Susan Davies

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Susan Davies
Susan Davies.jpg
Natural Hero Liaison
Zone Atlas Park
Coordinates (62, -784, -826)[Copy]
Level Range 1-5
Introduced By None
Introduces == Level 5-9 ==
Detective Jose Brogan
Vic Johansson
Rachel Torres
Enemy Groups
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Susan Davies is a hero contact in the Atlas Plaza neighborhood of Atlas Park at coordinates (62, -784, -826)[Copy] Susan Davies is a Natural origin contact. Her level range is 1-5. Susan Davies is an initial contact for heroes of natural origin. Heroes who do the Galaxy City tutorial will not be directed to her by default, but can contact her if they choose (with the Find Contact button or by talking to her directly). She can be found within City Hall.


Contact Introduced By

Outbreak tutorial. Level 1-5 heroes and vigilantes can get an introduction from the Find Contact button. Any character can get an introduction by talking to her directly.

Contact Introduces

Single contact option
I have a new contact for you to meet. I think you can help each other out.

Level 5-9

You should think about talking to Detective Jose Brogan. He's pretty intense, but he's a great cop and a good person to know if you are looking for information on the Lost. His beat is Atlas Park.

Detective Brogan will let you in on some interesting cases.

Vic Johansson's good police. He'll steer you towards some interesting opportunities involving the Lost, and help smooth things over with law enforcement. His beat is Kings Row.

Vic is good people, Character. You will enjoy working with him.

There's a detective who you should meet. Rachel Torres knows all about the happenings on the streets, and can probably give you good leads on the Lost. She can be located in Atlas Park.

Detective Torres is tough and efficient; you might learn a thing or two from her.


Natural Hero Liaison

On the surface, Susan Davies is a quiet, unassuming government liaison working in the ELITE section of the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs. ELITE stands for Enhanced Logistics for Insight and Tactical Excellence. Some say that Susan has much more power than she lets on. One thing is certain: she has no shortage of well-placed contacts. Her brother, Rick, once the hero known as Horatio, is now the liaison for new technology heroes. Susan knows about everything going on in Paragon City, and she keeps an especially close watch on gang activities. She shares her knowledge with new heroes, but she believes that no amount of advice can substitute for training and determination.

Wrong Origin Introduction

I don't deal with Origin heroes. Maybe Active Contact can use your help.

Prior to Introduction

I have nothing to say to you. Why not try Active Contact?

Initial Contact

Do your job and we'll get along fine, Character.


  • I have a new assignment for you.
  • Are you ready for some action?

Too Busy

You're far too busy to take on another task, Character.

Too Low Level

I have something, but it's very hush-hush. Try me when you reach Security Level 4.

No More Missions

Before introducing a higher-level contact
We're done, Character. You're on your own now.
After introducing a higher-level contact
I don't have any more tasks that would interest you. Check with your other contacts.


You're doing well, my friend. Don't let up. Remember, preparation is the key to success. And don't hesitate to call.

You've actually managed to impress me, Character. I am happy to do anything within my power to assist you.

Urgent Missions

When this contact has an urgent mission available, this contact only offers urgent missions, and not any other missions.

Speak to Laurence Mansfield (1-5)


I need you to go speak to Laurence Mansfield. He has a lead on a missing persons case that caught my attention; it's the third such report in the last week. Oh, and welcome to ELITE, Enhanced Logistics for Insight and Tactical Excellence.

Mission Acceptance

Do whatever Larry asks, then report back to me.

Speak to Laurence Mansfield

Unnecessary Solicitation

I asked you to speak to Laurence about those missing people.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak to Laurence Mansfield


Thanks for your help, Character. All the leads so far point to an abandoned office building right here in Atlas Park. Go over there and see what you can find. The last person to go missing is a reporter named Mike McGillicuty; keep your eyes out for him.


  • The NPC hostage in this mission can vary between Mike McGillicuty and Andre Iverson.

Check out abandoned office

Unnecessary Solicitation

Don't talk to me again until you have checked out the lead Laurence gave you.

Mission Objective(s)

You hear the marching of booted feet on concrete.

  • Check out abandoned office
    • Locate Mike McGillicuty

You found Mike McGillicuty.

Mike McGillicuty conversation

Mike McGillicuty told you:

'I swear, I never meant to get involved with the Council! I was just writing an article on the Paragon City government, and I guess I asked too many questions about the wrong officials! One of their officers came to see me last night; he said I could join them or die!

They were planning to take me to a big training base right here in Atlas Park. There may be other people there who the Council recruited against their will!'



Notable NPCs

  • Mike McGillicuty/Andre Iverson (NPC Hostage)

Defeat all Council soldiers

Council Mission

Unnecessary Solicitation

If the Council is moving into Atlas Park, it needs to be stopped.

