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Incarnate Components are used to craft new Incarnate Abilities added in Issue 19.



Incarnate Components used in the Alpha Slot are acquired after unlocking the Alpha Slot by:

Destiny, Interface, Judgement, Lore

Incarnate Components used in the Alpha (alternate recipes), Destiny, Interface, Judgement, and Lore Slots may be earned through participation in Incarnate Trials:

Components may be earned in Incarnate Trials as follows:

  • Any enemies defeated during an Incarnate Trial have a random chance to drop Incarnate Threads.
  • Successful completion of any objective during an Incarnate Trial awards all participating characters with an Astral Merit.
  • No more often than once every 20 hours, successful completion of the entire Incarnate Trial awards all participating characters with 1 or 2 Empyrean Merits. Additional rewards during the 20 hour window will be reduced to an equivalent number of Astral Merits, or in the case of TPN Campus Trial and Minds of Mayhem Trial, 1 Empyrean Merit instead of 2.
  • Upon successful completion of an Incarnate Trial, each character will be presented with an award table allowing them to choose one reward. The options available will either be all common Components, all uncommon, all rare, all very rare, or 10 Threads. There is a participation threshold that must be met in order to receive a component table instead of the 10 Threads "consolation prize". If a character surpasses the threshold, the Component reward is a random roll.[1]

Additionally, components may be earned from the story arc reward window at the end of story arcs in the Dark Astoria content.

Threads can also be earned through successful completion of the following non-trial content:

In addition, Incarnate Threads plus inf can be used to create any of the Components in this category except for Astral or Empyrean Merits.

Any of the Components may also be broken down into Incarnate Threads with the number of resulting threads varying according to the rarity of the Component being broken down. Threads are also available as conversions from Shards, at a 10:10 ratio plus 2.5 million inf once every 20 hours, and at a 10:5 shards to threads ratio plus 2.5 million inf at any time.

NPC Sale Value

Incarnate Components cannot be sold to NPC stores or contacts. They cannot be traded or emailed to other players, nor can they be placed on Wentworths or the Black Market.


Incarnate Components are bound to the character who obtains it. The upper limits to how much a character can store is currently unknown.

Incarnate Component Items

What follows is an alphabetical listing of all available Incarnate Components, with accompanying descriptions and links.

Ancient Nictus Fragment

See also: Ancient Nictus Fragment Component

Salvage AncientNictus.png
Common Incarnate Component

The sands of Cimerora have coughed up this gem of Nictus power.

Arcane Cantrip

See also: Arcane Cantrip Component

Salvage arcane cantrip.png
Common Incarnate Component

This simple yet powerful magical incantation is the foundation for powerful alchemical and arcane construction.

Biomorphic Goo

See also: Biomorphic Goo Component

Salvage BiomorphicGoo.png
Common Incarnate Component

This strange, almost living, chemical compound appears almost sentient in its ability to respond to outside stimuli. It appears to have quite strong mutagenic properties.

Detailed Reports

See also: Detailed Reports Component

Salvage detailed report.png
Common Incarnate Component

These documents outline Emperor's Cole plans to invade Primal Earth and go into express detail over the nature of Incarnates and their relationships with the Well of the Furies.

Dimensional Keystone

See also: Dimensional Keystone Component

Salvage ArcaneEssence.png
Common Incarnate Component

This stone is imbued with the cosmic resonance of a world beyond Primal Earth.

Enchanted Sand

See also: Enchanted Sand Component

Salvage enchanted sand.png
Common Incarnate Component

These grains pass through your fingers leaving a faint mystical residue.

Essence of the Incarnate

See also: Essence of the Incarnate Component

Salvage StrandofFate.png
Common Incarnate Component

A shred of power from a living Incarnate.

Genomic Analysis

See also: Genomic Analysis Component

Salvage GenomicAnalysis.png
Common Incarnate Component

This data arguably solves many mysteries around human genetic mutation.

Gr'ai Matter

See also: Gr'ai Matter Component

Salvage Ectoplasm.png
Common Incarnate Component

This Rikti neural matter is useful to channel Alpha Incarnate abilities which affect the mind and soul.

Hero 1 DNA Sample

See also: Hero 1 DNA Sample Component

Salvage BloodSample.png
Common Incarnate Component

Hero 1's DNA contains a small fraction of his power, as modified by the Rikti.

Incarnate Shard

See also: Incarnate Shard Component

Salvage IncarnateShard.png
Common Incarnate Component

Incarnate Ability Sub-component

Faint impressions of Incarnate essence can be found almost everywhere. Claim and combine them to form and improve Alpha Incarnate Components.

Incarnate Thread

See also: Incarnate Thread Component

Salvage incarnate thread.png
Common Incarnate Component

Incarnate Ability Sub-component

Thin lines of Incarnate power flow through the universes, and those who are on the Incarnate path can collect them and reweave them into stronger Incarnate components.

