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Alignment, introduced in the Going Rogue expansion and the accompanying issue release, is the way the game distinguishes between hero, villain, and everything in between.

Null the Gull in Pocket D can alter your alignment on demand, if you are not a Praetorian.

The traditional way to alter your alignment is to do 10 Alignment Missions, then a Morality Mission. These missions are got when Tips drop after level 20. 40 Reward Merits are awarded for completing a Morality Mission.

Bug! Assisting in completing another character's Morality Mission before obtaining ten Alignment Points will empty out a character's Alignment Points and force them to start over at zero.

Alignment Types

Hero Alignment Icon Villain Alignment Icon True Alignments

Heroes and villains who do not fall or redeem themselves have access only to the appropriate hero or villain zones. There is not a badge for staying hero or villain that is revoked if they ever fall or are redeemed.

Heroes are granted access to a special lounge called Fort Trident which has copies of most of the Signature Heroes, allowing characters to teleport to their location in the "real world" to start their Task Forces.

Likewise, villains are granted access to a special lounge called The Crucible, where they can teleport to the villainous Strike Force contacts.

Vigilante Alignment Icon Rogue Alignment Icon Falling and Redeeming

  • A Hero can become a Vigilante, but not a Rogue.
  • A Vigilante can become a Villain or return to being a Hero.
  • A Villain can become a Rogue, but not a Vigilante.
  • A Rogue can become a Hero or return to being a Villain.
  • Vigilantes and Rogues have access to both Paragon City and Rogue Isles zones.
  • A character gets to keep their badges when switching alignment.
    • Sometimes badges will change names/descriptions to match a character's current alignment.

Praetorian Alignment

A character may start at Level 1 in Praetoria. During the course of their career, they will choose to assist The Resistance or the Loyalists. Neither the Resistance, nor the Loyalists equate to "good" or "evil", but are more a matter of "us" versus "them" than the "hero" versus "villain" which is typical throughout Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. The character will be presented with the opportunity to switch which side they fight for at key points in the story. They even have the opportunity to go "undercover"; a Praetorian can only ever go undercover for the faction they originally selected at the end of the tutorial (and so must do the tutorial if they want to go undercover).

The Resistance alignment and Loyalists alignment each have two factions within them.

Occasionally the game treats both of the Resistance factions as Heroes and both Loyalists factions as Villains; for example the Valentine's Event does so, and Praetorian Day Job Badges get titles on this basis. However, this is purely a game mechanical oddity; Praetoria's alignments are intended to be shades of grey.

Resistance Alignment Icon The Resistance

The Wardens, while opposed to Emperor Cole, hold life to be valuable. They make every attempt to reach their goals with as little loss of life as possible. This is not to say that they will not kill, but for the Wardens it is more of a last resort.
The Crusaders are more extreme than the Wardens. They believe in winning the fight at any cost, regardless of how many lives it costs. Many of The Crusaders are motivated by revenge, others simply see killing as a means to an end. Most of them believe that they are fighting for a good cause and do not view themselves as evil, but some of them care little about the true cause of the Resistance, and use it merely as an excuse to wreak havoc.

Loyalist Alignment Icon The Loyalists

Those Loyalists who follow the path of Responsibility support Cole, but do everything they can to protect the citizens of Praetoria in the process. They believe in maintaining law and order within the city, but they do not abuse their power. They tend to be selfless for the most part and represent the idea that not everyone with The Loyalists is bad.
Those Loyalists who follow the path of Power support Cole and all that he stands for; however, they use their positions to gain more power, prestige, fame, and fortune for themselves. Much like The Crusaders, they hold life to be of little value, especially the lives of members of The Resistance. If there is something to be gained from it, they will not hesitate to kill, and will not lose any sleep over "collateral damage".

Life After Praetoria

When a Praetorian reaches level 20, they will be offered a mission to leave Praetoria. The moral choices made up to this point will have no impact on the character's final choice of alignment after leaving Praetoria. Regardless of whether the player followed the Wardens, Crusaders, Power, Responsibility or a combination of these, he or she will be able to choose to be either a hero or a villain. Alternatively, they may continue as a Praetorian, with the First Ward and Night Ward zones providing a convenient way to reach level 40. The mission to pick a Primal alignment does not expire.


You will not lose any badges due to alignment changes. However, certain badges will have their names changed if you choose to cross over.

Primal Earth Alignment Badges


Badge HeroAlignmentMission.png Ear to the Street   Complete a Hero Alignment mission
Badge HeroAlignment.png Gallant   Complete a Hero Morality mission
Badge HeroAlignmentPower.png Heard the Call   Maintain a Hero alignment for 7 days
Badge Ascended.png Ascended   Shift alignment from Villain to Hero
Badge ComeFullCircleHero.png Come Full Circle   Return to your original alignment of Hero


Badge VigilanteAlignmentMission.png Streetwise   Complete a Vigilante Alignment mission
Badge VigilanteAlignment.png Above the Law   Complete a Vigilante Morality mission
Badge VigilanteAlignmentPower.png Fearsome   Maintain a Vigilante alignment for 7 days


Badge VillainAlignmentMission.png Inquisitor   Complete a Villain Alignment mission
Badge VillainAlignment.png Dastardly   Complete a Villain Morality mission
Badge VillainAlignmentPower.png Frenzied   Maintain a Villain alignment for 7 days
Badge Descended.png Descended   Shift alignment from Hero to Villain
Badge ComeFullCircleVillain.png Come Full Circle   Return to your original alignment of Villain


Badge RogueAlignmentMission.png Well Informed   Complete a Rogue Alignment mission
Badge RogueAlignment.png Scoundrel   Complete a Rogue Morality mission
Badge RogueAlignmentPower.png Trickster   Maintain a Rogue alignment for 7 days

Praetorian Alignment Badges

Badge 5MoralChoice.png Moral High Ground   Choose Loyalist or Resistance morality five times
Badge Resistance.png Resistance Member   Choose a Resistance outcome in a moral choice mission
Badge Loyalist.png Loyalist   Choose a Loyalist outcome in a moral choice mission