The Players' Guide to the Cities

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This series of pages are intended to serve as a player-written manual for the game.


Installing the game

Today, almost any Windows/Linux/Mac computer can run the game effectively; the main exception is that performance on built-in Intel 3D graphics chips can be poor.

Your first game

The basics

More details

Original Introduction

When City of Villains was preparing for release, the community was asked for input to help identify information in the game manual that needed to be updated. Since this would be the first update to the game manual since City of Heroes release, there was a lot of material that needed to be covered, and the community tackled it with great enthusiasm. As a result, the City of Villains manual was pretty much up to date at initial release.

At present, however, the game manuals are once again very out of date. And while the various articles here at Paragon Wiki are able to give players a pretty broad idea of how the game works, there is still a lot of useful information that was contained in the game manuals that hasn't previously been covered here.

This project--given the name "The Players' Guide to the Cities"--essentially creates what we hope will become a living, breathing game manual to be maintained by the community at large here at Paragon Wiki. As such, it should provide a good starting point for anyone new to either Paragon Wiki or the "City of" franchise who is looking to learn more about the game but maybe a little unsure what they are even searching for. It should also serve as a quick-reference document for more advanced players who are just looking for general information on broad subjects they might want to brush up on.

So, welcome to the Players' Guide to the Cities. We hope you find this guide both useful and informative. And since this is a community project, if you find any out-of-date or incorrect information, edit away.

--Eabrace 16:24, 16 August 2007 (EDT)