Antonio Nash (Pre-Issue 21)

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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes/Villains. It is provided for historical purposes.

After the destruction of Galaxy City in Issue 21 and the restructuring of beginning contacts, Antonio Nash no longer offers missions to heroes. The Mutant starting contact is now Prince Kiros Nandelu.


Antonio Nash
Antonio Nash (old).jpg
Mutation Hero Liaison
Zone Atlas Park
Coordinates (4, -784, -1004)[Copy]
Level Range 1-5
Introduces == Level 5-9 ==
Ron Hughes
Juan Jimenez
Linda Summers
Enemy Groups
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Antonio Nash is a hero contact in the Atlas Plaza neighborhood of Atlas Park at coordinates (4, -784, -1004)[Copy] Antonio Nash is a Mutation origin contact. His level range is 1-5. He is an initial contact and is located inside City Hall.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Single contact option
I would very much like you to introduce you to a good friend of mine who may, in turn, be able to help you upon your road to herodom.

Level 5-9

I'd like you to meet Ron Hughes. He's a reporter, and lately he's been interested in the Skulls. Ron's magazine is located in Kings Row, so that's where he can be found.

Ron believes that science should be used for the good of all.

Juan Jimenez is a great photographer, and he's always got his ear to the ground. You should talk to him and see if he's following any big stories on the Skulls. Juan is currently covering a story in Kings Row.

Juan is always eager to help, and he knows where the action is.

There's a young reporter named Linda Summers who you might enjoy chatting with. She's always pursuing some crime related story, especially stories dealing with the Skulls. Linda's latest scoop has her in Kings Row.

Linda responds well to directness and fair treatment.


Mutation Hero Liaison

Antonio Nash has the ability to instantly solve any mathematical equation. He worked for the Department of Defense for years, but, when the danger to his home town of Paragon City continued to rise, he asked to be reassigned to GIFT, a section of the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs. Now, as a member of the Genetic Investigation and Facilitation Team, he is the primary contact point for many new mutant heroes. Having grown up on the streets of Paragon City as a member of the Outcasts gang, Antonio makes a point of keeping himself informed on current gang activity.

Wrong Origin Introduction

I can't help you, but maybe Active Contact can.

Initial Contact

Greetings, Character, I have been briefed about your abilities as a Archetype. We have much to do. Let us begin.


  • We must reclaim this city, Character. Will you help me?
  • I need your assistance.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

I have a task I'd like you to handle, but we'll have to wait until you reach Security Level 4.

No More Missions

Sorry, I don't have any more missions for you. You should ask your other contacts.


Character, I am very pleased with the work you are doing. I'd like to help outfit you for your next mission.

Missions (Level 1+)

Meet Sarah Peters and talk to her about the theft (1-5)

Visit Sarah Peters in Atlas Park


I just spoke to Sarah Peters, an FCC investigator who tracks illegal broadcasts. She's intercepted some messages from Council soldiers. It seems they're planning to steal a powerful artifact that the government's been trying to protect for decades. Please meet Sarah Peters and talk to her about the theft.

Mission Acceptance

Sarah seems pretty upset. If the Council is involved, that's certainly understandable.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You should talk to Sarah Peters. If it involves the Council, it may be important.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Visit Sarah Peters in Atlas Park


Oh, Character! Contact told me to expect you. You should hurry; I hear those Council soldiers are already on the move. You've got to get to the warehouse and find crate 878-932 before they do. Get it to Azuria in City Hall; it'll be safe there. Good luck, Character. And whatever you do, don't look inside the crate!

Locate crate 878-932

Unnecessary Solicitation

It's up to you to find that crate before the Council does.

Mission Objective(s)

In the distance, you hear shouted orders and the sounds of heavy boots on cement floors.

  • Locate crate 878-932

This is crate 878-932! You got to it before the Council found it.



You look for the ID number on the crate.
You have found an ID number.

Crate 878-932

This large crate is labeled 878-932. According to Sarah Peters, it contains a powerful artifact that the Council intended to steal. You have an almost irresistible urge to peek inside.

Take the crate to Azuria

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that crate to Azuria for safekeeping.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take the crate to Azuria


Thank you. I shall place this within the vault and guard it with the strongest wards. The artifact within is not a thing for mortal or immortal use. You didn't look upon it, did you?


Azuria tells me that that contents of crate 878-932 are safe in the MAGI vaults.

She didn't want me to speak of this to many people, but you've earned the right to know: the artifact within is known as a Looking Lens. By peering through it, you can see the very desires of the people around you. That's why you had to keep the crate closed, Character. There is some information that no one is meant to have.

Put a stop to the gang activity in the office (1-5)


A group of gangsters has taken over an abandoned office in one of my old neighborhoods. It's probably the Hellions. They're always looking to take over new territory in their ongoing war with the Skulls. Will you put a stop to the gang activity in that office? You may have heard that before I joined GIFT, Genetic Investigation and Facilitation, I was in a gang. I used my mutant powers to take whatever I could grab. I'd like to prevent these youngsters from making the same mistake.

