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Safeguard Missions (sometimes simply called Safeguards) are missions that heroes may undertake in which there is a primary mission of preventing a bank robbery and numerous secondary missions assigned that grant additional time and various bonuses. Secondary missions include preventing vandals from destroying objects within the zone, and side missions unlocked by defeating certain enemies. In addition, each Safeguard mission map contains an exploration badge marker. Each Safeguard mission awards a specific temporary power for completing it successfully.

Safeguard Missions are obtained from detectives and are available after completing several Police Radio missions. Check the progress bar for the detective in the zone. If it is full red, characters can talk to the Detective to get the Safeguard mission. If not, then do more radio missions in the zone. Characters with the Villain Disruptor badge can use Agent Hassell to play Safeguard missions they have outlevelled.

After completing or failing a Safeguard mission, characters can complete more radio missions in order to re-obtain it (provided one doesn't exceed the maximum level before re-completing the number of prerequisite Police Radio missions). Note that a character may obtain the temporary power for successful completion of each individual Safeguard mission only once, regardless of how many times the Safeguard is successfully completed. Additionally, in order to obtain the Safeguard's associated reward, the character must be Security Level equal to or higher than the minimum for that Safeguard. Even advancing to the appropriate level while within the mission followed by successfully completing the mission will not award the power; the character must be trained to the minimum level of the Safeguard mission.

The villain equivalent to Safeguard Missions are Mayhem Missions.

Detailed Description

Mission Parameters

Safeguard missions are assigned based on the level of the character as follows:

Instanced Map Levels Active Side Missions Completion Temp Power Patrolling Enemy Group Vandal/Key Enemy Group Contacts In
Atlas Park 5 - 10 2 Raptor Pack (Flight) Hellions Vahzilok Kings Row
Kings Row 10 - 15 2 Zero-G Pack (Super Jump) Clockwork Skulls Kings Row or Skyway City or Steel Canyon
Skyway City 15 - 20 2 Resuscitation (Self Resurrect) Trolls The Lost Skyway City or Steel Canyon or Faultline
Steel Canyon 20 - 25 3 Summon Teammates (Group Recall) Tsoo Arachnos/The Family Faultline or Talos Island or Independence Port
Independence Port 25 - 30 3 Movement Increase Council The Family Talos Island or Independence Port
Talos Island 30 - 35 4 Endurance Increase Arachnos Tsoo Brickstown or Founders' Falls
Brickstown 35 - 40 4 Health Increase Council Nemesis Brickstown or Founders' Falls
Founders' Falls 40 - 45 5 Life Insurance Crey Council Peregrine Island
Peregrine Island 45 - 50 5 Regeneration Increase Malta Operatives Carnival of Shadows Peregrine Island

Note that at levels divisible by 5 (10, 15, 20, etc.) it is possible to get either of two different missions for the ranges ending at or starting at the current level. Which of the two is offered will be random if a character is visiting a detective in a zone that can offer both safeguard missions.

Conventional wisdom was that at levels 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 it was not possible to choose which safeguard mission obtained; however, this is only absolutely true at levels 35 and 45 due to being able to choose in which zone to obtain a safeguard. It is partially true at level 10 where it is possible to ensure the Kings Row safeguard, but the Atlas Park safeguard requires luck; at level 25 the Steel Canyon safeguard can be ensured but the Independence Port safeguard relies on luck (or wait a level). Obviously if the lower of the two is desired, then experience should be turned off to keep from out-leveling it.

Safeguard Missions by Zone

The following table shows the possibilities for controlling which safeguard is obtained at the "overlap" levels, 10, 15, 20 etc. Zones can guarantee a certain safeguard mission by being at the extreme beginning or end of the level range.

Level Desired Safeguard Zones Giving Certainty Zones Giving A (Presumed Even) Chance
10 Atlas Park Kings Row
10 Kings Row Skyway City or Steel Canyon Kings Row
15 Kings Row Kings Row Skyway City or Steel Canyon
15 Skyway City Faultline Skyway City or Steel Canyon
20 Skyway City Skyway City or Steel Canyon Kings Row
20 Steel Canyon Talos Island or Independence Port Faultline
25 Steel Canyon Faultline Talos Island or Independence Port
25 Independence Port Talos Island or Independence Port
30 Independence Port Talos Island or Independence Port
30 Talos Island Brickstown or Founders' Falls
35 Talos Island Brickstown or Founders' Falls
35 Brickstown Brickstown or Founders' Falls
40 Brickstown Brickstown or Founders' Falls
40 Founders' Falls Peregrine Island
45 Founders' Falls Peregrine Island
45 Peregrine Island Peregrine Island

Secondary Missions

The following are secondary missions that may be completed within a Safeguard Mission:

Mission Bonus Time Description Time Limit
Prevent Arson 4:00 Prevent a building from being set on fire. 3:00
Prevent Bombing 8:00 Work through the sewers into an office building to prevent it from being bombed. 6:00
Prevent Jailbreak 8:00 Prevent a villain from being broken out of jail. ???
Prevent Vault Break-In 5:00 Prevent villains from breaking into a local business. ???
Prevent Weapons Arms Deal 6:00 Raid a villain base where an arms deal is in progress, possibly acquiring the weapon for yourself. ???

