Serpent Drummer

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Serpent Drummer
Serpent Drummer.jpg
Leader of the Vanguard Gauntlet
Zone Rikti War Zone
Coordinates (210, -1192, -2425)[Copy]
Level Range 40-50
Introduced By == Level 35-50 ==
Introduces == Level 45-50 ==
Enemy Groups
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Serpent Drummer is a hero and villain contact in the Vanguard Compound neighborhood of Rikti War Zone at coordinates (210, -1192, -2425)[Copy] . His level range is 40-50.

Heroes may find him on the Destroy all evidence of Vanguard's software mission from Maria Jenkins (Levels 45 - 50) as a Hero Ally.



Contact Introduced By

Level 35-50

Contact Introduces

Level 45-50

I have worked with Gaussian for years now, and I still do not know all that he does for Vanguard. I believe that this request is of the highest importance, and would suggest that you give it all due attention.

Gaussian, our lead tactician, was very specific when he asked to speak to you. However, he did not tell me what it was he wished to speak with you about.


Leader of the Vanguard Gauntlet

The enigmatic man called Serpent Drummer is the head of the Vanguard's Gauntlet division. The Gauntlet was originally Vanguard's offensive division, but changing events have seen it shift those responsibilities to the Shield Division, while the Gauntlet concentrates on coordinating Vanguard's forces with the recent influx of super-powered volunteers. Even in the middle of such great changes, Serpent Drummer remains serene.

Prior to Introduction

I am afraid that I do not know enough about you to put your abilities to their best use. Perhaps you should speak with Levantera? She can be found in the hall across from the Armory.

Initial Contact

You draw the admiration of our allies and the ire of our enemies. Excellent.

I think it will be very good to work with you, Character, but this is not the time for pleasant chit-chat. I have some very important issues where I could use, well, someone like you.

Too Low Level

I apologize to you Character, but I am afraid that I must ask you to wait a bit before we begin working together. I would suggest that you take some time to settle other matters first, then return to me. Perhaps when you are around Level 40. Yes, that should be about right.


  • Greetings.
  • There is much to do.
  • I hope you have prepared yourself.

Too Busy

There is not much to it; you simply already have too much to do. It would be best if you finished some other matters first before you returned to me.

No More Missions

You have done exceedingly well, and I must congratulate you. Now, however, I must work to ready the Gauntlet for the future. And you, I think, have even greater things ahead of you.


The items below are available as soon as initial contact is made.

  • Inspirations
  • Level 40 Magic Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 40 Mutation Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 40 Natural Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 40 Science Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 40 Technology Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 45 Magic Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 45 Mutation Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 45 Natural Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 45 Science Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 45 Technology Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)

Story Arc

Merit Rewards: This activity awards 15 Reward Merits.

Dreams of Peace and Acts of War (40-50)


A copy of the Traditionalist Peace Accord

The signing of a peace treaty between the Rikti Traditionalist Faction and the peoples of Earth is regarded by many as one of the most important moments in the history of the Earth. To you, this copy of that document means even more, as it reminds you of your direct involvement in that historic moment, and adventure you recall as:

Dreams of Peace and Acts of War

Serpent Drummer had an important mission for you, all right. He needed you to help with security... at the first peace talks between the Vanguard and the Rikti Traditionalists! It's a good thing you were there, because the talks hadn't even begun when a group of guests were revealed to be Nemesis Impostor Automatons! As the last of the mechanical killers was destroyed, the Nemesis Army had still captured several negotiators and diplomats.

Your next mission sent you deep beneath the ground to liberate the captives of the Nemesis Army. Though you weren't able to learn any new aspects of Nemesis's plans, you were able to bring the captives to safety, and allow the negotiations to continue.

With the peace treaty about to be signed, the Rikti Restructurists mounted a massive attack on the Vanguard base itself, determined to stop the process of peace. With your help, the attack was held off, and the war came to an end for one faction of the Rikti with the signing of the Traditionalist Peace Accord. It was a historic day, but one marred by rumors of a new threat on the horizon. A new threat known as 'Hro'Dtohz'.

