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Issue 13 added the ability for characters to have two builds, and Issue 19's Alpha Slot introduced a third build. Each build allows the character to have completely separate power choices, enhancements, and boosts. It does not allow a player to choose new primary or secondary power sets.


How it Works

  • A free second build unlocks at level 10.
  • A third build is unlocked by completing Mender Ramiel's story arc and unlocking the Alpha Slot.
  • Any time a character visits a Trainer, one of the options will be to change builds.
  • Builds can be changed once every 15 minutes.
  • All powers will have their recharge time reset when changing builds.
    • Changing builds as fast as possible will take a total of 30 minutes. All but the longest recharging powers will have recharged by then.

List of Build Similarities

List of Build Differences

  • Just like a respec, Power Pools and Ancillary Power Pools/Patron Power Pools can be different.
  • Enhancements in one build cannot be copied to the other build. A character must purchase/create enhancements for each build.
  • Security/Threat Levels
    Unlike a respec, each build has to be trained up separately.
    • Each build always has the same amount of earned experience, but alternate builds will not train up alongside the active build.
    • When choosing an alternate build for the first time, the character will start at Security/Threat Level 1 and will have to be trained up, level by level.
    • Additionally, each build requires training when switched to it, if the character has gained levels since the last time the build was used.
  • Power tray content is kept separate.
    • Moved powers and macros do not get saved across builds. Each build saves and uses its own data.
    • Macros and Temporary Powers do not automatically get added to the other build's power trays and must be added manually.

Respecifying and Multi-Builds

Epic Archetypes

  • Peacebringers' and Warshades' (HEATs) primary and secondary powersets can be leveled up differently on each build.
    • A Kheldian can be all human on one build and utilize forms on another, or any other combination possible.
  • Soldiers of Arachnos (VEATs) primary and secondary powersets, while split into 3 sections, can be leveled up differently on each build.
    • A Soldier can have Crab Spider training on one build, and Bane Spider training on another. However, they will lose display of the Bane Spider cape, and have the Crab Spider legs on both builds.


  • The initial implementation of Multiple Builds limited characters to two builds.
    • Because the initial implementation only allowed two builds, many called them Dual Builds. "Dual Builds" redirects here.
  • Issue 19 added a third build, unlocked alongside the Alpha Slot.
    • Even with the implementation of a third build, it is common for players to continue to call this feature "Dual Builds".

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