Dr. Graves

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Dr. Graves
Dr. Graves.jpg
The Eternal Surgeon
Zone Mercy Island
Coordinates (-1066, 239, -9)[Copy]
Level Range 5-19
Introduced By None
Enemy Groups
Badges Badge OGTV1.png Dark Heart
Badge OGTV2.png Blackened Soul
Badge OGTV3.png Face of Evil
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Dr. Graves is a villain contact in the Mercy neighborhood of Mercy Island at coordinates (-1066, 239, -9)[Copy] . His level range is 5-19. He is one of the Ongoing Training Missions contacts. Dr. Graves is the leader of The Hearts of Darkness supergroup.


Contact Introduced By

  • None, you automatically receive him as a contact when you train to level 5.

Contact Introduces



The Eternal Surgeon

Somewhere between man and monster, Dr. Graves no longer practices 'formal' medicine. Practically impossible to kill, since he's technically already dead, Dr. Graves realizes that his name has become the butt of numerous jokes. However, when he needs a new kidney, spleen, heart, or other 'disposable organs', not too many people take time to appreciate the irony of his career path.

Prior to Introduction

I do not know why you have deigned to stop and strike up conversation with me, fellow citizen. To be fair, I don't care either. Now scurry along lest I feel the need to inform these fine peacekeepers about how you wish to recruit me into the ranks of Longbow.

Do you believe they'll stop long enough to ask questions?

Contact Unlocked

Dr. Graves has been skulking around Mercy Island...

A message appeared on the wall in front of you.

'You, Character, have been chosen to partake in an offering of power unimaginable. Seek out Dr. Graves in Mercy Island and he shall guide you to this prize.'

The message vanishes, making you wonder if it was ever even there.

This contact has now been added to the active tab of your Contact window.

Initial Contact

You are as described, Character. And you took long enough replying to my missive, as well.

I will make this introduction brief. I am Dr. Graves, I already know who you are, and we will now get to the point of this meeting. I have been tasked with offering you the chance at obtaining a great deal of power.

Usually, that word alone - power - is enough to cause most here in the Rogue Isles to wriggle and squirm in delight. I'm interested in seeing your reaction.


Well, well... Character. Have you come by to engage in witty banter, possibly involving a smattering of underlying threats towards my physical well being? Or perhaps you're simply here to discuss the weather on this bright and sunny day?

I'll let you guess which of the two that I believe.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

No More Missions

Do not pester me, Character. My freedom exists due in part to your efforts, but surely you are intelligent enough to not expect gratitude.

Where do you think you are? Paragon City?

Outlevelled Contact

Character. I regret to inform you that you have arrived too late. Your window of opportunity has passed, I'm afraid.

Unless you have some method of time travel I am not yet aware of, I suggest that you leave me in peace. I would prefer that you not remind me of your existence.

You have become too high level to continue the Hearts of Darkness storyline. If you wish to go back and play these missions, visit Ouroboros (available at level 15) to complete each arc in order.

Story Arc

The Hearts of Darkness - Rogues' Contest (Level 5-9)

Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Remote Detonator

This leftover detonator reminds you of your initial victories in Dr. Graves's game...

The Hearts of Darkness - Rogues' Contest

It began with a summons from Dr. Graves, a grim surgeon with a short temper. He gathered you and four other Villains together and proposed a contest. The prize: unimaginable power and resources at the winner's disposal, courtesy of your unnamed benefactor.

You started by making sure that Arachnos took little notice of you. You played dumb for the Arbiters and got them fighting amongst themselves, and returned to Graves.

During the first round of the contest, you managed to trick Dollface out of finishing a race to the finish, and stole the win yourself. Graves, though displeased, was forced to concede the first victory to you.

For the second round, each contestant was required to formulate a plan of their own design, to display their villainous prowess. After investigating the others' plots, you came upon inspiration: you would destroy a Longbow base, lighting it up for all of Mercy to see!

As you engaged in your plan, a mysterious voice began to assist you. It directed you on the specifics of when and how to destroy the base.

As you were about to evacuate the base and let the explosives run their course, the voice revealed itself: Scirocco of Arachnos had assisted you! He directed you to continue participation in Graves's illicit contest, in the hopes of tracking down and capturing your unnamed benefactor.

Healthy Competition


You would believe me to be a ghoul? And I assume your self-image is that of a misunderstood protagonist, is it? Or maybe the snarling monster with a secret heart of gold? Or perhaps someone cursed to a life they didn't want?

Bah. I am not here to trade barbs with someone of your like. However, what I am going to do is offer you, Character, a formal invitation to a very exclusive, albeit unsanctioned... competition.

Before you dismiss this opportunity, know this - the victor of the trial shall be granted the privilege of being apprenticed, if you will, to a person with very important connections.

Dr. Graves looks around at nearby Arachnos guards in a rather dramatic fashion before fixing his soulless eyes upon you.

Very, very important... connections.

  • I'm listening, Graves. What do I need to do to make this happen?

I'm glad to see that your ambition overshadows your attitude, Character. You'll need both if you expect to surpass the others in the eyes of the one who is truly watching. With that said, let us tarry no longer with this conversation. Actions speak louder than words, and if you try hard enough, sometimes louder than screams. I will give you the location you are to 'register' at. Use the registration console within the gathering place to prove your intent and I shall then speak to you further.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I do not have time to waste catering to your personal schedule. You are to meet me at the provided location,,, or forfeit your chance at gaining an enviable position of power. Now go!

Mission Objective(s)


This appears to be the location Dr. Graves instructed you to meet at. You'll need to find the registration console he spoke of.

  • Register for Dr. Graves tournament
    • Use the Identity Verification Console
    • Talk to Dr. Graves
    • Talk to Omnicore
    • Talk to Zephyr
    • Talk to Dollface
    • Go look for Crosscut
    • Talk to Crosscut
    • Talk to Dr. Graves

You have signed on as one of the contestants in the tournament of darkness. Little do the others know that you have no intention of losing this contest...



Notable NPCs

Identity Verification Console

This looks like the registration console Dr. Graves told you to use when you showed up. Large flashing words indicate that you should use one of the buttons below the screen.

Applicant will provide a biological sample to prove they are not in the employ of organizations as Longbow.

Insert sample of bio-organic composition.

  • Insert blood sample
Words begin streaming across the display.
Source material - Blood.
Spectral Analysis Readings - No traces of pathogens on record indicating Longbow alliegence.
Cellular Analysis - No traces of radical cellular mutation detected.
Blood Count Analysis - High fat composition in the sample suggests the source subject is prone to a poor diet and could possibly lose a few pounds.
  • Hold on... Did this thing say I was FAT?
  • Insert hair sample
Words begin streaming across the display.
Source material - Hair.
Spectral Analysis Readings - No trace of pollutants known to be found in Paragon City.
Texture Analysis - Sample shows chemicals found in low-quality haircare products.
Cellular Analysis - Abundance of dead epidermis clusters suggests sample source is afflicted by severe dandruff
  • Hey! I don't have dandruff!
  • Refuse to provide sample
Words begin streaming across the display.
All candidates must submit biological samples or face immediate termination.
A mechanical arm extends from the console. At the end of the arm is what appears to be something that could only be described with one word - 'probe'. Before you can react, the arm goes to work procuring a rather... painful... sample from your body.
Matter Composition - No traces of known Longbow nutrition supplements detected.
  • YOU. WILL. PAY!!!!

Genetic Analysis - Subject missing one strand of DNA within early strand sequence. Anomaly recorded.

  • Wait... Did you just say I'm missing DNA???

Genemap Database Query Results - Subject matches no known genetic match from S.A.M. database. INTERPOL records show two known matches. Further inquiries prevented due to Triple Black Secret Clearance information lockdown.

  • Two matches? How... How is that even possible.

Psychological Profile - Subject shows signs of narcissism normally associated with sociopathic disorders. Additional negative traits evidenced are the following - Delusion of Grandeur, Persecution Complex, Poor Impulse Control, and Exceptional Gullibility.

  • Whan have I ever been gulli - hold on... Uh oh.

Final Analysis - Subject has failed the first test. initiate self-destruct sequence.

  • [Quickly step away from the console!]

Do not congratulate yourself too quickly. That was but the first of many tests you will need to pass if you are to win the right to be our faceless master's protege.

  • What would have happened if I failed?

You would have made yourself useful in other ways. For instance, I could likely find a use for any undamaged limbs that still remained. However, there will be time to pursue that line of thinking later. In the meantime, we will need to gather the rest of the candidates so that I may explain the rules to all of you.

  • Others? Rules? I want these answers now, Graves.

My, my... rather demanding, aren't we? Allow me to point out that currently you are not in a position to make any demands. Perhaps things may change in the future, but for now, you will be following my instructions if you wish to be part of this trial. Now follow me as we gather the rest. I believe I saw Omnicore nearby.

  • I'll do as you say... For now.

You are to be one of my rivals? You? If you are an indicator of the type of competition I am to expect, then it would seem this contest has ended before it even has begun.

  • And you believe I view you as a threat?

I couldn't care less what simple beliefs you hold, - what was it again - Character. The fact remains that I am by far your superior on an intellectual level, and by the looks of you, on a physical level as well. These indisputable facts are all that are important.

You may wish to spare yourself the humiliation of me besting you by just leaving - now.

  • So... You plan to beat me with pathetic, hollow threats?

You will see how pathetic my threats are when you're staring at your legs on the other side of the room and wondering where your torso went! Care for a demonstration?!

  • If it means you actually doing something, then sure!

Omnicore looks at Dr. Graves with what you believe to be glaring hatred from behind her mask. A moment later she screams in frustration, then looks back at you.

I will not let someone like you ruin my chance at gaining unimaginable power. We'll finish this at another time, Character.

  • I'm looking forward to it, Omnicore.

Omnicore jerks her face towards the direction of the newcomer, Zephyr.

And what exactly are you supposed to be? You look like the lame excuse for being a fog machine.

  • You should hear what I think *you* look like, Omnicore.

WHAT!? How dare you... Both of you. I will no longer tolerate this from either of you!

Omnicore glares at Dr. Graves.

I may not be allowed to kill these miscreants, but I will not lower myself to speaking with them any longer.

  • It's about time you shut up, Omnicore.

You turn and talk with Zephyr.


I can't believe you let her talk to you that way and you just let her get away with it... just sayin'.

  • Who are you supposed to be?

Me? I'm Zephyr. You know, like the wind.

  • You named yourself after the wind?

No. I am the wind. You know, like the whole 'Fwoooooosh! Haha! Crashed your ship into a shoal and now you're all gonna drown! Boohoo... now cry your eyes out, you wuss.'

That kind of wind, you know?

And, man... I gotta say... that kinda thing never gets old, I'm telling you.

  • So you're telling me you're THE zephyr wind?

Uh, yeah. I thought I was pretty clear the couple first times I said it, but hey, you know, whatever. Oh yeah, and I'm also the one who's gonna kick your butt in the competition, too.

  • Wait - why is the wind - you - competing for the prize?

Meh... I got nothing else better to do, you know? Ever since mankind got all technological-like, like that robo-freak, it's hard to cause all kinds of pain and sorrow and all that junk. Stuff like making widows - or blowing down houses - or flipping up a gal's skirt.

Okay, well, I still do that one.

Anyways. So, to get to the point, one day I turned myself into -

  • I am no longer entertaining this conversation with you.

Oh! You... You're not going to hurt me, are you?

  • That depends. Are you Dollface?

Who's Doll-

Dollface stops short as she is interrupted by Dr. Graves.


Yeah, I'm Dollface. You're one of the other contestants, I'm guessing?

  • Look, kid, this contest is for the grown-ups. Why don't you run along home.

Dollface glares at you.

Hey, pal. I'm older than I look, ok? Probably older than you, from the looks of it.

And who the heck are you anyway, turning your nose up at me, huh?

  • I am known as Character.

Hmph. Yeah, I can see you calling yourself that. So what makes you so special that you think you can beat someone like me? Do you shoot frogs from your eyes or something?

  • I have no desire to reveal my powers to you.

Okay, okay! Calm down. I was just asking because I wanted to know if I was going to get grossed out if I ever have to fight against you. First of all, it's not nice to hit a girl. But if you're going to start throwing pukes at people or growing spikes from your body... well, I just don't want to see that kind of thing, okay?

  • Then how do you expect to win?