The Traditionalists now revealed some crucial information: the Rikti Restructurists on Earth had recently re-established a tenuous gateway back to their Homeworld. With this in place, they had been steadily getting new supplies and equipment. What's more, the architect of the Rikti War Machine and supreme Lord of the Rikti Lineage of War, Hro'Dtohz, may have also returned to Earth. To counteract this threat, the Traditionalists planned to use Portal Corporation's powerful equipment to hijack the Restructurists' gateway, and reach their Homeworld to spread word of the peace treaty. It was not to be, as brutal attacks on Portal Corp shut the project down.

You barely had time to recover from your last mission before reports of coordinated Rikti attacks began all over. You did your part to stop the Rikti assault by fighting off attacks in the Rogue Isles against the Power Transfer System, and in Paragon City against the Overbrook Dam.

Captured documents translated by Benjamin Decker offered what looked like a ray of hope when they revealed Hro'Dtohz's plans to inspect his troops before the next major attack. You confronted the Lord of the Lineage of War himself, but he was prepared for you, and the battle was joined. Though you handed him a defeat, his teleportation technology allowed him to escape to fight another day.

Though Hro'Dtohz is still leading the Rikti Military, his offensive has been blunted and his honor shamed by defeat at your hands. You have no doubt that the Lineage of War and its leader will be back, but for the moment there is a short period of calm. The war is over for some of the Rikti, and perhaps, someday soon our embattled world will see peace. For you, however, word that Vanguard's master tactician, Gaussian, would like to talk to you makes you wonder what strange adventure you'll be going on next.

Help with Conference Security

Dreams of Peace and Acts of War
Part: One


You have proven that you can handle some weird situations, so I want your help with something strange. I need you to work security on one of the most important conferences in the history of mankind. Interested?

Mission Acceptance

I'm glad to hear it. The conference is to discuss terms of peace between humanity and the Rikti Traditionalist faction. You did hear that correctly. One of the factions of Rikti on Earth seeks a peaceful end to the war. They are the far smaller faction, but it is a start. This conference is delicate, to say the least, and someone of your experience will be an excellent asset. Dress well, this is an important time. Your main responsibility is to guard Lady Grey. Once you arrive on site, keep your eyes open for signs of trouble. It'll be up to you to determine if anything seems amiss.

Serpent Drummer hands you a book entitled 'Rikti Factions Vol. 1' to help you catch up, in case you weren't familiar with the Traditionalist and Restructurist factions.

Rikti Factions, Vol 1

This book is an explanation of how the Rikti have become divided since their time on Earth. While there's a great deal of information covered in the book, a series of bookmarks and highlightings help you pick out the important information:

Ever since the end of the First Rikti War, the Rikti on Earth appear to have suffered through disagreements about how best to proceed. These disagreements grew until the Rikti on Earth began to factionalize into two groups: the Traditionalists and the Restructurists.

The Traditionalists believed that wherever they were, they should maintain the norms of Rikti society, with its slow decisions reached through psychic debate and group consensus. The majority of the Traditionalists were from the minority of scientists and engineers who had accompanied the invasion force and had been trapped when the portals were sealed.

The Restructurists felt that the old paradigms wouldn't work in their current situation and were open to creating new ones, centered around the military majority of the invading force. They quickly became focused on advancement through military accomplishment and swelled their ranks with converted humans.

The Traditionalists were terrified of these changes as they saw their society turned upside-down and becoming a military dictatorship. In an attempt to blunt the power of the Restructurists, they've even begun talking to humanity about ending the war. The Restructurists need the continued war to justify their changes, and are unlikely to accept any peace.

It is conjectured that on the Rikti Homeworld, the military is a small minority of Rikti population, and that the Rikti civilian government could have far more power. But, in the war on Earth, the Rikti military and the Restructurists are all anyone knows.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You must move with swift strength against anything that could disturb this conference or Lady Grey. A chance for peace is a terrible opportunity to miss.

Time for peace

Mission Objective(s)

For once, things seem to be under control when you arrive on the scene.

  • Guard Lady Grey
    • Check security computer
    • Protect Lady Grey

You saved the peace negotiations!


Nemesis Automatons

Notable NPCs

Fusionette: It's my strong and highly capable yet highly twitchy relative Character! Sorry, guys, family beckons!
Fusionette: Really, guys, I'm flattered, but I'm just here for security, and NOTHING ELSE.
Fusionette: Hey, Character


No no no! Don't hurt them! They're just making conversation! They were completely and totally respectful of me and my person at all times! Please do not instigate an argument on my account!

