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The 2019 Winter Event ran from November 29, 2019 to January 10, 2020. New content in the 2019 version of the traditional event included a winter makeover for Atlas Park and the reduction in price of Lords of Winter Super Packs to 10 million Inf.

New in 2019

Atlas Park Makeover

Main Article: Atlas Park Seasonal Changes

During the event Atlas Park is given a frozen makeover, with the Candy Keeper available for convenient turning in of Candy Cane Salvage for Heroes.

Lords of Winter Super Packs

Main Article: Lords of Winter Super Pack

During the Winter Event, the Lords of Winter Super Pack is on sale in the Auction House for 10 million Inf, rather than it's usual 25 million.

New Years

Characters that login in on New Years Eve will receive the Box of Fireworks temporary power, that can be used to grant the Fireworks! and Friendly Fireworks temporary powers that last for 48 hours.


Self +Fireworks

You are unable to identify the source or quality of these fireworks... it's probably best you didn't light them.

Grants Fireworks! and Friendly Fireworks



Create your own miniature firework show with these fireworks!


Ranged Special, Fireworks

You find a warning sticker on the firework that reads "Point away from people and animals." Well... who reads those anyways? Fire away!

Returning Events

Login Rewards

Characters who log in during a Winter Event receive the Holiday Spirit temporary power and a single use of the Holiday Cheer power. If a character has already obtained the Holiday Spirit and Holiday Cheer powers in previous years, they will not receive them again, even if they already used them before the current event started.



Any debt you incur is reduced by 25%. This effect lasts for 2 days of gameplay.



This is a gift you can give to someone special.

Holiday Cheer can be targeted on another player and when used will give that player a single instance of the Mystery Gift power.



Someone special has given you a gift. What could it be?

Lord Winter's Realm Trial

Lord Winter
Main Article: Lord Winter's Realm

Heroes and Villains can enter Lord Winter's Realm via the Team-Up Teleporter under Holiday Trials. Here, they face off against Lord Winter and his Winter Guardians and will earn Candy Canes, Reward Merits, and the Lord/Lady of Winter badge for defeating Lord Winter.


You helped thwart Lord Winter's scheme to turn your hometown into an icy wasteland.

Ski Chalet & Father Time

Main Article: Ski Chalet

Though the Ski Chalet in Pocket D is now accessible all year round, Father Time can be found there throughout the Winter Event. He has two seasonal missions to complete with several badges awarded for completion of either mission:

The Candy Keeper can also be found here, ready to receive Candy Cane Salvage in exchange for Badges, Recipes and Temporary Powers.

Gamester's Presents

One of the Winter Horde welcomes you to open a present.
Main Article: Presents

Mysterious glowing presents appear throughout Paragon City, the Rogue Isles and Praetoria, courtesy of Gamester. A large gallery of locations is available in the main article.

Upon opening a present, a player will find that if they were "nice," they may enjoy a nice reward. If they were "naughty," however, they will find themselves surrounded by the Winter Horde, ready to make their holidays downright dangerous!

Opening a present while on a large enough team can spawn a Winter Lord Giant Monster.

Mystery Gifts

Once received, either by being targeted by Holiday Cheer or by opening presents, Mystery Gifts can be activated to receive one of a number of things. Most of the time (60% chance) the gift will give 250 Inf. The rest of the time (40% chance) the player will receive one of the following rewards:



Creates one Snow Beast to do your bidding. Snow Beasts desire nothing more than to freeze everything they come into contact with. You only have 1 Snow Beast and he will last for 5 minutes before melting. You cannot bring your snow beast across zones. You may have up to 3 copies of this power.


Ranged Special

Can be used on friend and foe alike. Although there are no lasting effects when these frozen missiles are hurled, who doesn't love throwing a snowball? Snowballs should last 12 days. Happy Holidays!


Self Fly

This jet pack allows you to fly for a short period. If you attack a target while this pack is on, your flight speed will be temporarily reduced to Hover speed. This Rocket Pack will last for 30 days.


Ally Gift

The Gamester has sprinkled these mysterious Duplicating Gifts throughout the world. Each one has the ability to make copies of itself, but only if the target doesn't already have a Duplicating Gift- and each one only lasts a short period of time! Pass on the Gift Which Keeps Giving to all your friends and spread the holiday cheer! Expires in 10:00 of real time


PBAoE Ally +Snow

This Gamester present mystically summons a light snow to follow you and your friends around. It will affect all those in a 60 ft. radius for up to 10 minutes. This effect is purely cosmetic and can be canceled.

There are also two badges associated with Mystery Gifts, one for receiving a Duplicating Gift and one for giving one. (Note:You cannot receive a Duplicating Gift if you already have the power.)


You've received a copy of the mysterious Duplicating Gift from another! Don't forget to pass it on!


You've passed along the mysterious Duplicating Gift left by the Gamester!

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