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Cretaceous period (between 146 and 65 million years ago)

  • The Goddess Merulina arrives from outer space to what will become later the Atlantic Ocean.[1]

Birth of Mankind

  • First human tribes form in northern Africa and the eastern Mediterranean. Nature spirits reach godhood status, starting to require human believers and worshipers. These gods eventually form pantheons that align themselves with human tribes.[2]

First War of Gods

  • One pantheon, lead by Lughebu, discovers how to feed on pain and negative feelings of men instead of worship. The benevolent gods fight against those of them who feed on negative feelings of men. The war ends when the malevolent gods are defeated and banished to the Spiritual Plane, and are now known as the Banished Pantheon.[2]

Second War of Gods

  • The goddess Tielekku learns the secrets of Magic and teaches them to other gods. Among her pupils are the gods Ermeeth and Hequat. The god Ermeeth reveals the secrets of magic to his worshipers. As a result, they stop worshiping the gods. Tielekku's faction, led by Hequat, defeat Ermeeth and his followers, effectively forcing them to flee. They cross the Atlantic Ocean and form the city of Oranbega.[2]

Oranbegan Civil War

  • With the clandestine support of Hequat, an Oranbegan named Mu'Rhakmet gathers a number of followers and begins to demand a return of the people to the worshiping of the gods and the old ways. A civil war soon follows. Mu'Rhakmeth and his followers are defeated and forced to flee to the sea.[3]

Founding of Mu - Approximately 14,000 Years Ago

  • After their defeat, the goddess Hequat raises an island from the sea and grants it to Mu'Rhakmeth and his followers to build a powerful nation on it. The previous inhabitants of the island, the Coralax, are forced to leave. One Coralax priest, Calystix the Shaper, summons The Leviathan to destroy the invaders, but Hequat defeats the beast and imprisons it under the island. The nation of Mu is born.[2][4] Muvians practice eugenic breeding, generation after generation, creating people of incredible magical potential.[5] The goddess Merulina falls silent, leaving the Coralax unguided and confused.[1]

The Mu - Oranbega War

  • Following Hequat's orders, Mu finally attacks, and the civilizations of Mu and Oranbega war against each other. The Oranbegans sink their city below the earth to protect themselves. Only a handful of Muvians survive the conflict and are forced to flee. Oranbegans are reduced to spiritual existence and their city of Oranbega is physically abandoned.[2][5]


Ancient Egypt

  • The great mage Nectanebo rules during the 30th Dynasty, leaving behind a legacy of magic items and relics still used today.[6]
  • The Kheldian half of the being that will be known later as Shadowstar looks to leave behind the ways of the Nictus and finds refuge in a priestess of an ancient Egyptian Moon cult. Together they create the path of the Warshades.[7]

Ancient Rome

12th through 18th centuries

12th century

Shivan2 thumb.jpg
  • The alien entity known as Shiva destroys the planet of the Arcosians.[11]


  • Girolamo da Verrazano draws a map with the supposed location of the legendary Oranbega, in the American East Coast.[12]


  • A book of ancient magic is written that includes a number of dark rituals, including the summoning of a powerful demon called "The Envoy of Shadows".[13]

17th Century

  • The sect known as "Children of Enos" colonizes the Rogue Isles, enslaving the local population.[14]
  • On the island of Malta, the Malta Knights separate from the Malta Templars.[15]



  • The village of Salamanca is established.[19]

Late 17th Century

  • Giovanna Scaldi is born in Padua, Italy, near Venice.[20]
  • Venice throws itself into a debauched frenzy, led by "Duchess" Giovanna Scaldi. Abelard Vernoux investigates the situation and defeats Giovanna.[20]



  • The pirate Blackbeard harasses Fort Hades, on what is now Port Oakes, conquering the fort and leaving behind no survivors.[21] When the French try to reclaim it, the hauntings begin.[22] Note: There is some inconsistency whether the Red Hands are murdered French soldiers or murdered pirates.[23]


  • A huge influx of colonists from Europe and America arrive in the Rogue Isles.[24]


19th century

Early 1800s

  • The village of Dockside is founded in the harbor below Fort Hades.[25]


  • Oceanview is settled by slave traders and other nefarious merchants.[26]




  • Slaves incite a failed revolt in Oceanview. Because of the resulting massacre, the island will change its name to Bloody Bay.[26]




  • April 3 - A huge volcano erupts, breaking the isle of Grandville into four: Cap au Diable, Port Oakes, Bloody Bay and Grandville. The isles sink into squalor and poverty.[24] Note: This bit of lore is seemingly contradicted by the background events of Port Oakes[25] and Bloody Bay[26], which describe them as separate islands before 1833, as well as the fact that Cap au Diable and Port Oakes are two halves of the same island, and the fact that the official map puts several islands between Bloody Bay and the other three locations.


