Praetor Duncan

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Praetor Duncan
Praetor Duncan.jpg
Praetor Duncan
(in Nova Praetoria)
Zone Unknown (Phone Only)
Level Range 50
Introduced By Max
Introduces Sister Solaris
Enemy Groups
Badges Mission DA Arc Complete.png Hunter of Specters
Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Praetor Selfish
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Praetor Duncan is a hero and villain contact in Dark Astoria. Her level range is 50. She is available by phone only.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Ajax told you that Sister Solaris was somehow now tied to Mot and that she was expecting someone like you. You'll have to travel back in time to Cimerora to meet her.

You head off to Cimerora to speak with Sister Solaris and discover the nature of Mot.



Being the daughter of a famous and universally loved super heroine never sat well with Praetor Duncan. She rebelled from a very early age and when she hit puberty and her powers kicked in she decided enough was enough. After killing her mother, the infamous Miss Liberty, she started making a name for herself. She is now a respected Praetor, although there are some who believe she does not deserve such a high title.

Initial Contact

Well well, if it isn't Character. You can imagine that I wasn't surprised when I heard you were here in Dark Astoria. After all, you're the talk of the Primal Earth town, aren't you? Mr / Mrs big bad Incarnate, acting like the savior of the world with your new powers. Today, you and I are talking in order to deal with this little problem that these Primal people have, which is Diabolique.

In case you're unaware, I don't know how you wouldn't know, I am Praetor Duncan, of Praetoria. Now, let's get down to business, shall we?

  • What do you know about Diabolique?

Diabolique is an evil ghost that doesn't belong in the world of the living. After she gained her freedom in First Ward, she must've fled our dimension to come to this one.

My guess is that she wasn't too sure what she was looking for when she arrived, but she sensed the power of this Mot growing stronger. Diabolique is somehow working together with Mot now... that part I have no idea about. I do know that her presence here is responsible for the Talons of Vengeance showing up. They've been tracking her down for who knows how long.

From what myself and the Olympian have looked into, it seems that the Talons recruited the Knives to purge this world of so-called 'injustice'. I guess those harpies had their eye off of Primal Earth for far too long and realized there was a lot of work to do!

  • Do you know where to find Diabolique?

If Night Ward is completed

Well well, if it isn't Character. You can imagine that I wasn't surprised when I heard you were here in Dark Astoria. You and I have quite the history together, don't we? Mm, there was that time at the bottom of Cole's tower... you gave me quite the 'thrashing', didn't you?

But, that's neither here nor there. Today, you and I are talking in order to deal with this little problem that these Primal people have, which is Diabolique.

  • You must be out of your mind if you think I'd work with you, Duncan.
Do you think I'm Tilman, Character. Now, she is someone who is, or rather was, out of her mind, don't you agree?
No, I'm just manipulative and diabolical, but in this case, I'm willing to put that aside for that greater good nonsense. 'Emperor' Cole has ordered me to come down here with an Olympian and track down Diabolique. Of course, he said it's because of White's failure to keep Diabolique's amulet safe. Haha!
The whole thing doesn't really matter, anyway. Praetoria's days are numbered. Battle Maiden's gone, no one knows what happened to Neuron and Bobcat, Siege and Nightstar are old news, Marauder's gone into self-exile, Anti-Matter wandered off, and Praetor Tilman's dead. There's not a lot of us left, but stupid Cole still thinks it's his responsibility to save this world from Diabolique. Can you believe it?
  • I should've known she'd resurface after recovering her talisman.
Yes, well, I didn't imagine she'd skip off to Primal Earth after getting her talisman back. I was really hoping she'd continue making a scene in First Ward; that way I could've seen Cole rip her little ghostly head off her flimsy ghostly body and watched her ectoplasm ooze out.
I guess she was smarter than I took her for, running away to Primal earth. Though if she was smart, she would've gone to a place where Cole wasn't currently invading.
  • Let's just skip the bantering, Duncan. What do you know about Diabolique? (loops to above)
  • What do you know about Diabolique's presence here? (loops to above)


I thought Praetoria had a lot of problems. People on Primal Earth seem to know how to really screw things up.

