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Damage Resistance Template

This template is meant to show the damage resistance values of a power in a condensed yet readable format


  • First 9 parameters are numbered accordingly, values of 0 will prevent the parameter from displaying
  • List the resistance types in order:
    1. Smashing absolute value
    2. Lethal absolute value
    3. Fire absolute value
    4. Cold absolute value
    5. Energy absolute value
    6. Negative absolute value
    7. Psychic absolute value
    8. Toxic absolute value
    9. All Damage absolute value
  • Trailing 0s are unnecessary.
  • s, l, f, c, e, n, p, t, a, if defined will add a minus sign before their respective values and turn them red.
    • x=- denotes the x defense as a debuff. The first letter of the defense type is used.


Code Result
 {{DamResVal|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9}}   Res( S1 L2 F3 C4 E5 N6 P7 T8 All9 ) 
 {{DamResVal|10|10|0|0|20|e=-}}  Res( S10 L10 E-20 )
 {{DamResVal|10|s=-|10|0|0|20|e=-}}   Res( S-10 L10 E-20 )
 {{DamResVal|2=10|7=25|p=-}}  Res( L10 P-25 )
 {{DamResVal|9=20}}  Res( All20 )