  • A unit of the US Army is sent to fight a strange witch cult, which turns out to be the Banished Pantheon.[30]


  • Paragon City becomes a major Army and Navy depot for the Union during the Civil War.[28]


  • Nemesis fights on the Confederate side of the Civil War, but is defeated by General Sherman and forced to flee.[31]


  • James "Spanky" Rabinowitz is born in Paragon City.[32]





Emblem V Circle Of Thorns 01.png


Early 1900s

Emblem V Arachnos 02.png
  • Paragon City enters a period of intense industrialization.[33]
  • Arachnos is founded in Italy.[34]



  • South End Rail Riot occurs in Paragon City. Dozens are wounded or killed, and federal troops are called in. Railway Consolidation Act passed.[35]


  • Paragon Rail Company founded.[35]



  • A huge fire destroys the neighborhood that will be later known as Brickstown.[36]
  • Marcus Cole departs to the front lines of World War One in Europe.[28]
  • September 1 - Devon Wilcox (Dark Watcher) is born in Paragon City.[27]
  • November 11 - World War One ends.
  • Marcus Cole travels east after World War One ends, rather than returning to Paragon City.[28]






  • Paolo Tirelli and the woman who will be later known as Arakhn meet for the first time in Italy.[41]
  • April 22 - Also in Italy, Ridolfo Uzzano joins the Path of the Dark.[10]
  • May 6 - First appearance of the villain called Requiem.[10]


  • The Orion-Majestic Theater, first of its class with sound, is built in Paragon City.[42]
  • James Rabinowitz, Mayor of Paragon City, is murdered. Following a special election, he is succeeded by John Gryme.[43]


  • The stock market crashes. Thousands lose their jobs and their homes.[28]
  • The Great Depression hits Paragon City. Kings Row is hit especially hard, and turns into a hotbed of crime.[44]



  • Rise of totalitarianism in Nazi Germany.[28]
  • A large number of villains flee to the Rogue Isles, which become a haven for the supervillains. Among them, Arachnos infiltrates a number of cells.[45]


Statesman 1930's.jpg
  • July 4 or 10 - Marcus Cole and Stefan Richter drink from the Fountain of Zeus somewhere in Europe.[27][43]


  • As a result of the Great Depression, street crime and organized crime are rampant in Paragon City.[28][46]
  • Marcus Cole returns to Paragon City.[28]



  • The Dream Doctor links the kidnapping of several Paragon City children to the Circle of Thorns, prevents their sacrifice and exposes the evil nature of the group to the public. The Circle as a public organization vanishes that same year.[12]
  • The first Geneva Hotel is built in Paragon City.[47]
  • January 9 - The Midnight Squad is founded by the Dream Doctor.[12][27]


  • The Paragon Times building is built in Paragon City.[51]


  • Pro-hero candidates win Paragon City council and mayoral elections and get tough on organized crime. Criminal empires in Paragon City crumble.[28][46]

Late 1930s

  • Somewhere in Europe, Requiem finds and recruits Othman Doul, the man who will become the villain Vandal.[52]


  • Germany creates super-powered soldiers.[28]
  • January 6 - The heroine Maiden Justice is sued by the very criminals she arrested.[53]
  • September - The Citizen Crime Fighting Act is passed in Paragon City, legally authorizing masked heroes to arrest evildoers.[28]
  • September 12 - The first legal arrest is made by a hero in Paragon City.[54]
  • September 27 - Gerald T. Marchand takes office as President of the Rogue Isles winning a close race against Conrad Oakes.[55]