Too Busy

Character, a girl really hates it when someone tries to ask them for something when they're already way too busy with other things.

No More Missions

You're unable to get in touch with Praetor Duncan.


  • None

Story Arc

To What End for Power


Diabolique's Taunts

Part One: The Ghost and the God of Death


I have a way of tracking down Diabolique. Cole had her amulet for so long that it has a pretty distinct aura about it. That's how we knew she was even in Primal Earth in the first place.

She's a foolish little ghost girl who should know that she can't escape from me. Well, us, of course, Character. From what I can tell she's in Founders' Falls right now. Hrm... that's odd...

  • What is it?

Mission Acceptance

Well, I can only guess that she's in Founders' Falls because of Numina, Primal Earth's other version of her. I don't know what she could be doing there, but 29 is telling me that Mot's forces have joined her. As in really joined her, like tentacles shooting out into Founders' Falls. Isn't that terrible? Don't you want to defend the place like a good little hero? I can only imagine what would've happened if the Knives of Vengeance weren't destroyed. Hrm... now I sort of want to imagine it...

Ah, but we have no time! Look, we need to get to Founders' Falls and nab that little annoyance once and for all. Get me near Diabolique and I'll be able to reseal her using some mumbo jumbo that Cole gave me.

Unnecessary Solicitation

+++ Missing Information +++

Mission Objective(s)


You're greeted by the view of Mot's forces running rampant in Founders' Falls, followed by the horrible screech of the Talons of Vengeance!

  • Capture Diabolique
    • Get Praetor Duncan to Diabolique
    • Clear out the Banished Pantheon and Talons of Vengeance (Optional)
    • 4 civilians to rescue (optional)
    • Help Founders' or leave to track Diabolique

Diabolique has escaped, but she left a clue behind - the Circle of Thorns!


Notable NPCs

Founders' Falls Saved

You saved Founders' Falls from destruction at the hands of the Talons of Vengeance and the Banished Pantheon!

Civilians Saved in Founders' Falls

You saved all the civilians in Founders' Falls who would've been sacrificed to fuel Mot's dark power.


Argh! This is so frustrating! This was supposed to be a SIMPLE thing, Character! But Diabolique just keeps making this MORE and MORE annoying! First she gets away when I confronted her in Nerva Archipelago... THEN she gets away in the Knives of Vengeance base... and NOW she gets away in Founders' Falls!

She did say something interesting this time though, didn't she? About those Circle of Thorn... now that I think about it, 29 mentioned to me that those robed guys had a lot to do with Dark Astoria...

Maybe there's a connection here I'm not seeing. Let's see where that annoying little pest has gone now...

Part Two: The Ancient Guardians


Ah, little Diabolique, you can keep running from us, but you can't hide. No, eventually we'll find you and get you.

It looks like she's in some sort of cavern system beneath Dark Astoria. Maybe it has something to do with those Circle of Thorns she mentioned. Anyway, Character, I'll give you the location, you go there and nab Diabolique. Sound good?

You understand that this is going to turn into a wild goose chase if you don't have an actual plan of attack to capture Diabolique. You can't afford to waste time chasing Diabolique when you still don't have a solution against Mot. If the creature sent Diabolique to investigate the Circle of Thorns, then perhaps there is something else in this place that could be a clue towards stopping Mot.

  • Alright, give me the coordinates.

Mission Acceptance

Oh, you're such a good little boy / girl, Character. Here is how you can get into this cave system.

29 will be going along to help you, as I've decided to keep myself out of direct combat for the time being.

You decide that, if you can, it would be best to try to get as much information as you can out of Diabolique regarding Mot. You know that she's going to escape at any rate, since you don't have a plan; you might as well use that to your advantage and trick her into revealing more information in the form of gloating. You'll have to be prepared for anything down there, however; it may even be best for you to contact those who you trust to aid you.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You don't need to check in with me, Character. I trust you and Oly are doing just fine.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map COT CAVERNS.png

This part of Oranbega seems more... dead than usual. Up ahead you can hear the sounds of combat. It could be Diabolique, or someone else looking for answers.

