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Dream Doctor
Dream Doctor.jpg
Midnighter Club Founder
Zone Unknown (Phone Only)
Level Range 50
Introduced By Sister Solaris
Introduces None
Enemy Groups
Badges Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Truth Teller
Mission DA Arc Complete.png Heart of Hatred
Mission DA Zone Achievement.png Lone Wolf
Mission DA Zone Achievement.png Buddy Cop
Mission DA Zone Achievement.png Incarnate Rival
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Dream Doctor is a hero and villain contact in Dark Astoria. His level range is 50. He is available by phone only.

Background Information

From the Circle of Thorns background story:

A symbol used by the Dream Doctor.

"In 1933, when children from poor neighborhoods started disappearing from their homes in the middle of the night, police and heroes alike were entirely baffled. There were no signs of forced entry, no clues at all. It wasn’t until the new hero known as the Dream Doctor started on the case that the true nature of the Circle of Thorns became public knowledge. A master of sorcery himself, the Dream Doctor recognized the hand of black magic in the kidnappings and traced the mystic trail back to the private club used by the Circle for its meetings.

At midnight on the anniversary of the Circle’s founding, The Dream Doctor burst in upon the foul cultists just as they prepared to sacrifice the poor children. As preternatural night engulfed the ritual chamber, the hero moved among them, his mystic blasts and spirit allies smashing through the cultists and freeing the children before Baron Zoria and his cronies knew what had happened. While the Circle’s highest-ranking members escaped, The Dream Doctor managed to capture most of the rest of the cult and bring them to justice.

That night in 1933 was the end of the Circle of Thorns' existence as a public organization. Baron Zoria and his followers literally fled into the underground, allegedly taking up quarters in the dank and dangerous ruins of Oranbega. Their first order of business was taking vengeance upon the man who had ruined them: The Dream Doctor. Knowing full well what would happen to him, the Doctor gathered about him a group of civic-minded magicians, occultists, and scholars to help protect the city against future threats from the Circle of Thorns. He called this group the Midnight Squad, and the organization persists to this day as one of the premiere superhero organizations in Paragon City.

Over the next few decades, the Circle of Thorns and the Midnight Squad continued to skirmish back and forth. Unfortunately, since only the Circle knew how to enter the lost city of Oranbega, they always had a safe and secure base to retreat in when matters grew desperate. Try as they might, the Midnight Squad could not crack the mystery of the sunken city. By the 1990’s the Circle of Thorns seemed to have dwindled to a mere shadow of its former might. Except for the occasional museum theft or kidnapped antiquarian, the villains seldom seemed to rise from their chthonic chambers."

Like many other heroes, the Dream Doctor took a temporary leave of absence from Paragon City during World War II. Although the Midnight Squad was the Dream Doctor's primary team, it was as member of the Freedom Phalanx that the Dream Doctor helped repel a 1941 Axis attack on Paragon City. Soon after, the Dream Doctor and the rest of the Freedom Phalanx traveled to Europe to join forces with England's Dawn Patrol. The Dream Doctor remained active throughout World War II, eventually becoming the leader of the 1st Hero Brigade's North African striketeam, the Sand Kings. The group was composed entirely of "street level" heroes and vigilantes, all from Paragon City. They relied on the Dream Doctor's mental powers to make sudden, covert strikes against Axis forces. In this way, they became a model for how superheroes could be most effective in modern warfare.

As of Issue 22, the Dream Doctor has resurfaced in the fight against Mot in Dark Astoria.


Why I Left and Why You Must Stay

Hopefully, when you read this, my name is not forgotten. I don't know why that's so important to me. I guess after all I've seen, a part of me is still human. I wonder if the same can be said for my counterpart, Rularuu.

As I used the blade, I shaved off a piece of myself. I am not the same man anymore. I still work among you - looking for answers. But I've also begun searching in the dreamspace for a way to protect you, and the rest of the world, from a fate that grows closer with each passing day. Something is coming and I must find out what it is before it's too late.

I have never been afraid to ask for help. If you remember anything about me, please remember that. But this...this is something I must do on my own. I'm going to try and save the world... again. But by all means, don't let that stop you from trying to save it first.

-The Dream Doctor


The Dream Doctor is the founder of the Midnight Squad.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None


Midnighter Club Founder

The Dream Doctor is the founder of the Midnighter Club. He originally discovered the workings of the Circle of Thorns in the 1930s and stopped them from kidnapping children from their homes.

Since those events, he has risen to almost legendary power while fighting the Thorns, founding the Midnight Squad, and fighting off the cosmic power of Rularuu. After all of those events, Dream Doctor vanished into dreamspace, claiming he was out to save the world yet again.

Dream Doctor has returned now, revealed as the letter writer who has been fighting against Ouroboros. He will not stop his crusade against the organization until he knows that humanity is safe from the terrors he believes they hold.

Initial Contact

The events in Cimerora have served to make you immune to Mot's power, Character. We must work fast, however. We bought ourselves some time with the destruction of the Knives of Vengeance, but not a lot of it.

Mot is beginning to absorb weaker heroes and villains who are near Dark Astoria... not even inside of the area now. You and I must deal with the Talons of Vengeance and the Tsoo once and for all if we are to finally stop Mot.

This won't be easy, not by a longshot, and I'm not even entirely sure this plan of mine will work, but it's the only option we have. Let's get started.


The time is now, Character.

Too Busy

You have too much to deal with at the moment, Character. Speak with me again when you've freed yourself from your burdens.

No More Missions

Dark Astoria and the world are saved from Mot, but Ouroboros still looms as a threat. We will continue our fight against them soon, Character.


  • None

Story Arc

Editor's Note:

This Arc is Divided into two sections from the contact. There is a reward table after the first half as well as the second half.

The Choice of Hope (First Half)


Withered Piece of Mot

Part One: The Long War


Our first order of business has to be the Tsoo. Protean is working within their organization to gather the components needed to summon Tielekku, but there is only so much he can do. If we do not prevent them from summoning the goddess, they will weaken her power, leaving us without a way to banish Mot.

I believe in some twisted way Tub Ci thinks he is doing the right thing, but I fear his sanity has been corrupted by the will of Mot. The Tsoo have spent years in Dark Astoria fighting the forces of Mot. They have become jaded to the point in believing only they can stop the creature, going so far as to believe they are above a goddess.

