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Recipes, along with Invention Salvage, are used to craft enhancements, costumes, respecs, and powers first introduced by the Invention System in Issue 9. Recipes are acquired by defeating PvE enemies, defeating players in PvP, spending merits (reward, alignment, incarnate), spending Tickets, trading with other players, or buying from the Auction House. Recipe drops require access to the Invention License in some way, including Paragon Market temporary unlock, subscription temporary unlock, or permanent unlock via Paragon Rewards.

Most recipes are for Invention Origin Enhancements ("IOs"). A recipe is required to make every IO (except for Common IOs that have been memorized). You also need Invention Salvage, an Invention Worktable and inf. A recipe can only be used once. Inventing the item associated with a recipe uses up the recipe.

Recipe Drop 'Pools'

Main Article: Recipe Drop Pools

Most of the recipes are collectible from simply fighting normal critters, and almost any has a chance of dropping one. Some recipes (Pool B) are only dropped from completing a mission. Most recipes can also be purchased with Merits or Tickets.

This makes five pools from which recipes are drawn:

  • Pool A: From defeating general enemies
  • Pool B: From Mission Completion
  • Pool C+D: From Bosses or purchased with Reward Merits or Tickets
    • Pool C: formerly from completing Task Forces, Strike Forces, and most Trials
    • Pool D: formerly from completing Respec Trials and Hamidon raids
  • Pool E: Costume Recipes from Minions
  • Pool F: PvP Player Defeats
  • Pool G: Power Recipes from defeating general enemies

Pool A is huge. Pools B, C+D, E, and F are smaller. Most Enhancement Sets have all IOs in Pool A alone. Some of the recipes from pools can be purchased with Reward Merits or Tickets directly, or give you a chance to roll for them.

Every five levels is a new table for each pool, so what can be found changes as you level. Not all levels have recipes in all five categories.

No recipe is tied to doing a specific task. This is done so people don't plan on farming AVs for rares. So completing any mission will award a random recipe from Pool B for that level, and defeating any foe, be it minion or boss, can award a recipe from Pool A for that level of foe, and so on.

Pool A (Enemy Defeat)

These recipes come from defeating a computer controlled foe. The recipe may be common, uncommon, or rare. If a team defeats an enemy that drops a recipe, it goes to a random team member. The enemy's rank affects how likely it is to drop a recipe, with higher ranks giving higher chances (bosses more so than lieutenants, for example). The enemy's level does not influence drop chances, except that enemies that are too low in comparison to the player character, that con grey, provide no rewards at all (except reduced experience points). Drop chances aren't affected by the enemy's faction, either. None of these factors influence what kinds of recipes might drop or how likely they are to be common, uncommon, or rare.

In a post, since purged, Positron stated the drop rates for Pool A (enemy) drops are:

Enemy Rate
Minion 2.666667%
Lieutenant/Sniper 5.333333%
Boss/Elite Boss 7.999999%
Archvillain either 100% or 0%, depending on the AV

Giant Monsters do not drop Recipes (but can drop Salvage). Underlings do not drop either.

When a Pool A recipe does drop, the Common:Uncommon:Rare ratio is: 32:8:1 (so Common is 78.05%, Uncommon is 19.51%, and Rare is 2.44%). (Again, from Positron)

In addition to Enhancement Recipes, there are recipes for temporary powers and respecs:

Costume Recipes

Main Article: Invention Made Costumes

Prior to Issue 10, Costume Recipes were part of Pool A. They have been moved to their own pool, Pool E.

These powers can not be sold or traded by Auction House, but the recipe and salvage to make them can be.

Respec Recipes

Main Article: Respec Recipe

Respec Recipes currently can only be used by the person who makes them. They grant the character who crafted it a Free Respec to use at any time with /respec. You can't invent a respec and then sell or give or trade that respec away. You can sell, give away, or trade the recipe and salvage for the respec, though.

Very Rare (Purple) Pool

The drop rate for the Very Rare Purple Recipes has been reported to be anywhere from 1 in 1,500 to 1 in 5,000 chance to drop. These were added to the Pool A drops, but we don't know the ratio they are set to appear compared to Common, Uncommon, and Rare Recipes.

They drop only from foes that would ordinarily have a chance to drop a level 50 enhancement, so a level 47 minion, a level 46 lieutenant, etc. An easy way to tell if an enemy might drop a purple recipe is if it cons green or better to a level 50 character. Additionally, only level 50 characters can slot Very Rare enhancements.

Pool B (Mission Complete)

Pool B is for recipes dropped for completion of door missions. When completing a door mission, each team member has a 10% chance of receiving a Pool B drop. Hunt, Delivery, and Talk-to missions do not qualify for this drop, but door missions in Trials and Task Forces do qualify.

It should be noted that the Cavern of Transcendence Trial used to award Pool B recipes, instead of Pool C or Pool D.

Pool C and D

Main Article: Merit Rewards

From Drops to Reward Merits

Completing a Task Force, Strike Force, or Trial used to grant a recipe drop. However, that changed in Issue 13. They now grant each team member a certain number of Reward Merits, or, for certain Trials that offer a unique reward such as a Hamidon Origin Enhancement or a Respec, they give the player a choice between the Merit Reward or the unique reward. Merits can then be used to purchase Recipes. Rewards from Trials and Forces are on a cool down timer which means either not being eligible for the unique reward or for diminishing returns on the Merit reward.

