Zombie Apocalypse

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The Zombie Apocalypse is a zone event that uses the Rikti World Invasion engine, added to the Halloween Event in 2008. Random zones throughout the game come under attack for periods of time. The start and end of an apocalypse event are broadcast on the appropriate Hero or Villain event channel. The sky of an invaded zone turns red, and zombie hordes begin to attack very similarly to the troop phase of the Rikti invasions.


When a zone is invaded, the following occurs for all players, Hero and Villain alike, on the server:

  • A message will appear in chat windows with the Zone Events channel enabled, warning of a zone that is about to be attacked by zombies. This message gives suitable warning for Heroes and Villains not wishing to take part to leave the zone:
    • The message reads: "WARNING: Zombie attack in zone."
  • As the attack begins, the skies in the affected zone will change to a deep red color. All normal enemies will despawn from the map and zombies will begin to rise from the ground.
  • When the zombie attack passes, a second Zone Events message is sent, announcing the end of the event in that zone:
    • The message reads: "ALERT CANCELED: The zombies have disappeared from zone."
  • The sky then returns to normal, resuming the perpetual night of the Halloween Event.

For further details about how invasions choose targets and determine what rank of zombies to spawn, see Rikti Invasion Mechanics.

Player triggers

It has been confirmed by Positron that the event is player triggered, and continues to be able to be triggered even after the end of the Halloween Event. The exact triggering mechanics are not known yet; a strong possibility appears to be a 20% chance for a Zombie Apocalypse (in both a hero and a villain zone) when costume salvage is redeemed at either Granny Beldam or Annah.

This event also seems to be triggered in a random Villain zone whenever the Virgil Tarikoss Strike Force is completed or in a hero zone when the Katie Hannon Task Force is completed.

Badges and Unlockable Costume Piece

These badges are unlocked by defeating the Zombie Apocalypse zombies (not to be confused with the Trick or Treat zombies).

Pumpkin Head

You've taken down 100 Zombie Minions, showing you have Glimpsed the Abyss.


You've taken out 33 Zombie Lieutenants, proving that there is Safety in Numbers.


You've defeated 25 Zombie Bosses, making your place of occupation a Home of the Dead!


You've helped take down a Zombie Elite, showing you are an Apocalypse Survivor!

  • Apocalypse Survivor grants access to the Pumpkin Head costume piece (Under Special Helmets).