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Architect Entertainment Building
Atlas Park
Architect Entertainment Building


Architect Entertainment is a company created by Dr. Thaddeus Aeon AQSA, with Crey Industries funding. The prime motive of the company is to bring opportunity to all citizens of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles to create their very own pockets of theoretical existence for others to experience first hand as a new form of entertainment.

Key factors in the origins of the company include:

Dr Aeon and Positron have both noted individually that Architect has the potential for great beneficial and humanitarian results throughout the world.

Mission Architect

Main Article: Mission Architect

The Mission Architect is the means by which these virtual realities are created and experienced. The Mission Architect is accessed mainly through Architect Entertainment Stations, which can be found in many Architect Entertainment Buildings throughout Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.


There are Architect Entertainment facilities in the following zones:

Paragon City
Rogue Isles

Former Locations

These are locations where the Architect Entertainment facilities once existed, but have since been destroyed, replaced or otherwise removed.

Paragon City
Rogue Isles
  • Mercy Island - Destroyed in Issue 27 Page 4: After ignoring workplace safety codes for many years, Aeon Corp's Architect Entertainment facility on Mercy Island has been completely immolated after an unexpected fire consumed the entire structure in what was described as a 'raging inferno'. WSPDR reporters have asked locals for their take on this sudden turn of events, to which many answered: "We're surprised it didn't happen sooner." Arachnos Arbiter Drones have secured the wreckage site while investigations behind the cause of the accident are investigated.

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