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Rick Dakan


Rick Dakan is a former founder of Cryptic Studios, and was one of the head developers for City of Heroes during the early stages of design. He also wrote the first series of City of Heroes comics released by Blue King Studios.

Rick helped found Cryptic Studios in 2000, and worked on City of Heroes until he was let go in 2003. He then became part of Blue King Studios and helped them release on officially licensed 12-Issue series based off of the City of Heroes game.

From Rick's web site[1]

In 2000 he came up with an idea for an online computer game which eventually became the hit 2004 release City of Heroes. Teaming up with long-time friend Michael Lewis and a bevy of talented folks, he moved out to San Jose, California and helped found Cryptic Studios. Three years later his partners fired him, but that didn’t stop him from continuing to work on the game and writing and publishing a twelve issue comic book series based on the game.

Since then, Rick has become an author, his first novel being Geek Mafia released in 2006. He also recently released the sequal to this book, Geek Mafia - Mile Zero[2]. From Rick's web site:

He spent the next year working on the sequel, Geek Mafia: Mile Zero and traveling around the country and the world to hacker conventions. He's since become a regular fixture in the hacker scene and is working on a non-fiction book about privacy with Private Investigator Steven Rambam and a second non-fiction book on hackers. His third novel, The Cthulhu Cult, is almost finished, and the third Geek Mafia novel is already under way and should come out in early 2009. In his spare time he studies martial arts, plays too many video games, reads an immense amount, and is active in local politics.