Jonathan St. John Smythe

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Jonathan St. John Smythe
Jonathan St. John Smythe.jpg
Science Hero Liaison
Zone Atlas Park
Coordinates (70, -784, -916.5)[Copy]
Level Range 1-5
Introduced By None
Introduces == Level 5-9 ==
Samuel Pierce
Henry Peter Wong
Enemy Groups
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Jonathan St. John Smythe is a hero contact in the Atlas Plaza neighborhood of Atlas Park at coordinates (70, -784, -916.5)[Copy] Jonathan St. John Smythe is a Science origin contact. His level range is 1-5. He is an initial contact for heroes of science origin. Heroes who do the Galaxy City tutorial will not be directed to him by default, but can contact him if they choose (with the Find Contact button or by talking to him directly). He can be found within City Hall.


Contact Introduced By

Outbreak tutorial. Level 1-5 heroes and vigilantes can get an introduction from the Find Contact button. Any character can get an introduction by talking to him directly.

Contact Introduces

Single contact option
It would be my pleasure to introduce you to someone who could be very helpful to your future.

Level 5-9

You ever been to one of Samuel Pierce's parties? He's an event promoter, and he knows how to put on a good time. He also has a nose for trouble. You should meet him, see if he'll give you a tip on the Vahzilok. Mr. Pierce is promoting a new movie over in Kings Row.

Samuel is somewhat cavalier, but he wants the city cleaned up very badly.

Have you heard of Hero Corps? They're a business that matches heroes up with jobs. There's a liaison named Henry Peter Wong there who's taking on new clients. You should chat with him about the Vahzilok menace. Hero Corps has Mr. Wong in Atlas Park.

Wong is pretty gung ho about Hero Corps; there's no denying that he will keep you busy.


Science Hero Liaison

Professor Jonathan St. John-Smythe is a brilliant research scientist whose inventions have been of great help to Paragon City and its heroes. The Professor works for SERAPH, which is a section of the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs. SERAPH stands for Scientific Experimentation, Research and Application to Paranormal Humans. His primary duty is monitoring and measuring the power levels of the city's heroes, and he is always eager to help new heroes better understand their powers. He is fascinated by the Vahzilok, and he gathers information on their activities whenever possible.

Wrong Origin Introduction

I'm terribly sorry, but you should be talking to Active Contact instead.

Initial Contact

Oh, hello. Here to do some good for the city, are you? I have your file here somewhere. Character, isn't it? With Science based Scrapper powers, I do believe. Excellent. Let's begin.


  • Oh, hello. Up for a spot of action?
  • Ready for a new mission, I trust?

Too Busy

My goodness, haven't you got enough to do already?

Too Low Level

I have something, but it's classified Security Level 4.

No More Missions

Before introducing a higher-level contact
I believe the time has come for you to forge ahead without me.
After introducing a higher-level contact
I don't have anything more for you. Perhaps your other contacts have something?


I do believe I can trust you fully at this point, Character. Come, let's find you some new trinkets in my lab. I am at your disposal.

Urgent Mission

When this contact has an urgent mission available, this contact only offers urgent missions, and not any other missions.

Talk to Iris Parker about the zombie attacks (1-5)


Welcome to SERAPH, Scientific Experimentation, Research and Application to Paranormal Humans. It's come to our attention recently that individuals are being pulled off the streets by creatures that can only be described as zombies. Normally this would be MAGI's bailiwick, but they say they've seen no new mystic residue lately. I think these zombies may have been created by medical means. Fascinating, yes?

There's an elderly lady named Iris Parker who witnessed one of the assaults. I'd like you to talk to Mrs. Parker about the zombie attacks.

Mission Acceptance

Do let me know what you find. I can only imagine the foul den these creatures come from!

Talk to Iris Parker

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'd be ever so grateful if you could figure out where on Earth those zombies are coming from.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Iris Parker


I was walking back from the grocery store, when out from the sewer a horrible creature appeared. Its flesh was rotted and grey, and its skin was covered in stitches. I feared for my life, but the creature ignored me. It grabbed Alex Carter, a newsstand owner near where I live, and dragged him into the sewer! I'll gladly tell you where this nightmare occurred, if you could rescue that poor dear.


  • The NPC hostage can vary between Alex Carter and Michael Thompson.

Defeat all zombies in sewer

Unnecessary Solicitation

That Iris Parker knows more about this situation than anyone else. Heed her words.

Mission Objective(s)

The foul odor you smell could not possibly be from sewage alone.

  • Defeat all zombies in sewer
    • Find Alex Carter

You found Alex Carter and defeated his abductors.




They were handling this Alex Carter fellow with care, eh? That could mean a lot of things, and most of them aren't good. I want to know more about this 'doctor' they mentioned. I hope I can count on you to help me investigate.


Deliver the data disc to Henry Peter Wong (1-5)

Take data to Henry Peter Wong


Hero Corps has pulled some strings, and they're asking for all the data we've collected on the Vahzilok. I need someone to deliver this data disc to Henry Peter Wong. He'll see that Hero Corps gets the info.

Mission Acceptance

I'm sure Dr. Vahzilok would love to get his hands on this disc. Watch your back, Character.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Hero Corps is waiting for that data, Character

Data on Vahzilok

This data disc contains all the data SERAPH has on the Vahzilok menace.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take data to Henry Peter Wong


Hero Corps thanks you for your cooperation in this matter, Character. Hero Corps doesn't like to be beholden to any organization, so I'll return the favor SERAPH did for us immediately. There is a cave in Galaxy City that the Vahzilok have been using as a secret research lab. I'm sure a powerful hero like yourself will have no problem wiping it out and getting some more info for SERAPH and Hero Corps to share.