What pigs. Seriously. I'm not kidding. I was this close to blasting them into next week. Good thing you got here. What's with the get-up? This is supposed to be formal. Oh. Whoops.

What? Oh, no, that's not at all necessary! I'm sure Faultline understands they were just inquiring about heightened security measures for the peace conference! You don't have to tell him at ALL!

That'll fix their little red wagons. Even those Rikti Traditionalists had better manners. Well, except that one. He kept saying, "'nette: Sup?" Someone needs to take away his Mark 1 decoder.

Like my attire? I picked it up from Icon. I practically had to beat Serge senseless before he'd give me a decent deal.

So, hey, did you talk to Faultline and Serpent Drummer yet?

Faultline: Hi, Character, some important conference, huh?


So you may be wondering why I'm all dressed up in this fancy suit. Oh, Serpent Drummer already told you? Okay. So you call that dressing up? Anyway, 'nette and I are on security for this conference. Only the best for world peace, right?

So far so good. It's been pretty quiet, actually. Everyone is surprisingly civil. It kind of makes me nervous, if you want the truth. Anyway, Serpent Drummer slipped in the back door a few minutes ago, so maybe you should go talk to him. He's got that purposeful stare about him and it's directed at you.


This peace conference is crucial. Whatever Serpent Drummer requests of you, do it.


Vanguard security has been heightened throughout the rest of the base so that we can observe the conference proceedings. If Serpent Drummer has requested your assistance, you must have great potential.


I'm here for security, not idle chit chat. If Serpent Drummer requested you oversee this conference, you'll want to check in with him. He's right over there.


You have more important things to do than stand here speaking with me. I have more important things to do than let you.


I am General Aarons, government liaison to these peace negotiations. Every time I think I've seen it all, something unbelievable happens.

Not too long ago we were invaded by these Rikti aliens. Worst day in history, worse than Brass Monday or even D-Day when the 5th Column blew the heck out of Independence Port. Sad... sad day.

But now, here I am standing across a table from a Rikti Traditionalist trying to sign a peace treaty. They seem like they mean it, like they want to stop the bloodshed, but if I've learned one thing in all my years, it's that you have to learn to expect the unexpected.

Good day, Character.


Before the coming of Heroes: My people peaceful. Our creators taught: War an excess: Producing only death: Despair.

Among us: Some Rikti maintain: Counter belief system. Preference: Continue warfare.

I: We: Not among those. We: Traditionalist. Belief: ways of peace: Ways of Knowledge. This legacy: We desire to foster.

  • Serpent Drummer (NPC)

Serpent Drummer: Character, good to see you. Let's talk a moment.


I've been watching the conference for a little while and, so far, everything is progressing according to plan. We have diplomats and Rikti Traditionalists in the same room and there is no bloodshed.

I should be glad about this, but I'm not.

Nothing ever runs this smoothly during a conference where peace between two worlds is on the line. I need to stay here for a while longer so make sure you keep an eye on Lady Grey. If you haven't found her yet, slip out the corridor behind me and look at the security computer. She hasn't reported in for a while.

Faultline, Fusionette, and I can keep an eye on things in here.

  • Lady Grey (Vanguard, Hero, actually Boss-class)
  • Fake Nemesis (Boss) (Guarding Lady Grey)
  • Conference attendee (NPC)
  • Conference Attendee (NPC)

An unexpected guest

The Lady Grey:

"Lord" Nemesis!
You dare interrupt these negotiations, and yet you lack the decency to show up in person?

Fake Nemesis:

Please, my dear, do not fret!
Your 'Vanguard' society has simply gone too far, and had to be corrected.
It was all quite humorous, but steps had to be taken.
Now, don't let it trouble your pretty little head.

The Lady Grey:

Oh, steps are indeed going to be taken!

'We are only seeing the edges.'

Lady Grey seemed rather upset by Nemesis' actions, and even let her normally calm demeanor slip as she vented her frustrations:

'The absolute GALL of that man! Machine. Cyborg... Whatever! Only he would have the brazen temerity to interrupt these crucial proceedings for his own petty aims of world domination! And then to dismiss me like a precious niece! Oooh!