Oh, that's easy! I'm going to convince everyone that I'm the best for the job. I'm very talented at what I do. I wouldn't say I'm the best at what I do, but I'm pretty darn good at it. And if that doesn't work, then maybe I'll just stab you in the neck or something.

...tee hee...

I'm just kidding. But you got real scared, didn't you? Didn't they, Mr. Doctor? They got so scared they were going to run away!

Just like how you're scared you're going to run away right now.

Like now.

  • I doubt the Doctor is going to listen to -

...tee hee...

He is so silly, and a very nice man. And he listens really well, too.

Really well.

Don't worry, though, I don't know you guys well enough yet. I don't know what you like to hear. But maybe I will one day, you know?

And then we can have a real fun time playing together.

  • What did you just do to him?

What? Little old me, do something?

...tee hee...

All I did was suggest to him that he had a better place to be. And I guess I was right, huh? It's a coincidence, you know?

  • Sure it was. A coincidence...

Dr. Graves said there was another person, too? Maybe we should go find them. What was it, Cross-slice or something like that?

Dollface looks right into your eyes.

I think it would be fun if we all went and looked for that guy, don't you agree?

  • Yeah... I think I would be... A lot of fun...

So... Any preferences to the type of cut? A rump-roast perhaps? Or perhaps some ribs...?

  • You're... going to eat them?

That would be a waste of such interesting textures, wouldn't you agree? No no... I have something else in mind.

Crosscut stares at you with a gargoyle-like gaze for a moment

Did you know you have very pretty eyes?

  • What? What makes you say that?

I was wondering...

I was wondering if I could have them...

  • Over my dead body.

Oh, you are so kind...

  • Yeah, ok. We're done.

Dr. Graves speaks to all of you.

Now that I have all of you assembled - save for Omnicore - it is time for the proceedings to begin. I am sure each of you have many questions -

  • Yes, and it's time we get some answers, Graves.

You're impertinence has been noted, Character.

Now then. Each of you will be given a trial to test the strength of your powers. More important will be how you use them and on whom.

Throughout these trials, your faceless benefactor shall be watching you - and judging you. Once each of you have completed your test, we shall then move on to the true competition.

For now, concern yourself with only how you can show that you are superior to your rivals.

  • I can kill them all right now if you'd like. Will that work?

No, Character, that will not work. All of you are prevented from killing each other upon threat of immediate disqualification and proceeding termination. I would suggest that you all abide by this rule.

Another important thing to note... The one hosting this contest - the very same person who will grant you untold powers - does not wish to be identified until the winner has been chosen. Thus, this tournament is unsanctioned by Arachnos.

If any of you speak of this to anyone, you will not only be discredited, but will forever be known as a 'snitch'. This, my friends, can in itself be a fate worse than death here within the Rogue Isles.

You will await further instructions as the trials are being prepared. Now go.

  • I'll see you soon, Graves.


I hope you paid attention to the rules, Character. They are quite important. I am giving you my contact information so that you can learn when your trial is to begin.

Oh, and another thing. Good luck... You'll need it.

Undisciplined Disciple


Character. Before this first round of the competition begins, we must be certain that the ever present grasp of Arachnos has not taken notice of our... festivities. Thus, I have assigned each of you the task of reducing your profile - your importance, if you will - in the eyes of those who govern the pecking order in the Rogue Isles.

In other words, make the Arbiters believe you're not someone worth paying attention to for the time being.

  • If I must. What exactly do I need to do?

You have most likely already spoken with the arbiters that grant you permission to increase your powers. Although they appear to regard you as just one of the teeming throng that litters the streets of Mercy Island, this is not truly the case. I would suspect they have already taken a silent interest towards your activities, making your movements not as slight as you may believe.

You will need to make them think you're not worth considering for the time being. As part of your challenge, I will leave the details up to you. However, if I were to offer a suggestion, perhaps you may want to convince them that you're woefully inexperienced.

Dr. Graves pauses for a moment as he reads your face.

In other words, tell them you're a 'noob'.

Talk to Arbiter Richard in Mercy Island

Unnecessary Solicitation

What is delaying you, Character. Distract the Arbiter by making him believe you are of no consequence!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Arbiter Richards in Mercy Island
    • Mercy Island


What is it that you want, citizen? I am not required to speak with you unless you feel you need training. Out with it already!

  • So, umm... You're a trainer, right?

What kind of foolish question is that? Of course I'm a trainer!

Arbiter Richards stares at you with extreme annoyance.

Hold on a moment... You're Character, are you not? You've already been granted the right to increase your powers several times now. As a matter of fact, I believe I may even have granted you that right personally. What is this all about?

  • I don't remember... I think I may have been, um, mindwiped.

Mindwiped? I'm unaware of any local individual who has been authorized use of those powers, let alone deign to use them on you. Now speak up! Who was it that mindwiped you?

  • I don't remember. I was mindwiped, remember?

How convenient. Alright then. I'll play along... For now.

Arbiter Richards glares at you.

To answer your original question, yes... I'm a trainer. An arbiter, to be exact. You will come to me when you feel you can demonstrate increased powers through undertaking tasks that please Arachnos and Lord Recluse. If you can exhibit enough gained experience I, or another Arbiter, may judge you worthy of the privilege of increasing your powers.

  • I forgot what experience means.

WHAT?! How could you forget something as simple as that? Experience is gained by combating those that Arachnos deems an enemy. Or by undertaking special missions, as well. Only a simpleton would ask such a ridiculous question!

...oh yes... I forget...

You've been mindwiped.

  • Oh no! Maybe you've been mindwiped, too?


Arbiter Richards viciously snarls as if he is seriously considering striking you. After a deep breath, he regains his composure.

I have an idea... let me help you, Character. I want you to go to speak with Arbiter Unger in Port Oakes. I'm quite certain that he will be more than happy to answer any and every question you have for him. Please be sure to ask him, oh I don't know, any little thing you're even the slightest bit curious about. Perhaps you would like to know why the sky is blue? Well then, you be sure to ask, alright? That'll be fun, won't it?

Travel south beyond the wall until you arrive at the Ferry at which point you can take it to Port Oakes West. Now... leave my presence...


  • Thank you so much for your help, Arbiter. Have a nice day!

Trainers are capable of helping your character grow stronger. Whenever you gain enough experience to Level Up, a flashing arrow will appear near your Experience Bar. When you see this arrow, speak with a trainer!

Depending on your character's level, Trainers can allow you to learn new Powers, or can help you add Enhancement Slots to Powers you already have.

Visiting Trainers every time you Level Up is an essential part of your character's growth - remember to train whenever you get the chance!

Go take a ride on the Ferry to Port Oakes West

Unnecessary Solicitation

Hmmm... You've been effective at distracting one of Arbiters. Now do as he said and arrive at the Ferry so that you can ride to Port Oakes West.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Go take a ride on the Ferry to Port Oakes West
    • Use your map to locate the Rogue Island Ferry

You've reached the Rogue Island Ferry leading out of Mercy Island. Take a trip to Port Oakes West and find Arbiter Unger in the Arena District.

Talk to Arbiter Unger

Unnecessary Solicitation

You should be able to find Arbiter Unger in the Arena District. The Arena District is in the southern region of Port Oakes.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Arbiter Unger
    • Port Oakes


Citizen. If you are standing before me, that must only mean you are claiming your right to increase your powers? You in no way would be here to waste my time, am I right? I mean...

That would be quite dangerous, wouldn't you agree?

  • Actually, Arbiter Richards directed me to you.

Oh he did now, did he? What is it that you need from me that he could not deal with himself?

  • I wanted to know how the Ferries worked.

You wanted to know how the ferries work...

And he sent you to me. To ask me 'how the ferries' work.

Let me make sure I understand this correctly. Arbiter Richards, rather than answering this pathetic question himself, sent you to ME. And he very specifically said, to you, that you were to speak to Arbiter Unger... am I understanding this right?

  • No sir... He said 'speak to that brown-nosing Unger'.

...Brown.... nosing?...

Arbiter Unger clenches his teeth.

I see. Very well. I'll answer your question, citizen.

The ferries are but one means of transportation throughout the islands that make up the Rogue Isles. By the grace of Lord Recluse, these ferries are free to use and will take you to a number of different ports. You can use them any time you wish, reducing the time it would take to travel there through conventional means.

Know this. Although Arachnos has provided you the means of transportation, we do not provide you protection in your journeys. If you wander into a neighborhood with individuals far more powerful than you, your body will be unceremoniously dumped into the ocean.

Similar to what I have in mind for Richard when I next see him?

  • You're going to kill him? Are Arbiters allowed to do that?

What? Oh no, you mistake me. I would never lay a hand upon one of my fellow Arbiters, even a buffoon the likes of Richard.

However, I understand he is still dealing with the problem of a corrupt police force within his purview. Were the Rogue Island Police force to start winding up in the hospital after a spate of mysterious attacks... well, I'm quite certain their Police Chief will want answers from Richard personally...

And when that's all done, I'd be curious to see whose nose is browner.

Now then... I've answered your question. Unless you have real business with me, I would suggest that you go about your day - somewhere - else.

  • I understand. I'll be on my way now.

The Rogue Isles Ferry is the best method for Villains to move about the Rogue Isles. Each Ferry leads to every other City Zone that also has a Ferry. Note that some zones also have a Black Helicopter. Like the Ferry, the Black Helicopter is a good way to quickly reach any zone with its own Black Helicopter.

Assault the corrupt cops in Mercy Island

Unnecessary Solicitation

Although your idea is rather effective, this is not what you've been instructed to do. However, if you insist, I will not get in your way of inflicting grievous bodily harm upon those hypocritical authoritarians. You should find more than enough of them at Darwin's Landing or in Mercy City.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Assault the corrupt cops in Mercy Island
    • Defeat 10 Rogue Island Policemen

You have successfully beaten down enough cops to keep the Arbiters busy for a while. Now it is time to inform Dr. Graves of your success.


Rogue Island Police


I'm not sure what was going through your head when you decided to raise the ire of the Rogue Island Police, Character. This runs directly counter-intuitive from your directions to reduce your profile.

You have, however, managed to keep the eyes of the police off of our activities; perhaps even Arachnos, themselves. Because of this, I will not request that our faceless benefactor disqualifies you... this time.

Skeletons in Your Warehouse


It is now time for the trials to begin. This shall be the first of several competitive events that you will be used to gauge your strengths, and potentially cull the weak. Let us hope for your sake that you are not the first to be culled.

  • That will never happen. When does this trial begin?

While you and the rest were avoiding the eye of Arachnos, I have put into motion all of the situations you will encounter and be judged by. You and the others will return to the impromptu training-grounds and utilize the registration terminal to begin the competition. The first to the finish line will be determined as the winner of Round One.

Oh, and you may wish to hurry. For you see, the competition has already begun...

Unnecessary Solicitation

I would highly suggest that you graced us with your presence in the Trial Ground, Character. The longer you wait, the more you have given your fellow competitors that much more headway towards the finish line.

Mission Objective(s)


You can hear various yells and explosion sounds coming from deeper inside the building. It looks like you may have gotten here too late!

  • Beat the other Contestants!
    • Register at the Terminal
    • Trick Zephyr into following you!
    • Stop Crosscut from getting ahead of you!
    • Trick Crosscut into following you!
    • Get the Intercom Override controls
    • Fight the Skull blockade
    • Find the Marker before the others do!
    • Talk to Dr. Graves
    • QUICKLY! Use the Marker!!!
    • Deal with the angry Skulls!

You made it to the Marker before anyone else did!

Well, officially, that is... and that's all that counts now, isn't it?



Notable NPCs

Trial Marker

The console screen reads as follows:

All candidates will register. Upon registration, the rules of the contest shall be provided.

The candidates will remains till for retinal scan.

  • Await retinal scan.

From the top of the terminal, a device emeres that appears to be a robotic hand with a cylindrical end point. A small hole is in the end of the cylinder which emits a small laser-dot. The robotic hand scans the dot up your face, reaching the bridge of your eyes... and keeps moving upwards past your eyes until resting directly in the center of your forehead.

  • Quickly move away from the laser!

You deftly move out of the way of the dot.

A split second later, they cylinder erupts forward a deadly laser blast where a moment earlier your head was. Upon the screen lists the words:

Analyzing Reaction Patterns

Dodge Rating: 0.32

Complacency Rating: 1.25

Submissiveness Rating: 5

Identity Confirmed: Character.