  • So, we need to find Tub Ci and his god-killer sword.

Yes, exactly. Protean has reported to me where Tub Ci last was, which was in a storage warehouse that the Tsoo have for their new 'incarnate' powered ink. He should have the sword on him, as well.

We must get to that warehouse, recover any items to summon Tielekku, find Tub Ci, and take the sword from him. I can only assume this will happen with a thorough beating of Tub Ci. Afterwards, I will see if I can talk sense into him to join our cause, as he would make a worthy ally.

Myself and Scirocco will meet you at the warehouse; Scirocco is determined to do everything he can to rescue his lackey, Ice Mistral, and I believe he can be trusted as long as he has such a drive to his actions.

Find Tub Ci

Unnecessary Solicitation

You can't get in touch with Dream Doctor.

Mission Objective(s)


You go through various winding tunnels to get into the Tsoo warehouse, located deep underground.

  • Find Tub Ci
    • Recover items to summon Tielekku
    • Find Tub Ci

You found several artifacts to summon Tielekku and the location of where Tub Ci is.



Notable NPCs


Hua Tov coughs, seeming to be badly injured from not only your fight but from previous wounds. He was in no shape to even fight you in the first place.

I'm... sorry... Character... I don't know what overcame me...

You've been trying to... destroy Mot all of this time... and yet the Tsoo... we believed we were the only ones who could do it. Tub Ci has gone mad... and all of us willingly followed him... how many have we killed... have we sacrificed... to get where we are...?

It is not noble... it is not honorable... we were supposed to be better than... common gangsters... I wanted to... I WANTED to be better...

Tub Ci has fled to a local sewer system... he has the god-killer sword... p-please, you must stop him... you must save Astoria and the world from him...

But before you go... Character... do you think... do you think the Tsoo... that I... can be forgiven... for everything that I've done? For all the horrors that I've caused...?

  • You can be forgiven, Hua, if you want to be, if you are truly repentant.
Hua Tov lets out a small, weak smile.
I... do... want to be... forgiven.
Thank you... Character...
Hua Tov collapses, the life leaving his body.
  • You've done too much to be forgiven, Hua.
Hua Tov remains silent at your words. A few moments later, a maw of Mot appears, devouring Hua!
  • I don't have the right to judge you, Hua. You have to decide for yourself.
Hua Tov remains silent at your words. A few moments later, a maw of Mot appears, devouring Hua! It seems on his own, Hua Tov could not bring himself to choose hope or forgiveness.
Defeat Tub Ci and Recover the God-Killer Sword

Unnecessary Solicitation

You can't get in touch with Dream Doctor.

Mission Objective(s)


Tub Ci is somewhere deep within these sewers, along with the sword that can take the power of a god.

  • Defeat Tub Ci and Recover the God-Killer Sword
    • Defeat Tub Ci
    • 4 spirits to defeat to remove Tub Ci's invulnerability

You defeated Tub Ci and recovered the God-Killer Sword!



Notable NPCs

God-Killer Sword

You retrieved the God-Killer sword from Tub Ci after defeating him. The sword itself is twisted and looks like it would be useless in a normal fight. The only real use would be a stabbing motion, as the sides of the blade are covered with some sort of black substance that dulls it. The sword pulses an evil aura; the components that came together to create this must have been truly vile.

This sword could be used to take the power from Tielekku and a weakened Mot, should you choose to use it, though there's no telling how long the sword will actually last.


Scirocco and Ajax are dealing with Tub Ci as we speak. Tub Ci was able to resist Mot, but not the hatred that rested in his heart.

The man had spent too long here in Astoria and this hatred of his had grown. He wanted to save the world, yet he had grown to hate the world for abandoning Dark Astoria and for ignoring the threat that was growing.

The fog has been lifted from Tub Ci's eyes, thankfully, though he must still begin to atone for the horror that is his Tsoo 'incarnate' ink. They created the ink by using the cursed souls within Dark Astoria. Some spirits were from the Circle of Thorns, others were from the cursed souls trapped within Dark Astoria. So many have tried to gain immense power through different methods, Character, however, none of them reach the same level as the power granted from the Well... unfortunately.

At any rate, the Tsoo are no longer a threat, and we have what is required to summon Tielekku. I have members of the Midnight Squad working on the ritual as we speak, using David Hazen's runes to power it. We have one last threat to deal with, Character.

Part Two: Mother May We


The Talons of Vengeance remain in Dark Astoria, even with the destruction of Diabolique. What is worse is that they are actively going after those who they believe are 'oathbreakers', which in this case are those who survived the 'darkening' of Astoria, both from the Rikti War and from the 1950's.

This situation is the same as the Knives of Vengeance; they are only fueling Mot. They know that they are empowering Mot, Character. The Talons believe that the Furies have the power to stop Mot, and that if Mot destroyed the world, it would simply be resetting us back to the start. They believe Primal Earth deserves this. We need to go to the center of the Talons here in Primal Earth and destroy their figurative heart.

  • I assume you know where this place is?

I do. Thanks, once more, to the information provided to us by Protean. He says that there are three Keres within the area, along with what he believes to be a 'Mother' Keres.

This can only be their main cavern of operations within Primal Earth. We must go in there and wipeout these Keres, Character, along with whoever this 'Mother' Keres is. It will be a difficult task, to be sure, but with you leading the charge, I believe it can be done.

Scirocco, Protean, and myself will go with you. Ajax is busy tending to Tub Ci and ensuring his safety.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You can't get in touch with Dream Doctor.

Mission Objective(s)


The cavern is full of the Knives of Vengeance, who made this their home. It's time to bring an end to them in Dark Astoria, once and for all.

  • End the Talons of Vengeance in Dark Astoria
    • 3 Keres to defeat to destroy the Talons Nest
    • Defeat Mother Keres

You've destroyed the Mother Keres and the main base for the Talons of Vengeance!


Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs


Good to see you're alive, Character. I didn't think that was going to happen down there. What exactly happened when you vanished?

Hrm, a 'Mother Keres', you say? I'll have to look more into that to see just how many there are. It's possible you just delivered a major blow to the Talons as a whole, and not just the ones in Dark Astoria.