No, we shall not give in to such angers. No doubt Nemesis wishes to fray Our nerves, and We shall not be so easily manipulated. In all likelihood, he wishes for us to grow angry, and miss his true objectives whilst blinded by rage. As you are well aware, Nemesis rarely acts through direct means. So let us consider his actions... You thwarted those Arachnos impostors that were surely his, preventing the abduction of Mr. Arnold Decker. And this time, after his imposter negotiators were discovered, his forces abducted several human and Rikti negotiators. Alas, We are not seeing the connections, but clearly this is all part of something larger. Whatever it is, We fear that we are only seeing the edges.'


The Lady Grey spoke well of you, and I can see why. The negotiations will continue, thanks to your efforts in coordinating the defense, but the Nemesis Army was not completely unsuccessful. We must now reverse their gains and recover our losses.

Rescue Captives from the Nemesis Army

Dreams of Peace and Acts of War
Part: Two


Your admirable defense of the talks will allow them to continue, but the Nemesis Army did make gains, which we must now reverse. They captured 6 of the negotiators before they were fought back. Fortunately, their mole-machine was damaged and had forced them to traverse natural caverns instead of traveling to their rally point more directly. This has delayed them greatly and exposed them to counter-attack. A counter-attack I feel you would be well-suited to lead.

Mission Acceptance

Our own work mapping the tunnels beneath the zone has paid off again, providing us with a direct route for you to intercept the Nemesis Army troop column. Once you get there, your goal will be to liberate the hostages. Most will likely flee, but if any are willing to help, all the better.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The talks still balance on a precarious edge, but your efforts have helped to sway the Traditionalists. We are close, and the rescue of the hostages will bring us closer.

Mission Objective(s)

The Vanguard-provided maps lead you down through twisting caverns until you catch up the Nemesis Army column.

  • Rescue captured negotiators
    • 3 Negotiators
    • 3 Diplomats
    • Defeat Fake Nemeses

(Mission successful) You have rescued all of the diplomats and negotiators and stopped the Nemesis Army's escape!

(Mission Failure) You weren't able to save the General Aarons and C'Kelkah.

Now allies: General Aarons and C'Kelkah



Notable NPCs

  • C'Kelkah (NPC Ally, Boss, actually Pet-class)
  • General Aarons (NPC Ally, Boss, actually Pet-class)
  • Warhulk (Boss) (Guarding C'Kelkah)
  • Fake Nemesis x3 (Boss) (One of them will be guarding General Aarons)
  • Negotiator x2 (Rikti NPC)
  • Diplomat x2 (Human NPC)

Debriefing (Mission Failed)

Luckily, we were able to teleport General Aarons and C'Kelkah away, but this is a bad sign. The Traditionalists are threatening to pull out of the peace talks if we don't get results on this Nemesis angle soon.

Debriefing (Mission Successful)

Though some of the diplomats and negotiators will be spending some time in the hospital after their ordeal, all will recover, and the negotiations will continue. Unless some sort of devastating attack occurs, we should be able to conclude these negotiations soon.

Defend the base!

Dreams of Peace and Acts of War
Part: Three


Rikti Restructurist forces are amassing for an attack against our base. They fear the signing of the peace treaty between us and their rival faction, the Traditionalists. This attack must be held off and actions all over the city have depleted our forces. Character, can we count on you to defend this base?

Very soon, the peace between the peoples of Earth and one of the two Rikti factions on our world will be signed. But that will not happen if the coming attack is not stopped. Our other agents are trying to counter-attack, but our new Traditionalist allies have promised assistance. Link up with any other troops, and be prepared for any kind of Rikti attack. This will only end once the Raid leader shows himself, and is defeated. Good luck.

Traditionalists' help: Lk'Onik and the Commando

Mission Objective(s)

Rikti attacks are a constant threat, but they're really throwing everything into this one!

  • Defend Vanguard Base
    • Rescue Traditionalist Commando
    • Rescue Lk'Onik
    • Defeat Raid Leader

You have defeated the raid's leader.



Notable NPCs

Hro'Dtohz: Invincible!

