Doc Buzzsaw

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Doc Buzzsaw
Doc Buzzsaw.jpg
Freakshow Meat Doctor
Zone Sharkhead Isle
Coordinates (693.5, 32, -1324.5)[Copy]
Level Range 25-39
Introduced By None, she is an Unlockable Contact.
Introduces None
Enemy Groups
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Doc Buzzsaw is a villain contact in the Crush neighborhood of Sharkhead Isle at coordinates (693.5, 32, -1324.5)[Copy] Doc Buzzsaw is a Technology origin contact. Her level range is 25-39.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None


As seen in contact's information window:

Freakshow Meat Doctor

Doc Buzzsaw makes no secret that she was once a disciple of Dr. Vahzilok, but had a falling out with her mentor some time ago. Afterwards she journeyed to the Rogue Isles to continue her research, and rumor has it, escape the retribution of the Vahzilok. The Freakshow came to her looking for someone who understood both cybernetic machinery and human anatomy well enough to repair them, and she quickly formed an association with them. The Freaks love the improvements 'Doc' makes for them, and Buzzsaw sees her energetic new allies as the perfect mix of protectors and test subjects. The fact that both sides are completely deranged only makes the partnership work better.

As seen in Positron Task Force Part One:

Doc Buzzsaw is one of Dr. Vahzilok's most promising disciples. Her knowledge of cybernetics has proven invaluable to the Doctor's crusade to cure the human condition and bring humanity to the next stage of evolution. Recent difficulties with Paragon City's heroes have begun to strain their relationship, and it seems only a matter of time before Doc Buzzsaw buzzes off.

Prior to Introduction

My dear Character, I accept only a certain caliber of clientele. You will have to earn your way into my good graces.

When just beginning to earn infamy, you will get this message:

You've earned scarcely any Infamy! I will not deal with you!

After approximately 33% you will get this message:

You have begun to earn more Infamy, but I still am not ready to accept you.

+++ Missing Information +++ need more info for other progress messages

Contact Unlocked

Doc Buzzsaw has contacted you...

Hello, Character. It's a pleasure to meet you. Please, when you get a spare moment, I would much like us to have a chat. Please come see me in the Sharkhead Isles.

This contact has now been added to the active tab of your Contact window.

Initial Contact

Ah, you must be Character! I've heard so much about you. Please, call me Doctor Buzzsaw, or just 'Doc' if you prefer. My exuberant young friends within the Freakshow bequeathed the name to me following a small incident with my former fellows among the disciples of Dr. Vahzilok. Those times are behind me now, and so I chose to keep the colorful moniker to designate the start of my new life here, helping my allies. I hope that I will be able to count you amongst my associates as I continue my work.

So without further ado, let us begin.


How are you doing, Character? Well, I hope?

Too Busy

I do not mean to be rude, Character, but you seem rather busy at the moment. Perhaps later, when you've accomplished your other tasks, I can provide you with another opportunity, hmm?

No More Missions

I'm afraid there's nothing else I need done, Character. It has been a delight to work with you, but there are no doubt other pressing concerns upon you. Go and attend them. I have much work of my own to do on my young exuberant friends.


  • Inspirations
  • Level 25 Technology/Science Dual Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)

You have done quite well. It was quite a stroke of luck that we came into association. You will find items most wondrous in my store. Call me any time. You've proven quite dependable, Character. I must say I've forgotten how nice it can be to have someone whose work I can count on. Please, look at my store. I insist.

  • Level 25 Technology Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 30 Technology Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)

Story Arcs

Die by the Freak! (25-29)

Merit Rewards: This activity awards 12 Reward Merits.


Souvenir: Superfreak Tracking Device

This small device is useless now, but once you used it to track down Doc Buzzsaw's insane coral crystal powered creation, the SuperFreak. It was all a part of a little exploit you remember as:

Die by the Freak!

The first thing Doc Buzzsaw asked of you was innocuous, if a bit grizzly. Doc needed some cybernetic parts from old patients who were no longer using them, and sent you to get them for her. After you delivered the pieces, she seemed very interested in one piece in particular. An artificial heart that was now drawing power from a shard of red crystal embedded in it.

Doc needed a large shard of Coral Crystal in order to continue her work, and was willing to pay to get it. She asked you to find a leader among the Slag Golems the Freakshow had dubbed 'Big Rocky,' and take the red coral crystal shard at its heart. She also needed you to get some spare parts off of fallen Freaks. The Freaks on the scene didn't seem to mind, and even helped you on Buzzsaw's word.

Doc Buzzsaw created her Superfreak, powered by the mysterious energy of the Red Coral Crystal, and seemed to somehow be surprised when it went insane, vowed to destroy her and began building up an army of Slag Golems to do so. Lucky for her, she had you on retainer. Using a tracking device Buzzsaw had put in the Superfreak's chassis, you tracked him down and defeated him.

Doc Buzzsaw seemed briefly chastened by the near disaster and decided to put off work on the Superfreak to pursue a less dangerous goal: Mass producing Tank Freaks.

Recover parts for Doc Buzzsaw

Recover 1st item for Buzzsaw


I do a great deal of work, and not just for my friends within the Freakshow. Miners, workers, even members of groups such as the Sky Raiders and Arachnos; I give the aid of my skills to all. Unfortunately, often the desperate men who hire my services cannot afford to pay when the bill comes due. So sometimes I must recover my work from its current owners. Many of them are, understandably I think, reluctant to return the very valuable merchandise they now have, and so I like to employ the occasional freelancer to do this sort of work for me. All you will need to do is recover everything on my list from the current owners.

  • Recover parts for Doc Buzzsaw

There are five items I need returned. Defeat the current owners to recover them, or, in two separate and sad cases, recover the items from their perished bodies. The first item is a pair of cybernetic eyes I implanted in a Lt. Rafferty of the Council.

I've tried to have my friends among the Freakshow do this sort of thing for me in the past, but in all their exuberance a simple collection all too often ends up as a firefight and then things get damaged. They are quite entertaining, but a bit too rambunctious.

This is a list of all the specific parts and where they are located..

A Grisly List

This is a list of all the items Doc Buzzsaw wants you to recover from her previous clients. The list describes what each item is, and where it can be found.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The first item is a pair of cybernetic eyes I installed for one of those Council fellows. I'm surprised he didn't pay. The Council are usually very good about that kind of thing.

Mission Objective(s)

Lt. Rafferty should be in here.

  • Recover 1st item for Buzzsaw
    • Get eyes from Rafferty

You got the first item on Doc Buzzsaw's list.


Notable NPCs

A light collection sack

This sack contains the first item on Doc Buzzsaw's list:

Two cybernetic eyes with infra-red and low-light filters.

Recover 2nd item for Buzzsaw

Unnecessary Solicitation

It is unfortunate, but the second item I need is no longer of any use to it's previous owner.

Mission Objective(s)

Apparently, this guy died before he could pay. Time to recycle!

  • Recover 2nd item for Buzzsaw
    • Search body for part

You got the second item on Doc Buzzsaw's list.


You found the part Buzzsaw needed!

A hefty collection sack

This sack contains a couple of the items on Doc Buzzsaw's list:

Two cybernetic eyes with infra-red and low-light filters,
And a robotic spinal column, braced for heavy lifting.

Recover 3rd item for Buzzsaw

Unnecessary Solicitation

Sometimes even my Freaks forget, as in the case of one Mr. W@nG0-T@nG0. Such a colorful moniker. It's unfortunate that he was unable to pay on time.

Mission Objective(s)

You're kind of surprised Buzzsaw is sending you to collect from the Freakshow, but, that's just business.

  • Recover 3rd item for Buzzsaw
    • Get arm from Mr. W@nG0-T@nG0

You got the third item on Doc Buzzsaw's list.


Notable NPCs

A heavy collection sack

This sack contains many of the items on Doc Buzzsaw's list:

Two cybernetic eyes with infra-red and low-light filters,
A robotic spinal column, braced for heavy lifting.
And a cybernetic arm with heavy hydraulics.

Recover 4th item for Buzzsaw

Unnecessary Solicitation

I next need a pair of legs, currently attached to a lovely young nightwidow named Shaderix who felt a need for enhancement. You can tell the dear girl that I still have her old legs, if she wants them.

Mission Objective(s)

The next item on the list is a pair of cybernetic legs, currently attached to a Nightwidow called 'Shaderix'.

  • Recover 4th item for Buzzsaw
    • Get legs from Shaderix

You got the fourth item on Doc Buzzsaw's list.


Notable NPCs

A bulging collection sack

This sack contains many of the items on Doc Buzzsaw's list:

Two cybernetic eyes with infra-red and low-light filters,
A robotic spinal column, braced for heavy lifting,
A cybernetic arm with heavy hydraulics,
And a shapely pair of cybernetic legs, modified for stealth and combat.

Recover last item for Buzzsaw

Unnecessary Solicitation

I find myself rather intrigued that the Legacy Chain took the cybernetic heart I had custom built for a late client, but discovering the reason for their interest is not as important as getting that heart back at this time.

Mission Objective(s)

Doc's list says this last one is more a recovery than a collection. Seems the last part, a cybernetic heart, was stolen by the Legacy Chain after the previous owner died.

  • Recover last item for Buzzsaw
    • Get heart from Reliquary

You got the last item on Doc Buzzsaw's list


You found the part Buzzsaw needed!

A bulging collection sack

This sack contains many of the items on Doc Buzzsaw's list:

Two cybernetic eyes with infra-red and low-light filters,
A robotic spinal column, braced for heavy lifting,
A cybernetic arm with heavy hydraulics,
A shapely pair of cybernetic legs, modified for stealth and combat,
And an artificial heart with a red coral fragment embedded in it. Though the heart has no power, its motors hum and its valves contract.


You return at last, my collector. Excellent! Let me see what you've recovered.

I was wondering where these had gotten to.
Ah, this one should be quite useful.
A bit of cleaning, and this will be ready for re-sale and re-use.
Now I see where the design flaw was on this. I'll have to repair and improve that. So much to do.
Now what's this? A shard of red crystal, impaled through this artificial heart. Yet it still works, even after its power supply has long gone dead. If you'll excuse me, I'll have to take some time to examine this. Speak to me again shortly, I may have some more work based on this.

Absolutely fascinating...

Get cybernetic parts and a large coral crystal for Doc Buzzsaw's project.


Character, I tell you, I have discovered something astonishing! It seems that many of the items you recovered had microscopic fragments of red coral crystals embedded within them. No doubt, from exposure to red coral crystal found within the mines, or from battling with the unnatural 'Slag Golems' that infest certain parts of the island. Well, what I discovered was that the crystals were amplifying the power of those parts. Isn't it fantastic? It put me in mind of a new project, but in order to complete it, I will need both more cybernetic parts and a very large fragment of red coral crystal. Fortunately, I know where both can be obtained.

Mission Acceptance

Very good! With your assistance, my SuperFreak will be ready in no time at all! Now, to business:

The Slag Golems are massing to attack the HellForge, led by one of their number whom my energetic Freakshow friends have termed 'Big Rocky.' I strongly suspect that this 'Big Rocky' may contain a massive fragment of red coral in order to hold such a great sway over others of its kind. I want you to retrieve this crystal for me. Also, it is likely that several Freakshow have fallen in the fighting. If you run across any, please use this list to gather the components I'm going to need. They won't miss them any longer, and each piece you find will get a second chance at life in my next project: The crystal powered SuperFreak!

Oh, excuse me. I got a bit excited there. Most uncharacteristic. My apologies. I will warn the Freaks there that you will be on scene, and request that they consider you a friend during the battle. That should help to lower the degree of interruption.

This list has all the Freakshow parts you need.

A list of Freak components

This is a list from Doc Buzzsaw of specific components she needs to complete her 'SuperFreak.' Most of these parts can be found on fallen members of the Freakshow.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You'll likely have to destroy 'Big Rocky' in order to get the crystal.

Mission Objective(s)

You can feel the oppressive heat of the Hellforge even from here.

  • Recover Parts for Doc Buzzsaw
    • 5 Freak parts to collect
    • Defeat 'Big Rocky'

You got all the parts Doc Buzzsaw needs.



Notable NPCs

You found some of the parts on Doc Buzzsaw's list

Collection Sack

This sack contains components Doc Buzzsaw will need to complete her 'SuperFreak.'

You defeated 'Big Rocky' and took the massive red coral crystal shard that was in his heart.

'Big Rocky's crystal heart

This large red crystal used to be the central core of the Slag Golem called 'Big Rocky'. Doc Buzzsaw wants to use it to power her 'SuperFreak'.

Ambush! When 'Big Rocky' is defeated, there will be three ambushes by Slag Golems.
"We're Slag Golems, and we're attacking!"


Excellent! I've been quite busy working on my latest creation while you were out. With all that you've gathered, I should be able complete my 'SuperFreak' post-haste. If you'll excuse me, I must finish my creation while the genius of inspiration is still upon me.

Destroy the SuperFreak


Ah. Well. You see, Character, there's been a minor set-back. My test subject, my first SuperFreak, has cruelly betrayed my work and my trust. He has gone renegade, and even now, he gathers together the Slag Golems to destroy me! I fear that he's no longer himself. Perhaps the Coral shard itself has taken control? Oh, what has science wrought? I sought only to turn a man into a metal-encased juggernaut of destruction powered by the unknown properties of a mysterious living crystal. How could this have all gone wrong? Regardless, the necessary solution is clear: Character, my SuperFreak must be destroyed!

It will be difficult to destroy my creation. I don't mean emotionally, I mean it will be physically quite challenging. I'd suggest gathering some cronies to assist you.

Mission Acceptance

I thank you for your assistance, and assure you that you will be compensated. Fortunately, I emplaced a tracking device within my creation's chassis, and so I know his approximate location. You must destroy my SuperFreak, and put an end to this madness.

By the way, if you are planning on charging into this without a small to medium sized group of rogues, I was wondering if you'd thought of what you'd like to have happen to your internal organs once the SuperFreak has ripped them out? I don't want to be rude, but I could make sure that whatever remains of your body finds one or more new uses through my experiments. Well, think about it, won't you?

Unnecessary Solicitation

I fear none of us will be safe until the SuperFreak is destroyed.

Mission Objective(s)

The sound of crashing rocks and mad laughter echo over this desolate place.

  • Destroy the SuperFreak
    • Defeat the Superfreak

You defeated the Superfreak.


Notable NPCs


She who lives by the cybernetic monstrosity powered by living coral, all too often dies by the cybernetic monstrosity powered by living coral. Fortunately, you have helped me to avoid this fate. I think I shall shelve my plans for the Superfreak for a time, and instead concentrate on another project. Perhaps mass-producing an army of Tank Freaks? Yes, that would likely be much safer, and far more useful.

Heavy Metal Doctoring (25-29)

Merit Rewards: This activity awards 7 Reward Merits.


Souvenir: A Freakstarter

It's out of power now, but you once used this device to give several Tank Freaks the jump-start they needed during an escapade you remember as

Heavy Metal Doctoring

With his plan to build a SuperFreak behind him, Doc Buzzsaw decided to start building regular Tank Freaks locally, instead of bringing them over from Paragon City as the Freakshow had been doing. In order to build his first batch to prove it could be done, he needed certain supplies, which is when you came in. Doc Buzzsaw asked you to steal medical supplies from the Family for her, so he could begin.

With the medical supplies secured, Doc Buzzsaw still needed some more robotic parts. Fortunately, the Council had just shipped in a a new batch of robotic spare parts for their own machines. Once you had acquired them, Doc was ready to begin.

Unfortunately, the Family and the Council had taken some exception to the thefts, and had captured Doc's first three prototypes. Doc needed all three of them back in order to make his presentation to the other Meat Doctors. You were able to manage it, and for that Doc thanked you and paid you in full. That was the last time you worked for Doc Buzzsaw, as he soon became overwhelmed with requests for new Tank Freaks.

There seems to be confusion among the scriptwriters of this storyarc, as Doc Buzzsaw's gender seems to change randomly in mission and souvenir descriptions.

Help Doc Buzzsaw get what she needs to start building Tank Freaks.


Ah, Character! A pleasure to see you, as always. In point of fact, it's most opportune timing. I've decided to put all of the unpleasantness with the SuperFreak behind me and concentrate my efforts on something much more practical:
I've decided to start producing Tank Freaks of my own. You see, most of the Tank Freaks here in the islands came over from Paragon City, and this puts my exuberant young friends in the Freakshow at rather a disadvantage. By building Tank Freaks here, I can correct this imbalance. However, I will need the assistance of a dependable individual to help me get what I'll need in order to begin.

Mission Acceptance

Excellent! I knew I could rely on you for able assistance! Well, to begin, the first thing I will need is more medical supplies. Fortunately, I've located a supplier. Unfortunately, the supplier will likely not be willing to part with the supplies I need. To further compound the poor fortune, the current owner of the supplies is the Family. I'll leave up to your talents as to how best to procure what I need.

This list should have all the supplies I'm looking for.

Medical Suppply List

This long list of medical supplies has everything that Doc Buzzsaw needs for major surgeries.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I suppose those medical supplies were intended for the miners. It seems sad, but then, they can always receive aid from me.

Mission Objective(s)

This warehouse is being watched closely. Any patrols that report trouble may be re-enforced.

  • Steal medical supplies
    • 4 medical supplies to steal

You got the medical supplies Doc Buzzsaw wanted.


You found some of the medical supplies you're looking for.

Stolen Supplies

All of these stolen medicines should be just what Doc Buzzsaw needs for his work.

Ambush! Defeating a patrol will trigger two waves of ambushes by The Family.
The patrol called re-enforcements!
"A patrol's spotted something! Let's go!"


With all of these supplies, I am almost ready to begin. Now all I need is a great deal of robotic parts, some control circuitry, and several energetic and power-mad young fools willing to throw their bodies away to become my armor-plated cybernetic experiments. The latter is surprisingly easy, but the former may present another opportunity for gainful work for you.

Steal robotic tech for Doc Buzzsaw


I've secured some volunteers, now all I need is a few critical parts. Fortunately, the Council is shipping in some new robotic supplies that match nicely. I need them, and would like you to procure them for me. I suppose I should use stolen Crey technology components for the classic Tank Freak, but one must make do with local 'ingredients', as it were.

Mission Acceptance

The Council's shipment is just about to come into port. Now, I don't need everything, just a few key components that I haven't been able to fabricate myself. Get them for me, and I'll reward you well, as always.

This list has all the specific components I'm looking for.

A list of robotic components

This is a short but very detailed list of the robotic components Doc Buzzsaw needs in order to build Tank Freaks.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Council has been so busy lately, I doubt they'll miss a few extremely expensive pieces of robotics. I doubt they'll even be that upset. They'll probably only shoot at you a little, instead of hunting you down and planting explosives all around you in your sleep.

Mission Objective(s)

The Council must have heard about your robberies and stepped up security. The Patrols are certain to call for back-up if they get in trouble.

  • Steal parts for Doc Buzzsaw
    • 4 parts to take

You got the robotic parts for Doc Buzzsaw


Notable NPCs

You found some of the parts

Tank Parts

Doc Buzzsaw will need all of these robotic components in order to build his own Tank Freaks.

Ambush! Defeating a patrol will trigger two waves of ambushes by the Council.
The patrol called re-enforcements!
"A patrol's spotted something! Let's go!"


With these final components, my Tank Freaks will soon be ready! Now all I have to do is prepare them, install these remaining parts, and hope that the Council doesn't show up to destroy them before they're at full power. As if such an unlikely event could possibly come to pass!

Recover the 3 Tank Freaks


Well, Character, you see, there has been a minor setback. The Council and the Family seem to have realized that I was at the root of their mutual losses, and have taken over my lab before my new Tank Freaks were complete. Now those ruffians will destroy my beautiful creations! I will pay you handsomely to recover all 3 of the Tank Freaks I've already built. If you recover all 3, I'll make certain to provide you a tidy bonus. But if even one is destroyed, well, it shall be reflected appropriately in your pay.

Mission Acceptance

Remember, you must recover all three of them! If you lose even one, my presentation to my fellow meat doctors will be ruined, and your pay will be reduced. I hate to be so harsh, but you must succeed at this task.

This will effectively 'jump start' a deactivated Tank Freak.

Tanker Booster

This odd-looking device can 'Jumpstart' Doc Buzzsaw's prototype Tank Freaks. Once active they should be able to help you, but Doc Buzzsaw will be upset if they're damaged.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Remember, you must recover all three of my creations! If you lose even one, my presentation to my fellow meat doctors will be ruined, and your pay will be reduced. I hate to be so harsh, but you must succeed at this task.

Mission Objective(s)

Rescuing all three of the Tank Freaks won't be easy. Once they've been activated, they'll be targets for the enemy.

  • Rescue all 3 Tank Freaks
    • 1 Freak to recover
      • 1 Freak to lead out
    • 1 Freak to recover
      • 1 Freak to lead out
    • 1 Freak to recover
      • 1 Freak to lead out

Failure - You allowed one of the Tank Freaks to be destroyed.
Success - You recovered all 3 of the Tank Freaks!


Notable NPCs

Editor's Note:

Tank Freak 3 cons +1 or +2 levels to enemies around him.

Ambush! Upon rescuing Prototype Tank 2, there will be two ambushes by the Council.
"They've activated the second tank freak! ATTACK!"

Ambush! Upon rescuing Prototype Tank 3, there will be two ambushes by the Council.

Debriefing Mission Failure

I knew what occured as I watched the status lights. Now, do not worry. I assign you no particular blame. The odds were against you, and you were facing dangerous foes. However, that does not mean that I won't dock your pay. I had hoped to end our partnership on better terms, but it is not to be. I still wish you well, Character, and hope you find the destiny you seek.

Debriefing Mission Successful

I congratulate you on a job well done, Character! With all three of my new Tank Freaks, I will be ready to make a stunning presentation to my fellow Meat Doctors. And I have you to thank! Please, accept your rewards.
But alas, this must be my final payment to you. I'm afraid that I will soon be so busy with building more Tank Freaks out of my exuberant young allies that I won't have the time for the sort of field work you've helped me with so much. Let us part on this happy note, then. I wish you will in your future endeavors, and hope you find the destiny you seek.

The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok (30-39)

Merit Rewards: This activity awards 20 Reward Merits.

Editor's Note:

The first time a character completes this arc will award an extra 20 Merits.


Souvenir: A Jar of Dr. Vahzilok's Honey

When you look over the collection of trophies you've accumulated during your career, the inconspicuous jar of Vahzilok Honey is both the most mundane and absurd amongst them. When others ask about it, you tell them the story of:

The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok

It began as most capers normally do when you're wearing a cape in Paragon City - a person in distress seeking you out for help - and that should have been your first hint that this adventure would be anything but normal. The damsel in distress was Doc Buzzsaw, and this was the Rogue Isles, so you couldn't help but be intrigued by the absolute unlikeliness of the situation.

Buzzsaw informed you that Cortex has been spotted in Sharkhead Isle, quietly slipping about in the shadows asking for her. Being a fugitive from the Vahzilok cult and sharing her knowledge and expertise with the Freakshow, she could only assume Cortex came to kill her. She pointed you in his direction and dispatched some lemmings in advance of your arrival, only for you to find out that Cortex was not here to kill her at all; he was dying, as were all the Vahzilok, and Buzzsaw was the only person who had the ability to repair them. During your interrogation, he let slip about a lab, and then he wouldn't speak on the matter at all until he got fixed. You sent him over to Buzzsaw, and the game was afoot.

Buzzsaw was likewise intrigued by this lost lab of the Doctor's and continued negotiating with Cortex until she got the name of the only ex-Vahzilok asset that might know how to get there that wasn't inside the Zig. That person was Dr. Katelyn Pierce, whose time was running out as she was brokering a plea deal with SERAPH to cut down on the impact of her bad decisions. You found your way in and out of SERAPH with Pierce in tow and was able to convince her that the search for the lab was worthwhile.

You took Buzzsaw, Pierce and Cortex into the Abandoned Sewers of Paragon City and began your trek down to the rough location of this lost lab. After wading through Circle, Hydra, and Rikti, you came to the locked door to the lab, sealed by a Dead Man's Switch when Dr. Vahzilok could not call in the passphrase. A platoon of Rikti were marooned in there, sealed in with an anti-teleport field! When everything settled and the lab was disabled for the taking, you were able to recover the Doctor's notes on his finest project, CMRj, a practically invisible cybernetic simulation and grafting system that had nearly unlimited potential, but came with a huge caveat - catatonic amounts of pain. After some discussion, Doc Buzzsaw linked her time Stateside studying Excelsior to this project, and realized that the drug's pain-muting effects were the key to realizing its potential. And to boot, you already had a ready, willing, and able pool of recruits to work on: The Freakshow.

Buzzsaw sent you out on preliminary supply raids to grab as much startup tech as you could - Cybernetics and wiring from the Council, that you had to run through Vandal to get; Revenant Maturation fluids, which you had to step over [[Tavish Bell] for and punch through Hopkins to obtain; and the cherry on the top was to be proposing an alliance of bodies and minds to Bile, who's notoriously cautious about being noticed. You were too late for Bile, however - he'd been pinched by the PPD and the only people at his hideout were the recently jailbroken Noise tanks care of the Council jailbreak fiasco, and a Bile's Number One, TechDeck. TechDeck agreed to merge his remaining forces with the new CMRj research team led by Pierce, and the Freaklok were born.

An army it might not have been, but it was enough to make a promising raid on the Zig to break Bile out, win his approval and get his conscriptions to sign over to your startup. When you got to the Zig, the place was already under siege from within, due to some black magic trickery by Clamor; and outside, under siege by the Freaklok. By the time you fought your way down to the SuperMAX holding wing, Bile was just as confused as you were but you both fought your way back out admirably. You encountered Cortex on your exit, who had found Dr. Vahzilok trapped in his cell. After the truth came out about how his life's work was now in the hands of 'meme-spouting drug-addicted morons', Dr. Vahzilok insisted Cortex kill you for redemption. During that throwdown Cortex admitted to always hating you, and he as actively trying to sabotage your efforts so as to hit the reset button on all the madness. It didn't work, and Cortex ended up in jail with Dr. Vahzilok. Bile was grateful and pledged his support when he made it to the pickup point. Time will tell what comes of this Freaklok venture, but for now, you know two things: Clamor is out there, at large with another Freak, presumably Dreck, and you're not safe if they know you're eating up their ranks for your venture; and that if not carefully overseen, this army could rapidly grow beyond the size and scope of anything the world has seen before. You weren't sure what your next move was, so you took a jar of subterranean bumblebee honey from the lab (A side venture the Doctor cultivated for antibiotics), grabbed a seat nearby, and stopped to think it over with the sweet screams of surgery in the background.

Part One: Sanctioned Lobotomy

As you approach Doc Buzzsaw, you notice that she looks significantly less chipper than usual. She looks in your direction once she notices you and puts on something resembling her normal manic grin.


Ah, hello, hello, Character! I hope you have been well! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for me. You see, you recall that I once worked for Doctor Vahzilok over in Paragon City, yes? Well, we didn't exactly... part on the best terms and I've always suspected he's held a grudge. Perhaps it was our disagreements about how to handle the heroes of the city or perhaps it was the impromptu vivisection of one of his favorite Eidolons as I was on my way out. Ah, but the why doesn't matter anymore... what matters is that I thought it best to set up shop far away from him to avoid potential reprisal.

Her grin visibly fades.

Alas, it appears that the doctor is not content to leave me be. I've received word from my enthusiastic young friends that one of the doctor's strongest lackeys, Cortex, has arrived on the Isles with an elite squad of Eidolons and one name dripping from his formaldehyde-drenched lips: my own.

Mission Acceptance

Doc Buzzsaw nods, the sawblades on her back barely missing your head.

Yes! I'd like to know precisely what he wants from me and why the doctor chose now to come after me. I'd send my young friends to deal with him but interrogation is not exactly their strong suit. That's assuming they could even defeat him... he is, after all, a former hero. No, my young friends are better served as a distraction, but they won't know that. It may be a good idea to bring any associates with you for fun, just in case. I promise I will pay you whatever price you and your associates ask. This is, after all, the future of science at stake!

Cortex and his cadre are holed up in a warehouse nearby. Ooh, and take this. It's a site-to-site teleporter I found in a stash of Prae-Tech. Tag Cortex with it and he'll go right to my interrogation room.

Take care, now! Maybe bring me back a souvenir!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Ah, I see you're still here. No need to worry! I'm sure you'll be fine! If you're not, can you at least make sure to preserve the important parts of you? I don't want it to go to waste!

Mission Objective(s)

As you enter the warehouse, the smells of death and decay assail you. This is bad, even for the Vahzilok!

  • Deal with Cortex!
    • Interrogate Cortex!

You've put an end to the 'threat' that Cortex posed, and walked away with a prisoner to interrogate!


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Notable NPCs


Cortex crumples to the floor, coughing and hacking. You knew he was in bad shape, but the flurry of action stopped you from getting a really good look at him. He almost looks... well, like death warmed over. He speaks to you through broken and gritted teeth.

I don't know what you want from us, Character, but as you can see we're no match for you. And despite our proud legacy, we are weak and desperate. Do what you must, put us out of our misery if it makes you happy.

  • I just want information. Why are you after Buzzsaw?
Cortex gazes up at you through milky white eyes and furrows his scabbed brow.
I guess it's possible some news travels slower than others to these islands. Fine. Here's the short story.
Eidolons like myself are the doctor's pride and joy; his "next step in human evolution." He personally worked on each of us to ensure we were always supplied with the very best parts whenever our previous ones failed. He is... no longer able to work on us. Those amongst his disciples who had the ability to maintain us, well, they all went their separate ways. If you haven't guessed from the state of my cohort, we are quite literally falling apart. In fact, these are the healthiest Eidolons I could find, for what little they did to fight off someone like you.
I need Buzzsaw to help fix us. She's the only one that I believe in... and the only one I trust that would still have the skill and willingness to repair our rotting bodies now.
  • No longer able to work? Did he catch that plague I busted him for?
Cortex sneers.
How can you be so casual about locking up the most brilliant mind the world has ever seen?!
Cortex begins coughing and hacking, clearly strained from shouting. He eventually regains his composure.
You heroes are all the same, you dispense "justice" and then move on and forget about the geniuses you trampled in your quest for some rigid ideal of the way the world should be.
  • He's hard to forget. He's really never broken out since then?
Cortex shakes his head.
Yes, the doctor was put into confinement at Ziggursky after your run-in. They confiscated his Coalescent Combat Suit and left him frail and alone with only three meals and his mind to occupy him! We would try to rescue him but we simply don't have the resources to break him out at this point, regardless of where they housed him. A group like ours has little in the way of firepower for an assault like that. and not a single one of us could pull of an espionage tactic in our current state. Any breakout attempt would just result in the rest of us getting captured.
He shakes his head.
No, we don't have the manpower... and not enough oomph even if we had the lab. We've become fractured after his capture, and many of his followers have splintered off into smaller factions, each aiming to be the next Dr. Vahzilok. Hah! They act as through it's a title to be given! There will only ever be one Dr. Vahzilok. And you personally made sure to crush his dream of conquering death.
He give a sadistic grin; a ghastly sight with his broken teeth and lips that look ready to fall off.
I find your "change in outlook" fitting. You belong here in the Isles with the rest of the villians, just like anyone who opposes true heroes like the doctor.
  • You don't know a thing about me.
I frankly don't care about how the rest of the world sees you or how you see yourself. All I know is what you've done to the doctor. As far as I'm concerned, you're a villian.
  • Fair enough. You mentioned a lab, though. So tell me about it.
Cortex looks visibly panicked over his slip of the tongue.
That's none of your concern!
This lab is obviously important to Cortex, since it's come up in his search to save his life. This could be useful, there must be some serious tech in there to bring a corpse back from the dead. You need to figure out how to get this information out of him!
  • Am I going to have to beat it out of you?
Cortex grits his shattered teeth.
I'll never tell you. Do your worst. I'm already slowly dying. Even if your methods could break me, I'll be dead before you can even get to the point I'd talk.
Looking at his state, especially after his fight with you, you'd be hard-pressed to disagree. It looks like violence may not be the answer here.
  • Let's work out a deal, then.
Cortex narrows his failing eyes.
I'm listening.
  • I happen to know Buzzsaw. Tell me about the lab and I'll call her.
Cortex looks thoughtful for a moment. He's obviously desperate and you're potentially throwing him a lifeline here. As he looks back at you, you can see in his eyes that he's just taken the bait.
Hmm, if you do know her, perhaps we can help each other after all. Fine. I'll accept on two conditions. One: I meet with her before I say anything. Two: I tell HER what I know about the lab after she fixes me up. She can then tell you. Do we have a deal?
  • Deal. Prepare for a quick teleport!
  • I could get you in contact with some people I know. For info on this lab.
Unless they're ex-Vahzilok, I doubt they'd be qualified to handle our unique physiologies. Out of everyone you're likely to know like that in the Isles, only Buzzsaw and the Facemaker would fit. No deal.
  • Well, I happen to be an associate of Buzzsaw. Quid pro quo?
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  • I could get you in contact with some people I know. For info on this lab.
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.}}
  • I have ways of making you talk.
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  • How about I offer you a deal?
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  • Things have changed.
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  • I'll take that as a compliment.
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  • You mentioned a lab. Tell me about it.
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  • You've put up quite a fight in there. You've never considered breaking him out?
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  • Is he still in the Zig for his mistakes at the dam?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.}}
  • Why would you need her?
The doctor has been captured by heroes and put into confinement at Ziggursky. They confiscated his Coalescent Combat Suit and left him frail and alone with only three meals and his mind to occupy him! We would try to rescue him but we simply don't have the resources to break him out at this point, regardless of where they housed him. A group like ours has little in the way of firepower for an assault like that. and not a single one of us could pull of an espionage tactic in our current state. Any breakout attempt would just result in the rest of us getting captured.
He shakes his head.
No, we don't have the manpower... and not enough oomph even if we had the lab. We've become fractured after his capture, and many of his followers have splintered off into smaller factions, each aiming to be the next Dr. Vahzilok. Hah! They act as through it's a title to be given! There will only ever be one Dr. Vahzilok.
  • Hold on, what lab were you talking about?
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  • Why Buzzsaw specifically? Why not the Facemaker?
We tried contacting her first but she evidently wants nothing to do with us. She said something about us interrupting her "legitimate business" or something like that. Frankly, I think she believes we're competition. I've heard she's creating Eidolons of her own, though I don't know why.
Either way, Buzzsaw is the only one we can turn to. Why else would I seek out a traitor?
  • Well, to kill her, obviously. That's not why you're here?
Cortex laughs, then suddenly begins coughing. After he catches his breath, he looks at you.
If the doctor wanted her dead, he wouldn't have waited this long. No... he was upset when she left, but not enough to waste resources and time trying to kill her. He wanted to see what she'd do on her own, curiously enough. Frankly, I think her potential is squandered tinkering with a bunch of Freaks right now. I wonder what the doctor would think about her choice of work.
  • I see. But why would you need her?
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  • Why don't you ask him? What happened to Dr. Vahzilok? Did he catch the plague?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.}}
  • I'm guessing you can't ask him. He never broke out of the Zig after the dam fiasco?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.}}
  • Why would you need her?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.}}
  • But why would you need her in the first place? What happened to Dr. Vahzilok?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.}}
  • Does that mean that Dr. Vahzilok is still in the Zig after the dam incident?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.}}
Part 1: Invasive Procedures

During your beatdown on Cortex, he let slip that you'd never find Dr. Vahzilok's final laboratory. You didn't know anything about one, but Cortex didn't know that. As you pummeled Cortex's soft and rotting body into complete submission, you realized that this information must be valuable, and that Doc Buzzsaw would be very interested to hear that there was a captured assassin to interrogate for the knowledge.


You're back, and with all your parts! I know things went well, because all of a sudden Cortex was in my happy place! I've only had five minutes with him before you showed up, but he's already singing in hopes of extending his life! Such a tragic thing to be happening to the Eidolons... but advantageous for us! Whatever he knows about the Vahzilok civil war would be a boon to my research as well as whatever plans you may be concocting. I was going to politely but firmly reject Cortex's plea for help, but considering he has an abundance of potential opportunity for science in his skull, it might be best to pretend to care for a bit. I'll see what I can find out. Feel free to wander about while I conduct my research!

You have done quite well. It was quite a stroke of luck that we came into association.

Part Two: The Excision of Pierce


Ah, hello again, Character! I've spoken to Cortex and fixed him up a bit. I could probably get him back to as-good or better than the Doctor himself could, but I'm a bit out of practice in the semi-undead. I'd like to think the job was passable, at any rate, for my needs. As such, I've managed to pry what information I could from his lumpy brain and he told me something so incredible I feel like an apple's hit me on the head!

Buzzsaw lets out a wild grin and licks her lips.

As you likely know, the doctor was generally very public with his research, sharing it online through dark web forums. He believed he was doing the world a favor with his work, after all, and recruited and propagandized there. There is a lab, however, filled with the research he never wanted to make public; Cortex tells me that the doctor created it in response to the constant hero attacks on his work, where the truest trials and errors took place before public release. My delectible scientific brain hypothesizes that the contents of that lab must be approaching Higgs Boson levels of hype!

However, there's always a speedbump or two in the roadmap to scientific glory... Cortex doesn't know where it is! Evidently, only a few people know of its location, and most of those folk were blindfolded en route to it. Thankfully Cortex is not totally useless, and he knows who a few of those blind benefactors supposedly are. Since the epic downfall of the Doctor at the dam, however, nearly all of Cortex's references are in custody, trying to save themselves from their own choices. However, I think we happen to have the opportunity to extract one who is our best bet at cracking this thing wide open like Cortex's skull!

  • Who is it and where are they?

Mission Acceptance

Back when Dr. Vahzilok was first getting the operation up and running, there was a core group of us that dedicated ourselves to his cause. I was there of course - so was Cortex, Godwin Blaire, Epidural, Pathogen, Dr. Morben, Salamander, and the sleeper, Dr. Katelyn Pierce.

Kate's a smart girl, with a mastery of cybernetics that rivals my own, and ambitions to match. She always wanted to add more cyber-parts to our walking corpse army but the doctor always vetoed her ideas as too 'gaudy' and 'agressive'. Eventually the Doctor reassigned her, and had her set up a legitimate medical company in Skyway City to keep the supply lines open, and keep eyes topside for the Doctor. This was also Plan B in case the Doctor got incarcerated, so Kate kept her record absolutely immaculate and reference-free from the Doctor in the off-chance she needed to take the work over on the sly.

She foolishly got herself pinched when she played her hand during this latest power-vacuum and now she's crafting an exit strategy by trading secrets to SERAPH! If she's desperate enough to do the right thing, maybe she's also desperate enough to help us find the lab and continue the work!

Unnecessary solicitation

Hurry now! As amusing as it would be to have her plan blow up in her face, we won't have another opportunity like this for some time.

Mission Objective(s)

You called a favor to transport yourself close to the SERAPH headquarters. The streets are swarming with Paragon Police - this 'deal' is apparently suspicious to everyone.

  • Retrieve Dr. Pierce
    • Overwhelm the Blockade
    • Eliminate the Sentry
    • Defeat Commander Bouvier
    • Locate Dr. Pierce!
    • Escape with Dr. Pierce!
    • Validate Parking Stub (Optional)

You waded through some of Paragon's finest boys in blue to get Pierce back to the Isles, where she can begin re-orienting her moral compass.


Notable Enemies

Ambush! Upon defeating the blockade, there will be one wave of Psi-Division.
"HALT, Character! You are violating thirty local, state, and federal statutes by being here!"

You notice a piece of paper fall from the Ballista on his way down to a dirt-nap.

A Parking Validation Ticket

You pick up a small piece of paper that fell from the Ballista during your scuffle. You are torn between two minds right now. Do you keep the ticket, and get the Ballista's car towed - or do you validate his ticket to rob the Paragon Parking Authority of revenue? These thoughts mull about in your mind as you press on.

Part 2: The Excision of Pierce

You knew the lab existed, but not where; Cortex had some of the keys to that knowledge, but only names of other associates who might be able to lead you there. Of all the notables picked up during the Vahz Civil War, only one was accessible, pending a plea deal - Dr. Katelyn Pierce. Buzzsaw helped you hammer out the details on a raid at the SERAPH lab in Steel Canyon, where Pierce was being held. After hurdling numerous obstacles, you were able to locate the doctor. Dr. Pierce was all to happy to be handed an alternative plan, since her plan was only 'Sell Out the Vahzilok Secrets'. You escaped together back to Sharkhead Isle to plan your next move.


Ah, you've found her! Just as I expected, the whole thing was an ill-planned escape attempt. She's smart, but more than a little impulsive. I like that about her! Science is really all about following your impulses!

How else would you know what happens when you hook a Nemesis Jaeger up to a Hordeling Lasher, for instance? I tried it and wouldn't recommend it, if you were getting the itch to test.

Evidently, steam power makes those walking chicken wings ornery beyond comprehension... Who knew? I didn't, and any science is good science when it answers question, even if it's one nobody's asked!

Buzzsaw seems to have a moment of self-actualization where she stops herself mid thought to catch her breath.

Look at me, prattling on now that the danger has passed and science is at hand! You deserves accolades for your incursion into SERAPH, Character - I believe Kate's quite willing to help us find the lab! It's in the Abandoned Sewers, which will certainly prove to be a harrowing expedition to advance our cause. I'll speak to her post-haste and get the details, and then we'll be on our way! Oh, and if you hear any odd noises, its just the Cattleprod of Motivation being used. For Science!

Part Three: Exploratory Procedures


For once I am left speechless, Character! Your handling of SERAPH was masterful, and so this next task should be just as easy! We have a goal, we have a guide, and we have hordes of specimens between us and the lost lab! I love it! Dr. Pierce was every bit the team player in interrogation, and we have a local access point to the Science Wing of the Doctor's personal Alamo, and everyone remembers the Alamo!

The lab has most likely undergone an emergency shutdown via a dead man's switch, so chances are good it's locked and an anti-teleportation field is keeping things out... or maybe in! Ooh, the mystery! This is so much fun! Once we get the lab open, Pierce, Cortex and myself will turn off any other of the Doctor's defenses. Be prepared to go it alone if you have to!

Whenever you're ready, let's make history!

  • I'm ready.

Mission Acceptance

Good! Now, our little expedition team would have been composed of you, any lackeys you have, myself, and Dr. Pierce but as you may have noticed, Cortex is coming along too. He believes that this lab may have something that can not only help put his fellow Eidolons back together, but may actually improve them! I let him come along since, if nothing else, his Eidolons could provide useful early test subjects and if he dies, free resources! We can always ditch him later if he becomes a liability.

In any case, science waits for no one! Let's go!


Okay Character, real talk.... that last fight was exciting! And with all the research in that lab, I'll be occupied for... well, the foreseeable future with new projects! I simply cannot wait to try out some of these techniques, and Dr. Pierce has been holed up in there with a stack of notes higher than an impeachment inquiry! I'm going to send her some of my more... enthusiastic comrades from the Freakshow - they're willing to try anything, so they're the perfect test subjects for whatever Kate can come up with!

I'll speak to my friends here in Sharkhead and see if they're willing to contribute anyone for this venture. I'll let you know as soon as I hear from them!

You've proven quite dependable, Character. I must say I've forgotten how nice it can be to have someone whose work I can count on.

Part Four: Group Therapy


AH! Character, it's always a pleasure to see you. Dr. Pierce and Cortex have set up defenses over at the lab using some salvaged tech from the pile of Gav,Ril's former infantrymen, so it should be fairly secure now. As for me... Well, I have some good news and some bad news. Let's get the bad news out of the way first!

Doc Buzzsaw doesn't show any signs on her deranged face that this news is going to be bad, in the slightest. She's grinning like a drugged up toddler.

Pierce has been chipping away at this concept that the 'Lok went into civil war over. It's called CMRj, and it looks like the epitome of body modification! An invasive direct application of electrical and medical inputs delivered from a central source to any part of the body. It seems that Dr. Vahz knew he wasn't going to be able to maintain his army forever, and had begun devoting time to rewiring the human circulatory, immune, and muscular systems to repair and maintain themselves!

  • Right. But you haven't told me the bad news yet, Doc.

Mission Acceptance

You're right! The keys to all our bright futures lie in making this research a reality. But we lack the resources to do something this epic. If we're going to change the world, we're going to have to step on a few toes, and since my contacts in Sharkhead have politely declined to assist, we're going to have to take what we need now and and ask for forgiveness about their precious toes later. I'm providing you a list with three places to go:

Firstly, a Council base to grab the wiring and electronics we need for our test runs. They'll be distracted since the Fifth Column has been eroding their territory and they've begun work on their War Walker army.

Then, a Crey facility to grab some Revenant maturation fluids. Crey may be acting quiet but they've been busy as ever with their mad science, which I respect, adore, and envy with affable hatred! This fluid is as much for me as it is for Kate and the new army - I have my own projects after all!

Finally, we're going for the big nut: A friendly house call to Bile the Technophile. One of my friends was kind enough to provide a location on him in Paragon City, which is nearly impossible on most days. He's all about freedom of information, expression, and body modification, making him a slam-dunk ally if we can persuade him. He's a slippery one, though, as he was the brains behind the IDX within the Freakshow, masters of information, acquisition and erasure! We're going to need his backing, as the head of this project, your election to negotiate is all but inevitable.

That's it, friend! Off you go, for science and the good of humankind!


Oh ho ho! You're back! Pierce tells me that a few Freaks have already shown up to undergo the procedures! I knew we could count on the reckless enthusiasm of my excitable friends to get what we need!

It's definitely a wrench in the pancreas that Bile is in the Zig... but I bet Pierce's PowerFreaks would be perfect to bail him out! It'll be an excellent testing ground out in the mean streets of Brickstown! To help the project along, I've been working on recruiting as many of Dr. Vahzilok's former surgeons as I can to help implement this CMRj technique and they've brought a few of their walking corpses along! Cortex has volunteered a few of his Eidolons as well and Pierce... well, you'll see soon enough.

Soon, you'll have a small army of these Vahzolik-Enhanced-Power-Freaks. My, that's a mouthful, isn't it? Let's try a more catchy name, since we're merging friends... Ah ha! Freaklok? Yes, yes, that will do!

Part Five: Induced Vomiting


When Doc Buzzsaw sees you approach,, she looks like she can barely hold in her excitement. As you get close, one of the buzzsaws on her backpack narrowly misses your head. Again.

We did it! WE DID IT! The Freaklok army is a success beyond what we could have hoped! Why, our practice sessions against some of the local Hydra were explosive, to put it mildly. However, as it happens, our window of opportunity for extracting Bile from the Zig is shutting fast. If we want to continue growing our asset pool, we'll need to go through with this breakout.

Honestly, I'm excited. This is our first true test of the Freaklok. You're the one in charge, though, so when you give the order, we'll begin.

  • Then I'm giving the order. Commence the attack!

Mission Acceptance

Excellent! Unfortunately, I won't be going. Large scale assaults are not exactly my forte but don't worry! Dr. Pierce has told me that she wants to go with you and will meet you on site. Apparently, she wants to show you something. She promised to take notes for me! Cortex also wanted to go, though I admit that I'm suspicious of his intentions. Pierce said she'd keep an eye on him but I imagine it may be better for you to deal with whatever he's planning yourself.

We don't need him anymore, so feel free to do what you like! If he wants to help, great! Otherwise... Well, bring me a take-out bag! I'd hate for good parts to go to waste!


With Bile out of the Zig and Cortex forced to be his Jailhouse Blues duet partner, I'd say we can call this test a resounding success! The Eidolons are already reliant on us for maintenance so Cortex being tragically left behind in the Zig won't affect their loyalty. I never liked the guy anyway, so that's one less treacherous walking nightmare out there for us to have to gawk at. The Eidolons will quite literally fall apart without is so they have no choice but to stick with us, though! Yay for captive audiences! It's like a TED Talk from Hell!

But speaking of walking nightmares, Clamor and Dreck being loose is a real hammer to the spleen that nobody was expecting. Not today, at least! We're going to have to keep our ears to the ground for them, they won't be happy. Pierce is already not too happy, as we lost an entire platoon of the Freaklok in there, but they were all rigged with self-immolation protocol to protect the research. One of Pierce's many good ideas!

Oh! How could I forget - Bile was very impressed with you since he wasted no time in calling me and arranging for many of his men to undergo the procedure. It won't be long before we have a true army of them! I'm personally content with experimenting on the Revenant formula and dabbling in CMRj applications so you're the one who will ultimately put these Freaklok to use! I'm so proud of the things we've done in the name of science, Character. We've kicked open a brand new division of mad science that will no doubt change the face of global conflict! For now, we're going to need to let the science brew a bit... when something comes up - and it always does - Pierce and I will call you! Pinky promise!