Dr. Kane's House of Horror

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Dr. Kane's House of Horror
Co-Op Holiday Trial
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Team Size Exactly 4 players
Level Range 15-29
Badge Badge event halloween2011 mansion.png Is There a Doctor in the House?
Enemy Groups
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Dr. Kane's House of Horror (HH) is a Halloween-themed co-op trial released as part of the Halloween Event 2011. This trial requires exactly 4 characters of level 15 or greater and can be accessed via the Team-Up Teleporter in the LFG Window, a selection on the Chat Window. High-level characters will be exemplared down to level 29 for this trial.


Halloween Trial: Dr. Kane's House of Horror
Required Number of Players: 4
Objectives: An old Victorian mansion situated on a hill. A lonely path leading up to the mansion, a path that winds its way through an ancient graveyard. The moon is full, the trees bare and dark. Jack O'Lanterns line the path to the door where revelers await. The mansion is home to Dr. Kane, a retired scientist known for his eccentric behavior. This year, Dr. Kane has turned his home into a haunted house and has invited all who dare to come and visit. But things are not as they seem in Dr. Kane's House of Horror - visitors are entering the mansion never to be heard from again.

Trial Details

Mysterious Disappearances

Enter Dr. Kane's mansion and question him about the mysterious disappearances.

Enter Dr. Kane's Mansion.

Mr. Morturary

Fine night for a haunted house, don't you agree?

  • What's happening inside?

Well I suppose it could be alarming to have so many young people vanish on one night. Perhaps they've lost their way. I suggest you enter and look for them.

  • What do you mean?
    • I'm done talking to you. (closes window)

If the rumors are true and people are going missing inside this house, then I think someone like you should be trying to find them. A little adventure never hurt anyone, yes?

  • What do I have to do?

Just step inside and enjoy Dr. Kane's home. It's a bright and cheery place if I do say so myself. Oh, and try not to leave stains on the carpet, hmm?

Editor's Note:

Upon entering the zone, proceed up the stairs to the front door of the manor. Speak to the line attendant, then click on the door to enter.

Editor's Note:

Before any character enters the haunted house, an optional boss may be spawned and fought. First, speak to the Devil Girl in the graveyard to the left of the house. Then speak to the Bored Gal (Madame Maven) and Bored Guy (Halox Von Horn) in the gazebos on opposite sides of the mansion. Finally, return to the Devil Girl and fight The Black Whip.

A Dark and Forlorn House

Dr. Kane must be somewhere in this mansion. Locate him and see if he knows anything about the missing guests.

Find Dr. Kane

Rutha Salk

Honestly, have you ever seen such a crappy haunted house?

  • I think this place might actually be haunted.
Canned screams, fake zombies. I saw some guy down the hall tearing fake guts out of someone. I watch all of those ghost shows on television and let me tell you something - haunted this place isn't.
  • Have you heard about the missing visitors?
They probably ran away because it's SO FAKE. I mean I want to be scared to death!
  • Be careful what you wish for.
Right! What are they going to do? Murder me horribly?
  • Wow, I hope not. (closes window)
Editor's Note:

Up the stairs is a hallway populated with zombies. Make your way through the twisting hallways clearing through the zombies until you reach Dr. Kane.

The Madman Himself

Dr. Kane

Locate Dr. Kane.

Defeat the Zombies!

Editor's Note:

Defeat the zombie ambush and follow Dr. Kane into the crypt.

Follow Dr. Kane into the Crypts

The Madman's Workshop

Locate Dr. Kane.
Find Dr. Kane.

Editor's Note:

Make your way through the mansion's crypt, beware of ambushes of Lurkers and Zombies bursting from the ground.

Experiment Number Nine

Experiment Number Nine

Defeat Experiment Number Nine.

  • Experiment Number Nine's Health: 100/100
Editor's Note:

At the end of the crypt Dr. Kane will raise an Archvillain called Experiment Number Nine. He is fairly simple to defeat, similar to Adamastor, but will summon Lurkers during the fight. Defeat it and proceed through the cave door to the graveyard.

Exit the Tomb and Find Dr. Kane.

The Abomination

The Abomination

You've got Dr. Kane cornered. Find him and put an end to his vile endeavors.

Defeat the Abomination

  • The Abomination's Health: 100/100

The Abomination emits dangerous electrical pulses that seem to be getting stronger each time

Optional Badge Objectives: It's Alive!

  • Zombies Killed in the Graveyard: 0/99
  • Abomination Killed (do this last): 0/1

Time Remaining: 12:00

Editor's Note:

Dr. Kane presents his final creation: The Abomination. This Monster has two powerful AOE attacks, which are preceded by warning text about "raising his hands" or "raising his foot". Once the Abomination is defeated, trial rewards are given.

During the battle with The Abomination, an optional mission objective exists. The optional task requires the players to defeat 99 zombies and then the abomination within 12 minutes. Zombies are spawned by walking (not hovering) over the graves to either side. Completing this side task grants each player the It's Alive! Badge.

Additionally, if you defeat The Abomination while using a Model Replacement Costume Power, you will earn the Tricked Out Badge.


You've beaten Dr. Kane and his vile minions. Claim your reward!

Dr. Kane has been defeated!

For surviving Dr. Kane and his Abomination, you certainly deserve a Treat! Select your reward.

  • 5x Trick or Treat Treats!
Gain up to 5 random results from the Trick or Treat Table! You could get Halloween Costumes, Inspirations, Halloween Costume Salvage or other surprises!

You think you've beaten me?

  • Yep. Kicked your butt.
    • I'm done with you. (closes window)

What will I do now? Being evil is all I know how to do.

  • You SEEM to know a thing or two about science. You could try to cure a disease or something.

Eureka! You're right! We NEED to improve the health of mankind by infesting it with disease!

  • Umm.

Or we could mutate the disease at the cellular level and enlarge it until it's the size of a house! That's the only way we will learn more about it! Perhaps let it feed and determine how it replicates.

  • You're hopeless, Kane.



You braved the haunted mansion of Dr. Kane and defeated his Abomination!


You defeated the Abomination and 99 of Dr. Kane's zombies in under 12 minutes!


You summoned and defeated the Halloween demon, Black Whip! Needless to say, the beast was stunned. Whip-crack went his whippy tail, and the beast was done.


You took out the Abomination wearing nothing but a festive Halloween costume!

Successfully completing the event offers five random Trick or Treating rewards.

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