  • Submissiveness Rating of 5? Is that good or bad?!

Candidate Registration Accepted

Message from Dr. Tedd Graves directed to Character:

Character, once again you have managed to survive this test. However, as before, do not laud yourself in victory laurels just yet. From this moment forward your task will be to reach the corresponding terminal found hidden within this compound. Once you have done so, you will enter the following code - Omega Zero Terminus.

  • Memorize the code.

The trial will be judges by our benefactor through hidden eyes. You will be judged not only ny what place you reach the end, but also by what means you take to reach the end.

One final note: You are still under restrictions that prevent you from killing your fellow contestants. 'Accidents' will be fully investigated, and the perpetrator of those actions will be disqualified immediately with extreme prejudice.

  • Look for the other terminal before anyone else does!

Why did it have to be skeletons? I haaaaaate skeletons!!!

Ummm... can I stick around near you?

  • You can't be serious, Zephyr. They're not even really skeletons, you know.

I don't care, man! When I, uh, made my, um, first body - yeah, that's it - I, uh, forgot to make a skeleton for it, right? So then I -- don't laugh at me!

Crosscut laughed at me and, man, I tell you... that was even creepier than these skeleton guys!

  • You're seriously afraid of skeletons? That is the most ridiculous thi --

Look, man. If you keep making fun of me for that, I'll go back and hang out next to Crosscut. But since he's further ahead of you, it looks like you'll have to beat BOTH of us, okay?

On the other hand, you can shut up with the mocking and I'll chill out with you... giving you a better chance of winning this round... see where I'm going with this?

  • Hmmm... very well. You say Crosscut was up ahead?

Yeah, he was just around the corner fighting some of those skeleton dudes. He didn't really seem like he was in a rush, though. To be honest, I think he was more interested in playing with them than actually winning this round.

  • Then I'll encourage him to keep up the good work...

I have been trying to get them to say trick or treat for the past hour, and not one of these little spookies will play along.

Now what ever I am to do with my little trick I had planned for them?

  • I'm afraid to ask, but what was this trick?

I have this earpiece that lets me talk over the unused intercom system. It's like the little bird that sits on your windowsill that you tell all of your secrets to.

But this little bird tells your secrets to everyone here. My trick was to tell everyone my secrets... some of my dirty, dirty secrets...

Can I tell you my secrets, Character? Oh please... let me breathe my secrets into your ear...

  • If you give me that earpiece and tell me how to use it, I'll think about it.

Ohhh... I will like telling them to you. Just me and you... alone... sharing my secrets with you...

Here is the earpiece. All you do is say your secrets into the mic. Then, when you think it's the perfect time to drip your secrets inside everyone, you just say - 'Open Wide'. You will first need to override the system, but that should be easy enough.

Now... let me think... what secrets should I tell you? Maybe I'll tell you about the bad things I've done with seta belts? or with the doggy door? Ah... the retirement party... I've never told anyone where all of the went... yesssss... that one...

  • I said MAYBE I'll let you! Remember that, Crosscut!

I am here to confirm the winner of this first round, and as you are able to see, Dollface has beaten each of you to the finish line. All that is left is for the winner to register their name in the Endpoint Marker--

  • Stop right there!

I do not know what you mean accomplish by delaying the inevitable, Character, but Dollface is clearly the winner. If you attempt to stop her by force, I will respond in kind and disqualify you from the contest.

  • I know the rules, Graves. I just wanted to congratulate her by saying 'open wide'.

Open wide? What foolish nonsense is--

Dr. Graves looks into the direction of the speakers

  • Sorry, but it's a secret.

Dr. Graves quickly looks at Dollface.

  • Wow... looks like you get a lot of cars, Dollface! You'd better hurry and get them!

I had no involvement with that message in any way or form!

Dr. Graves turns his eyes upon you.

However, I have a good mind as to who might be responsible for that highly coincidental announcement.

  • I'd love to hear your thoughts. But first, I'm going to win.
Final Checkpoint Marker

The terminal has only one line blinking on the screen.

Enter Victory Code.

  • TYPE: Omega Zero Terminus

The screen pauses for a moment then displays the following:

Round One Victor:


  • Looks like the round is over, Graves.


To say that I am infuriated by the manner in which you stole the victory from under the clear winner is... well, we'll just say that's an understatement.

I was looking forward to the look on your face when I told you that you had been disqualified.


However, it would seem our benefactor has deemed your actions within bounds of the contest. Therefore, as much as it pains me to say - you have officially won the first round, Character

Villain Without a Plan


You are blessed with a luck like no other, you know that Character? Were it not for the intervention of our faceless benefactor, I would have disqualified you for the manner in which you stole your victory. However, since it was deemed alright by the one patronizing these proceedings, I must award you the winner's spot in the first round.

That may not be to your liking, as you shall soon see. Let us now move to the next trial, shall we?

  • I can win with my hands tied behind my back. Bring it, Graves.

How fitting you say that, for that is almost precisely what you will be experiencing. You see, being the winner in the first round puts you in a rather undesirable position. The next round of the contest will require you to pull off an act of mayhem and discord by your own design. The loser of the last round has been given the opportunity to stake claim to a location where they will perform their deed... first.

You, being the winner, will get to pick last.

However, I am giving you the list of where the others have chosen to undertake their plans, which our benefactor has provided as your 'prize' for winning the first round. Perhaps you can glean some insight from them that will help your own plan to outdo theirs. Now go.

Go to the Hospital and talk with Crosscut

Unnecessary Solicitation

Crosscut indicated he will be near the hospital. That is all I am allowed to offer.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Go to the Hospital and talk with Crosscut


Ahhh... my pleasantly plump friend.

Do you know how happy I am to see you here?

You being so very alone.

And with that beautiful, lost look in your eyes.

  • Don't even think of it, Crosscut.

Oh, I hate to disappoint you, but I already did. I've been thinking about it all day. I do so think about it all the time, to be precise.

Crosscut gazes at you from behind his mask.

Can you see the smile it gives me? It's so, so big...

Why, it would take up your whole neck to make you smile that big, now wouldn't it?

  • Try it and I'll --

You'll scream? You were going to say scream, right? Oh please please please tell me you said you would scream.

My last plaything here in the Hospital wouldn't scream for me and that made me so, so very sad. If you would be so kind to put a smile on my face, Character, and I'll be very happy to do the same for you...

  • Wait, you're attacking people here? Here in the Hospital?

Of course! Where else can you find a palce where your broken toys are fixed over and over? You can make a cut, and another, and another and another and another and another... until all of those little tendons finally snap.

And then -- 'tada'! All back together, right as rain as my dear old mother would say.

Maybe if I take enough pictures for my photo album, our patron will smile, too!

  • You're planning on brutalizing hospital patients to win this round?

Oh... there is that, too, now that you mention it...

  • ...Alright then. I'll leave you to your... games.
Go to the Arachnos Training Grounds and talk with Dollface

Unnecessary Solicitation

Dollface indicated she will be near the landing that Arachnos uses for training drills. That is all I am allowed to offer.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Go to the Arachnos Training Grounds and talk with Dollface


Oh! It's the bad person who LIED and stole my win!!! You know, just for that I should tell these nice Arachnos people that you kick puppies.

And old ladies crossing the street.

How would you feel if I lied like that, huh?

  • You shouldn't be so gullible, Dollface.

OH YEAH!? Well... Well, maybe YOU'RE the one who's gullible. Ever think about that?!

Yeah, I didn't think so!

  • Dollface, you're just being juvenile now. Accept your defeat already.

Juvenile? I don't even know what that word MEANS! You think you can outsmart me with your big, fancy vocabulary, huh? That's it! I'm changing my plan now.

I WAS going to walk up to these administrators and tell them it would be a good idea to give me my very own Arachnos Flyer. But you know what? Now I'm going to... um...

I'm going to... uh...

Oh, I know... I'm going to tell them you tried to... to STEAL my purse! Yeah! And then you're in biiiiiig trouble!

  • Is that so? You know what they'll say if you tell them that, right?

Yes, I know EXACTLY what they'll say. They'll say, 'Miss Dollface, we'll send a whole army of cops and find that Character!'.

Uh... Then they'll give me a reward for bringing a mugger to justice. And they will be a... uh... parade, right? For me?

  • No. They'll throw you in the ocean for not defending yourself. Only the strong survive here.

Dollface looks at you in horror.

Oh no... Really? Oh, that's terrible! I don't like swimming, what with all those slimy fishies taking baths in the ocean...

Fine... Then I'll let you win. But I'm still going to fly a helicopter AND win this time around. And - you - can't - stop - me!

  • You go knock yourself out with that.
Go to the Docks and talk with Zephyr

Unnecessary Solicitation

Zephyr indicated he will be near the Docks. That is all I am allowed to offer.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Go to the Docks and talk with Zephyr


Oh hey. What's up, Character. Nice moves back there in the trial. You so stole that win! Even though you totally punked me, it's all good. I can appreciate a cool move.

  • Well, good to know you're not planning revenge.

Naw, not really. I'm still gonna win, but I got no beef with you. Plus it's getting really boring standing around here waiting for these guys to set sail. I'm talking the big one. All those tiny communter ferries ain't gonna do it for me.

  • Do what for you?

Sinking them. If you've only got a couple dudes on board, what's the point, you know? A good sinking needs to have, like, a TON of dudes for it to be fun and all.

Now that I think about it, I'm thinking I'll blow these dudes all the way to the north pole and get 'em all stuck in the ice! I think I'll do it by sucking in alot of --

  • I don't want to hear what you're next going to say.

Whoahhh... Chill. I don't know where you think I was going with that, but it was probably a lot more exciting than what I was going to say. So look, are you gonna work on your master plan for the contest or something?

I mean, it's all super cool hanging out with you, you know, getting to know you and all --

wait --

Sorry, what I meant to say was that you're, like, super boring and are totally harshing on my grooves.

Plus you're scaring away the ladies.

  • I'll be happy to leave you alone.
Go to the Black Market and talk with Omnicore

Unnecessary Solicitation

Omnicore indicated she will be near the Black Market. That is all I am allowed to offer.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Go to the Black Market and talk with Omnicore


Why are you bothering me, Character? Are you here to interfere with my plan the way you stole the first round away from Dollface?

  • No, I'm not worried about you winning.

Well then you are an overconfident fool! I should be the highest on your list of concerns. When I'm done with my master plan, it will be quite obvious to everyone that only I deserve to rule by the side of our hidden patron!

  • You think your silly plan will work?

Only the fool laughs in the face of defeat, Character. You don't even know my plan, yet you already feel you have won. You may have won the first round through deceit, but I will win the next round through superior intellect and careful planning!

  • And skulking around in an alleyway like common trash, right?

I will not SUFFER YOUR INSULTS, Character. I am neither skulking nor am I associating with the vermin that crawls within these walls. I am waiting for the perfect moment to strike at these smugglers of contraband. Contraband that will fetch a very high value once I seize it from their grubby hands!

And when I have won the contest, I will allow you to come begging on hand and knee for the scraps that are beneath my notice.

And I will deny you even that!

  • You're seriously planning on attacking the entire Black Market?

No, Character. I have already begun doing so even before you swaggered up to me. What I'm doing now is waiting for my homing devices to show me the whereabouts of their wealthiest distributors and hold them at ransom. Once done... I shall BUY the Black Market's inventory and then sell it for a price that pleases me.

You do not possess the technological superiority to pull off a plan such as I have, Character. You should try one of BenevoLabs hologram costumes. Maybe look the part of somebody nearly as smart as I am?. Who am I kidding? You'll be in one of Longbow's holding cells within days of me defeating you in this contest.

Who am I kidding? You'll be in one of Longbow's holding cells within days of me defeating you in this contest.

Believe me... I'll see that it happens.

  • Sound and fury, Omnicore. We'll see if you can back it up.
Go inside the Vault Reserve and try to formulate a plan

Mission Objective(s)

  • Go inside the Vault Reserve and try to formulate a plan
    • Travel to the Vault Reserve

You scan the Vault Reserve building for inspiration, but find the possibilities to be lacking. However, Omnicore has given you have a much better idea...
You're going straight for Longbow -- In their own base!

Day Job Locations

Day Job Locations are places where you can recieve bonuses based on the amount of time your character spends offline. If you log off in a Day Job Location, you will begin to accure a Day Job Bonus associated with that location. Each Day Job Bonus only lasts a limited amount of time, based on how long your character was offline in the related Day Job Location.

