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Striga Isle is the home of the Council. Formerly the home of the 5th Column, the internal struggle that gave rise to the Council left control of their base with the new group. This island is accessible from a smuggler's ship in Talos Island and Independence Port, and you'll find a small staging area for the dangerous fights that await you. A diverse mix of foes inhabits this island, from the undead zombie servants of the Banished Pantheon to the futuristic Sky Raiders


Task Force Contacts


Hero and Vigilante Contacts

└► Long Jack (20-24)
└► Tobias Hansen (25-29)
└► Lars Hansen (25-29)

Villain and Rogue Contacts

└► Dr. Francois (20-24)
└► Night Widow Ragana (20-24)
└► Orpheus (25-29)
└► Mage-Killer Tatiana (25-29)

Notable NPCs


  • The Bog (Orange - Level 23-25) (Music)
  • Bonny Morass (Orange - Level 23-25) (Music)
  • Council Base (Red - Level 26-29) (Music)
  • The Maw (Yellow - Level 21-23) (Music)
  • Port Noble (Yellow - Level 20-22) (Music)
  • The Wolf's Throat (Red - Level 24-27) (Music)

Exploration Badges

The Wolf's Snarl (-3222.5, -128.0, -1824.0)[Copy]

The Wolf's Throat is a vital causeway for the Council, linking the outside world to the innards of the Council Base. When the Council goes to war they say "Let the wolf howl," indicating a massive outpouring of force from here. Lately, however, that howl has been choked by an influx of Banished Pantheon into this critical supply and transit corridor. While the Banished Pantheon make such bold attacks, the Council's war plans are stalled.

Words of the Warrior (-523.5, 157.0, -2541.5)[Copy]

Two years ago when the Warriors came to Striga Isle they were eager to carve out a place for themselves; a staging area they could use to expand their holdings. They've largely been beaten back by the Council and other groups, but have managed to keep this lone island, the location of a radio transmission station they have co-opted for their own use. It broadcasts coded messages to the Warriors abroad as well as rousing chants and anthems meant to embolden them on the battlefield. Members of the Council have tolerated its presence; for in addition to music (mostly composed of heavy metal bands and Wagner) the station's host keeps up a constant stream of expletive-laden rants against Paragon City's Hero population.

The Unnamed (-2380.5, -31.5, -2285.5)[Copy]

It was not long ago that a Council patrol reported a grave exhumation in the Bonny Morass. No culprits were found, and no records existed to indicate who once was laid to rest here, but many mark this incident as the start of the Banished Pantheon's presence on Striga Isle. Late at night, minions of the Banished Pantheon have been spotted congregating around this gravesite, leading the Council to believe they exhumed it. But others in the Council believe that whatever was in the grave emerged under their own power, and that such a being could have called the Banished Pantheon to the Isle for some unknown purpose. This hypothetical adversary is code-named in the Council logs as 'The Unnamed.'

The Wolf's Maw (-3841.0, 0.3, -1970.5)[Copy]

This heavily fortified gate leads into the Council base, but in truth it is a trap: a tantalizing lure devised to lure in the overconfident and unwary. It used to work well against novice heroes and the more foolhardy among the Warriors, but since the Banished Pantheon arrived to dominate the field outside the Maw, its effectiveness has been blunted. The Council has attempted to close the entryway but each time they do some mystical force prevents it. Time and again they have attempted to seal it off and each time the door has found a way to open. Since then, the Council have doubled the guard and sealed off any exits just inside the door. Council researchers believe the Banished Pantheon has employed a Hand of Glory to keep the entrance open.

Vampyri Watcher (-3728.5, 423.9, -3010.5)[Copy]

The Council's Vampyri corps are a breed apart from the rest of the Council's cadre—both in appearance and temperament. They hold themselves above their brethren and have taken this high hilltop as their own private roost, a place providing them a tactical view of the Council base and its surroundings, while also giving them a physical location that they alone command. Other Council know never to go there lest they incite the ire of their temperamental brothers-in-arms.

Super Spy (-6655.5, -15.0, -2458.0)[Copy]

The Council's expert security forces keep most heroes from venturing this far into their base.

Sea Dog (-470.0, -0.0, 1021.0)[Copy]

Port Noble's shipping industry has declined of late, as Paragon City's manufacturing has taken a hit in the wake of the Rikti War. Now, with the Council plaguing Striga Isle, the situation has gone from bad to worse.

Vulcanologist (-5346.5, 874.8, -794.5)[Copy]

The Council has hollowed out this dormant volcano to build a massive factory. The creations within are guarded with the utmost secrecy.

Historical Plaques

Day Jobs


Your time spent protecting your Supergroup's base has earned you the Monitor Duty Day Job. Logging out in your Supergroup base will earn you charges for your Base Teleporter power.


Your time spent studying death itself has earned you the Mortician Day Job. Logging out in a graveyard will earn you protection against Experience Debt, when you log back in, for a short time.


  • Smuggler Freddie
  • Smuggler Jimmie
  • Smuggler M1dway sells inspirations next to the Smuggler's Submarine on the north end of Port Noble.

Transfer Points

Villain Groups