  • Uncover Information from the Circle of Thorns
    • Track down whoever else is in the caverns
    • Find Diabolique
    • ???
    • Speak with Madame Bellerose
    • Find information the Circle has on Mot
    • Defeat the Keres

You discovered that the Circle of Thorns sealed Mot back in the time of Cimerora!


Notable NPCs


Character. I am Olympian 29, one of Emperor Cole's Olympian Guard. I am here on behalf of Praetor Duncan. We believe that a woman we are tracking, named Diabolique, is within this facility. However, I've determined this to be an extremely dangerous area. I would suggest that you and I join together. I am here strictly to recover Diabolique, and not to hamper your efforts.

  • How do I know I can trust you?

Because we are both after the same thing, in a sense. Praetor Duncan believes Diabolique's presence here has something to do with the Talons of Vengeance appearing, which would tie in with these Knives of Vengeance. Emperor Cole himself has ordered Praetor Duncan and myself to get to the bottom of this. The Emperor has no desire to see Primal Earth destroyed by a god of death, Character. For the will of the Emperor, I will not allow Mot or anyone else to destroy Primal Earth.

  • Alright, But where is Praetor Duncan?

Praetor Duncan is in a safe location within Primal Earth. Her safety is of the utmost concern of mine, as ordered by her. She is currently monitoring all of my activities, including the conversation you and I are currently having.

  • Alright, Olympian 29, let's work together.


  • I'm not going to work with you
Ajax's Words

This part of Oranbega seems more... dead than usual. Up ahead you can hear the sounds of combat. It could be Diabolique, or someone else looking for answers.

'Let's skip the chit-chat. You're here to find out what the Circle knows. I was, too, although he had a feeling you would show up, too. Told me if you did that I should leave things in your hands. That guy really ticks me off sometimes.

Anyway, the Circle are all gone here. Like, gone gone. This Mot thing just up and absorbed all the souls of the dead Oranbegans that wander around here. It's why the Circle split; those guys were supposed to be the guardians of this creature, or at least that's what he told me. Normally when one of 'em dies, their spirit just leaves their thorn and they wait to take someone else. But now with Mot and the Pantheon, all the cards are out on the table, and the Circle are getting beat.

But there's info here about how this all began. That's what Mot's afraid of, and probably why he sent that ghost chick here. Anyway, I'm out, though we'll probably meet again before this is all over, with my luck.'


You... Character... we meet again, don't we?

Madame Bellerose's face looks much different than the first time you met her. It looks like she hasn't slept for days, red veins covering the whites of her eyes.

The city... it never forgets. Even after all I've done to get away from it... away from my birthplace... away from the deaths of my family... it still hasn't forgotten me. I see them, even now, right behind you. Their heads in their hands, yelling at me for killing them.

All the people I've killed... to get to where I am... to become an Incarnate. They follow me, they hound me at every turn. The city wanted me back, they wanted me back, you see. Some sort of... powerful magic.

I can't leave this city. I wanted to, before, but now... now I want to get to the heart of it. They want me to get there, too. My father and mother beg me to do it, for them, for their lives...

  • Bellerose? Snap out of it!

Madame Bellerose stares at you silently before vanishing in a puff of smoke.


Diabolique phases partially out of reality to ensure that you cannot attack her before speaking.

Character, the 'legendary' incarnate. I suppose Praetor Duncan told you I'd be here. It's annoying that she can know where I am at all times, but it doesn't matter.

She doesn't know how to trap me, and I've made sure that all the little tricks that worked on that pathetic Numina won't work on me. So, shall you and I fight now, Character? Do you truly wish to test my true power?

  • You have me beat, Diabolique, I understand that. How did you manage all of this?

A slow grin appears on Diabolique's face as she moves a spectral hand around your face.

