Behavioral Adjustment Facility Trial

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The Behavioral Adjustment Facility Trial
Incarnate Trial
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Team Size 8-24 players
Badge Badge it baf complete.png Behavior Adjuster
Enemy Groups
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The Behavioral Adjustment Facility Trial (B.A.F. or BAF) is one of the two Incarnate Trials released with Issue 20. It was one of the first instances of gameplay that was designed for Leagues. A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 24 players can raid the B.A.F. The trial is accessed and entered entirely through the Team-Up Teleporter.

All Incarnate Components, other than Incarnate Shard based Alpha Slot salvage, will drop during this trial, and Psychic Incarnate Experience is gained towards unlocking the Alpha, Judgement and Lore Incarnate Slots.

During the trial, a voice will "radio in" information about your progress. While there is no specific contact named, it is probable that your unseen helper is Prometheus. He was added to Ouroboros in Issue 20 to recruit Incarnates to wage a war against Emperor Cole and end Cole's quest to become more in-tune with the Well of the Furies.

Story Summary

Siege and Nightstar have discovered information that agents of Primal Earth are planning to infiltrate the Behavioral Adjustment Facility, better known as BAF. They make a report to Mother Mayhem in which they will spin the infiltration as an unprovoked attack, and in the meantime, release brainwashed members of the Resistance who will relay messages about the beneficence of the Praetorians. At the same time, the infiltrators will be forced to let the confused Resistance leave and foil their plans to collect information, or attack them for further bad press.

In the end, the infiltrators are forced to confront Siege and Nightstar directly who are now linked, and both are destroyed in the process.

In Detail

The B.A.F. Trial takes place on an instanced map and is broken into five distinct phases. Each phase after the first has a timer and, with the exception of phase 3, the trial will be failed if the timer expires.

Phase 1

Players must defeat 40 Warworks which are scattered throughout the BAF yard. Once that goal is met, all remaining mobs will despawn and phase 2 will begin.

Mother Mayhem: I am just -so- pleased with the success of this project, and as you know, if Mother is pleased, you know that our dear Emperor is pleased as well.
Mother Mayhem: Our little runaways have had -so- much to tell me, so many -interesting- things. They've proven their devotion to their Mother with this information.
Mother Mayhem: They have even told me where to find the other children who've run away, so they can be returned to their Mother's loving embrace.
Mother Mayhem: Those little -rats- in the Resistance won't be able to hurt Mother's children now, after all the hard work our little dears have done. Now... be good and tell Mother, when will we be ready to deliver our next little -present- to those -vermin-?!
Nightstar: We have been closely observing the subjects, and we estimate that they will be ready within the next day, Praetor Tilman.
Siege: We have developed a plan for the release of the subjects that we believe you will appreciate, Praetor.
Siege: Tomorrow evening, the B.A.F. will suffer an 'attack' by the Resistance and Primal forces. In the attack, the facility's security will be shut down and the subjects will escape.
Nightstar: When this happens, we can immediately begin to sway the public's opinion in our favor, as we will have means of controlling the subjects.
Nightstar: Some of the subjects will go berserk at our command. We will easily locate them, and we will have an opportunity to stop them and save the day.
Siege: Thus, the Resistance and the Primals will be blamed for releasing terrorists into the city. We, however, will gain the grace of the populace for taking control of the situation.
Siege: Better still, some subjects will remain sleeper agents, missed in the chaos. They will be free to infiltrate the Resistance and turn them to our side from within.
Mother Mayhem: Wonderful. See that you send all of your precious work to Mother's archives.
Mother Mayhem: There are just -so- many things we have planned! My children will soon see just how much -love- their Mother has for them.
Mother Mayhem: I will leave the next phase in your capable hands. I know that your love for Mother means that -you- -will- -not- -fail- -me-!

The B.A.F. is not my first choice of target, but Cole has forced our hand. This facility is host to a secret project organized by Praetor Tilman and overseen by Siege and Nightstar.
This project is perfecting a mind control system so subtle that its effects are imperceptible. Those affected appear normal. Nonetheless, they are loyal to Cole, reporting all anti-government actions to his minions.
Siege and Nightstar believe the project is complete, and are preparing to release their first test subjects, all members of the Resistance, into the city.
Worse still, in an effort to turn the public against both the Resistance and the Primals, they are planning on making it look like those groups have sabotaged the B.A.F. and unleashed terrorists into the city.
This cannot be allowed to happen. If we are to have any chance of stopping Cole, you must raid the B.A.F. before the release can begin. You must defeat Siege and Nightstar and claim this facility for our cause.

Phase 2

Nightstar and reinforcements consisting of Victoria Mk VIs will appear at the bivouacs on the east side of the map. Security Towers around the perimeter activate and direct attacks towards players within range and line-of-sight. Nightstar has access to Sequestration Field. Additional Victoria Mk VI reinforcements will spawn periodically at the helipad and move to Nightstar's current position. These spawns will continue until Nightstar is defeated. When she is defeated, phase 3 will begin.

Excellent. I see you have drawn Nightstar's attention. Before you can breach the prison facility, you will need to eliminate her.


Come to stop us from releasing the Mindwashed? You are too late! The subjects -will- be released and nothing you can do will stop it!

She will not go down without a struggle, however. She is well defended by the facility's turrets, which have the power to knock out a target in moments, even Incarnates.
Additionally, Nightstar is equipped with a sequestration device that enables her to imprison escapees with ease.
I would advise that you ask an ally to draw her attention away from you if you see its first ring envelop you. If a second ring appears, another must get Nightstar's attention before the sequestration holds you and those around you.

