Bailout Hero Badge

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The Freedom Phalanx and Vindicators were absorbed by Mot in their efforts to free Praetor Duncan. You worked together with a team of superpowered individuals and Dream Doctor to save them and Praetor Duncan, while also destroying Diabolique once and for all.

How to get

Complete Dream Doctor's The Dilemma of Diabolique story arc by completing the Dilemma Diabolique Trial while having the mission from Dream Doctor to complete it.

This can not be completed via Flashback, but the mission can be auto completed to gain this badge without running the trial.


This badge displays different names, depending on a character's current alignment.

  • Bailout Hero on heroes and vigilantes
  • Bailout Villain on villains and rogues


This badge was enabled with the patch on 7 April 2017, but it's not included in the patch notes.

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