It's a pity, Character. I was hoping you'd have more... fight in you. It was all simple, really... I felt called here when I left First Ward. I could feel the presence of Mot trying to just... burst through into Dark Astoria.

I offered my services to it, of course. It is a god of death, and I am one who can control death. We'd make the perfect pair!

Mot accepted my request to worship it... and now, I can move as freely as I want. It was quite pleased to see all the death that resulted in just my mere presence... the Talons of Vengeance... followed by the Knives of Vengeance... it left Mot plenty of time to deal with these Circle of Thorns!

  • But yet you're here now, looking for something.

Diabolique's grin turns into a snarl at your words.

... You're clever, Character. Very clever indeed. I won't reveal anything else to you. Mot had a plan for you within here...

You can feel Diabolique sizing up your power as an Incarnate. She takes a step back, as if realizing your full potential. In the distance you can hear the shrill cry of the Keres, indicating that a powerful member from the Talons of Vengeance has arrived to claim Diabolique.

... but I believe that plan can be put on hold. Goodbye, Character, we will meet again, very soon!

  • Run along, Diabolique.
Guarding the Destroyer

You found several books written by the Circle of Thorns regarding Mot, the god of death. You look over them and get an immediate understanding that Mot is the Circle's worst enemy; it has the ability to destroy them on a permanent basis, absorbing their souls within his form.

One book describes a battle with Mot back in the time of Cimerora. The battle, as described here, was massive, as Mot's power had grown out of control. Thousands of Oranbegans were utterly destroyed, but in the end, they managed to contain Mot.

The Oranbegans discovered that Mot could not be killed. It had become death itself, and thus its own death only revived the beast. They bound Mot into an idol, knowing that with each day their bindings grew weaker and weaker. It was still able to absorb power from the death and suffering of others, but the bindings in the idol bought them time.

The remaining Oranbegans gave their lives to strengthen the idol, sending a message to whoever was nearby to recover the idol. All that is known afterwards is that the idol somehow ended up within the land of America, where other members of the Oranbegans erected a powerful magical seal to bind Mot. Their spell was such that it had to be strengthened periodically, which would be indicated by fog spewed by the runes, making it difficult for Mot's followers to locate it.

The last passage in a book indicates regret on the part of the Circle, saying that they have failed to contain Mot. The attacks from the Rikti, along with the Banished Pantheon's meddling, prevented them from strengthening the seal. Too much of Mot's power had poured out for it to be contained. The writer says...

'Mot will be released, stronger than ever; there is more war and death than ever. It will destroy everything. Perhaps it is suiting. We have fallen far ever since the rebellion of Mu'Rhakmet. When Mot arises, all of our spirits who are near will be destroyed, and once its power spreads, the whole world shall join us in our sin.'

Your Sin?

You fought and defeated a Keres of the Talons of Vengeance within Oranbega. The creature, like the previous one you fought, noted that it knew you and that you were the reason for Mot's presence here.


You discovered that the Circle of Thorns are currently being wiped out by Mot's power, but that they had once sealed him back in the time of Cimerora. Diabolique fled from First Ward with her freedom and formed an alliance with Mot, hoping to gain even more power than she already has. She has become, possibly, one of Mot's major 'lieutenants' and is helping it spread chaos and destruction throughout the world. With this information known, you call up Praetor Duncan. The time is now to figure out a way to capture Diabolique, then recover whatever information you can about how to reseal Mot.

It's possible that the Tsoo might be able to help you; they will have to be the first resource you tap.

Character, she escaped again, didn't she? Well, you and I are in luck!

Part Three: Scirocco's Return


Diabolique was running to Mot's graveyard when she just suddenly stopped! Can you believe that!

This is our time to strike! Well, your time.

Oly and I will be there shortly. I've received a potentially useful tool from Praetor Sinclair that could help us contain Diabolique.

  • I'll handle Diabolique.

Perfect! Oly and I will see you soon.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You're unable to reach Praetor Duncan.

Mission Objective(s)


You overhear Diabolique yelling in the distance. Someone must be using powerful magic to bind her.