Montague Castanella has told me that there are several reports of the Talons of Vengeance retreating from various areas all over the world. They're most likely running scared now without this Mother Keres to guide them, Character. Now is the time to strike at Mot!

Finale: To Destroy a God


This is it, Character. The ritual is nearly complete. Tub Ci and the Tsoo have agreed to help us in ending this, the Talons of Vengeance have been decimated, the Knives of Vengeance destroyed, and your immunity to Mot should still be present.

The Midnighters have confirmed that David Hazen's runes will work to empower our magical spell.

Are you ready, Character, to bring this to an end? It isn't going to be easy... not by a long shot. Mot is going to throw everything it has at us to stop our efforts, but we'll have you and the goddess Tielekku on our side, along with my entire team.

  • I'm ready, let's finish this.

Excellent. We'll meet you at the ritual site. By the time you arrive, we should be nearly finished with summoning Tielekku.

If this is truly the final fight against Mot, you'll have to bring plenty of allies with you to see this to the end.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You can't get in touch with Dream Doctor.

Mission Objective(s)


You can see the ritual being finished up ahead. Powerful magic fills the air, fighting against the despair that is seeping from the graveyard.

  • Banish Mot to the Spirit World
    • Approach the summoning site
    • Talk to Dream Doctor
    • 6 groups of Banished Pantheon to clear to get out

Tielekku, Ajax, and Tub Ci have been absorbed by Mot, making the creature more powerful than ever!


Banished Pantheon

Notable NPCs


This is it, Character. We will march onto the graveyard of Mot and destroy him, once and for all.

Your power and Tielekku's presence will get us straight to the heart of the area, where we shall banish Mot from this world forever.

Are you ready?

  • Let's go, Dream Doctor.

Dream Doctor: Mot! We have come here to deliver final justice upon you!
Dream Doctor: You will be banished to the spirit world, forced to suffer for the rest of eternity!

Tielekku: I have banished your kind before Mot, I shall do it again!

Tielekku: You don't have-
Dream Doctor: Tielekku?!

Ajax: What?!
Tub Ci: No!
Dream Doctor: Ajax! Tub Ci!
Protean: This isn't worth it, Doc, deal's off!

Dream Doctor: Aha! It worked! Now... RUN!


Character, this is all my fault. I thought... I thought Tielekku would be powerful enough to resist Mot. It seems I was wrong; the creature directed all of its power in order to consume her.

I was wrong about why Mot twisted Tub Ci's mind. It didn't want Tielekku summoned to this existence for Tub Ci to attack her; it wanted Tielekku summoned to devour her and take her powers! Not only that, it now has Ajax and Tub Ci. Soon, it will absorb all of Tielekku's strength, gaining the ability of a goddess... all of Tub Ci's power... and Ajax's invulnerability, making its entire body impossible to kill! And now Protean is gone, on the loose to do what he wishes once again.

This... is all my fault, Character. I should have seen this coming. But we are not doomed. You and I are still alive, which means we still yet have a chance against Mot, but we must hurry.

The Choice of Hope (Second Half)

Part Four: Built in the Past


Tielekku mentioned something strange when we first summoned her, which was that there was some sort of conscience within the Sentinel. This may be something we can utilize, Character.

You and I should split up. You should speak with the woman known as Heather Townshend. I asked her some time ago to investigate the man known as David Hazen. I'm beginning to think that we misused the runes that he made. Percy Winkley believes there was something we were missing... if we have any luck, perhaps Ms. Townshend has found something.

  • And what about you and Scirocco?

Scirocco and I will be going to Vanguard to appeal for their help. This is out of their jurisdiction, but they're one of the most powerful armed forces that the planet has. Lady Grey or the Dark Watcher may be able to help us discover the truth behind the Sentinel.

If there is some humanity left within the beast, then we may just have another source we can use against Mot. We will group back together once both of us have handled our matters.

Speak with Heather Townshend

Unnecessary Solicitation

You can't get in touch with Dream Doctor.


Character, it's been some time. The forces of Mot have been growing restless. Several times now I've seen dark energies slamming against the magical barriers here.

They're weakening, and I don't think they're going to hold for much longer. I just hope this letter writer knows what he's doing, asking me to do research on this David Hazen character. I've done everything that I could, but I was never told how to get in touch with him with my information!

  • Tell me what you found out.

Okay, so the big thing with Hazen was that he created some sort of vast magical runes in Astoria. He based it off the fact that the land itself has a powerful magical ley line that goes throughout the city, with its nexus peaking in Moth Cemetary.

That's why the Circle of Thorns were able to trap Mot in there for so long; their magic fed off the magic in the ley line, but now so does Mot.

In the journals that I found, it seems Hazen set up the runes to make use of the ley lines... but I couldn't get anything further from that. I know where the final pieces of Hazen's journal could be located, however. It would tell you what exactly those runes could be used for. The men that the letter writer sent to help me, Dean MacArthur and Ajax, found the place, but had to retreat from the Banished Pantheon's presence.

  • Where is this place?
Heather Townshend gives you the address of where you can find Hazen's missing journal. As she does so, your communicator goes off with a message from the Dream Doctor.
Dream Doctor says that your help is needed right away at the Vanguard compound; Mot's forces have broken through into the Rikti War Zone and are seeking to destroy it!
  • Wait. -Dean- was helping you?
Yes, the letter writer said he could convince the man to help me. He was... Well, very strange, and wouldn't stop flirting with me. But he did his job and helped me navigate through the area.
I don't know where he is now, though. After our last encounter, he said he had to go 'splitsville', saying that he had done as much as he could.
  • Alright, where is this place?
Heather Townshend gives you the address of where you can find Hazen's missing journal. As she does so, your communicator goes off with a message from the Dream Doctor.
Dream Doctor says that your help is needed right away at the Vanguard compound; Mot's forces have broken through into the Rikti War Zone and are seeking to destroy it!
  • I have to go, Heather. I'll see you soon.
Save the Vanguard Compound

Unnecessary Solicitation

You can't get in touch with Dream Doctor.

Mission Objective(s)


You walked through the Vanguard compound to see several soldiers injured, dead, or being absorbed by Mot.

  • Save the Vanguard Compound
    • 10 groups of Banished Pantheon to defeat
    • Defeat the Sentinel of Mot

You've saved the Vanguard compound from Mot's forces!