Defeat lab leader and his crew

Unnecessary Solicitation

Henry Peter tipped you off to a secret Vahzilok lab? You better go check that out.

Mission Objective(s)

The foul stench of the sewers lingers in this cave.

  • Defeat lab leader and his crew
    • 2 hostages remaining

You defeated the Vahzilok and rescued the hostages.

Morbid research data

The research data you recovered from the Vahzilok cave is very disturbing. Apparently they are using the cover of night to conduct 'involuntary organ donations' in Kings Row.



Notable NPCs


Looks like Hero Corps steered us in the right direction. You did a great job, Character, but I don't understand why Hero Corps didn't take care of this cave themselves.

Investigate the conference (1-5)


I just got a tip that some men calling themselves the disciples of Vahzilok are planning a conference in a secondary sewer section. While their exact aims are unclear, it seems likely that they're linked to these bio-mechanical zombies that have been terrorizing the populace lately. Will you investigate this conference?

Mission Acceptance

While you're down there, look for any information on the aims of Vahzilok's minions.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I asked you to break up that conference.

Mission Objective(s)

Medical notes float in the filthy water, alongside medical paraphernalia and waste.

  • Defeat all Vahzilok in sewer
    • Rescue the hostage!, Learn purpose of conference

You disrupted the conference, rescued a hostage, and found some notes.

Medical notes

These wild medical notes were not made by any doctor who cares for the sanctity of human life. They describe horrible techniques for using artificial stimulus and cybernetic parts to animate the body. You notice that these notes are based on recent research.




Thanks for breaking up that horrible conference. It's terrifying to contemplate the depths this Vahzilok has sunk to. Human experimentation, animating the dead! He must be a madman indeed.

Investigate the disappearances (1-5)


Several wealthy citizens have disappeared in the last couple of days. That's hardly unusual in this town, but this time no ransom notes have been delivered. I want you to investigate these disappearances, Character. I have a bad feeling that those people are in serious trouble.

Mission Acceptance

One more thing: all of the missing people had fatal illnesses. That connection has to mean something, but I can't figure out what!

Unnecessary Solicitation

You must do everything in your power to rescue those missing people.

Mission Objective(s)

Sick laughter echoes in the distance.

  • Rescue the missing citizens
    • 3 people to rescue

You rescued the kidnapped citizens from the Vahzilok.

The kidnapped woman's story

The woman you rescued from the Vahzilok told you:

'They approached me because of my money, and because of my illness. You see, I'm dying of cancer. This strange Vahzilok said he could give me eternal life! And all he wanted was the bulk of my fortune!

'I was desperate, so I gave in. But that was before I knew what they wanted to do to me. They wanted to turn me into a zombie, a walking corpse!'.




So, Vahzilok convinced those people to hand over their fortunes in exchange for eternal life. Trouble is, it was a life few people would consider worth living: a life as one of his disgusting zombies! It's really sad that he would prey on the desperately ill like this. But I suppose that's what I should expect from such a demented person.

Learn about the fallen heroes of Paragon City (1-5)


As a new hero, you should know about those who have come before you. I think you need to learn about the fallen heroes of Paragon City. It will be a short history lesson, but an important one.

Mission Acceptance

Go read the plaque under the statue of Atlas. He was a great man, and the city remains thankful to him to this day. Atlas Park is named in his honor, you know.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You should read the plaque under Atlas' statue.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Read Atlas' plaque

You learned some of Paragon City's history.


This statue commemorates the heroic death of the mighty Atlas. On December 7th, 1941, the Forces of the original 5th Column launched a surprise attack on Paragon City. Atlas single-handedly fought back a large group of advancing 5th Column soldiers, and prevented them from gaining a foothold beyond Independence Port. His brave sacrifice held the area until the Freedom Phalanx arrived and drove back the invaders.


Atlas was a great man. He protected the city from a devastating surprise attack in 1941 by the 5th Column. Without his sacrifice, who knows how many lives might have been lost? I've noticed many people pause in the shadow of his great statue; it's as if they feel safer there.

Security Chief Mission

A character can complete this mission only once. If this mission is active or completed from another contact, this contact won't offer the mission.

Talk to the Security Chief (1-4)

Talk to Security Chief


I need you to go talk to the Atlas Park Security Chief. He has information about the current situation here in Atlas Park. Your compass will guide you there.

Mission Acceptance

Please listen carefully to the Security Chief. If he has a task for you, it will be very important.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Security Chief just called again; he really needs your help!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Security Chief


Here is a briefing sheet on the situation in Atlas Park. Now get out there and help take out some Hellions. If I were you, I'd try looking for them in the Promenade or Prometheus Park.

Atlas Park briefing

Atlas Park is probably the finest place in the city. Clean and beautiful, hustling and bustling, Atlas Park was the first place to be restored after the Rikti War. Of course, the Hellions do cause some problems here and there. They started out as just a street gang, but some of them seem to have acquired pretty unusual abilities. The police can't do much about superpowered thugs; it's up to you Heroes to help out.

Keep peace in Atlas Park

Unnecessary Solicitation

You should be out fighting Hellions.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Keep peace in Atlas Park
    • Defeat 5 Hellions

You have defeated 5 Hellions.




Well done, Character. With Heroes like you around we have a chance to make Atlas Park safe for everyone.