  • World War Two begins. Armies include individual metahumans as well as groups of them: The Dawn Patrol in England, The Storm Korps in Germany, and the Imperial Wind in Japan.[28]
  • A parade in Paragon City, honoring the hero Atlas, is sabotaged by the hero's nemesis, the villain Teal Serpent. The plan is frustrated and the Teal Serpent is defeated.[56]
  • July 14 - Alexis Cole (Miss Liberty) is born in Paragon City.[57]



Mek Man.jpg


  • The Battle of Britain takes place in the skies of the British Isles. The Dawn Patrol helps the RAF fight German forces.[28]
  • May 2 - Tammy Arcanus (Numina) is born.[27]


  • December 7 - Japan attacks the US Naval Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.[28]
  • December 7 - A group of German supersoldiers attacks Independence Port, the base of the Lend/Lease Program sending war equipment to the troubled British Isles. Despite the huge material and human damage they cause, the hero Atlas single-handedly stops the attack, losing his life in the process.[28]
  • December 8 - The United States declares war on Axis powers.[28]
  • Laws are modified to legally allow masked heroes to enlist and fight.[28]
  • The Freedom Phalanx helps defend Great Britain from Nazi incursions.[28]
  • The Rogue Isles declare themselves neutral, but with Allied leanings. President Marchand's army wages a visible "war" on 5th Column members.[45]


  • The US Army opens special training facilities for metahuman soldiers in Paragon City.[28]
  • The First Hero Brigade is formed.[28]
  • A force of the Fifth Column, apparently the same who attacked Independence Port, attacks the First Hero Brigade in Liberty Plaza as they prepare to depart for Europe.[28]
  • The First Hero Brigade fights in North Africa, but suffers heavy casualties and then reforms into small cells soon after.[28] The Dream Doctor forms a cell called The Sand Kings, which performs numerous acts of sabotage and kidnapping against the Nazi forces.[28]
  • The Storm Korps attack Buckingham Palace, briefly kidnapping the King of England.[28]
  • The Storm Korps are re-deployed in North Africa to combat the Sand Kings.[28]
  • The metahuman forces of Japan and America repeatedly clash in the Pacific theatre. The conflict turns personal and members of both forces become obsessed with defeating each other, creating a parallel but meaningless war.[28]


  • October 28 - The Dawn Patrol is formed.[27] Note: This date is contradicted by other sources.[40]


  • June 6 - The Normandy Landings occur in France, with the Dawn Patrol and Freedom Phalanx in the first wave.[28] The Storm Korps defend the German positions. Both sides suffer huge losses, including Statesman, who won't be able to fight again for the rest of the war.[28]


  • The Storm Korps and the First Hero Brigade fight in the Black Forest of Germany.[28] Only five of the soldiers of the Storm Korps survive to be judged.[28]
  • The Storm Korps soldiers judged are found guilty of war crimes.[28]
  • August - Nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.[28] Japan surrenders soon after, but the Imperial Wind refuses to stop fighting.[28]
  • World War Two ends.
  • Nemesis threatens the United States with a poison gas. Freedom Phalanx member Dark Watcher finds the source of the gas in the sewers of Paragon City and neutralizes it, while Dr. Mnemonic develops an antidote. The antidote is distributed across the country by the Freedom Phalanx with only minutes to spare.[61]
  • The leader of the Imperial Wind, The Lord of Frosts, fights the leader of the American metahuman forces in the Pacific theatre, Captain Volcano, defeating and killing him.[28] The Lord of Frosts eludes pursuit and escapes.[28]


Emblem V Council 01.png

Late 1940s

  • Many veteran heroes turn to a life of crime, with Paragon City as a favorite target. The rise in the number of villains causes a rise in the number of heroes as well.[28]
  • The original Arachnos founder, The Weaver, is killed by the Red Widow and Lord Recluse.[Citation needed]



421px-Rndr Lord Recluse 02.png
  • The Cold War begins. Soviet and Western metahumans fight and die in secret battles around the globe.[28]
  • The colossal hero Talos fights giant monsters during this decade.[63]
  • The island of Grandville grows into a thriving business center.[64]
  • Lord Recluse performs a military coup d'etat and declares the Rogue Isles under Arachnos rule.[45] Note: This date is contradicted by other sources.[65]
  • Lord Recluse claims Mercy Island. Fort Cerberus is erected.[66]
  • Mining operations begin in Sharkhead Isle. First sightings of the strange beings called "Slag Golems".[67]