Pool C recipes used to be awarded by Task/Strike Forces and most Trials, and Pool D recipes by Respec Trials and Hamidon Raids. It should be noted that the Cavern of Transcendence Trial used to award Pool B recipes (mission complete), instead of Pool C or Pool D.

See also: Taskforce Random Recipe Roll
See also: Trial Random Recipe Roll

Combining Pools C & D

And now with Issue 14, Pool C and D are now combined in every way, whether one rolls for them at the Merit Vendor or at the Ticket Vendor, or whether they drop from defeating Bosses.

See also: Random Rare Recipe Roll

Weighting Pool C & D

The combined C & D Pool recipes are now also weighted by usefulness. This means recipes from IO Sets which are used more by players (e.g., melee sets or ranged sets) are more likely to drop than recipes from lesser used IO Sets (such as sniper or taunt).

Very Rare Boss Defeat Chance

New to the game in Issue 14 is the chance for a Pool C+D drop from defeating a Boss (or Elite Boss or AV rank foe). This is a very rare chance to happen. This pool is weighted by usefulness as explained above.

Pool E (Costumes)

In Issue 10, all Invention Made Costumes were moved to this new pool to increase their drop rate. Costume recipes no longer drop off any critter ranks except Minion. On the other hand, it is possible to defeat a Minion and get both a Pool A and a Pool E recipe.

Costume items currently can only be used by the person who makes them; making a costume item automatically delivers it to Icon or Facemaker for you to use. In other words, you can't invent a costume and then sell or give or trade that costume away. You can sell, give away, or trade the recipe and salvage for the costume, though. Once crafted, these costume pieces are treated like any other unlocked costume piece at the clothing shop and are now always available to be used on the character that crafted it. Prices for adding the costume piece fit the normal curve for costume changes.

Pool F (PvP Defeats)

New to the game in Issue 14 is the chance for a very rare special PvP Recipe to drop from defeating another player (in the Arena or in a PvP Zone or presumably also in a Base Raid if that is ever reestablished). Once you get a PvP Recipe drop, there is a 5 minute cool down before you are eligible for another PvP Recipe drop. (This has nothing to do with Rep credit which follows its own 5 minute rule.)

Pool G (Temporary Powers from Defeats)

Main Article: Invention Temporary Powers

Temporary powers when crafted can only be used by the person who makes them. After they are created, the power icon should appear as normal in your tray and under the powers menu. Like all Temporary Powers, these have a set number of uses before they disappear. Unlike many of their brethren though, you can craft the same power multiple times (requiring that the first is used up).

Mission Architect Tickets

When playing Mission Architect arcs, the normal drop pools can optionally be suspended so Tickets are rewarded in the place of recipes, enhancements, etc.

Purchasing Recipes

From Invention Worktables

Common recipes only can be purchased at fixed prices from any Invention Worktable:

  • Level 10 - 25 Common IO recipes can be purchased for half of the recipe's crafting cost.
    • Example: a level 15 Damage IO recipe has a crafting cost of 3600 influence/infamy. You may purchase this recipe for 3600 * .5 or 1800 influence/infamy.
  • Level 30 - 40 Common IO recipes can be purchased for three-fourths of the recipe's crafting cost.
    • Example: a level 35 Damage IO recipe has a crafting cost of 62700 influence/infamy. You may purchase this recipe for 62700 * .75 or 47025 influence/infamy.
  • Level 45-50 Common IO recipes can be purchased for the crafting cost.
    • Example: a level 45 Damage IO recipe has a crafting cost of 177200 influence/infamy. You may purchase this recipe for 177200 influence/infamy.

Divide the purchase price by 4 to determine how much an NPC vendor will buy the recipe for (see below).

At the Mission Architect Ticket Vendor

Main Articles: Tickets, Ticket Vendor
  • A Bronze Roll will roll on a weighted by usefulness table of Pool A uncommon and rare recipes with rares 50% more likely than in-play drops (but no purples, mission completes, or Pool C+D).
    • The actual ratio of uncommon:rare for in-play drops is unknown by players.
  • A Silver Roll will roll on a weighted by usefulness Pool B table with uncommons having an 8 times greater chance of dropping than rares (same ratio for in-play drops and rolling). Plus the Pool A Rare recipes are duplicated in this pool, too, so that they're not too rare and to fill out the Pool B list, which is relatively small.
  • A Gold Roll will roll on a weighted by usefulness Pool C+D table.

At the Merit Vendor

Main Articles: Merit Rewards, Merit Vendor

Selling Recipes

All NPCs that purchase recipes do so according to the same formulas.

  • Uncommon recipes sell for the 100 * level; ex. A level 15 uncommon recipe will sell to an NPC for 1500 influence.
  • Rare recipes sell for 200 * level; ex. A level 15 rare recipe will sell to an NPC for 3000 influence.
  • Common (non-set) recipes sell according to a slightly more complicated formula described below:
Recipe level divider
10-25 8
30-40 5.3
45-50 4

First determine the cost to craft the given common recipe. Then use the above table to determine the divider based on what level the recipe is. Finally divide the cost to craft the enhancement by the divider for that level. ex. a level 50 damage IO costs 464,400 influence to craft. 464,400 / 4 = 116,100, the price an NPC will give you for that recipe.