Though defeated, this Restructurist soldier still wanted to have the last word:

"Hero Status: Foolish! Accomplishment Duration: Short Lived! Rikti (Homeworld) Leadership: Victory Assurance. Hro'Dtohz Leadership: Unstoppable Power. Hro'Dtohz: Invincible!"

The raid leader passed out after he'd said his peace, and you're left wondering who or what is "Hro'Dtohz"?


The Traditionalists have signed the peace accord, mostly thanks to your efforts to stop the attack. However, when word reached them that this Hro'Dtohz was now involved, they became very afraid. We are speaking with them about this. While we have made great strides, I fear that the war is far from over.

Defend Portal Corporation

Dreams of Peace and Acts of War
Part: Four


The Traditionalists have shared some important news with us. It seems that the Restructurists have been able to open a tenous portal back to their homeworld. This has been the source of their new troops and supplies. However, a door opens both ways, and they have a plan to use the Portal Corporation gateways to access what they believe is an open gateway back to the Rikti Homeworld, to spread news of the peace. However, it appears we have been outmaneuvered. The Rikti strike from out of nowhere with a renewed ferocity. I had hoped to give you some rest after all of your work, but now I must call on you once more to save Portal Corp from Rikti attack.

Mission Acceptance

We will transport you directly there using our own portals. Reports from the defenders indicate that the Rikti have a new kind of portal that they are using to assault the base. You must close these assault portals to end the attack. Good luck.

You receive a dossier on Hro'Dtohz, the Lord of the Lineage of War.

The Hro'Dtohz file

This dossier has been put together using mostly Rikti sources. The first few are all about the rise and fall of the Rikti homeworld's military caste, called the Lineage of War.

After the initial wars to unify the planet thousands of years ago, the Lineage of War was very small, only rising to prominence during a very few infrequent civil wars and insurrections. Their last big operation was against an alien force called the Battalion about 100 years ago. Since then, their power had been tapering off to its normal ceremonial levels until the start of the war with Earth.

Several files about the Earth war are heavily redacted, probably for security reasons, but the gist of it is that the Lineage of War had a new leader, a young Rikti military genius called Hro'Dtohz. Originally trained as an historian, he was the one the Rikti mental network turned to in their darkest hour, and the one who organized the new military and the war against Earth.

According to the Traditionalist's mental profiles, Hro'Dtohz is certainly a military genius, but is also considered extreme in his thought and action. The translators have some trouble, because there are no terms in the Rikti language to express the qualities they see in the Lord of the Lineage of War. Determination and genius are concepts they understand. But Ambition? Pride? Even the warrior's sense of honor and desire to fight are things you can see shining out of his profile, but which most Rikti could only barely comprehend.

Hro'Dtohz had been trapped on the Rikti Homeworld when the Omega Team sealed the conduit between worlds, but with the news from the Traditionalists that a tenuous gateway has been re-opened, the threat posed by the Lord of the Lineage of War is now all too real.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Destroy the assault portals and it will stop the Rikti attack.

The battle for Portal Corp

Mission Objective(s)

The sounds of combat are everywhere. Time for action!

  • Defend Portal Corporation
    • 2 Negotiators
    • 2 Vanguard Adepts
    • 12 Rikti Assault Portals

You fought off the Rikti attack.



Notable NPCs

  • Assault Portal x12 (Object)
  • Traditionalist Negotiator (x2) (NPC, Hostage)
  • Vanguard Adept x2 (NPC Ally)
  • War Chief Soldier x2 (Boss) (One guarding each Vanguard Adept)


The Rikti moved within moments after the Traditionalists began their plan. I fear that they anticipated our maneuver. The next logical step would be for them to counter-attack. This has me worried.

Fight back Rikti attacks

Dreams of Peace and Acts of War
Part: Five


Reports are coming in of Rikti attacks both in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. I am coordinating actions with Levantera and Borea to fight them, but we need all available help.

Mission Acceptance

Good. We are responding to incidents as they arise, but there are attacks everywhere. Speak to Borea, she will set your first target for counter-attack.

Get Target from Borea

Unnecessary Solicitation

Talk to Borea first. We must coordinate our counter-strikes carefully or we will be overwhelmed.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Get Target from Borea


Character. I'm glad to see you're still with us. Something has the Rikti in a frenzy. We've even received requests for help from the Rogue Isles. It seems Dr. Aeon isn't entirely willing to rely on Arachnos to protect the Power Transfer System in Cap au Diable. We're sending you in by teleporter to the PTS control center to help the good doctor protect this power system. Once you're done there, Levantera will have your next assignment.