  • Confront Diabolique
    • See what is holding Diabolique
    • Protect Scirocco and Serafina
    • Confront Diabolique
    • Defeat the Sentinel of Mot

Scirocco has returned as an ally, but Olympian 29 has been absorbed by Mot and Diabolique has gotten away.


Notable NPCs



Character, do you know how LONG it took to manufacture an Olympian like number 29?! Who is going to protect me now?! I swear, I was angry before at Diabolique, but now, I am REALLY going to enjoy tearing her apart piece... by... little... piece!

I received a message, or something, from that Scirocco. He said that him and his skimpy little genie were surveying the graveyard when they saw that ugly little ghost, Diabolique, running away. That's when they held her down.

That's it, Character. We are going to end Diabolique, ONCE and for all.

Finale: The Only Way It Could End


Diabolique is stopped now, somewhere within a tunnel system that runs near the graveyard. She's probably gathering her power there.

I didn't get a chance to use the device Sinclair made before, but now, I will. I'm going to go into that tunnel system with you, Character, and set the device up at the entrance. It'll prevent Diabolique from doing her little vanishing trick.

  • Which will allow us to go after her.

Precisely. Ooooh, she is going to WISH she didn't cross me. Diabolique does NOT know pain like I do... and I will make sure to savor every delicious minute while I make her endure a ghostly pain like she never could imagine.

I'm done talking, Character, it's time for action. You had better bring everything you've got, because Diabolique is not going to hold back, not when she's cornered like this.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You're unable to reach Praetor Duncan.

Mission Objective(s)

File:Map MOT DUNGEON.png

Praetor Duncan stands at the entrance, waiting to set up her device.

  • Destroy Diabolique
    • Speak with Praetor Duncan
    • Defeat Diabolique
    • ???
    • Speak with Detective Hopp
    • Speak with Ajax

Diabolique is destroyed and you've figured out a way to take the fight to Mot, once and for all.


Notable NPCs


Alright, Character. I'll get the device going. If Sinclair is right, Diabolique will be trapped.

By the time you reach her, I should have it ready.

  • Alright.

I remember you, Character. We met some time ago.

I have... been in this city for too long. The place was once familiar to me, a home... I called this place home, once. I was... part of the police force here, just a rookie.

My grandfather was a police officer when the fog first rolled around in the 50's... he always warned me that it would come again, that I would have to be ready to defend our city.

The fog came, and so did the Pantheon, the zombies. I fought them... but to my shame... my shame...

I ran, Character. I heard their voices, calling for my help. But I was out of ammunition, it was suicide. I ran while I heard their voices crying out for me to save them.

Maybe that's... that's why I ended up back here, from that cursed case.

  • Detective Hopp?

Detective Hopp stares at you silently before walking away in a daze.

Diabolique: No... I've come too far... to have it end here!
Diabolique: I was supposed to do it all... it's not right... it's not FAIR!
Praetor Duncan: It's very unbecoming of you to throw a temper tantrum, Tammy.
Diabolique: Mmrph... I won't give you the satisfaction... of me begging... Duncan. I know... my time is finished.
Diabolique: You and... Character... can't last for long... I can't... I can't wait...
Diabolique: There will come a day... Duncan... Character... when your faces will be covered in pure agony...
Diabolique: I can't wait... for that day to come...

Diabolique is consumed by Mot


Third time we're meetin', huh cowboy / sweetheart? Gotta say, I'm happy to finally work together with a hero this time, I've spent way too much time with villains.

Editor's Note:

If you own the Bane of Ajax Badge, his second line is "I haven't forgotten that whole trick you pulled with that moronic MacArthur punk, but I've been told that I should be letting that lie in the past, so I am." Also, Ajax's first word will change depending on how many times you've met him in previous missions.

Looks like you took care of that ghost chick. Too bad, guess I got here a little too late to lend a hand against her. Anyway, as you probably saw yourself, this Mot creature just broke one of those 'barriers' of power where he can absorb anyone he wants, as evidenced by the Olympian and Diabolique.