Below are some example Day Jobs:

Hospital: Grants an out-of-combat Regeneration bonus.

Arachnos Base: Grants an Experience bonus for each completed mission.

Docks: Grants a bonus Enhancement reward for each completed mission.

Black Market: Grants a Temporary Power that allows you to teleport to the Black Market.

Architect Entertainment: Grants bonus Architect Tickets for each completed Architect mission.


Now that you've staked out the Vault Reserve building, it is time to put together your plan. I would expect --

What is that? A Longbow base?! You must be stark raving mad to do something...

No, no... I mispoke.

That is a WONDERFUL idea.

Longbow Goes Boom


I will not be the one to stop you from getting yourself killed, Character. If you wish to walk into a Longbow base without an army backing --

You hear a sharp ringing in your ears that drowns out all other sounds. A calm voice rises above the cacophony, speaking to you:

Wait until nightfall. It will be arranged to leave only a skeleton crew on staff. There will be explosives hidden away in a crate, waiting for you. Use them to destroy the base.

  • What explosives? I'll do it, but where are the explosives?

The ringing subsides as quickly as it appeared.

--idea what explosives you're blabbering on about, Character. It would seem as if you didn't fully work through your plan. It will be a shame to not longer see your face in the competition, but I will say you very well may gain a great deal of respect from your fellow prisoners in the Zig.

Let us both see what your future holds, shall we? The next round of your trial begins -


Unnecessary Solicitation

Time is running out, Character. If you are to carry out this foolish endeavor of a direct assault on a Longbow base, I would suggest you head there now. Already one of your fellow candidates have completed their plan. Try not to keep them waiting?

Mission Objective(s)


You hid away until nightfall as your mysterious advisor suggested. From what you can tell, there is only a skeleton shift guarding the base. Take out the witnesses and find those explosives!

  • Blow up the Longbow Base!
    • 3 Nightshift Supervisors to defeat
    • Find the Explosives in the entry room!
    • Defeat the interception team before they warn the others!
    • Defeat Interception Team Bravo
    • Plant the Bombs!
    • Activate the bombs at a remote terminal!
    • Speak with your mysterious helper

You pulled off your plan, and wound up working for another side in this contest.



Notable NPCs

You've defeated the Longbow agents in charge of the base. Now to find those explosives!

Now that the interception teams have been taken care of, you should be able to set the bombs to go off with a remote trigger.

The explosives have been placed. Now you need to set the timer to go off from a trigger terminal!

Remote Access Terminal

This terminal appears to control a number of circuitry pathways throughout the building. With a little coaxing, you can reroute the power to your bombs. With enough of a delay accounted for, you should have enough time to set the bombs to explode and still get out of the building.

  • Hack the Terminal.

As you finish hacking the terminal, you hear footsteps approaching...

  • Look behind you...

You have done well, Character. Even with my assisstance, assaulting a Longbow base is no small task.

  • Scirocco? You're the person behind all of this?

I am not. You benefactor's identity remains a mystery to us both. However, do note that despite your pains to the contrary, Arachnos has taken notice of this contest.

Lord Recluse does not allow anything to happen within his city unless he has given his allowance for it to proceed. You and yours are in direct defiance of his wishes.

  • Sou you gave me the explosives - to blow up myself?

Do not presume that I think as you do, Character. I am not so low as to defeat you through subterfuge. If I wish you dead, I would stand before you, sword in hand.

No, I set you up for success so that you may win this contest tthat you are taking part in. And as you continue to win, you will provide me with the information I seek.

  • What is it you are looking for?

Your curiosity surpasses your station, Character. I do not wish to divulge my motives at this time, and it is not necessary that I do so. All you need to know at this point is that you are to continue your role in this game, all the while attempting to unveil the mask of the one truly behind it.

Of course, you can always decline. If you do, I believe your chances of escaping from this base alive should drop... considerably.

  • I... see. Alright, Scirocco. I'm in.

Arachnos appreciates your cooperation, Now go back to your... coordinater... and instruct him to look at the smoke on the horizon. Word will spread that you were solely responsible for this. You will be contacted in the future with further instructions.

And remember, Character... I am personally watching you.

  • I'll... I'll keep that in mind...


Upon completing this mission, you are awarded the Dark Heart Badge


Your role in this contest was irrevocably changed when you became Scirocco's spy.


I do not know how on Earth you were able to do what you did, Character. Were it not for numerous eyewitness reports of you being the one to escape from the base moments it blew, I would suspect you of trickery.

It would seem... It would seem you have won this round, as well.

Do NOT look so smug, Character. The next set of trials will not be so easy.

The Hearts of Darkness - Heroic Measures (Level 10-14)

Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Broken Shades

You picked these shades off of a Hero you smashed into the dirt as part of your final victory. They remind you of how you won... and who helped you get as far as you did.

The Hearts of Darkness - Heroic Measures

Having won the first two rounds of the contest, Graves set you up as the 'hero' in a series of villainous games planned by your opponents. Your first task was to survive Zephyr's plan, which amounted to little more than hiring some goons to beat you up. Needless to say, you defeated them, and Zephyr, fairly easily.

Next, Dollface claimed to implant a 'mental time bomb' in your brain. You're not sure if she was serious, but to be on the safe side you went through the motions of disarming it, emerging victorious once again.

Crosscut's test wasn't one of survival, but of cruelty; he seemed to enjoy watching you kill the Snake Matriarch in front of her own daughter. You suppose it would have been a more jarring experience, had you been an actual hero.

Finally, Omnicore attempted to kill you with her automatons, but Scirocco managed to turn her strongest creations against her.

After completing all of the trials placed before you, Graves informed you that the final test was at hand. You and the other contestants were to participate in the Killing Game.

With Scirocco's help, you managed to take out a whole squad of heroes and win the game. Now all that's left is to collect your prize...

Zephyr's Gust


The aftermath of the execution of your plan has caused us to keep the details of what we are doing more hidden from the eyes of the Arachnos. Due to this, our competition had to be adjusted. Our benefactor has agreed to alter the proceedings to more - intimate - events. And with you being the maind catalyst to these alterations, it would be most fitting if you continued to play the role for the remainder of the competition. Of course, you can always concede your current victory to the others if you do not feel up to the task for the remaining events.

  • I'm not giving up, Graves. Bring it.

Very well. From here on out the contestants will be required to come up with ingenious means by which they can capture, torture, and ultimately defeat those that would impede our benefactor's goals. Since one of you will become the protege to the master, you will use this time to show that our masters' attentions will not be wasted on the victor. Each of these plans will require vicious cunning, a complete disregard to ethics and cultural mores, and a touch of dramatic flair by the means in which the unfortunate 'hero' is beaten, broken, and eventually destroyed.

You, Character, will be given the honor of playing the role of said hero in your fellow contestants' plans. All you need to do is survive what they have in store for you. Simple enough for someone so daring, yes? Zephyr, in last place, will be given first go at you. He awaits. Now go.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I am not in the mood to wait any longer for this. Zephyr is waiting, as are the rest. Wait too long and we will list you as 'FORFEIT' in regards of the competition.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map SmoothCaves 60 Layout 09.png
Map: SmoothCaves_60_Layout_09

This is the location Dr. Graves directed you to. When it comes to planning, Zephyr is not much of a threat. However, it would be best to stay on guard.

  • Survive Zephyr's Insidous Plan
    • Tell Zephyr you're ready to begin.
    • Defeat the first of Zephyr's new goons
    • 3 Channeling Altars remaining
    • Find Zephyr
    • Gloat over Zephyr

You survived Zephyr's foolish plan of giving his newly acquired minions significant potions of his power... with the help of Arachnos, of course.


Gold Brickers

Notable NPCs


Okay, dude. Here's the plan. I'm all about brute force, right? So the way this is going to go down is that you're gonna need to bust the chops of all these dudes I've paid to beat you up. Pretty good plan, eh?

  • No. That's actually pretty boring, Zephyr.

You know, I thought you were gonna say that. So since I didn't want you to get all whiney, I figured I'd give all these dudes a bit of my power. You know, like the way a god or something does to his worshippers? 'Cuz I'm cool like that.

  • You can hand out your powers to other people?

Yeah, totally! All they've gotta do is wear one of these bracelets that look like my totally sweet belt, and *whamo!*, they're sporting cool wind powers and all that.

  • So your powers come from your belt?

Wha... huh? My belt? Dude... why should my powers, uh, come from my belt? That's like, you know, totally dumb, dude. Why gotta be so stupid, you know?

  • Hm... looks like I touched on a sore spot.

Okay, you know what dude? I don't like your attitude. So 'cuz of that, I'm gonna crank up the voltage, like, totally big time, right? Now these dudes are gonna get even more of my powers. Like, the part where I can't even be killed because I'm the freakin' wind, dude.

Haha! You are so gonna get your butt kicked now!

  • So... they can't be killed?

Well, it's gonna take a bit for all that to transfer over to them, alright? But I can tell you one thing for certain - you ain't fast enough to take down all these dudes before that super invulnerability stuff starts working.

Wow... why didn't I think about doing that from the start? That was kinda dumb...

  • So your plan is to make your henchmen invulnerable?

Yeah, what's wrong with making all my little slaves as powerful as me?

All I had to do was channel all of my Enhancements into these altars.

It's not hard to do. So now, you're like my hero captive and all, and you gotta bust your way out from my hordes of invulnerable lackeys.

  • I'll find a way, Zephyr.

Look, I said I give up, okay?! You win, dude!

  • Say it again. Say that I win.


There, happy now? Jeez. You know, you're a really sore winner. You, like, totally suck.

  • Perhaps I should tell Graves --

Aw c'mon, dude... that's like totally uncool. I take it back. You don't suck. You're like the coolest villain I've ever met, okay?

  • Say it LOUDER.

FINE! You are the coolest villain here in the Rogue Isles and I only wish I could be as cool as you. I'm scum and you're totally rad.

Now PLEEEEEASE don't tell Graves and get me disqualified.

  • I grant you mercy... for I am a gracious god.

Enhancements are items that will improve the effects of your character's powers. You can make you attacks more accurate, your health more powerful, or even make your powers recharge faster. How you choose to Enhance your powers is up to you, but make sure you keep your Enhancements up-to-date.

Each Enhancement has a Level associated with it. Caharcters can equip Enhancements that are up to three levels above them, or down to two levels below them. Enhancements that are beyond this range will not have any effect on your character. This means that as your character levels up, you will need to update your enHancements to keep your powers top-notch.

You can increase the level of your Enhancements in two ways: You can equip new, higher-level Enhancements that drop of the enemies or are bought at a Store. or you can combine Enhancements. If two Enhancements of the same type and similar levels are combined, they will increase in level!

Experiment with different Enhancements to see what improvements you want out of your powers, and make sure to keep them up-to-date. You won't regret it!


So you survived, did you? I would have been rather shocked if you hadn't. Zephyr has shown himself to be a complete idiot, so your success shows that you can fight your way out of a wet paper sack. Be lucky that I did not authorize any of you the right to attack each other. As much of an idiot as he may be, he does seem to be rather impervious to all forms of damage - allowing him that would have been to have just handed him a victory. I may not like you, Character, but I truly like him less.

Dollface's Devices


You are required to submit yourself before Dollface and endure her 'dastardly' scheme. So far you have managed to foil Zephyr's foolish plan, which isn't saying much. I am unaware of what her plan will entail, but I doubt it's pleasant.

  • I'll handle Dollface like I did Zephyr.

You would do well to know that your arrogance, no matter how far it has brought you thus far, will likely be the cause of your ultimate failure. Dollface has been given special privileges by our patron, so do not be surprised if there is more than meets the eye in her personal plan. Now go. She awaits you.

Talk to Dollface

Unnecessary Solicitation

Dollface is still waiting for you. Failing to submit to her test will result in your forfeiture in the tournament.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Dollface


You may think you were soooooo smart to blow up those Longbows, but I'll have you know that I'm as smart as I am cute!

We're going to have some fun with getting you in trouble with the police! Yup! I'm calling the cops on you!

  • I'm playing the 'hero', Dollface. Cops don't arrest heroes.

Yeah, that's what you think, huh? Well, Mr. Smartypants, what if they think you're a bad man, huh? Then you're going to go to JAIL!

  • What're you gonna do, mind-control them?

