Patch Notes/2004-05-11

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  • Many client crashes that we've had sent in from users over the past two weeks have been addressed. Keep sending in the error reports!

City Zones:

  • Unresponsive villains in the Sewer Network and Abandoned Sewer Network should be ready to go!
  • Removed lost and wandering NPCs from "The Hive."


  • A hero will now get defeat task credit for any villain defeat where his team did at least 25% of the damage to the villain and they are within 200 ft of the villain when the villain is defeated. This is to minimize the potential impact that "kill stealing" may have on the completion of defeat tasks.


  • Fixed an issue that kept many powers (including Kinetics -> Transfusion and Kinetics -> Siphon Power) from working properly.
  • Fixed mistake with Hasten where the recharge time was far too great.
  • Empathy/Resurrect can no longer take Heal Enhancements - It doesn't need them since it heals for 100% anyway, so these were wasted).
  • Fixed the Endurance cost of Hack and Slash (for both Katana and Broadsword). END costs were reversed.
  • Increased the recharge time of Hasten and Accelerate Metabolism.
  • Updated Fly description Text (power has not changed).
  • Set all Scrapper and Tanker Dull Pain powers (and Earths Embrace) to cost 15 Endurance.
  • Slightly increased Combustion Damage.
  • Volume adjustment made to address complaint about Combat Jump SFX.
  • Volume adjustment made to address complaints about targeting drone.
  • Arctic Air can now be used with stealth powers.
  • Increased Endurance cost of Telekinesis.
  • Fixed Seismic Smash. Previously the power did not scale with the player's level.
  • Telekinesis will no longer work on bosses, arch villains or giant monsters.
  • Increased Endurance cost of Force bubble.
  • Super Speed no longer buffs defense and debuffs ACC.
  • Added Confusion to Controller/Ice Control/Arctic Air: "While this power is active, you are surrounded in a fog of Arctic Air that dramatically slows the attack and movement speed of nearby foes. The chill of Arctic Air is so bitter that most foes are forced to flee, albeit very slowly, from the immediate area. Those that do not flee from the cold may attack their own allies, as the fog from the Arctic Air is thick and can cause much confusion."
  • Controller/Fire Control/Fire Imps: Reduced number if Fire Imps that are summoned by 1 (it is now 2-5).
  • Changed Gravity Control/Fold Space to Singularity (and moved it to the end as the last power in the set): "You can create a very powerful Gravitational Singularity. The Singularity will engage your foes, assaulting them with various gravity powers. Any foes that attempt to approach the Singularity will be violently hurls away. The Singularity cannot be healed, but is highly resistant to all forms of damage and nearly impervious to Controlling type powers."
  • Increased Duration on Mesmerize, Mass Hypnotize and Salt Crystals.
  • Increased Accuracy (more affected targets in the AoE) for Mass Hypnotize and Salt Crystals.
  • Dark Miasma/Darkest Night now also debuffs the target's Accuracy.
  • Increased movement speed of Storm Summoning/Tornado.
  • Decreased Recharge Time and Duration of Earth Control/Animate Stone (to compensate for its slow movement).
  • Update text on Earth Control to reflect its Debuff to Defense abilities.
  • Fix Short Help (Tool Tips) for Blaster/Devices.
  • Ice Armor/Wet Ice now takes Res Damage Enhancements.
  • Increased Accuracy of Auto Turret.


  • Fixed possible exploit using police drones so that now no reward is given for a villain killed by a police drone.

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