Father Time

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Father Time
Father Time.jpg
Auld Lang Syne
Zone Pocket D
Coordinates (858.5, 148, -983.5)[Copy]
Level Range 1-50
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups

Badge holiday06 crystallized.png Crystallized Badge
Badge holiday06 frosty.png Frosty Badge
Badge holiday06 miraculous.png Miraculous Badge

Badge holiday06 joyful.png Joyful Badge
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Father Time is a hero, villain, and Praetorian contact in Pocket D at coordinates (858.5, 148, -983.5)[Copy] .

He is found within the chalet building after entering the grotto door on the Villain side of Pocket D into the Ski Chalet. He is only available during Winter Events. New in the 2008 event, his mission can be repeated an unlimited amount of times in order to get Candy Canes. A second mission "Defeat Lady Winter" was added for the 2010 event, with the same rewards as "Rescue Baby New Year"

Father Time offers the "Defeat Lady Winter" mission to Heroes & Villains who are level 20 & higher.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None


Auld Lang Syne

The True nature of the mysterious entity called Father Time is unknown. Is he an ancient god? An extra-dimensional being? A stage in the life-cycle of a chrono-entity? A personification of time manifested out of the collective human sub-conciousness? No one knows for certain, and it will likely remain a subject of debate long into the future.

Contact Unlocked

Old Father Time urgently requires your help! You my find him in the chalet in Pocket D

Initial Contact

Heroes, villains, all are welcome. For I am Father Time, and a grave threat is upon us all...

Too Many Missions

I know all that you do, all that you have done, and all that you must do. It is a great weight upon you. Complete some of your other tasks, then come see me again.


Father time does not sell or buy any inspirations or enhancements.

Badge Mission

Rescue Baby New Year from Snaptooth!


I am Old Father Time, and as this year comes to a close, I must pass my mantle onto the Baby New Year, so that time may continue to flow. But that scoundrel, the Red Cap Snaptooth, has kidnapped the Baby New Year, and plans to take him to the Fey lands! If that happens, time will grind to a halt. Heroic hopes and villainous plans, all will come to naught! So, I ask the mightiest of mortals, whether they be hero or villain, to help me and rescue Baby New Year!

What's more, heroes and villains may work together on this mission, such is its grave import!

Mission Acceptance

You will have to fight your way through a cold and wintry realm. Snaptooth has gathered Tuatha, the Winter Horde, and other Red-caps to him. You will have to defeat the Winter Guard in order to open the icy caverns where Baby New Year is being held. Once you have him, bring him back to the fairy ring to make your escape.

And do not forget that heroes and villains may work together in this task!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Baby New Year is still a captive of Snaptooth! Perhaps you should find some more allies?

We've gone and done the greatest crime,
We've captured little Baby Time!
We'll hold him 'till he's old and ill,
To keep the world in winter's chill!

So shiver, witches, in the cold,
And pumpkin-heads will rot with mold!
The human world will freeze and slow,
And people will be filled with woe!

For human time will be like Fey,
Unchanging! Always time to play!,
They'll know that this was Snaptooth's plan,
We'll terrorize the world of man!

We've gone and done the greatest crime,
We've captured little Baby Time!
You'll never save the little year
For Red-Caps are the ones you'll fear!

Mission Objective(s)

It looks like winter has come to Croatoa.

  • Rescue Baby New Year!
    • Find the key to the cave!
    • Rescue Baby New Year!
      • Lead Baby New Year out!

You have rescued Baby New Year!

You pull a key made of ice from the Winter Guard!

A key of ice

This glittering ice forms a key
That can set Baby New Year free!

Notable NPCs


Tuatha de Dannan
Red Caps
Winter Horde

Ambush! Upon rescuing Baby New Year, new Winter Horde will spawn outside of the cave. They are not true ambushes, however, and follow standard mob behaviour.


Baby New Year is safe! Let time flow once more!

Defeat Lady Winter!


The forces of evil are on the rise, looking to take advantage of the period of time where I, Old Father Time, will pass on my mantle to the Baby New Year. One such force is a diabolical woman named Lady Winter. She has used her powers over the cold to freeze over Agincourt in Nerva Archipelago and seeks to freeze over the entire world! You must stop her and her plan to turn the world into her personal ice palace!

Mission Acceptance

You must be careful, as Lady Winter is dreadfully powerful. Take solace in the fact that you will not be alone. You will find strange allies in the Tuatha, who have arrived at the scene to stage an assault on the fortress Lady Winter has made for herself. Speak with the one named Nuada and he will help you with the siege of Agincourt.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Lady Winter still remains in control of Agincourt! She must be defeated!

Mission Objective(s)

Old Father Time wasn't kidding when he said Lady Winter had frozen over Agincourt.

  • Defeat Lady Winter!
    • 3 winter obilisks to destroy
    • Defeat Lady Winter

You've saved Agincourt and stopped Lady Winter's attempt to freeze the world over!


Winter Horde


Tuatha de Dannan

Notable NPCs

  • Lady Winter (Archvillain)
  • Nuada (NPC)
  • Group of Tuatha de Dannan x 4 (Neutral)
  • Winter Obelisk x 3 (Destructible Object Objective)

You successfully iced Lady Winter's plans to freeze the Earth with her Arctic powers and snowy horde!


You've saved this realm from being frozen over! You've done us all a great service today!


After completing either mission, you may select your choice of gift:

1) The Crystallized Badge


The chill of the season has strange effects.

2) The Frosty Badge


A chill down your spine makes you feel Frosty.

3) Renewal of Light (8-day Self Rez Temporary Power) and the Miraculous Badge


Self Rez, Special

A guardian spirit will watch over you for the next 8 days. If you are defeated during that time, activating this power will restore you so you may continue the battle. The restoration blasts nearby foes with an explosion, knocking them down and disorienting them. You will revive with about half of your hit points and endurance. You will be invulnerable for a brief time and protected from xp debt for 20 seconds.


A season of miracles, it has been called.

4) Golden Rings (12 day Single Target Hold Temporary Power) and the Joyful Badge


Ranged, Minor Damage(Energy), Foe: Hold

Although this power deals very little damage, the Golden Rings encase your foe, holding him helpless in place for a while. This power will last 12 days. Damage: Minor, Recharge: Long


The power of the season finds you overcome with joy.

5) 5 pieces of Candy Cane Salvage.


A festive piece of peppermint candy to celebrate the holidays. Seek the Candy Keeper in the winter chalet in Pocket D, as he collects these candy canes in return for hard to acquire treasures.

Bug! Accepting a reward when exemplared will cause the reward to fail.

Bug! Accepting a temporary power as a reward if previously awarded (even in a previous year's event) will cause the reward to fail. The temporary powers can be reacquired with Candy Cane Salvage.