It is random which secondary missions are spawned for each Safeguard Mission. Low level Safeguard Missions generally only have one or two active secondary missions, while higher level Safeguard Missions have more.

Secondary missions are unlocked by defeating groups of enemies in the missions. These will be of a different enemy group from the primary group patrolling the streets of the mission. Defeating the entire group of one of these enemies will give a key that unlocks the secondary mission.

Additional Time

Additional time beyond that granted from completion of side missions can be earned by defeating the various packs of vandals that periodically appear in the area. When vandals appear, the warning "Vandals are causing mayhem" will pop up and a location on the mission map will be displayed. If the hero travels to this location and eliminates the pack of vandals, which can contain as few as one enemy, they will gain 1:30. Vandals are of the same villain group as the secondary mission enemies which hold keys.

Temporary Powers

Completion Rewards

The first time you complete each different Mayhem or Safeguard Mission, and are at least the minimum level for that that mission, you are awarded a temporary power. These include:

Weapon Raid Side Mission Rewards

These Temporary Powers are acquired by foiling the arms dealers during Weapon Raid Side Missions within Mayhem and Safeguard missions. These powers are awarded to the person who clicks the objective in the side mission, and are random as to which power is awarded.


It is actually possible to reset the mission, and thus farm a Safeguard mission for badge credits. But some very specific things must be done to make it happen.

Safeguards start with a bank robbery that will start automatically even if the bank is left alone. But it is possible to stop the robbery, in progress, without defeating all villains in the bank. The key is the group of villains milling about the bank lobby. They are part of the bank robbery spawn, and must be defeated to complete the mission. But as long as they are not agroed, and the bank vault is not breached, they will never move from their initial spawn point. So the key to making this work is to quickly slip past the group in the lobby and get to the group at the vault. This group should now be defeated before they can breach the vault and activate the villains in the lobby.

One major hazard in this is that it is very easy to knock enemies back through the vault door. If this happens, barring the presence of TP Foe, there is no way to get at the enemy now beyond the vault, who will proceed to resume working on destroying the vault door. At this point all players should log out for several minutes to force a hard reset of the mission as soon as possible.

If the vault group is successfully defeated, the robbery is halted uncompleted, and the mission will never succeed or fail. Even better, the timer never starts, and the cycle of vandals never start. But the side missions can now be activated and completed, and when all desired side missions are done, the mission can be reset and the process can be repeated.

Safeguards suffer from a similar quirk that affects resetting Mayhem Missions. If the mission owner enters the map, completed side missions will not reset when the mission is reset. If the mission owner does not enter the map, then the side missions will reset with the mission resets.



Due to a glitch in the Paragon Nav System, Jose "Broken" Brogan stood here, but many heroes had trouble finding him.


The Clockwork Paladin, a menace to the city, was once spotted running around in this area.

Courage Driven / Rage Driven (-944.5, 0.0, -3552.0)[Copy]

The major highway that runs alongside this warehouse is frequently used by the "Dyne-addled" Supa-Trolls.


The Hellions attempted to burn Steel Canyon to the ground. This block is where one of the first fires was started.


Synapse has been seen speeding along the monorail tracks all throughout the city. Independence Port is one of his favorites.

Talos' Might / Talos' Blight (-1451.5, 160.0, 6740.0)[Copy]

Years ago, Rularuu tore down the barriers between our dimensions and sent one of many invasion forces to this block. Heroes from all over fought back the invaders.

Cornerstone / Weak Point (-406.0, 0.0, -129.0)[Copy]

The Freedom Phalanx and WISDOM stopped a massive Banished Pantheon attack in this area.


After a hostile takeover by the Council, this was one of the last places the few 5th Column troops were seen retreating.

Gatekeeper / Keymaster (-636.0, 0.0, -2867.0)[Copy]

The whimsical Gamester placed several presents all throughout Peregrine Island during the holidays. This block had a few of them.


You've left no stone unturned in your efforts to protect Paragon City's financial infrastructure. Your diligence is greatly appreciated by all.


You were right. It WAS the red wire first.


Paragon officials recognize your efforts in thwarting arsons, and have made you an honorary Fire Marshal.


You have kept several shipments of illegal weapons off of the streets.


Paragon Police officials have deputized you for rescuing several of their officers.


You have protected several local businesses in Paragon City, and the public loves you for it.



It doesn't matter who or where, you will stop anyone who threatens your city.


Having a reputation for beating down villains has actually helped more than hurt you in the Rogue Isles.


You have proven yourself to being one of Paragon City's finest heroes by protecting all of the major banks in the city.

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