Mission Objective(s)

The floor has just been swept, and you can smell a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Looks like the Council is preparing this place for a larger occupancy.

  • Defeat all Council soldiers

You defeated the Council.



Notable NPCs


I've just started hearing about the Council, Character, but it seems like they're a bold group. Just recently, they managed to take over another villain organization entirely! On the plus side, fighting those Council soldiers seems to have improved your combat technique.

Speak with Detective Brogan about the Skulls' attack (1-5)


Detective Jose Brogan, someone I knew in my troubled youth, has a lead that the Skulls plan to attack an upcoming metaclub dance party. Like pirates of the street, they will be there to loot and plunder as they please. Speak with Detective Brogan about the Skulls' attack. He'll know how to point you in the right direction.

Mission Acceptance

The Skulls' plans must be cut short. Jose can tell you how to get the job done.

Speak with Detective Jose Brogan

Unnecessary Solicitation

You must speak with Detective Jose Brogan about the Skulls' plan to attack that party.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Detective Jose Brogan


With an outfit like that, you must be Character. Here's the scoop: the Skulls will be hittin' a rave tonight. You gotta take 'em down. The department whipped up this invite for ya. You know what to do, right?

Stop Skulls' attack on party

Skulls Dance Party

Unnecessary Solicitation

You must stop the Skulls from attacking that party!

Mission Objective(s)

The heavy bass beat of the music drowns out the screams of the panicked crowd.

  • Stop Skulls' attack on party
    • 2 people to rescue

You prevented the Skulls from robbing the partiers.

Rave invitation

This colorful slip of paper is an invitation to the rave party the Skulls plan to attack.



Notable NPCs

  • 2 Mugging victims (NPC Hostages)


Between their drug sales and their robbery, the Skulls are like parasites on the streets of Atlas Park. It's a good thing we have you around to protect us!


Defeat the Skulls and confiscate the Superadine (1-5)


There's something I'd like you to take care of. The Skulls of Kings Row are planning to spread their Superadine drug to the streets of Atlas Park. I'm determined to see that they fail totally. I've located one of their distribution centers. I'd like you to defeat the Skulls and confiscate the Superadine. We have to keep this drug off the streets!

Mission Acceptance

So deep within Hellion territory, the Skulls will surely be ready for a fight.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You must recover all of the Superadine, or innocent citizens will suffer.

Mission Objective(s)

An acrid chemical sting assaults your senses the moment you enter the building.

  • Defeat all Skulls in warehouse
    • 4 drug stashes to confiscate

You defeated the Skulls and confiscated all the Superadine.

Boxes of Superadine

This Superadine has been packaged and is ready for distribution.


You have done an excellent job! The Skulls' distribution network has been smashed. I'll send this Superadine on to the authorities right away.

Patrol Atlas Park and watch for Skull activity (1-5)


The Skulls have been making good progress in their efforts to move Superadine on the streets of Atlas Park. We can't let this continue! I'd like you to patrol Atlas Park and watch for Skull activity. If we can get them to crawl back under their rock, we may save a lot of citizens from their own worst impulses.

Mission Acceptance

Go to the patrol station on your map to begin, then proceed to the next one. I have every confidence in you.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I want you to complete your patrol of Atlas Park.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Patrol Atlas Park


  • There are five Police Call Boxes to visit during this mission.


So the Skulls are threatening anyone who won't buy Superadine from them? Pretty good tactic. If we let them keep this up, they'd have the whole zone running scared in no time! Good work today, Character.

Security Chief Mission

A character can complete this mission only once. If this mission is active or completed from another contact, this contact won't offer the mission.

Talk to the Security Chief (1-4)

Talk to Security Chief


I need you to go talk to the Atlas Park Security Chief. He has information about the current situation here in Atlas Park. Your compass will guide you there.

Mission Acceptance

Please listen carefully to the Security Chief. If he has a task for you, it will be very important.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Security Chief just called again; he really needs your help!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Security Chief


Here is a briefing sheet on the situation in Atlas Park. Now get out there and help take out some Hellions. If I were you, I'd try looking for them in the Promenade or Prometheus Park.

Atlas Park briefing

Atlas Park is probably the finest place in the city. Clean and beautiful, hustling and bustling, Atlas Park was the first place to be restored after the Rikti War. Of course, the Hellions do cause some problems here and there. They started out as just a street gang, but some of them seem to have acquired pretty unusual abilities. The police can't do much about superpowered thugs; it's up to you Heroes to help out.

Keep peace in Atlas Park

Unnecessary Solicitation

You should be out fighting Hellions.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Keep peace in Atlas Park
    • Defeat 5 Hellions

You have defeated 5 Hellions.




Well done, Character. With Heroes like you around we have a chance to make Atlas Park safe for everyone.