HEY! WHO TOLD YOU!? Did that silly doctor tell you!?

Great. My plan is so ruined now. I spent all that time putting a mental time-bomb in your head, and for what? For you to go ahead and ruin it? THANKS A LOT, Character.

  • Wait, what?! What do you mean 'mental' time-bomb!?

The thing that's going to make your brain blow up in the next hour. Or was it day? I'm so upset with you I don't even remember anymore!

You were SUPPOSED to go fight some Arachnos guys to get the deactivator safety-word and then bring it to Dean Yu at the University so he could remove the mental bomb, but you screwed it all up!

  • So I need to get this 'word' to John Yu?

Yeah, but I wasn't going to tell you that Dean Yu could fix it, because then you could fix the bomb. You were supposed to fight Arachnos guys then get put in jail forever.

Whatever. I don't like playing with you, Character. You ruin everything!

  • Arachnos agents then Dean Yu. Got it.
Defeat an Arachnos Patrol in Port Oakes

Unnecessary Solicitation

Well, well. It would seem that you have very time-sensitive matter, Character. Perhaps you may want to take care of that, hm?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat an Arachnos Patrol in Port Oakes!
    • Defeat 3 Arachnos agents.

You found the code phrase on the last agent. He had a very far-away, glazed look in his eyes which tells you this was the one Dollface had beguiled.

Travel to Cap au Diable via Ferry

Unnecessary Solicitation

Well, well. It would seem that you have very time-sensitive matter, Character. Perhaps you may want to take care of that, hm?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Travel to Cap au Diable via Ferry
    • Go to the University in Cap au Diable

You've made it to the Ferry station. It doesn't look like you have much time left. You had better get to that University pronto!

Talk to Dean Yu at the University

Unnecessary Solicitation'

Well, well. It would seem that you have very time-sensitive matter, Character. Perhaps you may want to take care of that, hm?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Dean Yu at the University


What is the meaning of this? If I plan on receiving the grant money from these inventions people are putting together, I'm going to need to publish these papers in prestigious journals before they do.

I would hope the reason you're bothering me is far more important than that.

  • I've got a mental time-bomb in my head!

Mental time-bomb? I've seen a number of people here invent all manner of devices from the salvage they've acquired through fighting the scum that litters the streets, but I've never heard of a 'mental time-bomb' before.

  • I have the deactivation phrase right here!

Deactivation phrase? What on earth are you blabbering on about? Let me see this.

John Yu looks at the paper, a smile curling around the edges of his mouth, then looks very stone-faced a moment later.

Well, this is very serious, indeed. This phrase - 'ego sum res fraudatio' - definitely has the ability to remove the common, every day mental time-bomb. You see, it's Neo-Latin for - 'Better than a faker.' This was the old way of saying - 'Haters gotta hate'.

However, this will not help with a mental time-bomb in the head of one of you super-powered types. No, no, you'll need more than that.

  • Hurry! My head could blow at any moment!

In order for you to deactivate it, you will need to think of the phrase - 'ego sum res fraudatio' - whilst you dispatch a good number of Luddites that have been making my job very difficult as of late.

Oh! And, of course, they've been interfering with mental deactivationizing... I think I heard a group down south in the Devil's Coat Tails talking about just that!

So, go knock around a number of those Luddites and you should be right as rain.

  • Whew! Thanks! I might actually live another day!
Dispatch Luddites in the Devil's Coat Tail Neighborhood

Unnecessary Solicitation

Well, well. It would seem that you have very time-sensitive matter, Character. Perhaps you may want to take care of that, hm?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Dispatch Luddites in the Devil's Coat Tail Neighborhood
    • Defeat 10 Luddites

You have done away with the number of Luddites needed to turn off the mental time-bomb. It looks like you're finally safe.


Congratulations on your stunning victory over Dollface's heinous plan. I was quite worried that your head was going to blow up at any moment, possibly causing an explosion rivaling that of your ego.

The pride you've earned for beating her at her own tricks, is well, stupendous indeed.

Crosscut's Test


With your resounding triumph over Dollface's plan, you will now move onto Crosscut's personal project. I'm quite certain your cunning and expert intelligence will surely allow you to bypass whatever simple plan Crosscut has in store for you, yes?

  • I'm sure I can handle whatever he can dish out.

I'm quite certain he believes the same. You should be able to make it through this by the skin of your teeth. Do not tarry, for he's waiting for you as we speak.

Oh, another thing, Character. Good luck. You'll need it.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We are eagerly waiting for you to engage in Crosscut's trial, Character. The anticipiation is gut-wrenching.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map CAVES 30 LAYOUT 08 01.png
Map: CAVES_30_LAYOUT_08_01

From the tracks of dark stains leading from the entryway to these caves, you're pretty certain this is where Crosscut will be found.

  • Endure Crosscut's Plan
    • Find Crosscut and listen to his plan
    • Talk to Crosscut
    • Find the jar of antivenin!
    • Find the Matriarch and retrieve the Antivenin
    • Defeat the Matriarch's daughter

You found the antivenin on the body of the Matriarch's daughter and used it to counteract the venom that was slowly killing you. You survived Crosscut's trial, but you're not sure you were the one who was victorious.



Notable NPCs


What a lovely look, Character. Green is definitely your color.

  • Get to the point, Crosscut.

Oh, but that's when my friends no longer sing those adorable warbles of 'please don't' and 'I'll do anything for you to stop'. But, if you'd like, I'll do that for you... since you're one of my favorites.

Today we're going to play a little game I like to call 'Hide and Seek'. I've drizzled a rather delicate perfume all over you with a blend of notes such as mahogany, rose hips, and orphan's tears. You may not have a nose for the aroma, but it soothes the savage snake.

  • Your evil plan is to spray me with perfume?

No, that was just something I felt would make you happy, Character. You are happy now, aren't you? Tell me... tell me I make you happy...

Since you are the silly hero in my game, all you need to do is use the little vial of antivenin that I have in the back of these caves. See? How devilishly frightening, yes?

  • Why is antivenin supposed to be scary?

You silly little hero, you. How else are you supposed to live through the venom coursing through your veins?

  • Venom? What venom?!

The kissy-juice my snake friends just injected you with before you talked with me, of course.

Shush shush... you can thank me later, Character. Why not after you find the antivenin, yes?

You don't mind if I tag along and watch, do you?

I like to watch.

  • How dare... forget it... I'll deal with you later


I have assessed the details of what Crosscut put the hero, you, through. Although you survived, it would appear as if Crosscut's plan succeeded as he had planned. This round goes to Crosscut. Do not frown, Character. You are still ahead for now... until our final event, that is.

Omnicore's Toys


It's a shame you made it through Crosscut's ordeal. I expected far more from him. Quite literally, I was expecting far, far more. However, what's done is done. I doubt you will make it through this final ordeal, though. You see, Omnicore was quite delighted to hear that you would be playing the role of 'hero' in her upcoming plan. This should prove to be most entertaining.

  • I've beat the rest, I'll beat her.

Oh, we'll see about that, won't we? You know the procedure. Meet her at the specified location. I'm sure she'll be waiting with bells on.

Unnecessary Solicitation

What are you waiting for? Omnicore is waiting to commence her final test.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map P Tech 30 Layout 07 01.png
Map: P_Tech_30_Layout_07_01

From the looks of it, Omnicore appears to have set up this test environment as some sort of technological house of horrors. Find some means of letting her know you're here.

  • Endure Omnicore's Master Plan
    • Turn on the Observation Terminal
    • Fight the Robotic Clockwork
    • Fight the Robotic Hellion
    • Find and turn off the Jamming Signal
    • Fight the Robotic Legacy Chain
    • Fight the Robotic Council
    • Prepare for Omnicor's final assault
    • Watch Omnicore be defeated by her won robots!
    • Gloat over Omnicore's defeat

You faced each of Omnicore's creations and defeated them all. All except for her final creations, that is. Even still... you won, and in the end that's all that matters.


Legacy Chain

Notable NPCs

After defeating the Robotic Clockwork:

After defeating the Robotic Hellion:

After turning off the Jamming Signal:

After defeating the Robotic Legacy Chain:

After defeating the Robotic Council:


How??!! How could they turn on me?! I made them in my image, and they turned on me...

  • It seems you fail at being a god, Omnicore.


I don't know how you did, but youuuuu... YOU DID THIS! I VOW TO ---

  • To keep failing at beating me?

Mark my words, Character. I. Will. Kill. You.

  • It's good to have goals, Omnicore.


I saw those robotic creations Omnicore had created, Character. They were nigh unstoppable. I do not know what trickery you used to bypass them, but I telll you this... When I find out, there will be hell to pay.

The Killing Game


We have now come to the end of our trials, Character. This final test will be, and has always been, the true competition. Everything that has come before has solely been for the entertainment of our faceless benefactor. Before you begin sputtering and proclaiming all of your wins, know that if you waste your time spewing invectives and the like, you will have less time to compete. I'm sure you will appreciate our chosen hunting grounds: the destroyed husk that was once known as Galaxy City.

As we speak, Arachnos is launching a full-scale assault of the place, attempting to procure the remnants of the meteors left over from its destruction. You will assault both Arachnos AND Heroes combined.

  • No sweat. I was looking for something interesting.

The rules are quite simple. You and the others are tasked with reigning down utter destruction upon the location. For every Arachnos agent killed, you will be granted one point. For every hero killed, you will be granted fifty. I would suggest you focus on Arachnos agents, however; the Hero presence in Galaxy City is far lower than it once was.

You will be in direct competition with your fellow contestants. The moratorium on killing each other is still in effect. If you kill one of your fellow rivals, you will be docked one hundred points.

Let us begin the Killing Game.

Unnecessary Solicitation

What are you doing, you fool!? You need to be on the transport to Galaxy City at once, lest you lose the Killing Game. That would not be an undesirable outcome, if you ask me...

Mission Objective(s)


Dr. Graves has promised you power, and you intend to collect. You MUST win the Killing Game.

  • Win the Killing Game!
    • Talk to Dr. Graves!
    • Intercept the Huntsman Prime Squad
    • Plant the first Distress Beacon!
    • Defeat Dillo
    • Defeat Twinshot
    • Intercept the Huntsman Secondary Squad
    • Plant the first Distress Beacon!
    • Defeat Grym
    • Defeat Flambeaux
    • Defeat Proton
    • Seek out Dr. Graves to learn the results of the Killing Game!

You have won the Killing Game. Unlimited power is soon to be yours...


Shining Stars

Notable NPCs


Let us not dawdle. You have been given the rules and the scoring. The agents of Arachnos are here, and are currently being intercepted by your fellow contestants.

  • How is the score being kept?

I shall be recording the events of the Killing Game for our benefactors perusal from a remote location at the far end of the arena.

We will be observing the action from multiple vantage points in the area. Your progress will be noted and scoring will be maintained by our benefactor.

Once the Killing Game has reached its conclusion, the contestant with the highest score will be declared the winner.

  • I'm ready.

I'd wish you good luck, but let us be honest. I hope you fail.

With that, I will see you when you are done.

  • Why you son --

Character. What is the meaning of this?

  • I'm not sure what you mean, Graves.

You were witnessed defeating a total of five heroes in this area. Our previous intel indicated that there were not even five heroes patrolling all of Galaxy City.

And yet, the heroes appeared, each of them cut down by your hand. The other contestants did not encounter a single hero during the course of this trial.


  • I guess I'm just lucky, Graves. I beat those heroes with nothing but my own power.

Dr. Graves begins to grind his teeth. His fists are clenched so tightly you almost expect him to lash out at you.

Your method of defeating the heroes that confronted you is not in question. What is in question is how and why they appeared right in front of you for no apparent reason.

You should not have won this game, Character.

  • So, I won, then? Unless you have evidence of foul play...

Your existence in and of itself is evidence of foul play, Character.

Dr. Graves trembles with rage for a while longer, then slumps.

Very well. This is not the outcome I desired, nor what I expected. And yet, I can find no fault in your actions based on the recordings I have seen.

As much as it pains me to admit it, Character, you have done it.

You have won the Killing Game.

  • Fantastic. I'll collect my reward in the Isles. See you soon, Graves.


Upon completing the mission, you are awarded the Blackened Soul Badge


Having won the contest by besting your rivals, you've been given the task of now dealing with them... permanently.


So, Character. Despite my best efforts, you have managed to earn a place at our benefactor's side. I would congratulate you, but I fear to do so would profane my very being.

