The Clockwork Paladin

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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes/Villains. It is provided for historical purposes.


The Clockwork Paladin was a Zone Event found in the High Park neighborhood of Kings Row. The Paladin is on the loose, and seemingly impervious to damage! Defeating Psionic Brass Conduits makes the Paladin vulnerable to attack, and the Shining Stars can be freed from their captors to aid in the fight.

This event replaced the previous Paladin Construction zone event in Issue 24. Due to multiple bugs that often rendered the event unavailable, it was discontinued in Issue 27 and the Paladin Construction zone event was reinstated.




Notable NPCs

Zone Event Details

Paladin Rampage!

  • Property DamageDamangeMisspelling ($) 0/10000
  • Psionic Brass Conduits defeated: 0/12

Defeat the Psionic Brass Network to make the Paladin vulnerable to attack!

  • (Optional) Prevent the Paladin from dealing $10,000 worth of property damage!

Throughout the High Park neighborhood there are 12 Psionic Brass Conduit Boss class Clockwork applying a shield to the Paladin making it invulnerable. The Paladin spawns approximately 200 yards west of the High Park neighborhood marker, and will wander the area destroying objects it finds. During this phase the Paladin will rarely attack players or other NPCs, only focusing on destructible objects. Failing this optional objective currently has no effect.



The Psionic Brass Network protects the Paladin from damage!

Psionic Brass Conduit locations
Map of Psionic Brass Conduits
Coordinates Description
(81.5, -42, -2071.5)[Copy] At street level on a street corner 200 yards southeast of High Park marker
(136.75, 105.9375, -2362.25)[Copy] On top of a building 134 yards east-southeast of High Park marker
(320.75, -10, -2687.25)[Copy] On top of the Pawn Shop 74 yards northeast of High Park marker
(433.75, -42, -2406.25)[Copy] At street level on a street corner 42 yards south-southeast of High Park marker
(451.25, 6, -3248.25)[Copy] On top of a shop 240 yards north of High Park marker
(458.25, -10, -2885.25)[Copy] On top of a shop 120 yards north of High Park marker
(485.25, -42, -2116.25)[Copy] At street level on a street corner 137 yards south of High Park marker
(805.25, -34.890625, -2647.71875)[Copy] On a rock in a park 118 yards west-northwest of High Park marker
(889.75, 14, -2379.75)[Copy] On a metal balcony 149 yards west-southwest of High Park marker
(959.25, 94, -2128.25)[Copy] On top of a building 214 yards southwest of High Park marker
(1060.75, -42, -2598.25)[Copy] At street level outside a small park 198 yards west of High Park marker
(1075.25, 94, -2350.25)[Copy] On top of a building 215 yards west-southwest of High Park marker

Bug! The Paladin will often become stuck in an alleyway approximately 100 yards southwest of the High Park marker. (641.692261, -41.90625, -2299.5)[Copy] or 160 yards southeast of the High Park marker. (210.647064, -42, -2126.147461)[Copy]

Shining Star Showdown

  • Paladin's Health 100/100
  • Defeat the Paladin!
  • (Optional) Free the Shining Stars!

Shining Stars members (Elite Bosses) are being held by 5 Knight-Errant Elite Boss Clockwork outside the Bank at (-24.0, -42.0, -2240.0)[Copy] . Freeing them allows them to help defeat the Paladin.

The Paladin will head towards this location and will now fight players and the Shining Stars.

Bug! The event window does not correctly track the Paladin's Health, staying at 100 throughout the event. It also does not acknowledge the Paladin's defeat.

Bug! The event does not properly reset after the Paladin is defeated and will only restart with a mapserver refresh of the zone (by GM or weekly maintenance). Any surviving Shining Stars will remain outside the bank for some time.


Defeating the Paladin awards 6 Reward Merits, 5 charges of the Knight Errant temporary power and the Knight Errant Badge.



You have helped defeat the Clockwork Paladin, a diabolical invention of the Clockwork King.