City of Heroes (Top Cow) Issue 1

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City of Heroes #1
"Hard Crash Part 1"
Tc issue01.jpg
Writer(s) Mark Waid
Penciler David Nakayama
Inker Rick Basaldua
Colorist Sonia Oback
Letterer Troy Peteri
Cover Artist Rodolfo Migliari
Publication Information
Publisher Top Cow Productions
Released June 2005
Media Type Magazine
Pages 36
Canon non-canon
Series 2
Preceded by N/A
Followed by City of Heroes (Top Cow) Issue 2
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City of Heroes Issue 1 is the first of twenty comic book issues published by Top Cow Productions. It introduces the principal characters of the series (the Freedom Phalanx) and begins the first major story arc of the series. It details the events of the Power Crash in 2005. It can be read here: [1].


Lord Recluse puts in motion a plot to remove all of Paragon City's heroes' powers, and Statesman goes missing! The comic is narrated by Manticore through his private logs.


This is the first part of the Hard Crash storyline.

City of Heroes (Top Cow) Issue 1
City of Heroes (Top Cow) Issue 2
City of Heroes (Top Cow) Issue 3



Freedom Phalanx

Sister Psyche

Aurora Borealis (echo)



Lord Recluse
Mu Mystics


Supporting Cast

The heroes of Paragon City
The citizens of Paragon City


Crey Industries


The Paragon Times: Vol. 3 No. 1

Following the main comic is an issue of The Paragon Times. It contains items from an "in-character" perspective, and features several items of player and fan artwork.

In-Character Content

This issue has an announcement describing the game's Issue 4 release, which added Arenas to the game. It also contains a Hero Spotlight on Positron, in the form of an in-character interview.

Fan Work

  • The Sentimental Sort by Veronica Rose (fiction)
  • Forge by Mobius Scape (artwork)
  • NightLash by Chris Haley and Steve Bowcutt (artwork)
  • Hothouse by Michael Bennet (artwork)
  • Mahogany Dodd by Omar Noory (artwork)
  • Underwear on the Outside by Tim Buckley (comic)


  • "I wonder if the shame-spiral of defeat hasn't left a sad mark on the Clockwork King." ~Manticore
  • "You'd hate to miss a sight like this: Outcasts trying to sneak up on Synapse and Sister Psyche. That's right--using stealth against a speedster and a mentalist." ~Manticore
  • "We'd taken our invincibility for granted." ~Manticore
  • "Nobody's powers are working!" ~Unknown heroine
  • "Statesman? Wake up, pal. C'mon. Your fat ego must've taken most of the blast..." ~Manticore
  • "Don't touch me, you weirdo! Weirdo! ~Chloe (a child speaking to Sister Psyche)
  • "Poke me AGAIN, and I WILL hurt YOU." ~A slightly deranged Sister Psyche.
  • "Statesman said!" ~Sister Psyche
  • "Our 'friend?' You mean Statesman?" "In quotation marks, yes." "That's HARSH." ~Aurora Borealis (Echo), Manticore, and Sister Psyche.
  • "I'm calling the police!" ... "What costumed hero has ever called the police?" ~Synapse and Manticore
  • "With the powers, I could put the whole, sick ordeal behind me! But now? Now I'm just a torture victim and that's all." ~Synapse
  • "Statesman said--" ~Positron
  • "'Statesman said.' 'Statesman said.' Screw Statesman." ~Manticore
  • "Besides, since you always do whatever the hell you want to do anyway... ...we decided we needed to keep an eye on you." ~Synapse to Manticore
  • "Nothing can be done! It's too late! ...because I'm already dead." ~Statesman


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