  • Rudolph Augustus Seifert plans the Olympic installations for the 1956 Games. Paragon City's candidature is rejected.[68]


  • Elevated train system enters service in Paragon City.[35]
  • December - First action of the heroine Galaxy Girl in Paragon City.[69]












  • First monorail cars enter service in Paragon City.[35]
  • Arachnos Revolution.[76]
  • July 18 - Josh Young (Blue Steel) is born in Paragon City.[27]
  • October 13 - Belladonna Vetrano (Ghost Widow) is born in the Rogue Isles.[27]


  • August 17 - Imad Malak (Scirocco) is born in the middle east.[27]
  • November 18 - Hero 1 is born in England.[27]


  • March 22 - Steven Berry (Synapse) is born in Paragon City.[27]

Late 1960s


  • Public protests against the Might for Right Act sweep Paragon City.[77] The Might for Right Act is declared unconstitutional and abolished.[28][78]
  • A secret meeting of top level intelligence operatives takes place on the island of Malta. The Malta Group is born.[79]





  • Publicly known supergroups are involved in Cold War conflicts.[28]
  • The highway systems of Skyway City are built.[80]


  • April 12 - Christopher Thales (Castle) is born in Paragon City.[27]





  • American spy plane is shot down over the Soviet Union by a Soviet metahuman. Statesman is sent to rescue the crew. A Soviet general launches a nuclear warhead against him, nearly killing the hero and putting the world on the verge of a nuclear war. Heroes sabotage the weapons of both superpowers. Hero One offers himself as negotiator to find a peaceful solution. Relations between supergroups and governments are badly damaged as a result and will never be completely restored.[28]


Late 1970s


Villains outcasts frostfire.jpg



  • Early in the decade, Roger Vrabel dies. Neil McIntosh follows soon after. The Malta Group falls into turmoil.[82]
  • Talos Island begins to experience a real estate boom during the early years of the decade.[83][63]
  • The economic recession and rise of drugs in the mid-1980's leads to a moral crisis for heroes in Paragon City. Threats, beatings and torture become relatively common methods.[28][84]
  • The hero Scirocco comes to Paragon City.[85]


  • April 24 - Eddie Polstra's father is killed in the failed rescue attempt of the U.S. embassy workers being held hostage in Iran.[86]







  • Tub Ci is arrested in Paragon City for heroin dealing. [74]


Late 1980s

  • Arachnos rebuilds and occupies Fort Hades.[25]
  • Clarissa Van Dorn is murdered by Julianne Thompson.[92]
  • Crey Biotech is founded in Switzerland.[93]
  • Count Alphonse Crey falls into a coma.[93]
  • Crey Industries moves its headquarters to Paragon City.[93]
  • Monica Cole (Maiden Justice) passes away from old age complications in the hospital. The soon-to-be Freedom Phalanx (II) defeats the Tyranny Legion and foils Operation: WEB. Statesman, with Manticore, Positron, Sister Psyche, and Synapse as his teammates, declares a second Freedom Phalanx.[94]


  • July 7 or 12 - A Freedom Phalanx researcher, Dr. Brian Webb, publicly announces the discovery of technology able to pierce the interdimensional barrier. Dimensional travel is born. [28][27][95]


  • While exploring a dimension where the United States fell to Nazi Germany, Dr. Webb and his expedition are captured, tortured and killed by that dimension's version of Statesman, the Reichsman.[28]
  • Nazi supersoldiers, led by the Reichsman, invade Paragon City.[28][96] The Freedom Phalanx confronts and defeats them.[28] Reichsman is captured and imprisoned.[28] Portal Corp installations are destroyed in the battle. The widow of Dr. Webb starts a long legal battle to retain control of the now ruined firm.[28]
  • A multinational force of heroes launches an attack against the alien entity known as "Shiva" in deep space. The heroes are never heard from again.[11]
  • A rain of meteorites falls on the island of Bloody Bay, leaving it uninhabitable.[26]
  • April 2 - A Night Widow named Belladonna Vetrano dies during a disastrous Arachnos operation against the Family. Only one member of the Arachnos force survives.[97][27]
  • October 30 - Eve Salvatore (Desdemona) is born.[27][98]


