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Horus in flight
Real Name Horace Greene
Gender Male
Archetype Peacebringer
formerly Blaster
Affiliation Unnamed supergroup with War Witch and Apex
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Unknown
Known Family Unknown
Primary Powers Luminous Blast
formerly Energy Blast
Secondary Powers Luminous Aura
formerly Energy Manipulation
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Horus is a member of the unnamed three-person supergroup featured in Blue King Studios' 12 issue run of the City of Heroes Comic. He fought alongside War Witch and Apex.


Horus is an Egyptian-themed hero who was mortally injured during the Rikti War. He was saved by becoming a host to a Kheldian. As the Kheldian experienced shock due to being fatally injured by the Rikti before joining, it is unclear if Horace Greene actually survived the joining or if the Kheldian picked up the remnants of Horace's life and memories and lived on in his stead.

Horus was unaware of his new status as a Peacebringer and still thought his abilities were technologically based, though he was aware he was "glowing a lot these days," especially with his eyes. Eventually, with the help of a device in Crey Industries, Horus discovered that he was an alien or rather, an alien inside a human body.

When War Witch brought Apex and Horus into her 'covenspace', Horus finally regained all his memories - Horus is simply a shell the Kheldian wears to survive this world. His speech patterns became more formal and alien. Upon exiting, Horus' speech patterns reverted back to normal.

In the final battle with the 5th Column and Requiem, Horus and War Witch did not survive. War Witch's final act was to bring the Kheldian within Horus' body as well as the survivor Apex into the covenspace for the last time. There was nothing left of Horus - only the Kheldian remained, who left on a new mission to awaken the other sleeping Kheldians, but not before leaving Apex with a promise that they would some day meet again.

Character Stats

Prior to the Rikti War:

Secret Identity: Horace Greene
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Primary Powers: Energy Blast
Secondary Powers: Energy Manipulation
Other Powers: Fly, Group Fly

After the Rikti War:

Origin: Natural
Archetype: Peacebringer
Primary Powers: Luminous Blast
Secondary Powers: Luminous Aura
Other Powers: Fly, Group Fly