Defend PTS

Unnecessary Solicitation

Cap au Diable, is it? I have tangled with Dr. Aeon once or twice. He is completely nuts, but he will usually do whatever it takes to keep himself in one piece.

PTS control room

Mission Objective(s)

The heat in here is absolutely infernal!

  • Defend PTS
    • Rescue Dr. Aeon
    • Defeat Assault Magus Tel'leT
    • Take Dr. Aeon to Controls

You stopped the attack on the PTS. You can leave Arachnos to clean up the mess.



Notable NPCs

  • Assault Magus Tel'leT (Rikti Magus (Boss))
  • Rikti Magus (Boss) (Guarding Dr. Aeon)
  • Dr. Aeon (Arachnos Scientist, Hostage)
Speak to Levantera

Unnecessary Solicitation

Your success in the PTS has relieved a number of worries, but the attacks continue. Speak with Levantera; she'll have your next objective.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak to Levantera


Wish I had better news for you, but the Rikti are still on the attack. Your next objective will be Overbrook Dam in Paragon City. Longbow forces are already on the scene, but are getting overwhelmed by the Rikti. You need to take out the raid's leader. Good luck!

Clear Rikti from Dam
Inside the Overbrook dam

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Rikti attacks are still going strong. We cannot let our guard down now.

Mission Objective(s)

Overbrook Dam has seen a lot of trouble over all these years.

  • Clear Rikti from Dam
    • Rescue Sefu
    • Defeat Raider Ga'Emmon

You have stopped the Rikti Raids.



Notable NPCs

Captured Information

These documents and data storage devices were in an armored case, and are clearly important. However, it will take the resources back at the Vanguard base to fully translate them.


These raids were coordinated well. Your actions and the actions of many others prevented a great deal of damage, but I fear that our latest intelligence shows that this was only a diversion for their next true objective. I only hope that the information you found can tell us what that objective might be. I will run this by Mr. Decker, we should know the contents soon.

Strike Wargod Hro'Dtohz

Dreams of Peace and Acts of War
Part: Finale


The information you retrieved has been translated by Mr. Decker. It details the timetable for this phase of the Rikti's plan, and gives us an opportunity. Hro'Dtohz himself is going to be inspecting part of the tunnel network. He will be exposed, and could be captured with a quick, surgical strike. You have done much already, I thought it only proper that you undertake this task.

If we can defeat the leader of the Lineage of War now, it would cripple the Rikti's military efforts. We sent ahead a scout team to try and confirm the intelligence, but haven't heard back from them. If you can locate them, they could be of great help to you.

Mission Objective(s)

If you can catch Hro'Dtohz by surprise, it could change the shape of the entire conflict.

  • Defeat Hro'Dtohz
    • Defeat Hro'Dtohz

Even though he escaped, the defeat of Hro'Dtohz will surely upset the Rikti's plans.



Notable NPCs

'Nothing Else: Makes Sense'

Though he didn't seem like the type to talk much, the Rikti Psi-scout called Lk'Onik had something he wanted to say:

'Longtime Didn't: Trust Humans.
We Thought: Humans Attacked: First.
Was There: First Attack.
Thousands: Dead. Lost: Everything Important.
Looked like: Freedom Phalanx.
Further Attacks: Dozens.
Finally Traced: Point of Origin.
Thought Justification: Protecting Ourselves.
...  : ...
Since then, seen: Freedom Phalanx; Seen: Earth-Heroes.
Phalanx = Attackers: Impossible.
My Theory: Praetorians. Nothing Else: Makes Sense.'


You fought the Lord of the Lineage of War and forced him to retreat, defeated. Though he escaped, it is a victory. The Rikti offensive has stalled and though we do not know their true ends, with our new alliances we will have a real chance to defeat whatever stratagem they may pursue. You have done very well indeed.

Now, while the pressure from the Rikti has abated for the moment, we have a short span of tiime to deal with other matters, and there is another who would like your assistance in a more internal matter of great importance. His name is Gaussian.

Gaussian wishes to hold an audience with you.

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