig. A shapeshifter like Protean would be out of there in a day. However, it seems the PPD insists that they can keep him locked down.

We'll do everything we can to make sure he's brought into our own holding cells, but at the moment his fate is...up in the air.

However, I do have something for you.

  • For me? What is it?

Agent Adair reaches into her trenchcoat, pulling out a letter.

A letter, to you. From a...mutual friend of ours.

  • (Read the letter)

Dear Character...

Are we old friends by the time you're reading this? Or do you have no idea who I am? In the end it doesn't matter - in time, you will come to know who I am and what I aim to do.

I hope you do not despair about the loss of your double and the fate of Protean. Your double died valiantly, while Protean is where he needs to be at this time.

Do you know about the Coming Storm? About Ouroboros? If not, you will know soon enough of the two threats that seek to destroy us all.

The head of Ouroboros, Mender Silos, has his own 'followers' that seek to 'save us' from the Coming Storm.

I intend to gather my own team of dedicated individuals to ensure that we are properly saved. Protean will be one of them.

Perhaps you're worried that I would recruit Protean; you shouldn't be. I happen to know of something that Protean wants very badly. Enough that he would aid my efforts to save all of existence.

I say this to you because I hope, when the time comes, you will aid me against Ouroboros and the Coming Storm. Both seek to destroy us; one at least has the common decency to be upfront about it.

I will leave you to dwell on this for now, Character. Just know that as you read this letter, I am doing everything I can to save us all from a grim future. I hope that soon you will stand side by side with me to do the same.

  • Adair, who gave you this letter?

This letter was delivered to me by a messenger from S.A.M....the true identity of its writer is not known to even me. I apologize.

  • That's...alright.


Character, I have to say, it has been a pleasure working together. You've shown yourself to be a true hero of Paragon City, helping S.A.M. even when one of our own believed you were out to destroy us all.

We'll make sure that your other self is properly honored for their brave sacrifice - he/she will not have died in vain.

If anything else should occur, in this dimension or not, you can be sure that you will be the first hero we go to for help. You've proved yourself more than enough today. Goodbye, Character, and good luck.


The Singular Vision Badge is awarded upon completion of this mission.


You've prevented Protean from carrying out his plot for a Praetorian invasion, but not without a heavy cost - the death of your alternate self.