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Homecoming Launcher window, with all profiles ready to launch.


The Homecoming Launcher is the officially supported patching application for Homecoming: City of Heroes. It was released in Issue 27 on October 2020.

It has the following features:

  • Faster patching: it uses modern packaging methods and compression to be much faster than prior launchers.
  • Portable application. Once installed, it exists only in the folder it is installed in with no registry keys, libraries, or other components required. Backup and moving is as simple as copy & paste.
  • One click play. Once patched, any profile on the left can be launched by clicking on it.
  • User mode. It does not require any administrator rights to install or run (with a key exception noted in Requirements below.)
  • Opt-in patching. Users who do not want to patch Live or Prerelease profiles do not have to. Simply ignore them; uninstalled profiles take up no additional space.
  • Manifest-free. It does away with manifest addresses for patching. (However, it does not install Titan Icon or Paragon Chat).
  • Smart install. On first run, it will detect an existing Tequila installation and optionally copy the Issue 24 files to speed up the first installation.

First Time Use

These instructions are for Windows users only:

Download and run the installer

HCInstall.exe download from Homecoming.

Choose the installation directory

It will ask where to install the files, with "C:\Games\Homecoming" as a default. It will also ask to install a shortcut on the Desktop and Start Menu.


  • Do not install it in the same folder as your Tequila installation.
  • Any folder under the "Users" folder has restrictive permissions; do not use folders such as "C:\Users" or "D:\Users".
  • Do not install in a "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" folder. Special permissions are also required.
  • Do not install in "C:\Windows".

First Run

After installation is completed, the installer will exit and run the launcher for the first time. You can click the download icon on any profile to start patching immediately.

Moving from Tequila

If you used Tequila before and are satisfied with the Homecoming Launcher installation, you may choose to delete the Tequila folder to save space; they are completely independent of each other. Note that the install process does not copy screenshots and Architect Entertainment data, so ensure those are saved before deleting the Tequila folder; and note that unlike Tequila, multiboxing must be enabled specifically in the new launcher.

Other Platforms

Please see: City of Heroes on Mac and City of Heroes on Linux for info.

More information is available in the Homecoming Launcher forum; there are separate guides listed for installation on MacOS or Linux.

The Homecoming launcher is intended for use on Windows. However, it will run in MacOS and Linux in an appropriately set-up system using Wine or a custom installer. Certain fixes and adjustments have been made to the launcher to make it easier for Wine users to configure, patch and run the game in operating systems other than Windows. MacOS may require additional steps depending on the system in use. Linux systems will vary greatly depending on your hardware, distribution, and knowledge.

Windows and MacOS client bugs and issues are supported, but Linux is not.

Recommended Game Streaming methods also make it possible to play City of Heroes on unsupported devices, such as Android, iOS, and Chromebooks.


The launcher needs no additional software to run, but the game client still requires the Visual C 2015 Runtime to start. If the runtime is not found, the launcher will prompt to install it on the first run. Visual C 2015 Runtime requires administrative rights to install (either from an Administrator account in Windows, or a username/password typed by an admin.)

This is the only time the launcher will require such privileges.


On occasion, updates to the launcher will be automatically downloaded and installed.

This is automatic by default: if an update is present, the Launcher will close immediately, update itself, and restart. You can disable this behavior and only allow manual updates to the launcher with a single setting change.

In-Depth Information

For settings, troubleshooting, and other information, please see the Homecoming Launcher Manual.

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