Mission Acceptance

This is important to me, Character. We need people to feel safe in Atlas Park.

Arrest all gang members

Unnecessary Solicitation

Once a gang gets a solid foothold in an area, it is very difficult to root them out.

Mission Objective(s)

Jeers and jibes can be heard all over this supposedly empty office. From the chatter it's apparent that this warehouse is home to a group of Skulls, not Hellions.

  • Arrest all gang members

You defeated the Skulls and found a small sample of a drug labeled 'dyne'.


Dyne sample

You found this small dose of the street drug dyne on one of the Skulls you defeated. It's packaged in a black capsule with a white skull. It looks like just the thing to appeal to those looking for the latest designer drug.

Talk to Kiros Nandelu

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Kiros Nandelu


The Skulls? What are they doing in Atlas Park? Kings Row is their turf. Do me a favor and go talk to my friend Detective Jose Brogan. He'll want to take a look at that sample as well.

Talk to Jose Brogan

Unnecessary Solicitation

Detective Brogan is very familiar with local gang activity.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Jose Brogan


I heard there were some Skulls sniffing around Atlas Park, but I thought it was just a rumor. You might want to see what you can dig up in this supposedly empty warehouse.

Dyne is pretty new on the streets, so nobody knows much about it. It gives users a rush of euphoria and strength, but it leaves their whole body aching afterwards. Some muscle spasms and skin diseases have even been linked to dyne use. It looks like the Skulls are looking for a new market in which to peddle their poison.

Defeat all Skulls in warehouse

Skulls Mission

Unnecessary Solicitation

Detective Brogan knows what's what. Listen to him, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

The familiar taunts of the Skulls ring in your ears.

  • Defeat all Skulls in warehouse
    • Find key to back room, Seek evidence

You defeated the Skulls and located a notebook.



You found a key.


The handle of this small, brass key is shaped like a skull.

You found a notebook.


This small notebook is filled with dates and other numbers. You aren't certain what the numbers might mean.


Looks like this might be the beginning of a distribution plan. We will need to look this over and keep an eye out for Skulls activity. Thanks a lot for your help on this one, Character.

Secure the painting before it's stolen (1-5)

Defeat all painting thieves


We got a call from McCorman Industries last night. They reported a squad of Council soldiers scouting their office. It turns out that McCorman recently acquired a painting called 'The Lonely Horseman.' It's a decent painting, but, more importantly, it's rumored to be painted over a map to a boatload of gold bullion that sank somewhere off the Atlantic coast. I think these Council goons may be planning to steal it. Can you secure the painting before it's stolen?

Mission Acceptance

After you've secured the painting, take it to a lady named Iris Parker. She can get it back to McCorman Industries without incident.

Unnecessary Solicition

You have to stop the thieves and retrieve that painting.

Mission Objective(s)

You hear crisply barked orders over the sound of distant terrified screams.

  • Defeat all painting thieves
    • Find the painting

You defeated the thieves and secured the painting.



You got the painting!

A painting called The Lonely Horseman

This somber painting shows a single horseman looking toward a distant church tower, his lance tip pointing at the ground. According to your contact, this painting obscures a map to a lost cache of gold bullion.

Ambush! Upon exiting the mission, there will be an ambush by the Council.

Take painting to Iris Parker

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that painting to Iris Parker. She'll make sure it gets back to the rightful owner.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take painting to Iris Parker


You really came through on this one, Character. I'll make sure this painting gets back to the rightful owners.


The Council is a very dangerous organization, Character, and they've been around long enough to know what they're doing. They attacked Paragon City back in the 50's, and were only stopped by the might of Atlas. If they're up to their old shenanigans, we'll have to keep our eye on them.

Missions (Level 4+)

Talk to the Security Chief (1-4)

Talk to Security Chief


I need you to go talk to the Atlas Park Security Chief. He has information about the current situation here in Atlas Park. Your compass will guide you there.

Mission Acceptance

Please listen carefully to the Security Chief. If he has a task for you, it will be very important.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Security Chief just called again; he really needs your help!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Security Chief


Here is a briefing sheet on the situation in Atlas Park. Now get out there and help take out some Hellions. If I were you, I'd try looking for them in the Promenade or Prometheus Park.

Atlas Park briefing

Atlas Park is probably the finest place in the city. Clean and beautiful, hustling and bustling, Atlas Park was the first place to be restored after the Rikti War. Of course, the Hellions do cause some problems here and there. They started out as just a street gang, but some of them seem to have acquired pretty unusual abilities. The police can't do much about superpowered thugs; it's up to you Heroes to help out.

Keep peace in Atlas Park

Unnecessary Solicitation

You should be out fighting Hellions.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Keep peace in Atlas Park
    • Defeat 5 Hellions

You have defeated 5 Hellions.




Well done, Character. With Heroes like you around we have a chance to make Atlas Park safe for everyone.