Meditation Techniques

See also: Meditation Techniques Component

Salvage mediation techniques.png
Common Incarnate Component

These techniques teach one to clear the mind even in the heat of battle.

Nanotech Growth Medium

See also: Nanotech Growth Medium Component

Salvage nanotech growth medium.png
Common Incarnate Component

This medium is designed to be a perpetual source for nanoassemblers to incubate within.

Penumbra of Rularuu

See also: Penumbra of Rularuu Component

Salvage Etherium.png
Common Incarnate Component

The emanations from Rularuu's Willforges can channel Alpha Incarnate abilities which affect body and bone.

Supercharged Capacitor

See also: Supercharged Capacitor Component

Salvage supercharged capacitor.png
Common Incarnate Component

This small device is charged with an alarming amount of energy.

Ancient Texts

See also: Ancient Texts Component

Salvage ancient texts.png
Rare Incarnate Component

These crumbling dusty tomes contain recorded information thought to be lost for centuries.

Exotic Isotope

See also: Exotic Isotope Component

Salvage exotic isotope.png
Rare Incarnate Component

This extraterrestrial isotope's origins have eluded even the greatest minds of Praetorian Earth.

Notice of the Well

See also: Notice of the Well Component

Salvage NoticeOfTheWell.png
Rare Incarnate Component

You have drawn the notice of the Well of Furies via your actions following the subtle directives and incentives it has been spreading in the worlds. This notice will allow you to construct an Alpha Incarnate Ability of Rare quality.

Semi-Conscious Energy

See also: Semi-Conscious Energy Component

Salvage semi conscious energy.png
Rare Incarnate Component

This small sample of exotic energy reacts to your presence, humming and pulsing wildly when you are near.

Superconductive Membrane

See also: Superconductive Membrane Component

Salvage superconductive membrane.png
Rare Incarnate Component

This alloy's capability to conduct electricity surpasses any known terrestrial alloy on Primal Earth.

Cytolitic Infusion

See also: Cytolitic Infusion Component

Salvage cytolitic infusion.png
Uncommon Incarnate Component

This small vial contains a fluid capable of breaking down cells at a rapid rate.

Dimensional Pocket

See also: Dimensional Pocket Component

Salvage dimensional pocket.png
Uncommon Incarnate Component

No self respecting wizard would be caught dead without a few of these.

Drop of the Well

See also: Drop of the Well Component

Salvage PhantomTears.png
Uncommon Incarnate Component

Purified and coalesced, this essence is as powerful as a drop from the Well of the Furies itself.

Gluon Compound

See also: Gluon Compound Component

Salvage gluon compound.png
Uncommon Incarnate Component

This canister of subatomic gluons forms a fantastic adhesive compound. Industrial spills tend to have catastrophic consequences though.

Incarnate Infused Nictus

See also: Incarnate Infused Nictus Component

Salvage InfusedNictus.png
Uncommon Incarnate Component

This Nictus fragment has fused with Incarnate essence to become much, much more.

Infinite Tessellation

See also: Infinite Tessellation Component

Salvage MagicalArtifact.png
Uncommon Incarnate Component

Part of the mystery of infinite, parallel worlds is revealed as you gaze into this pattern.

Vanguard DNA Metamatrix

See also: Vanguard DNA Metamatrix Component

Salvage VanguardDNA.png
Uncommon Incarnate Component

Lady Grey prepares these metamatrices from the DNA of everyone who interacts with Vanguard; friend or foe.

Worn Spellbook

See also: Worn Spellbook Component

Salvage WornSpellbook.png
Uncommon Incarnate Component

Even though a few pages are torn out or badly damaged, this grimoire contains very useful magic incantations.

Favor of the Well

See also: Favor of the Well Component

Salvage FavorOfTheWell.png
Very Rare Incarnate Component

By attentively following the direction of the Well of the Furies and demonstrating a depth of commitment to it, it has offered you one of its Favors. This favor will allow you to construct an Alpha Incarnate Ability of Very Rare quality.

Forbidden Technique

See also: Forbidden Technique Component

Salvage forbidden technique.png
Very Rare Incarnate Component

The teachings on this scroll are said to grant the reader unparalleled physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Living Relic

See also: Living Relic Component

Salvage living relic.png
Very Rare Incarnate Component

This fragment is a piece of a relic that was said to be sentient.

Self Evolving Alloy

See also: Self Evolving Alloy Component

Salvage self evoling alloy.png
Very Rare Incarnate Component

It's difficult to study and pinpoint this alloy's origins, but it's impossible to tell how it will change from one moment to the next.

Thaumic Resonator

See also: Thaumic Resonator Component

Salvage thaumic resonator.png
Very Rare Incarnate Component

This unearthly device generates a strong thaumic field, bringing extraordinary luck to everyone nearby. All that luck comes at a price though, and so the wise do not use it often.

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