Phase 3

The players will have to stop Mindwashed Resistance prisoners from escaping for 5 minutes. The phase countdown begins at 6 minutes, giving players 60 seconds to get into position. Prisoners will spawn from the green points on the mini-map and will escape if they reach the red markers. Lieutenant class Hardened Commandos are immune to all forms of mezzing and movement speed debuffs. Prisoners possess Mindwash Contagion, a PBAoE chance for low-magnitude confuse. The trial fails if, at any time before the countdown expires, 20 or more prisoners have escaped. If the countdown expires before this happens, then phase 4 will begin.

Interesting, but not unexpected. It appears that you are too late. The 'sabotage' has started. I thought it may come to this. We now have no choice: you are going to have to eliminate the mind-washed Resistance. They simply cannot be allowed to escape.
he Resistance have had some experience with these mind-washed, so be aware that it will not be easy to stop them. The commandos, especially, are completely fearless, and you will not have any recourse but to eliminate them as quickly as you can.
You only have a small window to act before the backup generators are online and the security is repowered. You must eliminate the mind-washed Resistance while you have this opportunity.

Phase 4

Siege and reinforcements consisting of 9CUs will appear at the admin building on the west side of the map. Security Towers around the perimeter reactivate and direct attacks towards players within range and line-of-sight. Siege also has access to the Sequestration Field power. Additional 9CU reinforcements will spawn periodically at the helipad and move to Siege's current position. Siege's assisting Warworks feature new AI protocols called "Defiance" which allows them to increase their attack strength and chance to hit the longer they remain attacking. These spawns will continue until Siege is defeated. Once Siege is defeated, the 5th and final phase begins.

Impressive. I did not expect that you would be so successful, nor did Emperor Cole, I expect. This bodes well for our endeavors here, and frees up significant time for us to prepare for our next target.
For the moment, however, you must focus on securing the B.A.F. so that there is no way further releases can happen. This will also allow us some chance to save some of the victims.
Siege has already emerged to confront you. He has the same sequestration power as Nightstar did. However, he also has personal control over the towers, so they will coordinate their attacks with his target. Be cautious when trying to get his attention.

Phase 5

Both Nightstar and Siege are revived, at the same locations where they were defeated, and both begin calling their respective reinforcements from the helipad spawn point. The type of reinforcement will alternate between Victoria Mk VIs and 9CUs. Both Siege and Nightstar can use the Sequestration Field power. Nightstar and Siege must be defeated within 10 seconds of each other, or the survivor will revive the fallen enemy to full health.

This is most unexpected. Splice just finished cracking Siege and Nightstar's programming. It appears that they have a failsafe protocol. They cannot be completely disabled unless both are disabled with near simultaneity.
It appears that you will be facing your first true test in this battle. If we are going to open our assault with a success and have any chance of controlling the B.A.F., you must eliminate Siege and Nightstar together.

Notable NPCs



Badge it baf complete.png Behavior Adjuster   Complete the Behavioral Adjustment Facility Trial
Badge it baf achievement.png Not On My Watch   Allow no Mindwashed Prisoners to escape during a Behavioral Adjustment Facility Trial.
Badge it baf achievement.png Alarm Raiser   Never disable a Guard Tower using the controls at its base during a Behavioral Adjustment Facility Trial.
Badge it baf achievement.png Gotta Keep 'Em Separated   Defeat Siege & Nightstar without moving them from their initial locations during a Behavioral Adjustment Facility Trial.
Badge it baf achievement.png Strong & Pretty   Defeat Siege & Nightstar while none of their reinforcements are alive during a Behavioral Adjustment Facility Trial.
Badge it baf master.png
Master of the B.A.F.   Earn the Not On My Watch, Alarm Raiser, Gotta Keep 'Em Separated, and Strong & Pretty badges.



  • Incarnate Threads drop instead of Incarnate Shards.
  • Upon successful completion of this trial, each character is presented with a reward table allowing them to choose one reward from several options. There is a participation threshold that must be met in order to receive an Incarnate Component table instead of a 10 Threads or one Super-level inspiration "consolation prize".
    • If a character surpasses this threshold, the rarity of the component reward is a random roll. The options available will either be a choice of: one Common component or two Super-level inspirations, one Uncommon component or three Super-level inspirations, one Rare component or four Super-level inspirations, or one Very Rare component or five Super-level inspirations.
  • A random Uncommon Incarnate Component is awarded the first time each achievement badge is qualified for.
  • A random Rare Incarnate Component is awarded the first time the Master of the B.A.F. badge is qualified for.


  • One Empyrean Merit will be awarded upon successful completion of the Trial once per 20 hour period.
  • An Astral Merit will be awarded immediately when Nightstar is defeated during phase 2.
  • An Astral Merit will be awarded immediately when fewer than 20 Mindwashed Resistance prisoners escape during phase 3.
  • An Astral Merit will be awarded immediately when Seige is defeated during phase 4.
  • An additional Astral Merit can be rewarded at the end of the trial for running as an Open League.
  • An additional Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for the Not On My Watch badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of phase 3.
  • An additional Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for the Alarm Raiser badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of the trial.
  • An additional Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for the Gotta Keep 'Em Separated badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of the trial.
  • An additional Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for the Strong & Pretty badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of the trial.