Banished Pantheon

Notable NPCs


I appreciate the support, Character. Mot's forces attacked us while we were in a meeting. Tielekku's words about the Sentinel gave Dark Watcher and Lady Grey an idea, and it is lucky for us that the beast showed up to lead the attack on the compound.

Dark Watcher sent a report that there is a human being within the creature, or rather, the creature was originally a human being who was twisted by Mot's influence. I think that we can use this against Mot, if we can get the Sentinel's humanity to return.

You found out where the last of Hazen's journals are located? That's perfect! That, combined with whatever we get out of the Sentinel, could be the key to turning the tide in this.

Part Five: Twisted Memories


Scirocco is going to go investigate the office building you discovered. We'll need you to help the wizards that Vanguard provided to reach out to the Sentinel. The creature seems to have some connection to you, some reason why it bitterly hates you. I'm not sure why it would hate someone that's of your stature, though.

The place where they'll be attempting to bind the Sentinel for you to talk with it will be the same place where Scirocco fought the creature some time ago.

  • So I'm just supposed to walk up and -talk- to the Sentinel?

I know, it isn't exactly the best of plans, but at this point we're running out of options. We're getting reports of Mot's influence spreading in various parts of the globe. People as far away as Australia are reporting 'strange mouths' erupting from the ground to devour people.

Mot's power has grown to the point where it doesn't care about feeding on a person's guilt or sorrow, it just wants to feed, and it has the power to take whoever it wants. The number of people it can devour is going up as we speak; soon, Mot will be able to devour entire cities, Character.

In the meantime, I will be working on preparations for a possible final battle on my end. Destroy the Ravagers of Mot within the cave and you should be able to lure the Sentinel back out. The Vanguard Wizards will be in place to bind it. You won't have a lot of time, but try to see if you can reach out to it and discover its true identity.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Don't worry about me, Character. I've got plenty to do on my end.

Mission Objective(s)


You're here.

  • Release the Sentinel's Humanity
    • 5 Ravagers to defeat to lure out the Sentinel
    • Investigate the trapped Sentinel

You've discovered the true identity of the Sentinel, and a way to weaken Mot.


Banished Pantheon

Notable NPCs

Sentinel of Mot

The Sentinel snarls at you with its giant maw, mucus-covered spit flying out from between its many teeth. The binding spell from the Vanguard seems to be holding it back.

Character... the fact that you stand here and live freely while I am bound once more...!

You chose all of this... you chose to have me die, while you lived! I will not forget... I will not forgive...!

  • Who are you, really?

Who am I?! Hah... haha... you do not recognize me in my new form. It has been hundreds upon hundreds of years. I have waited all of this time to be released, to destroy you for what you've done.

I was Marcus Valerius, captain of the guard in Cimerora. I was the one who took the burden of Mot, I was the one who chose to sacrifice everything to save Cimerora! And it was all for nothing. My name was forgotten, while you, you became a legend. Mot showed me the truth in my dying breath, the nature of it all. It showed me how you manipulated everyone so that I was the one chosen to take the idol, that I would suffer while you sat comfortably, lavishing the praise of the Cimerorans!

All of our encounters, they were only a means to an end for you... you needed me alive so that you would not be the one who took the burden of the idol!

  • I saved your life because it was the right thing to do, not for my own benefit!
The right thing to do? You sent me to my doom, Character, ALL of us went to our doom!
I did this for my people, and my people abandoned me! They forgot about me, about all of us who sacrificed our lives! Mot has not... all that I've done with Mot shall echo through eternity.
It showed me the truth of things, that Sister Solaris was a fraud, that Imperious was nothing but a tyrant over Cimerora!
You can tell that Mot has twisted Marcus Valerius's mind to hate his former friends and loved ones. You'll need something physical to remind him of what he once fought for, of who he once was; perhaps the medallion that Sister Solaris gave you as a memento would do the trick.
(Show Marcus the Cimeroran Medallion) (Go to 'A')
  • You willingly did this, Marcus. I did not try to purposefully condemn you.
You knew what you were sending us to do! I know you laughed at us as we went, laughed at our pathetic idea that we could save the people who we thought cared about us!
I did this for my people, and my people abandoned me! They forgot about me, about all of us who sacrificed our lives! Mot has not... all that I've done with Mot shall echo through eternity.
It showed me the truth of things, that Sister Solaris was a fraud, that Imperious was nothing but a tyrant over Cimerora!
You can tell that Mot has twisted Marcus Valerius's mind to hate his former friends and loved ones. You'll need something physical to remind him of what he once fought for, of who he once was; perhaps the medallion that Sister Solaris gave you as a memento would do the trick.
  • (Show Marcus the Cimeroran Medallion) ('A')
Marcus Valerius pauses as he sees the Cimeroran medallion. The tremendous claws on the beast begin to shake, as its many eyes remain focused on the medallion. You can see from his reaction that the true memories of his friends are flooding back into his mind.
I... I remember. The memories... they're returning... fighting alongside Imperious... Sister Solaris always being there to help me in my time of need... the people of Cimerora saying prayers for our safe journey. I remember, Character... I remember the why, why we gave up our lives. We knew the people would forget about us eventually... but we knew that our actions would save them all.
I also remember you, Character. You saved me from the Talons of Vengeance not once, but twice. You could have let me die, but you chose to save me. We both did what had to be done to save my people...
On that day, when we set sail on the boat that Marathon and Daedalus built... Sister Solaris gave me a similar medallion to remember her by, but I lost it at sea. She warned me that without a physical reminder of my why... that I would eventually grow to hate the very people I sought to save... she was right, Character. What have I become?
  • It's not too late, Marcus. You still have a chance to make things right.
Yes... I can do that, Character. I am still a part of Mot, but I have my mind back. Many of those that Mot has absorbed are gone now, but the stronger ones... they still remain inside of the beast, their power being drawn out slowly until they fade into nothing. Tielekku is one of them, her great power flowing through Mot.
I... if you can get to the maw of Mot, Character, I can get you inside of the beast. From there, you can destroy the magic that Mot is using to power itself.
That will not end the beast, however... but that is all that I can offer to you. I will do my best to maintain my humanity, but the force of Mot is immense.
If you do find a way to destroy Mot's power, Character, then I can finally be free. I am kept together by Mot... if its power wanes, then my form will wither and die. Please... I beg you, find a way to end Mot, so that I may once again see my loved ones and allies, Character.
  • I'll do what I can, Marcus.
That's all I can ask, Character. I must go now. The binds that the wizards have cast have vanished.
If you can make it to Mot's maw, I will appear to get you inside, but I will only be able to do so if Mot does not have any forces to stop me.
  • Alright, Marcus. I'll see you soon.


