Apex Task Force

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This feature required a VIP subscription, but is now available to everyone.

Task Force
Alpha Strike
Contact Apex
Zone Rikti War Zone
Suggested Team Size 8 players
Coordinates (-215, 40, -2265)[Copy]
Level Range 50
Merits 40
Threads 10
Badge Badge tf tinmage achievement.png Weapon Master
Enemy Groups
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The Apex Task Force is a co-operative Task Force that allows heroes and villains to team together. The Task Force was added in Issue 19 with the introduction of the Incarnate System.

Characters must be level 50 to participate. Enemies are significantly harder as well. All enemies will be level 54.

Merit Rewards: This activity awards 40 Reward Merits.


Too Low Level

Sorry, Character, you'll need to be at least Security Level 50 to handle the current situation with the Praetorians.

Not Enough People

This situation with the Praetorians is pretty dire, Character. You'll need a full team of eight people to handle what's coming our way.

Not Team Leader

Sorry, Character, but I'll need to speak with your team leader. No offense.


Part One: The New Law


Good to see you're here with a team, Character. My name is Apex, I'm in charge of Vanguard's operations against Praetoria. As you may or may not know, we've got ourselves into another invasion. Looks like people just love to attack Primal Earth, huh? First it was Rikti, now it's Praetoria.

Their first attack was on Terra Volta, and it was bad, Character. Everyone from the Freedom Phalanx was there, fighting tooth and nail against the Praetorian. But, for some reason, everyone but Statesman had all of their abilities drained to the point of being useless. Eventually, Statesman was forced to retreat, and the Praetorians shut down Terra Volta for some time.

That's the odd thing, though. They could've blown it up, but they just chose to shut it down for a time... which means that whatever they wanted to do, they did in that time. This is where you and your team come in, Character.

Mission Acceptance

That's what I was hoping to hear! You guys are going to be called Task Force Name. Nifty name, don't you think? Now, the reason why we need you all specifically is because of your Incarnate Abilities. We don't know why, but wherever these Praetorians show up, anyone who isn't an Incarnate has their powers totally drained. Even then, Incarnates who aren't somewhat powered up are still drained of some of their powers. We figured all this out after analyzing the battle between the Praetorians and the Freedom Phalanx. Those Praetorians are moving fast though. Their next target is the main PPD headquarters in Kings Row. Blue Steel is doing his best to defend the Row in his weakened state, but he's being overwhelmed, and fast.

We'll provide air transport for you all into Kings Row. You need to defend the PPD station from the Praetorians. If that falls, Paragon loses one of its main forces to fight against the Praetorians!

Unnecessary Solicitation

You guys need to get to Kings Row!

Mission Objective(s)

The Vanguard helicopter flies you directly into the heart of Kings Row, where you can overhear explosions in the distance from other invading forces.

  • Defend the Kings Row Police Station
    • 3 hotspots to clear out
    • 3 Pylons to destroy in the sewers
    • Secure the PPD headquarters
    • Gather at the Paragon Penny
    • Defeat the incoming War Walker
    • Fend off the War Walker's final assault

You've defended the PPD station from Cole's initial invasion forces!


Praetorian Clockwork

Notable NPCs


Good work, Task Force Name. Blue Steel and his men took some heavy losses, but luckily they didn't face the brunt of the invasion like you all did. Anyway, we've got bigger issues, as you may know. Blyde Square was hit by some sort of object from space. We've lost all contact with everyone there, but Vanguard was able to get pictures from one of our satellites, and it isn't good.

Part Two: The Final Strike


The pictures that our satellites took indicate that the 'object' from space was none other than Battle Maiden. It seems one of Cole's methods from invasion involved opening a portal in the atmosphere around the Earth and launching Battle Maiden straight into the heart of Blyde Square. We're getting feeds in now that she's defeated Valkyrie and is now gathering her forces around Blyde Square to take the rest of Steel Canyon. We tried to send in some of our own troops to handle the situation, but we haven't heard back from them. We think whatever is draining the power from everyone is affecting the area where Battle Maiden is.

Mission Acceptance

Exactly. You guys are the last line of defense for us here, which is bad, considering you're not even there yet. If Battle Maiden isn't stopped, she'll have her entire army within the walls of Paragon City! We've got a helicopter lined up to get you guys into Blyde Square. This won't be easy, not by a long shot, Task Force Name.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Good luck, Task Force Name. I'm sorry that we can't be of any more help to you all.

Mission Objective(s)

Your helicopter transport nearly crash lands on a rooftop in Steel Canyon. Most of the crew was flung out during the incident. Walking out, you see what the cause was; a hail of broadswords stick out of the helicopter, making it look more like a pincushion than a machine.

  • Halt Battle Maiden's Assault
    • Search the rooftop for signs of assailants
    • Defeat all incoming... swords?
    • Defeat Battle Maiden in Blyde Square
    • Take Down Battle Maiden Once and For All!

