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During the Halloween Event, players are be able to 'Trick or Treat' by knocking (that is, 'clicking') on mission doors in the various zones. Treats are rewards which include Temporary Powers (a throwable Rock and Costume Powers), Tier 1 inspirations, and Halloween Event Salvage (from defeating the spawned 'Tricks') which can be traded in for an extra costume slot. Tricks include spawns of special event enemies for which there are defeat badges.

New in 2010

  • Halloween Salvage that used to drop from 'Trick' being defeated drops from both a defeated 'Trick' or a door 'Treat.'
  • Door 'Treats' have a good chance of dropping a new Halloween Tip Mission. You need to be in Paragon City or the Rogue Isles, Level 20+, and 'wearing' a Temporary Costume Power with Trick or Treating. See the information under Halloween Event 2010. The permanent costume powers such as those handed out at the San Diego Comic Con or PAX are considered to be in costume for tip drops. These tip missions do not count against your daily limit of alignment tips.

New in 2009

  • The Halloween Salvage that used to drop from a 'Treat' now drops from defeating the foes spawned from a 'Trick.'
  • Inspirations 'Treats' are now only Tier 1 instead of Tiers 1 and 2.

Mechanics of Knocking

During the 2008 event, players can knock on a door once every 10 seconds, as long as they keep moving to a new door. A door that a character knocks on won't be active again for that character for five minutes. If a door is successfully knocked, then either a treat is awarded usually in the form of a random inspiration or costume salvage, or else a trick, which will spawn various enemies in the immediate area.

Note: The easiest way to avoid having to move around is to team. A 7-8 man team can camp at one set of doors, double doors are best because they allow each member to click two different mission door before they need to wait, and each player takes their turn clicking (knocking). This also speeds up getting the badges since the size of the mobs increases and every player on the team gets credit for each defeat no matter which one delivers the final attack.

Players have to Trick or Treat in a zone that matches their current effective level (See list below), or the doors will not give tricks or treats. Sidekick/Lackey and Exemplar/Malefactor can be used to allow Trick or Treating to work, and the auto-exemplar of PvP zones mean that they will work for anyone high enough to enter them (except for Recluse's Victory, which has no functioning mission doors.) The auto-exemplar of the Flashback System can also be used by high level characters to make themselves the appropriate level for any zone.

The event runs in all combat zones in the game except Tunnels of the Trolls, Sewer Network, Abandoned Sewer Network, Recluse's Victory, The Abyss, The Hive, Cascade Archipelago, The Chantry, and The Storm Palace. Also, a bug prevents players in Bloody Bay from Trick or Treating, although the event is otherwise active there. Note that most zones not running the event are for at least level 40 characters, so characters below 40 can potentially Trick or Treat in nearly any zone they can enter.

Only the player who knocks gets the rewards from a Treat door.

Temporary Powers


One of the treats is the Rock temporary power. It is a one use, ranged attack that does minor smashing damage. Matt Miller was the developer behind this homage to It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. [1]


Ranged Smashing Damage

You got a rock.

Classic Costumes

Bug! During Halloween 2010, Trick or Treating while sidekicked will result in the sidekicked character not obtaining any Costume Powers. This is a Known Issue, and may or may not be fixed by the end of the event on October 31, 2010.

Added in the 2007 event, knocking on doors can give a "Classic Costume" Temporary Power. These powers last for 14 days real time, are incompatible with any stealth powers, and cannot be used in PvP zones.

  • For costume models that have a single gender (such as Carnie Harlequin or Strongman), activating the costume will force the apparent sex of the character to match. For costumes that have both genders (such as Crey Agent), the character will use the appropriate model. *Finally, some of the costumes will have special animation built into it (such as Goldbricker and Sky Raider having animated flightpacks, PPD Hardsuit with rocket boots when in flight, Pirate having ghost-style flight, etc).
  • Costume count and Trick or Treat enemy defeat badge counts carry over from previous years.
  • Costumes are dropped independently of event salvage, meaning you can get both at once.
    • While similar to Freakshow and Arachnos costumes, these DO NOT grant stealth or invisibility. Mobs will attack players who are wearing these costumes, even if it's a costume of their group.
    • Costumes are mutually exclusive with most self-stealth powers and cannot be used while shape shifted.
  • When Costume Powers are awarded, two Inspirations are awarded. In the case of receiving a costume which you already have, the two Inspirations can be used as an indication of a costume being awarded.

Classic Costume Gallery

Classic Costume Badges

These badges are awarded for receiving "Classic Costume" Temporary Powers while Trick or Treating. Trick or Treat costume badges do not have bars, but appear between the Firebase Zulu Security Detail and Tourist badges for heroes and between the Visionary and Visitor badge for villains.

Note: receiving a duplicate costume will give no indication of the duplicate, but it will count towards the badges. Because of this, it will appear that fewer costume drops have occurred than are required for the badge.


You've collected 10 classic costumes.


You've collected 25 classic costumes.


You've collected 50 classic costumes.

Event Salvage

Halloween Event Salvage drops directly from Treats and from the enemies spawned by Tricks during Trick or Treating. These special Halloween Event Salvage pieces can unlock an extra costume slot and additional rewards such as a spider vanity pet on any character.

