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The Candy Cane Salvage is obtainable by clicking on a Gamester present and receiving a "You've been Nice." message starting in the Winter Event 2007. During the Winter Event 2008, Candy Cane Salvage was one of the possible rewards from the Father Time mission. Starting in 2009, any green con or higher Winter Horde has a chance to drop a Candy Cane. These can be redeemed for a variety of badges, temp powers, and costume pieces from past winter events from the Candy Keeper, who is only available during the Winter Event.


A festive piece of peppermint candy to celebrate the holidays. Seek the Candy Keeper in the winter chalet in Pocket D, as he collects these candy canes in return for hard to acquire treasures.


  • Even though it was actually event salvage, the candy canes where placed under special salvage due to the limits on event salvage (no more than 99 of one type). Intended in design was to allow players to amass more than 100 candy canes to buy more items that would be included in following years. With an upgrade to the coding in Issue 15, this salvage item was moved to its proper location in the Event Salvage tab.

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