I do not know what you did in Galaxy City, Character, but I know you have committed an act outside of the rules. I know your victory was somehow stolen.

You remain the winner of the Killing Game. But when I learn how you managed to pull this off... I will hunt you down and I will make you wish you had never set foot in the Rogue Isles...

This, my cunning friend... this is a promise.

The Hearts of Darkness - Price of Victory (Level 15-19)

Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Dollface's Toy Cat

This innocent-looking plush toy reminds you of the horrors that can lie beneath an innocent façade...

Striking the Wind


While I'm sure you are eager to reap the benefits of our benefactor's selection, I'm afraid your reward will be delayed somewhat.

Our benefactor has placed conditions upon your eventual meeting, the first of which is that you must seek out and kill all of the remaining contestants. Having seen your interactions with those contestants, I'm sure you won't object to this new caveat.

  • Are you kidding? I've been itching to do this since we started.

Of course you have. Unfortunately, this otherwise simple task is complicated by one of your fellow contestants. As far as I can tell, Zephyr is immortal, and immortality can be quite the obstacle for a would-be assassin.

Thankfully, I have prepared for just this occasion. I have arranged for you to speak with a Fateweaver - an oracle of sorts - to aid you in defeating your enemy. If it is at all possible for Zephyr to be killed, the Fateweaver will know how.

Dr. Graves leans in close, his unblinking eyes focused on you.

Do be careful when speaking with the Fateweaver, Character. I have not informed her of our little game, as she is a member of Arachnos. I highly recommend you do the same.

Confer with the Fateweaver

Unnecessary Solicitation

Your newfound role as our benefactor's champion does not afford you to dawdle, Character. I suggest you speak with the Fateweaver immediately.


Character. You have come, as expected.

  • Uh... yes. I need to ask you about-

I am aware. You wish to kill an elemental avatar - a bold plan, if a foolish one. One is as likely to stab the ocean to death as to slay a primal element. Your powers, though potent, cannot harm what takes no form.

  • So... you're telling me it's impossible to kill Zephyr?

To kill him, yes. However, there are objects that bind the Avatar of Zephyrous Minor to his corporeal form. If those objects were destroyed, he would not die. He would, however, cease to exist in any meaningful way - to you, that is.

I can describe to you these objects, and direct you to them, but the Fates would demand an appropriate price as compensation for this gift.

  • Price, huh? Do you want my soul? I'm not really using it...

Fool. The Fates have no need for a solitary mortal soul. What the Fates demand is balance.

In showing you Zephyr's weakness, I grant you the opportunity for great reward: namely, the ability to carry out your foolhardy mission.

To balance this, the Fates will demand greater risk, to justify this boon. You will find that Zephyr's powers have become stronger, that he has become more resilient... this will be the hand of the Fates. It cannot be avoided.

  • So, I can learn Zephyr's weakness, but he'll become stronger when I do?

Essentially, yes. This is the price that the Fates ask of all. Are you willing to pay the price?

  • I am, Fateweaver.

Very well.

The Avatar of Zephyrous Minor uses two anchors in this world: The Cardinal Altars, which bind him to the mortal realm, and The Eye of the Storm, which he wears as a belt to retain his corporeal form.

When you harm him, he will likely return to his natural state, where you will be unable to inflict damage upon him. Perform this ritual of summoning upon his altars, and he will return to a state where he can be harmed. Weaken him enough, and you will be able to remove and destroy The Eye.

The Fateweaver directs you to Zephyr's lair, where the altars are located.

Your fate is now in your own hands, Character. Do not falter.

  • Zephyr's days are numbered.
Find and Banish Zephyr

Unnecessary Solicitation

I am not sure if Zephyr's banishment is an acceptable substitute for his death. Yet, if he is truly immortal, it seems your only option. I will confer with your benefactor while you are away.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map SmoothCaves 30 Layout 07.png
Map: SmoothCaves_30_Layout_07

From all the junk littering the entrance, you'd guess Zephyr has retained some of his Goldbricker devotees. Fantastic.

  • Find and Banish Zephyr
    • Weaken Zephyr
    • Use the Altar of the East Wind
    • Weaken Zephyr
    • Use the Altar of the West Wind
    • Bring Zephyr down!
    • Force Zephyr to work for you!

You have recruited Zephyr in your plot against Dr. Graves!


Gold Brickers
Hearts of Darkness

Notable NPCs

Zephyr has dissipated, as the Fortunata indicated. Find an altar to resummon him!

You have summoned Zephyr back to the corporeal world!

You've got him on the run. Find another altar!

You have summoned Zephyr back to the corporeal world!


Alright, dude, you got me. You're a low-down jerk for using the Fates, but you did, and now I'm stuck.

I'm guessing they also told you the rest of it, too, huh?

  • Yep. All I have to do is break your belt.

Aww, man. That is like, THE lamest thing ever. Using the Fates is, like, totally cheating. I mean, yeah, they made me stronger I guess, but that doesn't make it fair!

And it's going to take me SO freakin' long to make another body... this is, like, the worst day ever.

  • Well... there's an alternative, you know.

What? C'mon, dude, don't play with me. I know you've been itching to get rid of me since, like, we first met. Just get it over with already.

  • I'm only here because Graves sent me here.

Yeah, that's what I though- wait, what?

You explain to Zephyr what Graves sent you to do, and your intent to eventually betray him.

Dude, you are like, the shadiest villain I've ever met. You're gonna ambush him, after you already won? You're a new kind of crazy, I swear.

Well, if you're gonna let me keep my body, dude, I'm in. Just let me know when it's going down and I'll be there.

  • I'll keep in touch, Zephyr.
Return to the Fateweaver

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Fateweaver has demanded that you return to her once your task is complete. Again, I must warn you, do not reveal too much. A Fateweaver learning of our contest would be disastrous.


So. You returned. And yet, the wind still howls. Your mission has failed...

You can feel the Fateweaver staring at you, despite the fact that you cannot see her eyes.

And yet, it has not.

  • How... did you know...?

The Fateweaver chuckles at you. Her laugh sounds metallic, and hollow.

Fool. I am a Fateweaver. I possess knowledge that extends beyond time. I do not need your help in determining the outcome of your deed.

As you are no longer attempting to kill the Avatar, the Fates are no longer amplifying his powers. You may find, however, that the Fates may play a significant role in your future.

  • How so?

You wish to attain power, as does any of your kind. The Fates can grant such power, but again, there is always a price.

If you wish it, I can allow you to reap greater rewards from your deeds - your powers would grow faster, you would acquire great riches, and you would become infamous. And yet, all this would come only at the cost of constant struggle. Each foe you face would be more formidable than the last, and your strength will never seem enough.

This is the price the Fates would ask of you. Should you wish to make a bargain, seek me out.

  • I'll consider it, Fateweaver.
Notoriety Contacts

Notoriety Contacts are NPCs that can adjust the difficulty of your missions. They can change the level of enemies you fight, how many enemies will appear in the mission, and what ranks of enemies you'll be facing.

With the Notoriety Contacts, you can customize your missions to match the kinds of challenges you want to face!


So, you return. Our benefactor has decided that reducing Zephyr to a harmless gust of wind is sufficient. Most importantly, Zephyr has been removed as a connection between our benefactor and these illicit games.

Your next task will not be easy, but it should require less... creativity this time.

Core Values


The next target in your murderous victory lap will be Omnicore. You should know that I specifically requested that she become your next target. I'm sure the wait has been killing you.

Unfortunately for us, it seems that Omnicore has gone into hiding. I am not aware of her current location. However...

For a moment, you see a flash of what might have been a smirk from Dr. Graves.

It is much harder to disappear in the Rogue Isles than most realize.

  • Oh? Do you have a way to track her?

Not quite. I simply know what would be necessary for someone to truly vanish in this lawless place.

For instance, in order to not be discovered, Omnicore will likely attempt to change her appearance, if she has not already done so. Thus, she would be drawn to the services of the Facemakers, whose surgical skills are nearly on par with my own.

Seek out the Facemakers, and I am sure you will find Omnicore's trail. Pursue it relentlessly, trace it to the end, and when you find Omnicore...

Dr. Graves's face remains motionless, but his eyes glint with murderous glee.

Kill her. Slowly.

Speak to the Facemaker

Unnecessary Solicitation

If you tarry, the trail may run cold. I would suggest you speak with the Facemaker before Omnicore eludes your grasp entirely.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak to the Facemaker


Welcome to Facemaker! We have averything on hand it takes to make a new you!

  • I bet you say that to everyone that comes in here.

Well of course I do. Did you expect that I would treat you extra-special just because you-

The Facemaker stops short, eyeing you suspiciously.

Wait... you're not here for a makeover, are you? What do you want? Why are you here?

  • I need to know of someone named Omnicore has requested your services.

And why would I tell you something like that? I happen to respect a little thing called doctor-patient confidentiality!

Besides, if I went around blabbing about every operation I've ever done, then Villains like you wouldn't ever use my services, then, would they? No sense in getting a new face if everyone knows what it looks like!

  • Villains like me?

Of course! Some come in wanting to flee the authorities, others just want to look more imposing... whatever it is, I can make it happen. My surgical team is the best in the business, and you can take that to the bank!

Well, you probably wouldn't want to... the bank here in Cap keeps getting robbed. But that's not the point, is it?

What I'm getting at is that I don't reveal patient history. To anyone. Got it?

  • Let's start over. Hi, I'm the Face Unmaker. I'm about to unmake your face...

Now, now, there's no need for that. Calm down.

The Facemaker ponders her predicament. After a moment she grins at you.

I've had a change in policy. I still won't reveal my patient history, but technically the lady you're talking about wasn't ever a patient. She came in for a consultation, that's all.

  • Really? Do tell.

She wanted me to make her unrecognizable. She said she had some nasty people after her - I assume that's you - and she needed to disappear for a while.

I told her I could do it, but when we reached the point where she had to take off her gear, she refused. The crazy woman threw a fit right here in my studio, screaming about how we were trying to 'take her power away' or something. She's a loony, that one.

After that, she stalked out muttering something about robbing a bank. That's the last I saw of her.

  • Hmm. Alright. See you around, Facemaker.

The Facemaker wrinkles her nose at you.

Yeah? Well, next time maybe you can get some work done. I don't much care for traffic that isn't business. Understand?

  • Whatever.

In various locations in the Rogue Isles, you will find Tailors that can help you change your costume. You can edit your existing costume, or unlock additional costume slots so that you can have multiple different styles to choose from! Starting at level 20, Tailors also have select missions for you that will reward you with additional costume slots.

With the help of the Tailor, you can make sure you always look your very best!

Find Omnicore's Liaison

Unnecessary Solicitation

So, Omnicore's pride has prevented her from partaking in the Facemaker's services. This is convenient for us, but we still do not know her current location.

Even for Omnicore, assaulting a bank vault is no easy task. She must have gained assistance from someone. Find that person, and I'm sure you'll find Omnicore.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find Omnicore's Liaison


Ya? What do you want? I do not know you, and I am not sure what you want from ME.

  • I'm here fore information, Boris. I'm looking for a woman named Omnicore.

Omni...core? I do not know this name. I know many names, but I do not know this one.

I am sorry that I could not help you further.

  • Maybe if I describe her? Silver armor, perpetual scowl, bad temperament...

Hmm... Silver armor...?

Boris's brow furrows in concentration. He looks up suddenly, and bursts into bellowing laughter.

Ha HAAAA ha ha ha! You are talking about my little Lapushka!

  • Your little... Lapushka?

Yes, yes! I have known her for a very long time. I did not know she gave herself a name, but her demeanor is unmistakable.

The person you describe, it must be her!

  • And she let's you call her that?

HA ha ha, no! She tells me she will kill me every time I call her this. And yet I am still here, so she must not hate it as much as she says, yes?

Lapushka was here very recently, in fact. She told me that she needed money quickly, and when you need money quickly, you speak to Boris!

Boris's chest puffs up with pride.

  • Right... so you gave her some money?

No no no no! I do not give money so easily, ha ha! What I give are jobs!

My Lapushka and I, we have an... understanding, yes? If I see a good opportunity, perhaps a good heist, this is when I speak with her. I give her job, she brings back the money, and we both take our share. It is... how you say... mutually beneficial arrangement.

  • I see. So she needed money, robbed a bank... then what?

