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Incarnate Experience (Incarnate XP, iXP) is the reward required to unlock Incarnate Ability Slots. Incarnate XP can be obtained from enemy defeats in any area of the game, by completing Incarnate Trials or missions in Dark Astoria, and by converting Incarnate Threads directly into Incarnate XP once a character has reached Level 50.

Note that Incarnate Experience is not doubled during Double XP Weekends.

Earning Incarnate Experience

Incarnate Experience

  • Psychic Incarnate Experience unlocks the Alpha, Judgement, and Lore Slots, in that order. Ordinarily, characters will receive like amounts of both, so the Interface and Judgement slots will be unlocked at the same time.
  • 50,000 Physical or Psychic Incarnate Experience is awarded for the conversion of one Incarnate Thread.

Advanced Incarnate Experience

  • Advanced Physical Incarnate Experience is not currently awarded.
  • Advanced Psychic Incarnate Experience is awarded once all five previous slots are unlocked; it unlocks the Hybrid Slot.


This section contains information about a major update to City of Heroes/Villains. It is provided for historical purposes.

Prior to Issue 25, Incarnate Experience was only awarded by Incarnate System content, such as Incarnate Trials and Dark Astoria.

  • Advanced Physical Incarnate Experience was not awarded by any released content. It was expected to be awarded by a future Incarnate Trial to unlock the Genesis Slot.