The wizards relayed everything that happened, Character. I never would have thought that Marcus Valerius was the Sentinel... truly, Mot is an evil being, a representation not only of death, but of blind, unreasonable hate. Hate, Character, that makes us forget why we love our friends, our family. It twists the truth of the past to be the lies of the present... and those lies become what drives us.

I suppose this is a lesson for us all, Character. We can't survive on the past by just memory alone... we need something in the present to remind us about why we fight, why we live. Marcus lost that... and lost himself in the process.

Sorry, Character, this isn't a time for reflection, not just yet. We have one half of the equation, the other rests in the journals of David Hazen. Unfortunately... I have not heard from Scirocco. I fear the worst.

Part Six: The Life of David Hazen


I've tried to get in touch with Scirocco, but he is not responding. I fear that Mot is aware that we're getting closer to finding his weakness and has either killed Scirocco or is in the process of doing so; it will then command its minions to destroy the last traces of Hazen's journal.

Even if we free every single person within Mot, the monster will just absorb them once again. Hazen must have had a way around that with the magic he used. It's a long shot yet again, Character, but our long shot from before paid off with the Sentinel.

  • I'll go to the office and save Scirocco.

Thank you, Character. I must continue work on my end to prepare for what might be the final battle for our world.

If Scirocco has fallen, then you must be the one who tracks down the final pieces of Hazen's journal. If what Heather Townshend said is true, it will contain the missing piece to the true purpose of Hazen's runes.

If not... well, then we'll have to hope for another miracle.

Mission Objective(s)


You enter the old office building where the last pieces of Hazen's journal are.

  • Find David Hazen's Missing Journal
    • 3 pieces of David Hazen's journal to find
    • Rescue Scirocco
    • Speak with Madame Bellerose

You found the missing pieces of David Hazen's journal, along with the key to sealing Mot!


Banished Pantheon

Notable NPCs


Character... I remember you... you saved my life before.

It's all flooding back to me now... My life before coming to this city. I've spent too long here... Mot's minions twisted my mind... My will...

I came here looking for a challenge... something to prove my new abilities against. What I found was...

I must go, Character. I must leave this city and never return to it. Thank you for your help... I do not wish to think about what would've happen if you had not already saved me before.

  • Goodbye, Bellerose.
  • Hold on, I didn't save you for nothing. I deserve something in return.
I have nothing to give, Character, except my gratitude.
Now, let me leave, unless you did all of this for a selfish reason of me 'owing' you.
If that's the case... I will not hesitate to attack you where you stand with all my might.
  • Alright, Bellerose, just go.
  • Strike -me- down? Just try it, Bellerose.
Madame Bellerose: I will NOT be killed here by you, Character. I am Madame Bellerose, I am an INCARNATE, I WILL survive!

Madame Bellerose will only appear here if you rescued her earlier in the Dark Astoria arcs. This badge awards after speaking with her.


You rescued Madame Bellerose from the forces of Dark Astoria. She eventually succumbed to Mot's will and attacked you, but came to her senses before it was too late. Did you choose to spare her life, or end it when she refused to pay you back?


You see Detective Hopp laying on the ground, badly beaten by the Banished Pantheon. However, he seems to still be holding on to his life by a bare thread.

Character... it feels like forever ago that... you last saved me...

Mot... the Pantheon... they brought me here to suffer... to make me think life was nothing but suffering. They tried... to beat it into me... that there was no hope. But then I remembered... the time you saved me... that even in this desperate hour... even when Mot's power seems to be infinite... there's still someone who can make a stand against it... there's... there's still hope...

I've been hanging on to my life... hoping that something would happen... that someone would come to... to save me. Please... Character... there's an emergency... PPD teleporter... got it from... a guy named... Roy Cooling... back before I came here. I... hah...

I had finally... gotten it fixed... when the Pantheon ambushed me. Please... activate it... help me get out of here.

  • (Activate Hopp's PPD teleporter)

Detective Hopp will only appear here if you rescued him earlier in the Dark Astoria arcs. This badge awards after speaking with him.


You rescued Detective Hopp from the Banished Pantheon in Dark Astoria. When the time came, he remembered you and was able to stay alive long enough for you to find him. The question is, did you actually save him?

If you did not rescue Detective Hopp earlier in the Dark Astoria arcs, his dead body will appear here instead.


You see the dead body of a man who was beaten to death by the Banished Pantheon. You search through his pockets and discover that his name was Anthony Hopp, a detective for the PPD.

It seems the Banished Pantheon ensured he died in the most painful way possible, judging by the twisted expression on his face.

  • (Leave)
Hazen's Journal - Page 389

'We found the key. It's Tielekku, the goddess of magic. She banished the evil gods of the Pantheon once before. But Mot is unique. It has grown in a different fashion than they have.

Even if it was banished to the spirit world, it would still continue to grow more powerful off of death and suffering. Eventually, its power would shatter the spirit world and return to ours. Summoning the goddess is just one part of the problem...'

Hazen's Journal - Page 542

'It's done. We've created the runes and inscribed them to be powered off of the powerful ley lines that are within Astoria. It's magnificent, really, there is nothing like this in most of the world. I'm not sure who to attribute this to... on the one hand, a higher power could be involved, but why would He have allowed Mot to be formed in the first place? If He set these ley lines to be in this place so that we could destroy Mot, why wouldn't He just use His infinite powers to destroy this creature?

Unless... is there something for us to learn, in all of this? For our lives? Is that why you allowed this to happen, God? I still do not understand your reasons, but I shall follow what has been given to me. The runes have been inscribed into the ley lines. They will serve to summon Tielekku, but she must be informed of the second part of this. Of course, we still need to find a way to summon the goddess of magic...'

