Winter Lord

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Winter Lord


Winter Lords are Giant Monsters that were unleashed upon Paragon City during the Winter Events of 2004 through 2009. In the 2004 event, they randomly spawned in each of the city zones, sometimes with as many as 5 at once roaming an area.

In the 2009 event, Winter Lords were changed to spawn after a set number of presents are opened (or possibly when a number of "naughty" present spawns are defeated), and defeating it lets characters into Lord Winter's domain, giving them an attempt to defeat him. (Between 2005 and 2008, they spawned when a team of 5 or more opened a "naughty" present).

Winter Lords belong to the Winter Horde enemy group.


This is a manifestation of the Winter Lord. He is a creature of ancient power that wishes to bring eternal winter to the land. If he is ever allowed a permanent foothold in our world, endless night will fall.


Defeating the Winter Lord will award the Frozen Fury Badge and 6 Reward Merits.


You helped defeat a manifestation of the Winter Lord, who brought his cold wrath to chill your hometown.


  • During the Winter Event 2004, the Winter Lord name became synonymous with power leveling because of the amount of experience teams could gain from taking down the monsters. It was very common for low level characters to advance very rapidly during the event. The way experience is given for Giant Monsters was changed shortly after.

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