Back Alley Brawler Halloween Gloves
Salvage BackAlleyBrawlerGloves.png

Event Salvage

These are rubber Back Alley Brawler gloves, perfect for a Halloween costume. Their manufacture makes it difficult to perform simple tasks like opening doors. To earn a reward, Heroes can deliver this to Annah in Croatoa, while Villains can visit Granny Beldam in Nerva Archipelago and Praetorians can go to Acantha in Imperial City.

Statesman Halloween Mask
Salvage StatesmanMask.png

Event Salvage

This is a Halloween mask of the famous hero Statesman. It's made of cheap plastic, and the flimsy string probably won't last through the night. To earn a reward, Heroes can deliver this to Annah in Croatoa, while Villains can visit Granny Beldam in Nerva Archipelago and Praetorians can go to Acantha in Imperial City.

Lord Recluse Halloween Helmet
Salvage RecluseMask.png

Event Salvage

This is a Halloween mask of the infamous Lord Recluse. It's made of smelly rubber, and wearing it makes you all sweaty and hard to find your breath. To earn a reward, Heroes can deliver this to Annah in Croatoa, while Villains can visit Granny Beldam in Nerva Archipelago and Praetorians can go to Acantha in Imperial City.

Hamidon Halloween Costume
Salvage HamidonCostume.png

Event Salvage

The most popular Halloween costume among the kids in Paragon City is that of Hamidon. This simple costume is made from coloured plastic wrap. Many kids like to put action figures of their favourite heroes inside the wrap, pretending they are 'raiding' for 'Hami-O's'. To earn a reward, Heroes can deliver this to Annah in Croatoa, while Villains can visit Granny Beldam in Nerva Archipelago and Praetorians can go to Acantha in Imperial City.

Extra Costume Slot

To unlock this extra costume slot, a player needs to gather one each of the four types of Event Salvage. All four then need to be brought to the appropriate Halloween contact for the character's faction: Granny Beldam for villains, Annah for heroes, Acantha for Praetorians. This can only be done once per character. This reward does not include a free costume change token.


Trick or Treating only works if the player was in a zone with a level appropriate for their current combat level. The following are the appropriate levels for various zones:


01 - 11 Atlas Park
01 - 11 Galaxy City
05 - 15 Kings Row
05 - 15 The Hollows
07 - 15 Perez Park
10 - 20 Steel Canyon
10 - 20 Skyway City
10 - 20 Faultline
11 - 20 Boomtown
20 - 30 Independence Port
20 - 30 Talos Island
20 - 30 Striga Isle
20 - 30 Terra Volta
21 - 30 Dark Astoria
20 - 30 Croatoa
30 - 40 Brickstown
30 - 40 Founders' Falls
30 - 40 Crey's Folly
33 - 40 Eden
40 - 50 Peregrine Island
40 - 50 Firebase Zulu


01 - 10 Mercy Island
05 - 15 Port Oakes
10 - 20 Cap au Diable
20 - 30 Sharkhead Isle
25 - 40 Nerva Archipelago
30 - 40 St. Martial
40 - 50 Grandville


01 - 08 Nova Praetoria
01 - 08 Underground Nova
09 - 15 Imperial City
09 - 15 Underground Imperial
16 - 20 Neutropolis
16 - 20 Underground Neutropolis
20 - 29 First Ward
30 - 39 Night Ward


Since all PvP zones automatically exemplar anyone entering to a specific level, anyone entering the zone is brought to a combat level appropriate to the zone, so all zones are appropriate for Trick or Treating for anyone of a high enough level to enter the zone.

20 - 50 Siren's Call
30 - 50 Warburg
15 - 50 Bloody Bay (Bugged. Trick or Treat range appears to be levels 10-20, but since all characters are set to level 25, they no longer meet the level requirement.)
35 - 50 Rikti War Zone
35 - 50 Cimerora
40 - 50 Kallisti Wharf

Trick or Treat Enemies

Note: none of these groups counted toward the non-Halloween badges available in the game normally. For example, these Fir Bolg do not count towards the Pumpkin Master/Mistress badge.


The Coven is made up of witches also seen as the Cabal enemy group found in Croatoa. Note that this group is the most visually different from their normal in-game spawns of any of the Halloween mobs. The Cabal is primarily colored in shades of grey and black, while the Halloween Coven is much more colorful.

Fir Bolg

Fir Bolg can also be found in Croatoa at the present. Note that there is no badge for defeating them.


Spectral Demons from the Circle of Thorns were used to create the Spirits faction.They are vulnerable to weapons that provide a damage bonus versus the undead.


5th Column vampyri were the models used to make up the Vampires enemy group for the event. Unlike the 5th Column/Council Vampyri, the Halloween Vampyri are true undead and are vulnerable to weapons that provide a damage bonus versus the undead.


5th Column nightwolves and warwolves were the models used to make up the Werewolves faction for the event.


The zombies are Banished Pantheon soldiers. They are vulnerable to weapons that provide a damage bonus versus the undead.

Enemy Images

Trick or Treat Enemy Badges

These badges are awarded for defeating Trick or Treat enemies.


You have defeated 20 of the nefarious Vampires who rose from their graves on Halloween.


You have defeated 20 ghosts, spirits who have not rested since their original death.


You have defeated 15 werewolves, supernatural creatures created through the disease of lycanthropy.


You have defeated 50 zombies, the walking flesh of the recently dead.


You have defeated 75 witches, sorcerous crones who use dark magicks.