Hazen's Journal - Page 589

'We cannot do it. We know how to do it, but we cannot physically end Mot. We do not have the ability to summon the goddess of magic into our world. Such a feat would take more organization, magic, and technology than we have available. The end of my sanity, indeed, of the sanity of all of us who fought against Mot, is coming. I can only hope that my future ancestors will find my journal and finish what I have started. I did all of this for you... I suppose it's only fitting that you all finish it.

The puzzle of Mot is that it has the ability to feed off of the death and suffering of the world to empower itself. If you can summon Tielekku, she can utilize the extreme power of the runes and ley lines in Dark Astoria to twist Mot's ability to feed. A barrier can be set up so that Mot can only feed upon itself. Further, the barrier can be used to keep Mot in a weakened state. It's such a perfect plan... Mot will only be able to absorb its own pain and suffering, but then the barrier absorbs Mot's power, reinforcing itself and weakening Mot.

Mot... you're a lot like sin. I see this now. We can never remove sin from ourselves, it will always be there. However, we can make it so that sin does not define us, that it does not control us. If this ritual was complete, Mot would still exist, but his power would not control the world or influence it.

I know in the end, that I will go mad, that I will be seen as a lunatic. I have no family to carry on my legacy... this spell, this quest, is my legacy. Please, if you're reading this, my only request is that you finish what I have started.


Brilliant work, Character! I can't believe it... all of this time, we were looking at one half of the puzzle! How could I have not seen this before?!

Of course you can't banish Mot into the spirit world... that would just be sweeping the problem underneath a rug! You have to hit the creature in its heart, its ability to absorb death and suffering! This is... we have a hope now, Character, although it's still a long shot. Tielekku can utilize the power of the runes in Dark Astoria and your own Incarnate powers to create the barrier to seal Mot's power. But first, you'll need to free Tielekku, which will involve you getting inside of Mot... which involves you getting to Mot's maw to work with the Sentinel, which then involves you not having Mot's full attention on you.

There are a lot of ways for this to fail, Character, but that's what I've been preparing for. It's time for the final battle for our world, and you're at the heart of it.

Finale: The World's Final Gambit


It's suiting that you would be the one, I assume once again, to be in charge of saving the world. If we're going to do this, we're going to need a literal army of our own to face off against Mot.

While you've been finding out how to destroy Mot, I've been spreading word of our plight across the world, telling the people that now is the time for us to fight, to put aside our differences. I assumed that if our plans all failed, our last attempt would be for all the powers of the world to throw themselves at Mot in the hopes of wiping it out. But now, we have a new plan.

I've instructed all those who I've talked to of a time and place to gather. I've requested those of a less... savory attitude to put their villainy aside, and those of a more righteous view to focus on the task at hand. We must all band together to fight the monstrous horde of Mot so that you can get to the Sentinel and destroy the creature from the inside.

  • Do you know if anyone actually will help?

We'll see soon enough, Character. All we can do now is use the time that has been given to us. We will do what we can with whoever has shown up, but we'll have to hurry. Mot is beginning to consume entire cities, Character. We've received word that nearly the entire population of Chicago has been absorbed by Mot. We do not know what city could be next.

With the Sentinel on our side, Mot will have no major individual force to back it up, just a horde of monsters. You will have to carve a path through them and reach the Sentinel, while whoever else shows up provides enough of a distraction that Mot's attention is divided.

Let us go to the meeting place, Character, where the fate of the world shall be determined once and for all.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You can't get in touch with Dream Doctor.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map DA FINALE.png

You hear a loud commotion ahead. It looks like plenty of people have showed up to help defend the world in what may possibly be its final hour.

  • Stop Mot from Devouring the World
    • Talk to Dream Doctor to enter the battle
    • 200 Banished Pantheon to defeat in order to weaken Mot
    • 7 groups of Ravagers to defeat at Mot's maw (directly north of the entrance, approximately half the map)
    • Talk to the Sentinel to go inside Mot
    • 3 runes of Mot to destroy inside of it
    • Speak with Tielekku inside of Mot's darkness
    • 6 runes of Mot to destroy inside of it
    • 4 guardians to defeat within Mot
    • Defeat the Embodiment of Mot
    • Speak with Tielekku to bind Mot

Mot has been stopped, the world saved from its destruction!


Banished Pantheon

Notable NPCs

Editor's Note:

This mission is basically a "who's who" of NPCs from across the history of the game, bringing heroes, villains, and faction leaders together to plan the assault on Mot. These include:



NPCs who join you in-mission

Other NPCs who are in-mission


Character! This is a greater turnout than I ever expected. We have a supply of people on reserve here, if worse comes to worse. Right now the fight is already happening in Mot's graveyard. The Vindicators and the Freedom Phalanx are out there, doing their best to draw Mot's attention away from you. Colonel Duray is sending his men on bombing runs, while Apex is leading a squad of Vanguard, Longbow, and PPD on the other side of the graveyard. Arachnos and Longbow are fighting the Pantheon within the city, and even Malta has sent help in the form of their Kronos Titan. It's up to you now to get to the heart of Mot's graveyard and do what must be done. You will not be alone, however. There are several powerful allies who are clearing the area for you to arrive in the graveyard. They're willing to give you back up to get to where you need to be.

  • Alright, I'm ready to go.
  • Tell them to stay back and help the others, I'll handle things from here.
Are you sure, Character? Even with everyone doing their best, there's still nearly an entire horde of Banished Pantheon standing between you and Mot. We could definitely use their help elsewhere... but I'm not sure if even you can handle this on your own.
The difficulty of the next part of the mission is extremely high. It is not advised to do the following alone and without any support from NPC allies.
  • On second thought, I'll take the help.
  • I'll handle things, don't worry. I'm ready to go.
Sentinel of Mot

I can feel Mot... pulling away at me... trying to devour me. It knows, Character, that I have been awoken. My very soul is being pulled into the darkness. You must hurry, you must get inside of Mot and end this, once and for all!

Inside Mot

After destoying the last rune


You've come, Character. You are within the darkness of Mot now, where all who have been absorbed dwell. Those who were weak were already devoured by the beast, while the rest of us have our powers drawn out, empowering the dark god.

I fear this is truly the end of your civilization... my power, your power, was not enough to halt the beast. It will devour all of those who have stood against it, and then its power will shatter the barrier to the spirit world. The Pantheon of old shall be released, and the poor planet of Earth shall be savaged by them until nothing is left.

