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The Story Bible is an oft-cited work that contained all the background and lore of City of Heroes for the game's writers and developers to reference. It has never been seen by the general public in its full form, and as such what it contained is unknown. References have been made to an internal wiki and an actual book, so it is unclear whether the story bible was one massive book, or a conglomeration of files and written works.

Partial Release user Jim Hague, who worked on a proposed table top City of Heroes RPG, released the documents he had been given to write the table top game following the Sunset announcement in a thread on the forums. The documents he released include background on NPC groups and zones, some of his correspondence with Sean Fish, and various other pieces of information. While much of it is old information, it provides a great deal of insight into the early versions of the story bible. The files are available as a .zip file on Dropbox and hosted on the wiki: File:COH

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