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Vanguard Commander
Zone Rikti War Zone
Coordinates (-215, 40, -2265)[Copy]
Level Range 50
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups ?
Badges ?
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Apex is a member of the unnamed three-person supergroup featured in Blue King Studios' 12 issue run of the City of Heroes comic. During the 2010 PAX panel, the developer Positron revealed that Apex would become a contact for Incarnate characters in Issue 20. Apex made his debut into the City of... game an issue early in Issue 19 as a Task Force organizer in the Rikti War Zone.

Heroes and Villains find him:

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Apex (comic).jpg
Level 15 Scrapper
Real Name Hernando Barrera
Gender Male
Archetype Scrapper
Affiliation Unnamed supergroup with War Witch and Horus, Vanguard
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations War Witch
Known Family Sally Barrera (sister)
Primary Powers Martial Arts
Secondary Powers Super Reflexes
Zone Locations Rikti War Zone
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Vanguard Commander

Apex was recommended to Vanguard by the Back Alley Brawler, who accounted Apex's brave stand alongside War Witch and a man named Horus against Requiem. Vanguard recruited Apex and assigned him to their division regarding Praetoria. Apex has had to do many investigations and missions into Praetoria alone, given the sensitive nature of the situation. The years that he has worked have forged him into a capable fighter and strategist, making him one of Vanguard's top resources when it comes to all Praetorian matters.

With the Praetorian invasion coming to light, Apex and his work with Vanguard can now finally be revealed to the general public, much to Apex's relief.


Hernando Barrera was first seen within the City of Heroes comic under his superhero identity Apex, fighting alongside War Witch and discovering the mystery of the Vahzilok. His working relationship with War Witch extended to sharing the same apartment along with secret identities. With Horus unexpectedly joining their group, they went on to solve the crimes of Dr. Vahzilok, meet Back Alley Brawler at a party, fight the Carnival of Shadows, negotiated with Bile of the Freakshow, and survived a meeting with Vanessa DeVore.

Later on, Apex would find himself as part of a hero jury in the trial of Arcanist, who had been charged with the murder of Red Razor. Most of the jury would break out to learn the real truth, only to discover it was a trap by the Malta group who had been kidnapping heroes to brainwash, including the Red Razor, who was not dead after all. Apex and the others turned themselves over to the police shortly afterwards, and was punished with house arrest.

With his sister Sally Barrera having found a job at Crey Industries and helping out Horus with his fluctuating powers, Apex, War Witch and a group of other heroes took the fight to the 5th Column who was also investigating Horus, where they were intially defeated by Nosferatu, but returned to defeat the vampyri and his minions. Requiem killed War Witch's coven to which she swore revenge, with Apex and Horus joining alongside her. However, Crey turned up later to take Horus and Sally into custody which resulted in a large brawl along with passing heroes who were investigating the damaged apartment from outside.

Deciding that there were a bit too much on their plate, Apex sought the help of Back Alley Brawler. Apex would enter 'covenspace' the first time with War Witch and Horus, where they learnt the true form of Horus' Kheldian self. With Horus learning the location of the 5th Column and Requiem, the group, along with many other heroes, gathered at the location site, but were ambushed by the 5th Column's large army. Apex, along with Horus and War Witch broke off from the fight to find Requiem, who was with Nosferatu and Vandal. With the latter two defeated quickly, Requiem proved more than a match for all three heroes on his own, mortally wounding War Witch and Horus, but succumbed to War Witch's fiery sword which reverted to iron as she collapsed.

Apex entered War Witch's covenspace where he was dismayed to learn his teammates were truly dead. Horus told Apex the Kheldians would seek him out when the time was right, while War Witch comforted him, saying to take heart, as a new War Witch may look to him for guidance in the future, and kissed him as the covenspace ended, leaving him alone with the bodies of his dead teammates.

Some time later, Apex is seen in Atlas Park wearing War Witch's iron sword on his back as he recalls her last words "take heart", believing she meant for him to "never give up", as he advertises himself as a level 15 Scrapper looking for a team.

Character Stats

Secret Identity: Hernando Barrera
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Primary Powers: Martial Arts
Secondary Powers: Super Reflexes
Other Powers: Broad Sword (end of issue 12)


Task Force

See Apex Task Force



Apex first appeared in the Promo issue by Dark Horse Comics fighting alongside War Witch.

Apex would next make regular appearances in Blue King Studios' comic series in City of Heroes #1. He would appear in every issue up to #12, where the comic concludes with the death of his teammates.


  • During the jury duties arc from #5, Apex along with everyone else is warned not to use powers within the jury room, as both heroes and vigilantes would have their privileges revoked and powers taken away if possible. When most of the jurors plan to break out to find the truth, the sole hero refusing to help out calls them rogue jurors. This is quite possibly the earliest mention of the Alignment system, or at least the titles used for heroes and villains who have fallen/redeemed themselves, as is the case for one of the jurors who is implied to have been a former criminal.
  • Similar to Fusionette, Apex wears a Vanguard variation of his signature outfit in the Rikti War Zone.