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Supergroup Bases allow for a supergroup to congregate, pool resources, travel more easily, and more. Bases and all base facilities are free to construct. Bases were introduced with the release of City of Villains, and were initially restricted to those who had purchased the expansion. Individuals who did not own CoV received a message stating that a City of Villains purchase was required to enter when they tried to enter a base. Base access was expanded to all players on July 16, 2008, when City of Heroes and City of Villains were merged into a single game.

Registering a Base

Before building a supergroup base, you must first register the base. Registering a base does not cost anything. This is done by speaking to the Super Group Registrar. Once the base has been registered, a supergroup may then begin construction.

Using the Base Editor

Main Article: Base Editing

If you have base editing Privileges, you are given three options:

  • Upgrade Plot which allows you to change your plot size-and-type, or to simply move where your entrance room is on that plot, by choosing the same plot as you currently have, and simply changing the relative position of your entry room on that plot. The command to enter this editing mode if you cannot access the Entrance Room window is /editbase 3.
  • Edit Base which allows you to do most of what you would expect: create, move and delete rooms; change Ceiling, Wall, and Floor patterns and colors; and add, move, and delete most rooms, and add, position, or delete ("sell") items from the editor. The command to enter this editing mode if you cannot access the Entrance Room window is /editbase 1.

Currently, everyone in a supergroup (whether they have base editing privileges or not) may also access the command /editbase 2, which used to allow you to

  • Add Personal Item which allowed you to add an item that you had crafted from salvage, or have earned via Veteran Rewards to the base.

Personal salvage was discontinued by Homecoming, so that option is greyed out in the Entrance Room window, but accessing the command /editbase 2 functions as a view-only editing mode. You can move through the base as if in editing mode, click on items and see what they are, but you cannot change anything or effect the actual build, so there is no danger of ruining anything. It can also be used at the same time as when someone else is in base editing.

Making a Functional Base


Main Article: Base Plots

There are various size plots. Each is limited in the rooms it can accept only by the amount of space that is available on the plot selected, and the configuration of the rooms. Rooms are not limited in the number of items each can hold, or the types of items that can be placed inside, below, or above the room. Plot size can be changed at any time, increased or decreased, if the configuration and sizes of rooms permit. The largest room may only be placed on the largest plot. Reselecting the same plot will give you the opportunity to reposition the plot in relation to the rooms, without needing to worry about moving the rooms themselves.

Open Player Made Base Listing

Listings of bases by shard intended for open use by the public, with entry passcodes.

Player Base Spotlight

Paragon Studios would occasionally spotlight supergroup bases that exhibited exceptional designs. Players were taken on a guided photo tour of these bases as posted on the Official Forums. The following bases were included in this community feature: