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This is a shortlist of all story arcs, trials and task/strike forces created by the Homecoming Team over the course of the lifetime of Homecoming: City of Heroes, following the shutdown of the original NCSoft servers. They will be ordered within their category by release date.

Note: As this page is intended as a guide for returning players to find new content on the Homecoming servers, both content developed by Homecoming Team and by SCoRE for use in City of Heroes Resurgence will be mentioned here. However, it will not mention content built by Paragon Studios that remained unreleased on the original Live servers, such as Pandora's Box. To find that content, see Issue 24, Paragon's final update to be added to their Beta servers.

Paragon City Story Arcs

Shauna Braun - Dirty Work

Shauna Braun

Full Article: Shauna Braun

Issue Added: Issue 26 - Page 3

Level Range: 25-29

Location: Independence Port

Alignment: Vigilante

Badge i26 mission justice.png Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Badge i26 mission avenger.png Avenger

Summary: Shauna Braun is a young programmer from Paragon City. She was raised by her father in a tiny apartment in between Kings Row and Independence Port. Shauna moved out when she went to college, but her father - having sacrificed so much to give his daughter a good education - continued to live there until it burned down a year ago. The PPD closed the case, citing an accident as the cause of the fire, but Shauna doesn't buy the explanation. She wants to uncover the truth behind her father's death and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Agent Watkins - The Graveyard Shift

Agent Watkins

Full Article: Agent Watkins

Issue Added: Issue 27 - Page 1

Level Range: 20-29

Location: Steel Canyon

Alignment: Hero

SL4 Watkins ArcComplete.png Uncivil Warrior
SL4 Watkins Quarantine.png The Greater Good
SL4 Watkins Defy.png Went Off Script

Summary: FBSA NetOps Agent Watkins has set up a small command station in North Steel Canyon, as an optimal location to investigate... something. Being somewhat dodgy about his assignment, he has constantly referred heroes to Positron first, to establish a reputation. The tasks that Agent Watkins has for you are no small feats, and involve the clean-up of one of the city's most exciting showdowns. Heroes 20 and above should seek him out, and bring plenty of club soda to wash out any stains.

Dr. Stribbling - Troubled Times

Dr. Stribbling

Full Article: Dr. Stribbling

Issue Added: Issue 27 - Page 6

Level Range: 30-34

Location: Brickstown

Alignment: Vigilante

Badge storyarc stribbling.png Loop Hero

Summary: Those who toe the line of legality in Paragon City will have the chance to answer the call of Dr. Stribbling, a multidisciplinary scientist better known for his theory than his results. He's run into a bit of a problem: Someone broke into his lab and he does not want information on his experiments to leak to the public.

Players who are willing to get their hands a little dirty will find themselves drawn into a web of moral quandaries that will have them wondering, "Did I make the right call?"

John Houston - Noble Intentions

John Houston, WSPDR Journalist

Full Article: John Houston

Issue Added: Issue 27 - Page 6

Level Range: 40-44

Location: Independence Port

Alignment: Rogue

Badge storyarc houston H.png Pollster
Badge storyarc houston R.png Underdog

Summary: John Houston, WSPDR's new star reporter, is following a lead that has taken him all the way to Independence Port where he was supposed to meet up with a source to get hold of some juicy information. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, his source was kidnapped and now he is in desperate need of some morally dubious help.

Players will get a chance to influence the politics of Paragon City for years to come while checking in on old friends, and making powerful enemies. It's all in a day's work for the free-wheeling entrepreneurial type.

Rogue Isles Story Arcs

Bobby Curtin - Gone in a Flash

Bobby Curtin

Full Article: Bobby Curtin

Issue Added: Issue 26 - Page 3

Level Range: 25-29

Location: Nerva Archipelago

Alignment: Rogue

Badge i26 mission diamond.png Diamond in the Rough

Summary: Bobby Curtin is a bouncer at the White Elephant in Crimson Cove, a private establishment which prides itself on being 'neutral ground' between the many warring factions in Nerva. Bobby is known by frequent patrons for being willing to step in and break up fights between anyone, be they Longbow, Arachnos, or mortal manifestation of an ancient god.

Doc Buzzsaw - The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok

Doc Buzzsaw

Full Article: Doc Buzzsaw

Issue Added: Issue 27 - Page 1

Level Range: 30-39

Location: Sharkhead Isle

Alignment: Villain

SL6 Buzzsaw ArcComplete.png Patient Zero
SL6 TStar.png Tarnished Star

Summary: A notorious and well-admired sociopath of the Rogue Isles has put out a straight-forward distress call through the Broker network, asking individuals of highly dubious moral constitution to save her neck in the name of Science. Doc Buzzsaw is being stalked by a notable ne'er-do-well and the price on her head is significantly less than the value of preserving it. Villains of level 30 and beyond should seek her out in Sharkhead Isle, in the usual place, and relief will wash over you after the discovery that her attachment to bank accounts has disappeared in the face of her mortality, as an added bonus.

Other Story Arcs

Sister Valeria - Glory and Dark Tidings

Sister Valeria

Full Article: Sister Valeria

Issue Added: Issue 27 - Page 4

Level Range: 50+ (Incarnate)

Location: Cimerora

Alignment: Any

Mission Valeria Complete.png The Shadow Out of Time

Summary: Sister Valeria, a warrior of Bellona, has been assigned to Phoebas Point by Imperious' command, to protect Sister Solaris from kidnappings and subterfuge. While there, she has taken it upon herself to make it as a discrete place to discuss the continued plague of the Romulan Traitors, knowing full well that Marcus Valerius is soon to depart with the Idol of Mot to the Abyss. She will offer players the opportunity to make a grand gesture on behalf of the Cimeroran people, striking at the heart of the Dark Ones that still haunt the land and the people's dreams, despite Imperious' best efforts to eradicate them.

Players will unravel a tangled web of time-travel treachery and clean up loose ends as the omnipresent threat of the Nictus continues to fester even after Romulus and Requiem failed in their plot to take over the ancient land. Meet new foes, new signature enemies, and witness the grandiose nature of a true Shadow Cyst, which has never been seen before! Stop the Nictus from up-ending the timeline with purloined knowledge!

Oberst Straxt - Buried Secrets

Oberst Straxt

Full Article: Oberst Straxt

Issue Added: Issue 27 - Page 7

Level Range: 20-24

Location: Striga Isle

Alignment: Villain

Badge accolade stowaway.png Stowaway (Part 1)

Summary: Oberst Straxt of the 5th Column is seeking unscrupulous villains to infiltrate Striga Isle in order to collect old caches left behind by that organization when the Council took control of the island.

Dr. Francois - Just Prototypical

Dr. Francois

Full Article: Dr. Francois

Issue Added: Issue 27 - Page 7

Level Range: 20-24

Location: Striga Isle

Alignment: Villain

Badge accolade stowaway.png Stowaway (Part 2)

Summary: Dr. Francois, the famous roboticist, has been freed from his recent bout as a Sky Raider prisoner, working on a giant mech project. Easily intimidated, the doctor can aid an enterprising villain in a daring heist against the Sky Raiders.

Night Widow Ragana - Negotiations of the Living Dead

Night Widow Ragana

Full Article: Night Widow Ragana

Issue Added: Issue 27 - Page 7

Level Range: 20-24

Location: Striga Isle

Alignment: Villain

Badge accolade stowaway.png Stowaway (Part 3)

Summary: With the Council in shambles there's a power vacuum on Striga. The Warriors, Family and Sky Raiders want to split the Council territory among themselves, and plan to meet to negotiate terms. Arachnos prefers to have the Council in charge and have sent a Night Widow to handle the situation. Night Widow Ragana needs some expendable and deniable resources to break up the negotiations - permanently.

Orpheus - The Most Dangerous Prey

Full Article: Orpheus

Issue Added: Issue 27 - Page 7

Level Range: 25-29

Location: Striga Isle

Alignment: Villain

Badge accolade stowaway.png Stowaway (Part 4)

Summary: Orpheus, a Warrior bard of some repute, has specialized in hunting the undead. He is now offering his expertise to those he deem worthy. Since you have recently contracted a mysterious ghost-related curse upon your name, you seek out his help.

Mage-Killer Tatiana - The Last Witch of Striga

Mage-Killer Tatiana

Full Article: Mage-Killer Tatiana

Issue Added: Issue 27 - Page 7

Level Range: 25-29

Location: Striga Isle

Alignment: Villain

Badge accolade stowaway.png Stowaway (Part 5)

Summary: Mage-Killer Tatiana is hunting a powerful witch. In order to draw out the near-mythical protector of the island, Tatiana needs someone to stir up trouble among the Banished Pantheon and deal with the local chapter of the Legacy Chain.

Pay Phone - A Second Chance at a First Impression

Pay Phone

Full Article: Pay Phone

Issue Added: Issue 27 - Page 7

Level Range: 40-50

Location: Rikti War Zone

Alignment: Any

SL6 Buzzsaw ArcComplete.png Patient Zero - Complete Doc Buzzsaw's Story Arc, 'The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok'

Badge storyarc piecemealfinale.png Face Turn

Summary: A strange, archaic and outdated device in the Rikti War Zone has been asking for you by name. If you are ready, you will step into the shoes of Paragon City's newest and most notorious villain as she comes face-to-face with a situation that (for once) she cannot handle. The amount of humble pie she consumes as a result has yet to be accurately calculated.

A new take on the Personal Story, you and your teammates will be forced to assume to the identity of Piecemeal as you navigate a reconstructed simulation of her experience trying to circumvent the protocols in the Paragon City teleport grid - an event that sends her from one place to another uncontrollably before placing you in the heart of a burgeoning apocalypse. Carefully reconstructed from her 360-degree sensor tech and optical recordings by her M.C. of Information, Bile, you will engage in a bit of banter before witnessing the horror hands-on in this Abomination Simulation.

Enjoy some of the canonical reasons for notorious changes, and a heaping bathtub full of foreshadowing!

Note: This arc is considered the finale of Issue 27's storytelling.


Market Crash

Ada Wellington


Full Article: Market Crash Trial

Issue Added: Issue 25 (SCoRE)

Contact Name: Ada Wellington

Level Range: 40-50

Location: Kallisti Wharf

Alignment: Any

Badge I25 Market Crash.png Loyal Customer
Badge i25 valet.png Valet
Badge trial marketcrashmaster.png Master of the Market Crash

Summary: The Sky Raiders have broken into the main warehouse of Wentworth's Fine Consignments in Talos Island! In an unusual move, Captain Castillo is looting the place clean of everything, with no clear objective. Heroes are being called to help... and the occasional villain might want to join the rescue team and grab some of the loot lying around.

Task/Strike Forces

Dr. Aeon Strike Force - Chasing Fool's Gold


Full Article: Dr. Aeon Strike Force

Issue Added: Issue 27 - Page 3

Level Range: 35-50

Location: Cap Au Diable

Alignment: Villain

Badge i27 ASF complete.png Gold Standard
Badge i27 ASF achievement.png Unfriendly Fire
Badge i27 ASF achievement.png Ripple Raider
Badge i27 ASF achievement.png Power Overwhelming
Badge i27 ASF achievement.png Can't Touch This
Badge i27 ASF master.png Master of Dr. Aeon's Strike Force
Best Friends Forever Badge.png Best Friends Forever

Summary: The supervillain genius, Dr. Aeon, has begun to take notice of suspicious unscientific activity going on within Aeon City! Such things are inconceivable! None can be permitted to befoul the glory of his utopia!

In his unparalleled brilliance, he has decided to enlist the service of local villains for the purpose of helping him maintain and enforce order! Definitely not to deflect any potential responsibility or liabilities from himself! Never!

However, even his immaculate mind couldn’t predict the culmination of this plot. Decades of planning see the rise of an unexpected threat of which Dr. Aeon played no small part in helping create, in more ways than one!

Complete Release Order

The following is a release order of the story arcs listed above:

Issue 25 - Unbroken Spirit

Issue 25

Issue 26 - Homecoming

Issue 26, Page 3

Issue 27 - Second Chances

Issue 27, Page 1

Issue 27, Page 3

Issue 27, Page 4

Issue 27, Page 6

Issue 27, Page 7