Atlas Park Seasonal Changes

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Atlas Park undergoes changes during certain Special Events and to match the current season. These circumstances and changes are listed below.


During the Halloween Event, Atlas Park receives a makeover to reflect the spooky season.

Atlas Globe

The globe of the Atlas Statue is replaced with a giant pumpkin featuring a scenic bench at its top.

Candy Gazebo

Gazebos are added to either side of Atlas Plaza with candy-filled cauldrons inside.


Jack o'lanterns and spider webs are added around Atlas Plaza.

Pumpkin Patch

A pumpkin patch is added to the grass at the south of Atlas Plaza as well as a cauldron containing a witch's brew. Heroes can find Malkiel Ivesse at the market stalls who will trade Halloween Event Salvage for various rewards.


Some of the trees in Atlas Park are replaced with autumnal variants.



After the Halloween Event during the month of November, Atlas Park goes through some changes to reflect the fall season.


Most of the trees in Atlas Park are replaced with autumnal variants. The leaves have fallen off many trees entirely, and are scattered on the ground.


Gardeners and their trucks can be found planting new winter trees and bushes around Atlas Plaza. The work is overseen by Candy Keepers who will trade Candy Cane Salvage and Inf for various rewards in preparation of the upcoming Winter Event.



During the Winter Event, Atlas Park gains a frosty makeover.

Atlas Plaza

Ms. Liberty is dressed for the season, while ledges and overhangs around the plaza are decorated with icicle lights.


Every tree in the zone is replaced with either a fir tree that lights up at night, or a tree with no leaves, and bushes are replaced with winter variants.

Ice & Snow

Every pool of water in the zone is iced over, and every patch of grass is covered in snow.


When under open sky, a snowing screen effect is applied. In addition, while in Atlas Park all characters benefit from the temporary power Let It Snow.

Let It Snow

Auto: +25% Strength to Cold Damage

Let It Snow