  • There is still hope. We're all still alive, we can get through this.

You would still hope, even after being taken by Mot? Who will save you, Character?

You take a moment and focus your powers while remembering your past, all the memories that have led to this one moment in time. You remember the first time you used your powers, the time spent mastering your abilities. Whether you wanted to use your powers for the good of mankind or for yourself, you remember the desires you had for the present, for the future, that went along with your powers.

You can feel Mot's power eating away at your memories, tainting them, making it seem like they were all false, that your hopes and dreams were all foolish. But you know better than that. Mot will not stop you, not now, not today! You focus your power and begin to feel Mot's hold on you in the darkness breaking. However, you can see that even your immense power is not enough to break out from the nothingness of Mot. You're almost free, but you'll need the help of those trapped in here to get out!

  • Tielekku, everyone, focus your power, I just need a little more to get out!

You feel the power of all those around you swirling about you, pushing you forward. In your mind you can see an image of yourself, bound in the chains Mot has put on you. One by one, the links to the chains begin to shatter from the combination of your power and the power of those around you!

As the final chains break, you see the image of an old man floating towards you: David Hazen, the man who first fought against the power of Mot. He nods to you as he helps break the final chain that binds you to the darkness of Mot's depths!

  • (Break free of Mot's control!)

After defeating runes and guardians

Upon defeat


You did it, Character! All the souls taken by Mot... you've freed them all! But yet, we still are in the same situation as before... Mot will just simply take them back again.

You explain to Tielekku David Hazen's true plan to defeat Mot once and for all.

Of course! It is so simple... yes, I can do that, Character, give me a moment.

  • (Wait)

It is done. The barrier begins to erect as we speak, containing Mot. It's all over, Character, the war against Mot has finally come to an end. I thank you for all of your help and assistance in destroying the beast.

It is time for me to return to the spirit world. I will never forget what you've done on this day, Character.

With the god-killer sword in hand, you could use this last chance to stab Tielekku and Mot with the sword, taking whatever remains of their powers!

  • Goodbye, Tielekku.
Tielekku vanishes, though you can feel an aura around you, as if she has left you with a final blessing to guide you in your journey for some time.
  • (Stab Tielekku and Mot with the God-Killer Sword)
You stab Tielekku with the god-killer sword, followed by Mot. You can feel both of their power flowing through you as the blade of the sword shatters! Tielekku collapses to the ground as she vanishes back to the spirit world!
  • (Leave)

Close PBAoE Extreme DMG(Energy/Smash)

You have been granted Tielekku's power. You can attack enemies with devastating magic! Damage: High, Recharge: Slow


+DMG (All), +Recovery

You've used the god-killer sword to take some of Mot's dark power. Mot's power will increase the damage of all your powers, but it can't be good to be walking around with the power of Mot flowing within you.



Tielekku has given you her blessing, helping to protect you from all harm.


Character, we did it, you did it! Mot's power is trapped within that barrier. He still has his followers, but they'll pose little to no threat now that he has been sealed. The world owes you a huge thanks, Character. We'll never know what truly happened with you inside of Mot, but we all knew when we saw the barrier shoot up that the day was saved.

Everyone that played a role in this is starting to go back to where they came from, though I fear there is some trouble brewing with so many rival factions together...

It's something that I'll have to deal with myself, Character, you don't have to concern yourself. I do hope, however, that you and I will work together again in the future against a common enemy: Ouroboros. There is still much to do for the Coming Storm, and allies are sorely needed, especially with Protean abandoning the team. Scirocco, I believe, may yet be of use. He has returned with Ice Mistral to Grandville, but he is a changed man. The effects of what happened today are going to be felt for years to come, Character.

You've been flung into the depths of a god of death, fought monsters the likes that have never been seen before, travelled back through time... I believe you deserve a well-earned rest. I'll take care of cleaning things up from here on out, Character. We'll speak again when the time is right.


You are awarded the Lone Wolf Badge if you refused help from the NPCs at the beginning of this mission.


You fought against the armies of the Banished Pantheon by yourself, choosing to have the other Incarnates support the rest of Astoria.

You are awarded the Heart of Hatred Badge upon completion of the mission.


You fought against Mot, the essence of hatred, and managed to win, saving the world from being devoured whole by the creature.

Personal Story


Dream Doctor's Personal Story

Unavoidable Fate


Matters in Dark Astoria were settled. Dream Doctor was forced to reveal himself before the time was right. He could have used the ability to time travel through dreamspace, but he had grown to believe that time travel was too dangerous a tool to use; it was dangerous enough trying to use it with Character to go back to Cimerora. In fact, if time travel had not been utilized in the first place, the Cimerorans could have saved themselves!

It was time now to speak with Montague Castanella to figure out what their next move would be. The Coming Storm loomed over the world. The results found in the attack on Bloody Bay and Galaxy City all pointed to Battalion...

This is a non-combat, personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of your contact. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play Dream Doctor's Personal Story)

Dream Doctor would make his way to the Midnighter Club. Montague Castanella was a trusted ally, someone who revealed to him an immense secret regarding the Dagger of Jocas. It was, in fact, Montague Castanella who set Dream Doctor upon the path that he was currently on.

Mission Objective(s)


The Midnighter Club was still recovering from the Rulu-Shin's attack. Dream Doctor regretted that he was not present to defend the halls against the creatures.

  • Speak with Montague Castanella

Dream Doctor has confronted Mender Silos and revealed his plans for the future.


Dream Doctor, it's good to speak with you again. The situation in Dark Astoria has calmed, at least with Mot. I'm afraid that there is still chaos there from all of the groups we had gotten together.

I don't think we'll be able to pull a stunt like that again for quite a long time.

  • It was a risky move. We're lucky it paid off.

Indeed we are. Now about -

A loud, commanding voice suddenly fills the halls of the Midnighter Club.

Dream Doctor. This is Mender Silos. I know what you have been doing all of this time. I know that you are the letter writer, and that you have the ability to reach Ouroboros.

I demand an audience with you immedietely. I will come alone, I expect you to do the same!

... Dream Doctor? Are you going to go?