Boris shrugs at you.

We split our shares and she went on her way. I am sure she needed the money for all the little gizmos she is constantly making. Terrible little things, things that could make a grown man soil hilself! Ha ha ha...

Boris shakes his head, smiling fondly.

My Lapushka is always making these things. One time she...

  • I'm pretty sure I'm done talking with you.
Brokers and the Newspaper

Players that speak with a Broker will obtain a Newspaper, which will allow them to play their own criminal activities in a city zone. After completing enough Newspaper Missions, a player can speak with their Broker to acquire a Mayhem Mission.

Mayhem Missions send the player to rob a bank in Paragon City! Players will be tasked with breaking into the vault, grabbing the loot, and making their escape. They may even face off against a Hero in the process! Mayhem Missions also contain a number of side missions like destroying porperty or breaking other Villains out of jail that the players can undertake for extra rewards.

Speak to the Technology Quartermaster

Unnecessary Solicitation

As amusing as Omnicore's relationship with Boris may be, it still doesn't indicate where she might be.

You said she left to purchase... 'gizmos'? If she intended to acquire advanced technology, she would have needed Arachnos's help. See if you can trace her purchases.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak to the Technology Quartermaster

Technology Quartermaster

Speak, citizen. What is it that you want from me?

  • I, uh, I was wondering if an armored woman came by recently to purchase parts from you?

Yes, there was a woman of that description who purchased from me recently. I believe her name was Omnicore.

  • Oh! Well then. That was easier than I thought.

No problem, citizen. I'm happy to share my transaction history with you, free of charge.

A sinister grin appears on the Quartermaster's face.

Of course, Omnicore made some very high-end purchases from me. She seemed to be putting some dangerous tech together. Why, if I were you, I would think twice about confronting her.

At least, equipped as you are now.

  • As I am now? What do you mean?

Why, I merely meant to suggest that, since Omnicore spent a small fortune on the devices I sold her, she probably has something very sinister planned. You might not be able to handle whatever she's got in store for you.

On the other hand, I have a number of devices that might be able to bolster your own power. With these, you might become a match for Omnicore, and you might be able to survive your upcoming encounter.

  • Wait, are you serious? You're trying to get me to buy from you?

Well, I suppose if your powers don't interact properly with my inventory, another Quartermaster mights be more appropriate for your needs. And, truly, you're not required to purchase anything from anyone.

I'm merely stating that your chances would be greater if your powers were operating at optimum capacity. If you don't enhance them properly, then you won't stand a chance.

  • Okay, okay, I get it. Can you tell me where Omnicore went after she bought from you?

Luckily for you, I plant tracking devices on all my merchandise. I'll even give you her coordinates, free of charge. Now all you have to worry about is not dying when you meet her.

Remember, citizen. If you need the strength to succeed, Arachnos can help... for a price.

  • Yeah. I've been hearing that a lot lately.
Arachnos Quartermasters

Many mid- to high-level city zones have specialized Quartermasters that sell origin-specific Enhancements. The Quartermasters in Cap au Diable sell Dual Origin Enhancements, while Quartermasters in Sharkhead Isle and beyond will also sell Single Origin Enhancements.

Dual Origin Enhancements (or DOs) start at level 15, and are twice as powerful as Training Enhancements. However, each DO can only be used by characters with one of the two origins that match the type of DO.

Single Origin Enhancements (or SOs) start at level 25, and are four times as powerful as Training Enhancements. Each SO is associated with a specific origin, and only players of the correct origin can equip the SO.

Find and Defeat Omnicore

Unnecessary Solicitation

So, the Quartermaster has given you her location, has he? Excellent.

I would be wary, Character. Based on Omnicore's recent activities, I would not be surprised if she were expecting you.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map P TECH 30 LAYOUT 07 01.png
Map: P_TECH_30_LAYOUT_07_01

This place isn't as roomy as Omnicore's last base, but it's just as high-tech.

  • Find and Defeat Omnicore
    • 3 generators to destroy to make Omnicore vulnerable
    • Defeat Omnicore
    • Speak to Omnicore

You managed to recruit Omnicore to your cause... for now.


Hearts of Darkness

Notable NPCs

Finally, you have brought Omnicore to her knees. Unfortunate that you cannot finish this here and now.


Finish it, Character. I will not sit idly by while you gloat over my defeat.

  • I don't recalll ever taking orders from you, Omnicore.

Hrmph. So you insist upon delaying your triumph so that you may insult me further? Typical. I shall never understand how I could be beaten by someone so trivial as you..

  • Tempting, to be sure. But, alas, I did not come here to kill you.

Omnicore falls silent, genuinely shocked by your statement.

I would suspect you of trickery if I though you had any further advantage to gain, Character. Explain yourself.

  • How do you feel about Dr. Graves, Omnicore?

My hatred for Dr. Graves is overshadowed only by my hatred fro you, Character. That the two of you combined efforts to see my downfall is the greatest shame I have endured.

  • That's what I thought. How would you like to kill him for me?

How would I-

Well, Character. You are more devious than I originally thought. If the price of my life is participation in the murder of Dr. Graves, I will gladly accept.

You can feel Omnicore's glare from behind her faceplate.

But knew this, Character. The moment Graves falls, you and I will be sworn enemies once more. Do not expect me to forget your transgression against me.

Mark my words: I will be the last thing you ever see.

  • I wouldn't have it any other way, Omnicore.


So. The deed is done.

I trust you sufficiently enjoyed yourself? I freely admit, I never had any fondness for Omnicore. I regret I was not present to witness her demise.

More important, I think, is the fact that your petty rivalry with her can no longer distract you from your tasks. Your next target will be the most dangerous by far. I hope that you are prepared.

Cross Purposes


Character, it is time for you to face Crosscut.

He is as mortal as any man. He has neither gone into hiding, nor has he prepared an elaborate trap for you. The way to him is open and clear.

We have heard reports that he is currently residing in a warehouse in Cap au Diable. I can specify the location for you.

  • Sounds like this will be simple enough, then.

Simple, yes, but hardly easy. I would caution you not to underestimate Crosscut, Character. It is my belief that we have yet to see Crosscut's true skills in combat.

He has a tendency to... play with his opponents, to satisfy his perverse and sadistic desires. I do not know how he will react if his life is truly threatened.

Regardless of the risk, you must complete this task. If you can kill Crosscut, Character, then you may be strong enough to...

Dr. Graves stops abruptly, and stares at you for an uncomfortable amount of time.

I have said too much already. Go now. You know what you have to do.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I can see why you would be hesitant, Character. Crosscut is formidable. If you'd rather opt out of this mission, I can tell our benefactor that you would like to withdraw. I'm sure that you will be awarded a quick and painless demise.

That is not to your liking? Then slay Crosscut as I have asked.

Mission Objective(s)


Ugh. Snakes again. Crosscut must be toying with someone new.

  • Defeat Crosscut
    • Rescue Crosscut's latest victim
    • Speak with Crosscut's victim
    • Confront Crosscut with your lackey
    • Fight Crosscut
    • Speak with Crosscut

You managed to convince Crosscut to help you take down Dr. Graves.


Hearts of Darkness

Notable NPCs

Skull Thug

Oh, man. I am glad to see you.

Well, I guess not you, specifically. Just anyone that's not Crosscut. That guy... that guy is bad news.

  • Yes, I know. I'm looking for him. Why are you here?

I don't know, man. I was smashing up some loser's car when I started to get a whiff of this smell. It was like window cleaner or something.

Next thing I know, I wake up here and this guy Crosscut is standing over me. Tells me I need to play some kind of game with him. Then he makes like a spook and all these snake-things show up... man, I just don't know what's going on.

  • Wow. Sounds like a blast.

I know, right? I think my karma's out of whack or something.

Look, man. I can't take these things, and I certainly don't want to tangle with Crosscut mano a mano. You seem like you can handle these snake-dudes, and you say you're looking for Crosscut...

Mind taking me with you?

  • Ha, no. I don't need you weighing me down.

I won't, man, I promise! I know these things are a bit much for me to handle, but I won't be fighting them by myself! I can support you, you know?

Think about it, man. You can get one of them distracted, and I can blast him from behind! We can be like partners, or-

At the word 'partners', you level a stare at the thug so withering that he stops short of finishing his sentence.

No no no, not partners. I misspoke! It would be more like, um...

I could be your lackey!

  • Ugh. Just don't get in my way.
Lackeys and Malefactors

When teaming up with other players of different levels, players can become Lackeys or Malefactors so that they can fight at similar combat levels.

Lackeying happens when a low-level player joins a high-level player's team. The low-level player becomes the team leader's Lackey, and their combat level increases to the team leader's level minus one.
Example: A level 10 player that joins a level 30 team will become combat level 29 while they remain in that team.

Malefactoring happens when a high-level player joins a low-level player's team. Essentially the opposite of sidekicking, the high-level player (or Malefactor) has their combat level brought down to the team leader's level. Also, if the difference in levels is large enough, the Malefactor may temporarily lose acces to some of their high-level powers.
Example: A level 30 player joining a level 10 team will become combat level 10 while they remain in that team. They will also lose access to all powers they gained after level 15 while they are part of the team.

Lackeying and Malefactoring can allow players of different levels to play play together as near-euqals. But remember, after the team is disbanded, everyone's level returns to normal. Make sure you're in a safe place before you leave your team!


Crosscut is severely wounded, but doesn't seem to be registering a significant amount of pain.

Character... You've been a very naughty boy / girl. You interfered with my game, and broke my toys. You even took my favorite one, and kept it for yourself.

That doesn't make me smile, not one bit.

  • I've got a new game for you, Crosscut. Much more fun than this one.

Oh, I don't know, Character. I've been having a lot of fun in here, and now you're here to play with me too!

If you'll stay with me, I'm sure we could have some wonderful times together...

Unless, of course, your game is as fun as you say.

  • How would you like to play with Dr. Graves? I'd join in on the fun.

Crosscut recoils from you.

You want to play with the Doctor? Why? He never smiles, not one bit!

It's no fun playing with someone that doesn't smile. And his eyes aren't pretty at all!

  • I hear he can't be killed. You could play with him forever!

Crosscut nods eagerly at you.

Ohhhhh, that does sound fun, Character! You think of the best games! I want to play with the Doctor, too!

But... before we play, I would like one favor from you. Please, Character? Pretty please?

  • W-what is it, Crosscut? I swear, if you try to-

I just want my toy back, Character. He's my favoritest toy ever, and I don't want to start a new game until I'm finished playing with him.

Crosscut giggles at you, his entire body shivering with delight.

I promise, it won't take long...

  • Oh, that's all? Sure, go ahead. Knock yourself out.

Crosscut immediately snaps his gaze to the Skull eccompanying you.

Oh, thank you, Character. I won't be long...

  • Right. I'll see you around.


So, Character. You are alive.

I will be honest, I did not expect you to survive your encounter with Crosscut. He was a dangerous man - far more dangerous, I think, than the other contestants realized. I expected him to win the Killing Game by a wide margin.

And yet, you beat him in the contest, and you have beaten him in personal combat. I have underestimated you, Character. You are far more formidable than I originally estimated. You may be just the man / woman I've been waiting for.

Grave Consequences


Your final task is at hand, Character. Dollface may appear to be-

Dr. Graves's words fall upon deaf ears as the voice of Scirocco fills your head.

It is time, Character. It is my belief that by the time you find Dollface, Dr. Graves will have already made his escape.

I have been tracking Graves's recent movements - his base of operations appears to be a warehouse on the outskirts of Cap au Diable. Assemble your compatriots and ambush him there.

This is the task for which Arachnos has left you alive, Character. Failure on your part will be fatal.

  • I'd best not fail, then.

You are again capable of hearing Dr. Graves.

What? Yes... this is true, Character. Failure is not an option. I am glad you appreciate the seriousness of this matter.

Dollface will be waiting for you. Proceed with the utmost caution.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You are very close to achieving great power, Character. Do not falter now.

Mission Objective(s)


You've called in the ambush. Your allies should be here somewhere. It's time to finish this.

  • Ambush Dr. Graves!
    • Confront Dr. Graves
    • This definitely doesn't look good
    • Defeat Dr. Graves, Omnicore, and Zephyr!
    • Speak with Dr. Graves

You have taken command of Graves's group. Hopefully your combined powers will be enough for the task ahead.