You're probably safe for now; if you hadn't destroyed the Knives of Vengeance, Mot's power would've been way farther than it is at the moment. The guy orderin' me around has a proposal for how to help make you immune to Mot's abilities.

  • What's this theory?

The key lies in Cimerora. You found out that information about the Circle, yeah?

The guy givin' me orders said that you're supposed to play a key role in all of that, or that you already did, but now is this time when you go back and actually do it. I don't know, it's time travel stuff, which I frankly can't stand; almost as much as I can't stand the fact that I've been told not to say the name of the guy who's orderin' me around.

Now, the good thing is that theoretically if you travel back in time to Cimerora right now, you'll come back with barely a few minutes passed, if you're sent back to the right time.

  • Cimerora? From the Midnighter Club?

Yeah, exactly. Shouldn't be a problem, since you're already a member of the group.

When you get to Cimerora, you'll wanna talk to some chick named Sister Solaris when you get there. Things should be set up so that she's been told about Mot, and that you'll arrive in a coincidental time to deal with it.

The guy orderin' me around, said you'd know him as the letter writer, is gonna be there waitin' for you.

  • Very well.


Completing this mission awards the Hunter of Specters badge.


You worked together with Praetor Duncan to put an end to Diabolique, who was discovered to be working together with Mot.


Well, Character, things have wrapped up here, though I wish I could have destroyed Diabolique with my own hands. It's a little suiting that Mot consumed her, I guess; hopefully she's going to be slowly devoured for the rest of eternity. Fun!

It's been fun working together, I guess, but now I'm heading back to whatever is left in Praetoria.

You notice a hint of dissappointment in Praetor Duncan's voice.

Of course, I won't get any fanfare for helping to destroy Diabolique, given that TPN is rolling non-stop anti-Cole messages. But that's the way it goes when you're sitting on a position of power in a place that's collapsing!

You'll have to now travel back in time and find Sister Solaris in order to combat Mot.

Personal Story


Praetor Duncan's Personal Story

One Loose End


Emperor Cole had ordered Praetor Duncan to bring Diabolique back, alive. Duncan, as she is, decided to ignore the order and was seeking to destroy Diabolique.

However, she wasn't doing this entirely for the sake of Emperor Cole. Praetoria, in Duncan's mind, is a failing dream. Most of the Praetors are either dead or missing, and Cole's grip on the populace is slipping. Soon, she'll be a Praetor of nothing.

However... if she were to gain favor within Primal Earth, she could have power and control once again on the side that's clearly the winner. Duncan would have to show the people of Primal Earth that she could be trusted, hence her work against Diabolique.

Now, Duncan intends to go to Praetoria and report her results to Emperor Cole...

This is a non-combat, personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of your contact. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play Praetor Duncan's Personal Story)

Praetor Duncan plans for this to be her last interaction with the emperor. After hearing about Praetor Tilman's utter destruction, Duncan decided it would be best to change sides before it was too late. She plans on tracking down the new leaders of the resistance and offering her help to bring down Cole.

Praetor Duncan believes she will become instrumental in Cole's downfall, earning her a place of power in her soon to be new home of Primal Earth.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Praetor Duncan heads for the secret portal, where she will be taken back to Praetoria...

Mission Objective(s)


Praetor Duncan enters the warehouse that was set up for her. The scientists have left already, as they plan on disabling the portal once she goes through.

  • Praetor Duncan's Personal Story
    • Enter the portal to return to Praetoria
    • Speak to Anti-Matter
    • Speak to Chimera
    • Speak to Miss Liberty
    • Speak to Marcus Cole
    • Find a way out

Praetor Duncan has been taken by Diabolique, who was transformed by Mot's power!


Praetor Duncan saw an image of Anti-Matter in front of her. It was, of course, not the real Anti-Matter. She sighed as it began to talk.

I loved you, Megan! I did everything for you, I even gave up my own Praetorship to help you!

Why?! Why did you let me do all of those things! You led me on, you USED me! How could you do such a thing?!

  • You chose to do all of this, Raymond. I just went along for the ride.