  • I must, Montague. Take care of things while I am gone. (Warp to Ouroboros)

Mender Silos: Dream Doctor, the letter writer. Clever, using dreamspace to time travel.
Dream Doctor: Where are your lackeys, Silos?
Mender Silos: They're away on business. This is between you and I.
Mender Silos: Why, Dream Doctor? Why have you been tampering with the fabric of time?
Dream Doctor: How DARE you accuse me of such things. I KNOW what you've done, Silos!
Dream Doctor: I stabbed Rularuu with the dagger of Jocas, and sealed the creature in the Shadow Shard.
Dream Doctor: But the dagger was supposed to DESTROY Rularuu. Montague Castanella told me the dagger had been altered by time travel...

Mender Silos: I've done the calculations. The only way for humanity to survive the Coming Storm is to use Rularuu.
Dream Doctor: You're wrong, Silos. I have faith in humanity, that we CAN defeat the Coming Storm, Rularuu...
Dream Doctor: ... And Ouroboros. The next time I am here, Silos, it will be to crash this abomination into the sea!


You played through Dream Doctor's personal story, witnessing the event where Dream Doctor confronted Mender Silos and revealed why he harbors such a large hatred for Ouroboros.

Investigate Praetor Duncan's SOS

Investigate Praetor Duncan's SOS

Regrettably, the text for this mission is incomplete


Character! I'm relieved you answered my call. We have an urgent situation on our hands. Ms. Liberty received an SOS from Praetor Duncan, who said she was still imprisoned by Mot.

Liberty assembled both the Vindicators and the Freedom Phalanx to attack Mot and save Praetor Duncan. However, I believe this is a trap... I just don't know who could have set it up!

Yes, you have the most experience dealing with Mot and the Banished Pantheon. Mot's power is sealed, but this seems too coincidental to happen right after we've theoretically won. The two teams should be there by now. You must do what you can to save them.

Mission Objective(s)

You arrive in the nightmarish area that Mot carved for itself. You can see the two hero groups gathered up ahead.

  • Investigate Praetor Duncan's SOS

When you approach the heroes, the following dialogue plays:

Mot has absorbed both the Freedom Phalanx and the Vindicators with the help of Diabolique!


The Dilemma of Diabolique

Character, this is bad. How is Diabolique still existing! Ajax told me he saw her be devoured by Mot...

There's some extremely powerful magic that I'm sensing from Diabolique's amulet, now that she's decided to reveal herself. If she was able to empower Mot to absorb the heroes like that, then...

No... no! Character, this can ruin everything!

The Dilemma of Diabolique


The Dilemma of Diabolique

You thought business in Dark Astoria had been finished, but there was one unknown loose end. Diabolique was not destroyed by Mot; instead she was transformed by Mot into a monstrous version of herself, purely for the purpose of a 'trump' card in the case that it was actually defeated.

Diabolique used Praetor Duncan to lure the Vindicators and Freedom Phalanx back to Mot's graveyard, where the beast used Diabolique's power to absorb the Phalanx, re-powering itself.

It was then up to you and a group of your closest allies to go into Mot and rescue the Phalanx, Vindicators, and Praetor Duncan, and stop Diabolique once and for all. You succeeded, defeating the last remnants of Mot's forces and weakening Diabolique greatly. Dream Doctor then proceeded to stab her with the Dagger of Jocas, separating her from Mot. This caused Diabolique to simply stop existing, ending her reign of terror once and for all.

The Dilemma of Diabolique


Diabolique was once bound to Emperor Cole by her amulet, Character. The item is an extremely powerful artifact, and I think I know what she plans to do with it. Mot must've known this all along... she must've been its trump card!

If I'm right, Diabolique is planning on merging herself with Mot by taking its power and putting it inside of the amulet! Character, if she does that, she'll be able to simply walk with Mot outside of the barrier we've constructed and release it back onto the world! Everything we worked for will be undone if this happens. We must launch another operation to rescue everyone trapped within Mot and destroy Diabolique. I have a plan, but it won't be easy.

We can't rely on another rally from the world to help us, and Mot's forces have increased dramatically quite suddenly. You'll need to find a large group of allies who would be willing to assault the very heart of Mot with you for one final time.

This mission requires that you run and complete the Dilemma Diabolique Incarnate Trial. You can find the Incarnate Trial on the LFG tab, located on the top of your chat bar. Select the Dilemma Diabolique trial and hit queue to enter into a line to join it.

  • How are we going to destroy Diabolique?

I'm glad you asked. I have something that I think will work: the Dagger of Jocas. It... well... now it can be used to sever someone's powers, much like how I used it to shatter Rularuu's power and send it to the Shadow Shard.

I have a theory that, if I can get to Diabolique, I can sever her connection to Mot and the Well of the Furies.

Without this connection, Diabolique's spirit will literally evaporate, ending her once and for all. You'll need to go in there with a league of allies, save the Phalanx, Vindicators, and Praetor Duncan, then weaken Diabolique to the point where I can get close enough to end her!

I will do my best to help you with the assault, but to be honest, we'll be flying mostly blind against Diabolique and Mot on this one.

Complete the Dilemma Diabolique Trial

Unnecessary Solicitation

You must hurry, Character, we've no time to lose!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Complete the Dilemma of Diabolique Trial

You helped Dream Doctor put a stop to Diabolique, once and for all.

See Dilemma Diabolique Trial.


Completion of this mission awards the Bailout Hero Badge for Heroes and Vigilantes. The Bailout Villain Badge is awarded for Villains and Rogues.


The Freedom Phalanx and Vindicators were absorbed by Mot in their efforts to free Praetor Duncan. You worked together with a team of superpowered individuals and Dream Doctor to save them and Praetor Duncan, while also destroying Diabolique once and for all.


Now, Character, it's finally over. I made sure to check Mot for any lingering pests... we're good now.

It seems like Praetor Duncan wants to work together with the people on Primal Earth against the Praetorians. I'm not going to get myself involved in that, but it seems like she's become desperate enough to switch sides.

We'll have to see how this all falls out, Character, but if I were you, I'd keep an eye on her. Ms. Liberty wants to trust her, but Duncan is the type of person who delights in manipulating people in such a manner.

I think now, you and I have earned a brief respite. Let's hope that no other sudden incidents crop up to cause an interruption, eh?