Template:Enemy Necromancy

Hearts of Darkness

Notable NPCs


Character... I would congratulate you, but my demise will be a blessing compared to what is in store for you.

  • You're not really in a good position to make threats, Graves.

For the first time since you've known him, you hear Dr. Graves laugh. It is not a sound you enjoy.

It is no threat, fool. It is a reality you have not yet been made aware of. There is so much you do not yet know, I almost pity you.

You are, quite simply, doomed.

  • Explain, then. I'm listening.

At this point I'm sure you believe that our vaunted benefactor does not exist, and that I have been running this contest myself.

On the first point, you would be correct. No benefactor exists to offer you the power you were promised. I should think that would be fairly obvious by now.

However, I am most certainly not the ringleader of this little circus. I am merely a pawn... in her game.

Your suspicions have been misspent, Character. I was not the one you should have been wary of.

  • 'Her game'? Wait, you can't be serious...

Dr. Graves's laughter devolves into sputtering and coughing.

Fool. Even after she has been revealed, you continue to underestimate Dollface. She... it is capable of horrors you have never dreamed of.

She started this contest to find a body, Character. Hers is deteriorating, and my surgical skills have their limits. Your reward for victory was to be eternal torment, trapped within a body you do not control.

Abandon all hope, Character. She is a being as ancient as these very Isles we stand upon. You have no chance of defeating her.

  • Perhaps not... at least, not alone.

Graves stares at you silently. You match his gaze without faltering.

I am not sure that even our combined efforts could defeat her, Character. However, she has already chosen your body for conquest.

As it stands now, I have nothing to lose. I either die here, by your hand, or die by hers. I believe Omnicore and Zephyr are in similar predicaments. If you wish me to stand with you against her - against that infernal terror - then I will do so.

  • Very well. But remember, Graves - I'm running the show from now on.

Grave's eyes flare with resentment, but he makes no protest.

As you wish, Character. We shall follow your lead.

...For now.

  • Good enough, Graves. Good enough.


Dr. Graves still bears the marks of your attacks. He has seen far better days.

Well, Character. You have established your authority over our little gathering. I assure you, I would be madly plotting against your life, if I was not keenly aware of how dangerous our situation has become.

We cannot afford to bicker over pecking order. Not if we are to stand against Dollface.

Skin Deep


It is time, Character. If we wish to strike at Dollface, we must do so immediately. Every moment we waste is more time for Dollface to become suspicious of my - and your - whereabouts.

I have put together a plan for the infiltration of Dollface's mansion. It is well-defended, mostly by rubes that Dollface has managed to entrance with her powers. They should not be difficult to defeat for villains of our caliber.

You will be entering through the front, drawing the attention of Dollface's guards... and, by extension, Dollface herself. I will take the others through a back entrance, connected to a series of underground tunnels.

  • You're setting me up as bait? Have you forgotten who is in charge here, Graves?

I have not, Character. However, Dollface is expecting you and you alone. If you approach her mansion, seemingly without our aid, she will think that I have sent you to her as a sacrifice. If she is taken unaware by our presence, she will not have the chance to attempt an escape.

I realize you suspect treachery on my part, Character, and I do not blame you for your suspicions. However, rest assured that I am far more concerned with Dollface's existence than I am with yours. If I do attempt to kill you, it will occur well after Dollface has been dealt with.

Dr. Graves. pauses for a moment.

...That is, if we manage to survive.

Bring down Dollface!

Unnecessary Solicitation

We are preparing to move out soon. Once you've breached the mansion grounds, I will guide the others through the catacombs beneath the mansion. If we are fortunate, we will rejoin you before Dollface is confronted.

You do not want to know what will happen if we are unfortunate.

Mission Objective(s)


You have arrived at Dollface's mansion. If Graves can be trusted at all, he'll arrive with the cavalry shortly.

  • Bring down Dollface!
    • Investigate Dollface's records
    • Confront Dollface
    • Speak with Scirocco

You have assisted Scirocco in capturing Dollface, and managed to escape with your life.


Gold Brickers
Rogue Island Police
Hearts of Darkness

Notable NPCs

Dollface's Personal Database




A list of five entries appears on the screen.

  • [View Entry: Crosscut]
Crosscut appears to be human, and thus should be an excellent candidate for possession. However, Crosscut's sociopathic tendencies and aberrant behaviors would make possession conspicuous. Acting rationally, interacting with other sentient creatures, and other seemingly normal behaviors would represent a radical departure from Crosscut's 'normal behavior' pattern.
  • [View Entry: Dr. Graves]
Dr. Graves is human, but his age implies a significant presence of necrotic tissue. Possession would likely be of a shorter duration than another, healthier candidate. Furthermore, Dr. Graves has proven invaluable in extending the lifespan of bodies that have already been claimed. Possession would negate this value.
  • [View Entry: Zepyhr]
Zephyr's flexible attitudes and behaviors would make inconspicuous possession fairly simple. As Zephyr exhibits Rogue-like tendencies, nearly any behavior would seem appropriate for him. However, it is unclear what biotype Zephyr actually is. It is certain that he is not human, nor is he biologically similar enough to guarantee successful possession.
  • [View Entry: Omnicore]
Omnicore's Villainous attitudes and behaviors would make possession fairly convenient, and her resources would prove a valuable asset. However, it appears that the vast majority of her biological structure has been replaced with powered implants and grafts. It is unclear if, after possession, Omnicore's entire body could be properly controlled. If not, the results would be disastrous.
  • [View Entry: Character]
CANDIDATE: Character
Character appears to be the most physically and mentally capable of the candidates in question. He / She is a relatively new addition to the Rogue Isles, making his / her motives difficult to discern. While he / she exhibits Villainous tendencies currently, it would not be inconcievable were he / she to become more Rogue-like. While Characterhas not been observed long enough to confirm his / her exact biology, he / she appears to be susceptible to Psychic attacks, which should imply that he / she is also vulnerable to possession.

Character. You have done well. Arachnos commends you on your efforts.

  • What is this, Scirocco?

I have had an... interest in this creature for some time. She exhibits powers that could prove to be quite useful to Arachnos, if directed properly.

Furthermore, it appears she shares some... functional similarities to my colleague, Ghost Widow. Having possession of this creature may afford me some leverage within Arachnos in the future.

  • Wait a second. This entire time, you were after Dollface?

That is correct, Character. I had been aware that this creature was lurking somewhere within your little group, but it was impossible to discern which one was our target. You only recently arrived in the Rogue Isles, and thus I was certain that you were... untainted. This is why I chose you as my agent.

I must admit, however, that you performed well above expectations. I had implemented a number of alternative measures in case you perished, that were, of course, unnecessary. Your survival instincts are superb.

  • So, I'm free to go? No hard feelings about that whole 'contest for power' thing?

Scirocco chuckles softly, and shakes his head

No, Character. Arachnos takes little interest in the games and power plays that occur within the Isles. To be truthful, they are actually encouraged. Lord Recluse respects ambition, and it appears you have it in spades.

You have proved to be crucial in the capture of this... most valuable entity, and for that you have my gratitude.

I sense great potential in you, Character. You have power, and the guile necessary to direct it properly. If you survive long enough in this harsh place, I expect you will prosper.

  • Um... thanks. I think.

Dollface is trapped within a whirlwind of magical energy. Upon seeing your approach, she doubles her efforts to break free from her bonds.

Character... please... it hurts so much...

Please... help me...

  • Nice try, Dollface. I'm not buying it.
Dollface's eyes flare with sinister energy.
You would do well to mind yourself, worm. This cage cannot hold me forever.
Mark my words: when I escape the grasp of these wretched wizards, I will find you. The torment I shall provide you will echo across the ages.
  • Enjoy your new home, Dollface. I'm sure Arachnos will take good care of you. (End conversation.)
  • Do you want me to free you? I could do that, if you wanted.
Dollface's eye widen, and she speaks to you softly.
Oh, would you? Would you really?
  • Ha, no. I just wanted to crush your hopes one last time.
Dollface's eyes flare with sinister energy.
You would do well to mind yourself, worm. This cage cannot hold me forever.
Mark my words: when I escape the grasp of these wretched wizards, I will find you. The torment I shall provide you will echo across the ages.
  • Enjoy your new home, Dollface. I'm sure Arachnos will take good care of you. (End conversation.)
Speak with Dr. Graves

Unnecessary Solicitation

If you do not mind, Character, I would speak with you in person.

We have... much to discuss.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Dr. Graves


Dr. Graves maintains the same, grim expression as always. However, his stance is different. It is lower, less aggressive... you would almost say that Dr. Graves appears relieved.

So, Character. It is finally over. The creature that called itself Dollface has been captured, and I am once again a free man.

I do not expect an amiable reception from you, Character. I know you all too well. Still, I feel that I must thank you. Your efforts have managed to achieve what I once thought was impossible.

  • How long were you working for Dollface, anyway?
I do not suffer from the deterioration of age as most do, Character. I have been alive for centuries. I do not remember exactly when the creature first approached me, but it spared my life in exchange for my surgical talents. For each body it stole, I was able to keep that body intact for far longer than otherwise.
I am not a squeamish man, nor a moral one. I have committed terrible sins against my fellow man. But... the horror, the sheer depravity I witnessed while bound to Dollface was...
Dr. Graves trails off, turning somewhat pale.
...I'm eager to put that behind me, Character.
  • As am I, Graves. This 'benefactor' scam has ended up being a massive waste of time.
Dr. Graves raises an eyebrow at you.
Has it, Character? The shadowy benefactor was my fabrication, yes. And the promised 'power' you were to be granted did not exist, true.
And yet, I have witnessed tremendous growth in your power over the course of the trial. And while the organizer of our contest had malicious intentions, you ended up with a benefactor of your own. Few Villains in these Isles can claim they have assissted a Patron of Lord Recluse himself.
You seem to have come out of this little game with all of the prize, Character.
  • Hmph... if you say so, Graves.
  • You're weak, Graves, Did you ever stop whimpering long enough to look for an advantage?
Character, the things that I've seen would chill the very blood in your...
Dr. Graves takes a moment to calm himself.
Perhaps you are right. Perhaps a more stoic soul like yourself would have been able to deal with Dollface better than I.
But that business is behind us, Character. All that is left to us now is the present, and our plans for the future.
Dr. Graves leans in close to you, close enough for you to smell the stench of death on him.
My plans do not include you, Character. Watch over yourself carefully.
  • You're welcome to try me anytime, old man. I'll be waiting.
  • You don't have a problem with the fact that I was working with Arachnos?
Dr. Graves lets out a sigh. As with his laughter, it is a profane sound. You hope to never hear it again.
To be honest, Character, it infuriates me far less to know that you were working for Scirocco than to not know. Your feats during the contest were unexplainable, and you often displayed special knowledge of your opponents that led to your uncontested victory.
Had I not learned of your involvement with Arachnos, I would be left with only the theory that you were omniscient.
Dr. Graves half-smiles, half-sneers at you.
And trust me, Character, that's a difficult argument to take seriously.
  • Do not credit Arachnos entirely, Graves. I had help, but that's all.
As you say, Character. I do not need further proof of your abilities. Securing Arachnos's assistance gave you an edge, but you prevailed in many tasks by virtue of your own power.
Still, do not discount Arachnos in your further career, Character. You have managed to gain the favor of a Patron of Recluse - no easy feat. I would recommend that you not squander the opportunities now laid open before you.
You should by no means trust them, but they have a tremendous number of resources at their disposal. A fact that, were I in your position, I would not hesitate to exploit.
  • I'll keep that in mind, Graves.
  • Funny, Graves. And yet, I managed to deceive you rather easily.
The right side of Dr. Graves's face twitches momentarily.
This is true, Character. Clearly, you are a master of guile and cunning. And yet, I wonder what you gained from all of this, in the end?
Did you receive a tremendous award from Arachnos? Were you granted an ancient power? Has your status in the Rogue Isles improved one iota? Few knew about our little contest, and even fewer know of Dollface's true nature. Do not expect gratitude from Scirocco, or favorable treatment from Arachnos.
I, on the other hand, gained my freedom. The freedom to pursue plans of my own design.
Dr. Graves locks eyes with you.
Plans that may include you, Character. Be prepared.
  • I'll be ready for anything you can dish out, Graves. Bring it.


Upon completion of this mission, you are awarded the Face of Evil Badge.


You gained control of the Hearts of Darkness and defeated an ancient evil bent on consuming your soul.