You ruined me! You were the beginning of the end for my life, for my career, for my reputation...! Do you know what would've happened if I still had my Praetorship?!

I would've made Praetoria a better place, better than Berry ever could! My technology would've LASTED, it could've STOPPED the Resistance, stopped the Primals! But no, you had to put your own SELFISH desires in front of everyone else!

Why couldn't you just take the blame, Megan?! Why couldn't you accept the consequences for your actions?!

  • Look, Mot, if you're trying to make me feel guilty, it's NOT working.

Duncan. It's been a while. You don't talk to me as much as you used to, ever since the incident.

I believed what you said about your mother, that she was working against Emperor Cole. The evidence was all there. She was planning on using her status as a beloved figure among the people to topple the Emperor, that she was gathering forces to make a strike and take leadership for herself.

I killed her after everything you told me, everything you showed me. You took the credit, of course; I could not have my actions be made public. And yet, when it was discovered that the evidence was false, that your mother never tried to make a move against Cole, I was the one who was to blame.

  • Please, you need to try harder than this to shake me.

You set your own mother up to die, and for what? Was it because you were known as the daughter of Miss Liberty, and not as Megan Duncan? Was it that you were always attached to her, that you never felt like you earned your place of power?

Your actions kept me from becoming something greater than I am. I was never given the opportunities that White had, that Keyes or Berry were given. I was to keep to the shadows, while an air of doubt lingered over everything. All because of your selfish desire to further your own reputation.

  • Yawn. Are we done here?

I gave you life, Megan. I brought you into this world, and yet you destroyed me. I would've loved you, no matter what. I was the one person who cared about you without any conditions, without you having to do anything.

You disgraced me in front of my own father, your grandfather, made him ashamed of me, crushed both his heart and my own. Was it worth it? All that you did to just gain power within Praetoria, was it worth it, now that you see it all collapsing before your very eyes?

  • ...

You see that now, don't you? The manipulation, the deceit... you used Keyes, Sinclair, White, even my own father, to gain all of this power in Praetoria. Yet, now you're seeing all of that fade away before your eyes.

All that power you valued, all the fame and glory, fading away. You have no one who would trust you in Primal Earth. No one will bow to you, not when they know you're a Praetor. Instead of helping your grandfather, you would seek to bring him down, to abandon him in his final moments.

  • I have a plan, 'mother'. Now go away!

I wanted to make Praetoria a better place, the best place. I had believed you were to be trusted, more than my own daughter.

Yet, I realized you were nothing but a spoiled little brat. Did you think I didn't understand that Keyes took the fall for you? That you had to be behind the Destroyers?

I cast Keyes away because he was idiotic enough to let you blind him, like I once was. Do you wonder, Megan, why I chose to send you to handle the situation in Primal Earth? It was because I hoped you would not return, that the dark god would devour you.

  • Uh huh. Tell me some more nasty thing, Motty-boy.

Praetor Sinclair is ready at a moment's notice to go to Primal Earth to deal with the situation. You were a disappointment, Megan. You became predictable.

You were becoming a nuisance in nearly every matter in Praetoria, all because of your desire for enjoyment, for power.

And now, you seek to even betray me, to begin your quest for power in Primal Earth. Do you realize the futility of your actions? You will never have what you want. You will always need more.

You build your home on sand, Megan. Everything you have, everything you are, will crumble to the sea and be washed away. You will not be remembered, you will die alone and unhappy. You can do nothing to stop this.

  • Ugh, just leave me alone! I've heard this a thousand times!

Dominatrix: No... YOU?! Mot KILLED you! You should be GONE!
Diabolique: Mot simply transformed me, my little Duncan. And we have special plans for you...
Dominatrix: Why won't you JUST DIE?!
Diabolique: Because there's still too much for me to do. Come along, dear.
Dominatrix: Cole will save me, you'll see...!


Completing this mission awards the Praetor Selfish badge.


You played through Praetor Duncan's personal story, witnessing the event where Duncan was confronted by her past and kidnapped by Diabolique and Mot.