Mission Complete!

Editor's Note:

Blue flames erupt at random times, targeting a spot where a PC's feet are and then emerging several seconds later. They are auto-hit, irresistable and lethal. Staying in one place is a guarantee of death.

They fill a roughly spherical volume, and slightly bigger than their graphical effect; flying characters may pass over ground-based flames safely, but they may also generate flame bursts overhead that kill those on the ground. If a PC must fly, fly well above the ground to drop flames out of reach of others' heads who are standing on the ground.


Notable NPCs

Ambush! On approaching the rooftop door, Battle Maiden will talk to the team via real time cutscene and summon two waves of Animated Swords, which must be defeated.

Battle Maiden retreats!

Ambush! Upon Battle Maiden exiting the battle, there will be an ambush of Praetorian Guard and Animated Swords.
Champion of Mourning: To battle!

Ambush! After Battle Maiden's speech, there will be an ambush of Praetorian Guard and Animated Swords.
Champion of Mourning: We face Incarnates today, we shall show them our true might!

Ambush! After Battle Maiden's speech, there will be more ambushes of Praetorian Guard and Animated Swords.
Champion of Mourning: Maiden has offered glory to any who return with the heads of these Incarnates!
Champion of Mourning: Maiden has offered glory to any who return with the heads of these Incarnates!

Battle Maiden returns!

Ambush! On Battle Maiden's return, there will be another ambush of Praetorian Guard and Animated Swords.
Champion of Mourning: Let us show these Incarnates our true power!
Champion of Mourning: Do not show any mercy to these beings!


Great work out there, Task Force Name! Battle Maiden was teleported away, but she'll be hurting from that one for a long time. We've got Vanguard cleaning up the area around Blyde Square. Valkyrie is going to be OK. Despite the fact that she wasn't an Incarnate, she put up an impressive fight against Battle Maiden and her army. The situation on Primal is somewhat stable, for now, but we've got a long way to go before this invasion is over. I know you've done a lot of work for us, but we could still use your help. If you haven't already, you should speak with Tin Mage Mark II. He's been built, er, assigned to the task of taking the fight back to the Praetorian.

Completing this mission awards the Weapon Master/Warrior Princess badge.


You repelled the initial Praetorian invasion forces from Primal Earth and saved what remained of Blyde Square from Battle Maiden!


Completing the Apex Task Force awards 40 Reward Merits and will bring up a selection window where a character can choose among the following:

Master of Apex's Task Force

If you successfully earn all of the following badges, you will receive the Master of Apex's Task Force Badge:


You have proven yourself Master of Apex's Task Force.


War Earth Sword

You took one of Battle Maiden's animated swords as a war trophy after the fight in Blyde Square. The nanites that powered this sword are long gone, but perhaps you could find a use for it still. It reminds you of an experience you call...

Alpha Strike

It all began when you formed a team to push back the invading Praetorian with a super named Apex. The Freedom Phalanx had fallen defending Terra Volta due to all but Statesman having their powers sapped. Many other heroes were reporting their powers being almost non-existent when fighting Emperor Cole's forces. However, your special Incarnate abilities were able to overcome whatever was happening all over the world. You worked together with other Incarnates to push back the Praetorians in Kings Row, preventing them from destroying the PPD headquarters. Afterwards Blue Steel informed you of disturbing news: Blyde Square had been hit by some object from space and all contact was lost with Valkyrie.

Vanguard reported that the object from space was actually Battle Maiden who was somehow launched into Earth's atmosphere. She and her army were running rampant in Blyde Square, and only you and your team could stop them from destroying the rest of Paragon City. Your Vanguard helicopter crash landed on a roof in Blyde Square, forcing you and your team to move to the heart of Steel Canyon on foot. There, you did battle against Battle Maiden, her animated swords, and her massive army. You defeated her and forced her to retreat, allowing Paragon City to rebuild the destruction within Steel Canyon. One thing stuck out to you during the fight with Battle Maiden; she mentioned that Provost Marchand was too 'weak-willed' to start the invasion, hinting that perhaps this invasion was done against his orders. Whatever the case, you were able to secure Primal Earth from the Praetorians, which will be crucial in launching a counter attack against Cole and his army.


This section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes/Villains. It is provided for historical purposes.

Prior to Issue 27, Page 3, characters without an Alpha ability slotted suffered a -4 level shift during the Apex Task Force. Characters no longer need Alpha unlocked or slotted to participate.


-Combat Levels

Emperor Cole's control over the forces of the Incarnate are preventing every hero, villain or in-between from utilizing their full strength. This is effectively causing you to fight at four combat levels lower than you actually are.

Only those who have embarked on the path of the Incarnate and are utilizing an Alpha Incarnate ability are immune to the effect and fight at full strength.