Early 1990s


Tub Ci.jpg


  • Fall of the Soviet Union and communism. End of the Cold War.[28]
  • A schism forms in the Malta Group regarding their purpose after the fall of the Berlin Wall.[103]
  • The Gold Brickers plunder the central vault of Aeon City's bank.[104]
  • The Yugoslav Wars begin. Refugees in Paragon City later form the Skulls.[105]


  • Old Soviet heroes form powerful metahuman mafias which control oil in the Russian region.[28]



  • Rebecca Foss forms Hero Corps in London.[28]
  • Metahuman mercenaries begin working for corrupt governments, drug cartels and terrorist groups among others.[28]
  • May - Harry Atta arrested for the second time.[101]


Hero Corp.png
  • Hero Corps opens its first branch in Mexico City. Branches in Rio de Janeiro, Jakarta and Johannesburg follow.[28]
  • The US Army creates the Joint Command Special Threat Response Battalion (aka Vigilance) to deal with high risk crises.[106]
  • Arachnos sends exploration and engineering teams to Bloody Bay.[26]
  • The Freakshow try to hijack the Talos - Peregrine ferry.[83]
  • Tub Ci is released from prison and later forms the Tsoo.[74]
  • The original Luminary becomes spokesman for Hero Corps in Paragon City.[28]
  • The hero Invisible Falcon vanishes without a trace.[107][108][109]



Crey Logo.jpg
  • Public protests occur against the construction of the Hero Corps building in Paragon City.[28][110] Previously unknown supervillains attack Paragon.[28] Countess Crey deplores that Statesman and the Freedom Phalanx are trying to prevent the establishment of Hero Corps in Paragon City.[28]
  • February - First clash between Hero Corps and the Freedom Phalanx. In the confusion, a villain escapes.[111]
  • March - Over a three week period, the hero Luminary makes a public demonstration of his powers as part of his campaign for Hero Corps.[28][112]
  • Spring/Summer - Power-armored soldiers destroy the recently finished Hero Corps building.[28][113]
  • May - Countess Crey publicly announces her sponsorship of Hero Corps.[114]
  • September - Metahuman mercenaries use poison gas on a secret installation of the Midnight squad in Terra Volta, killing 47 people.[28][115]
  • October - Hero Corps leaves Paragon City.[116] They have spent five times their expected budget.[28]



Salvage CarnivalofShadowsMask.png
  • UN Special Council of Super Human Activities formed.[28]
  • The Hollowing occurs in Paragon City.[117]
  • July - Art History student Vanessa DeVore travels from Paragon City to Italy to study in Florence.[20]
  • During a weekend trip to Venice, Vanessa DeVore buys an old porcelain mask and uses the mask for the first time. Frightened by the power of Giovanna Scaldi, Vanessa resolves to never touch the mask again, and moves back to Paragon City.[20]



Villains rikti.jpg

Post-Rikti War

Due to the chaos and destruction of the Rikti War, the rise of many villain groups in the period between the end of the war and the beginning of the arrival of new heroes has only circumstantial dates available. The following events occurred after the Rikti War:

  • The Joint Command Special Threat Response Battalion vanishes without a trace.[106]
  • The Banished Pantheon takes over Dark Astoria.[Citation needed]
  • The neighborhood of Overbrook is destroyed by the villain Faultline.[Citation needed]
  • The neighborhood of Paragon Heights is renamed Galaxy City.[69]
  • First encounter with The Lost in Paragon City.[119]
  • The Sky Raiders commit a series of terrorist acts in the African country of West Libertalia.[120]




COH Times10-27 05.jpg





2010 - Present



  • April 5 - Prometheus arrives in Ouroboros.[153]
  • September 13 - Shivan meteors destroy Galaxy City. Arachnos uses the destruction to attempt an incursion into the heart of Paragon City.[154]
  • September 13 - Longbow assaults Mercy Island, taking over Fort Darwin.[154]
  • November 8 - Miss Liberty, Statesman's daughter, is killed by Marshal Blitz



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Please note that the conclusions reached in this article are based on the facts and clues discovered in-game. If those facts turn out to be false in a later date (as it was Statesman's origins history, for example), then this page will need to be redone.